The Essential 6 Month Calisthenics Workout Plan For Bar Brother Beginners

Let’s get real here.

You are someone who acts, not someone who talks.

You want to work your ass off.

Day in, day out…


But you also want to know how you can do this as efficient as possible.

Which is just as important as working hard.

Knowing what to do…exactly.

The problem is that you are new to this and there are tons of routines, but which should you do?


Well, here’s the good news…this question has been asked before.

Although I am hesitant to tell you exactly what to do, because it really differs per individual, I can give you a clear six month calisthenic workout plan which will benefit most beginners.

Of course it’s not going to fit all of you, but keep what is useful, discard what is useless and add what works for you.

Ready to get your BEAST MODE ON?


If you are reading this, it’s because you’ve -just like many other people- have asked yourself 1 question:

How should I begin Bar Brother Training?

I have decided to set up a simple 6 month plan for calisthenics workouts which an absolute beginner can use to start training and to make the first step towards passing the official Bar Brother exam.

Every month has it’s own challenge and things aren’t going to become easier.

But you are going to get stronger…



The Requirements To Start With The 6 Month Calisthenics Workout Plan To Become A Bar Brother Beast And Progression Exercises For Fundamental Strength


First of all to start this six month schedule you need to be able to do:

  • 5 push ups
  • 5 pull ups/chin ups
  • 5 knee raises
  • 5 dips
  • 5 squats


Lacking the strength for these exercises?

Don’t worry about it.

There is a thorough description in the Starter Guide.

Including an absolute beginner fully body workout routine and a description on how to do them correctly.


1. Find a push up progression routine here

2. Find a chin up progression routine here

3. Find a dip progression routine here.

4. Find a leg raise progresion routine here.


If you meet these requirements, prepare for six months of Body Weight Beast Mode training!

Realize that this plan suits as a blueprint and is not a be-all end-all thing.

It’s your responsibility to find which month and routine suit your current level.

Start there.


Wanting to be too cool and skipping the basics will lead to injuries.

It’s better to underestimate than to overestimate your level of strength.

It will pay off in the long run…BIG TIME.



Month 1: The Full Body Workout Plan


Calisthenics Workout Plan


Workout schedule:

  • Monday – Full Body Routine
  • Wednesday – Full Body Routine
  • Friday – Full Body Routine
  • Additional days: Leg dominant routines


Optionally you can add more days or leg routines, but training at least 3 days is a minimum.

In the first month the focus is on getting your body used to calisthenics training.

By doing a full body routine you hit all the muscles.

This means the 5 big muscle groups:

  • Back
  • Chest
  • Legs
  • Abs
  • Arms


If you don’t have a pull up bar, use the no equipment routine instead of the full body routine.

You can find an additional basic full body routine which helps you build up strength by subscribing to get the Bar Brother Starter Guide (You can vary in the exercises or combine a little bit of both, just make sure you train ALL your muscles).

If you have sever muscle soreness find out which 5 things you can do to keep training.


This is your first month of training so don’t expect any major results, remember how many years it took your body to become the way it is right now?

You can’t expect that to change in 1 month can you?

Just keep in mind that the first month is about adaptation of the entire body.

Make sure you do a proper warming up before every routine to prevent and prepare yourself for injuries.

And minimize your time between exercises as much as possible, take your rest between your cycles (1-3 minutes).


This month you lay your foundation for the other 5 months.

Keep in mind that training yourself into an imbalance here will lead to issues later.

While you might not notice it and feel like you are doing the same thing over and over, things will be changing in the first month…fast.

Or as mister Myagi from the Karate kid would say: ‘Wax on, wax off”.



Training Tip: Don’t Forget Legs And Feel Free To Add Variety


If doing this routine 3 times a week (or more) gets a little too boring and you want to do something else, just pick one of the 14 bar brother beginner routines to add to the fun.

Just keep in mind that you want to hit all the 5 major muscle groups in a balanced way as much as possible.

If you feel like this is too easy you can add more days or continue in the next month.


If you want some more variety or train more than 3 times a week, add a leg routine.

Training both legs and upper body has shown to lead to increased levels of testosterone (which is good for overall muscle growth), compared to only training your upper body (study)

The leg exercises will definitely be sufficient for someone who only has time to workout 3 times a week and needs a full body workout.



Month 2: Let’s Go Workout To Develop Upper Body Strength


Workout Plan For Calisthenics


Workout schedule:

  • Monday – Let’s Go Routine
  • Wednesday – Full Body Routine/No Equipment Routine
  • Friday – Let’s Go Routine
  • Additional days: Leg dominant routines


By now you should have developed some additional push and pull up strength.

In this second month the focus is on pushing your strength even more and building both your upper body and triceps, which you will need for a good muscle up.


Training Tip: Focus On Quality Over Quantity


It’s cool to say that you can do 10 pull ups.

But there is a huge difference between 10 bad pull ups and 10 good pull ups.

Drop the ego and the need to feel cool and stick to quality instead.

You will be way stronger and injury free down the road.


And if really feel like you need to do a lot of bad quality executions.

Month 4 will show you why quality is important.

The hard way.



Month 3: Combining Workouts To Reach A New Level Of Intensity


Calisthenics Training Plan

Workout schedule:

  • Monday – Full Body Routine/No Equipment Routine + Let’s Go Routine
  • Wednesday – Full Body Routine/No Equipment Routine + Let’s Go Routine
  • Friday – Full Body Routine/No Equipment Routine + Let’s Go Routine
  • Additional days: Leg dominant routines


This month is going to require a lot of effort since you are really going to a significantly higher level of calisthenics workout intensity.

Your upper body needs to start developing the strength to start a muscle up routine, which will be of a significantly higher level than you are used to.


Training Tip: Use A Deload Workout Week To Refuel


During this month in the last week before you transition to month 4, I want you to take 1 week where you basically do only 50% of what you normally do.

It’s called a ‘deload week’.

And it’s a tool you can use to allow your body to ‘supercompensate’ for all the adaptive pressure you have been putting on it.

As a result you’ll become even stronger by doing less for a short amount of time.


Look at it as refueling and repairing yourself completely.

To start fully energized and filled with fuel again.


Make sure you can do these routines with the right technique and quality or the next month is going to be discouraging.

Which it will probably be anyways, but that’s part of becoming stronger.

Finding your limits and redefining them!



Month 4: Muscle Up Hunt To Take The Most Important Step Towards The Bar Brother Requirements


Calisthenics Workout For Muscle Ups


Workout schedule:

  • Monday – Muscle Up Hunt (Aim for 5 reps) + Full Body Routine/No Equipment Routine
  • Wednesday – Let’s Go Routine + Full Body Routine/No Equipment Routine
  • Friday – Muscle Up Hunt (Aim for 5 reps) + Full Body Routine/No Equipment Routine
  • Additional days: Leg dominant routines


In this month your primary focus should be on the muscle up hunt.

Just make it a priority to do this routine every training no exceptions.

If you are having some serious difficulties with your typewriter pull ups, replace your Let’s Go Routine with one of these shoulder routines.

You really need to be obsessed at this point, because this is going to be your most difficult month yet.


Training Tip: Use Exercise Progression And Aim For 5 Repetitions


Always aim for 5 reps at least where possible.

If you are unable to do 1 rep of the give exercise, regress to an easier progression.

Instead of typewriters do wide grip pull ups for example, minimum of 5 reps.


If you can do 1 typewriter, do 1 and regress to 4 more wide pull ups.

If you can do 2 typewriters, do 2 and regress to 3 more wide pull ups etc.

Always aim for those 5 reps.


Doing these exercises with high quality standards will make transitioning to more advanced moves much easier.

If you have difficulties doing these, chances are that you have been doing some of the previous months with less quality that you should have.

If you can do all of the above muscle up hunt moves for at least 5 reps, you will have enough strength for the next month.

Patience is key.



Month 5: Muscle Up Progression Up To Get Your First  Clean Muscle Up



Workout schedule:

  • Monday – Muscle Up Progression + Muscle Up Hunt
  • Wednesday – Muscle Up Progression + Full Body Routine/No Equipment Routine
  • Friday – Muscle Up Progression + Muscle Up Hunt
  • Additional days: Leg dominant routines


This month the training is going to change a little, because right now you should have the fundamental strength to do all the basic full body exercises.

In addition to that, you have developed upper body strength to progress into a muscle up by doing the muscle up routine.


So what you can do now is focus on the muscle up itself by doing (See the video):

1. Explosive pull ups 5 reps

2. Explosive pull ups with hand rotation 5 reps

3. Jumping into the muscle up and go back into a negative pull up 5 reps


Do this 3 sets and then progress into the muscle up routine.

If you don’t have the strength to do an additional upper body routine, progress into the full body routine or add a leg routine.

You can add some variety here, just make sure your focus is on the muscle up.



Month 6: The Bar Brother Beginner Challenge To Set The Base For The Official Challenge



This is the Bar Brother Beginner Challenge, consisting of:

  • 4 muscle ups
  • 15 dips
  • 20 pushups
  • 10 jumping squats
  • 10 leg raises
  • 4 muscle ups
  • 3 minute time limit


Now it’s time for you to do the calisthenic beginner challenge.

Make sure you do a good warming up and go for it, six months of hard work will surely allow you to pass this…there is no doubt in my mind.



What Do You Need To Do After You Have Passed The Beginner Challenge?


So you’ve decided to go all the way?

Well…you’ve taken the first step.

That’s 1 step more than most people.

So what’s next?


Continue training for the official challenge, which you should be able to do in the following 6 months.

Upgrade your training to the 12-week system.

And keep in mind that training is one part of becoming stronger and that the other part is a healthy calisthenics diet.

The healthier you eat while on this 6 month training schedule, the stronger you will be at the end of it.

And the better your results.


Even small changes in your daily habits and diet can have enormous effects.

And the sooner you get started, the sooner those goals of yours will start becoming real.

Just like the dream of the person you want to be.


Beast mode ON!



So...what's next?
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974 thoughts on “The Essential 6 Month Calisthenics Workout Plan For Bar Brother Beginners

      1. Hallo,

        Ik ben sinds maandag begonnen met de schema van 6 maanden. In het verleden heb ik veel gefitnesst, nu wil ik graag gaan trainen met eigen lichaamsgewicht.
        De oefeningen van de 1e maand kan ik allemaal uitvoeren, alleen de pull ups lukt wel alleen wel met moeite.

        Ik heb een aantal vragen;

        Is het handig voor ik begin met training die oefeningen doe van push up, pull up en dip ga doen? Om ervoor te zorgen dat het makkelijker voor mij word?

        De routines, is het ook goed dat ik die 5 keer in de week doe?

        Kan ik over 5-6 maanden alle pull ups zoals aangegeven in de routine van de maanden 4 en 5?

        Wat komt er na 6 maanden?

        Ik hoor graag terug!

        Alvast bedankt!



        1. Hey bro,

          I already send you an e-mail!

          To answer your last question about what happens after the six months.

          Ask me again when you finish these six months ;), no need to give you any answers if you aren’t there yet.

          Beast Mode ON!

      2. Hi guys , I think this routine is perfect but I have a question , this routin helps to develop abds ? .or we have to do an extra exercise for it ?

        1. Hey Fernando,

          Good question!

          I’ll make 1 thing clear, if you want great abs you have to start in the kitchen.

          You might not believe it, but you already have a six pack underneath that t-shirt or sweater of yours.

          There is just a layer of fat covering it and training alone 9 out of 10 times alone, won’t cover it.

          Your diet needs to be in check. So I can give you a 100 ab routines, but if you don’t focus on your diet, nothing significant is going to happen any time soon (I learned this the hard way). As they say: “Abs are made in the kitchen”.

          I suggest you check out the diet plan I wrote (It’s FREE).

          It will definitely help you in getting those abs, in addition to doing the 6 month plan.

          Beast Mode ON!

      3. Hello I have real problems with month 4. I cant do clapping pull ups at all . How can i get to them and other stuff like typewritter pull up is. Do u think shoulder routine will help? Thanks

        1. Hey bro,

          This will definitely help. If month 4 is way too difficult, chances are your execution in month 3 is not optimal. If you have progressed through month 3 with perfect form however. Month 4 is still a huge jump compared to month 1-2-3, this is where you will need to hit it hard.

          Read the post on the forum which I wrote to get through month 4 more easily.

          Beast mode ON!

      4. I have a hug concern. I have around 12/13% bodyfat which means i have some abs and have teained my abs hard previously. I can do around 10 chinups and 4/5 pullups. But the problem is that i just cant do a single leg raise from a bar. I can barely move it and I am defined everywhere. Is it because i have strong and heavy legs or is my abs not strong enough as i have less weight compared to most and i cant do it with my legs bent. I find this kind of crazy. Pls hlp.

        1. Hey Usaamah,

          It can be a combination of both. Try moving to an easier progression. Instead of doing a full leg raise move on to a half leg raise.

          Meaning you lift your legs up to a 90 degree angle. As with all movements, quality over quantity. If you are however only able to do it with your legs bent, stick to that for a while. Don’t forget that having visible abs doesn’t necessarily mean that those abs are strong. Don’t confuse aesthetics with strength ;).

          So start with knee raises at least 5 repetitions. Move on to half leg raises 5 reps at least and then go for the full leg raises.

          Be patient, build it up slowly and I’m sure you’ll be doing them in no time :D.

          Beast mode ON!

          1. Hey Aris,

            Welcome to the movement!

            It can definitely be a hamstring flexibility issue. A lot of people have become so stiff that they cannot even touch the floor with their hands while keeping their legs straight. If this is the case for you too, your flexibility is definitely an issue.

            I’ve released a free full front pike stretch guide. If you want it, just send me and e-mail

            And check out the leg raise progression just in case:

            Beast mode ON!

        1. Hey Dawud,

          Good question!

          You definitely don’t want to do the exact same routine very single day. Mix it up, add some more leg routines, add some fun stuff like running, walking or rope jumping, parkour or whatever. ESPECIALLY if you are a beginner. Because you are going to blow up your will power and lose your motivation if you want to go too hard, too fast, for too long. Your body needs time to adapt. Rome wasn’t built in 1 day and your body sure as hell won’t be either ;).

          Beast mode ON!

          1. So you first end the full body ok ? do 3 cycles and then go to the other workout or i do 1 cycle of each and repeat!?

      5. Hey there barbrothers. I have some questions.
        I am currently 16 years old and I really want to work out. I weight about 55-60kg which means im kinda skinny..

        As my goal is I want to gain about 15-20kgs.
        Is it even possible to reach that in a year? And will I get like more arm muscles?

        1. Hey bro,

          Gaining 20 kg in 1 year is something bodybuilders who use steroids usually don’t even achieve and their only goal is muscle hyperthrophy so to be realistic, 20 kg is a lot.

          You can definitely develop a more muscular physique in 1 year with the right workouts and dieting. All of that stuff can be found on the website.

          Beast mode ON!

      6. Hallo,
        Ik heb een vraag over maand 3,4 en 5.
        Wanneer er staat Full Body Routine/No Equipment Routine + Let’s Go Routine
        moeten deze routines dan direct na elkaar uitgevoerd worden of kan je er ook een s’ochtens doen en de andere S’avonds?

      7. With the meal plan guide. I cant eat eggs or almonds due to medical reasons. What do you suggest I eat instead of them?

        1. Hey Chris,

          Great question.

          There are many other good sources for fats, proteins etc. Think about avocados, fish etc.

          There is a book which I recommend in the meal plan with tons of recipes.

          Beast mode ON!

      8. Hey i have been training and excercising for a few months. I’m able to do a muscle up, decent amount of pull-ups, russian dips, and i’m still working on l-sits, leg raises and levers. So after reading a few guides from you guys, i’m not certain of in what categorie i should put myself.

        1. Hey Darko,

          Great question and it seems like you are already at a pretty good level of strength :D.

          The issue however is that I cannot see your form.

          The question is: “What are your goals?”.

          Beast mode ON!

      9. Hello I have been doing a split body routine because y have recently changed from weightlifting to calisthenics.. the thing is that after two months i’m felling no teal strength progression has been done so i am going to start your program. My question is where are the shoulder exercises, should i include shoulder push ups or HSPU in the routines? Thanks.

        1. Hey Carlos,

          Great question.

          Those are definitely things which you can include. If you aren’t experiencing strength progression, you need to make use of the right progressions. Are you able to do muscle ups for example?

          Try doing handstands before you move on to HSPU. How are your handstands?

          Keep up the good work.

          Beast mode ON!

          1. Thanks for your reply!
            Today I started with the first month routine and changing to full body was much more challenging than I thought, even after thinking that the first month routine was to easy for me haha. Now I see that this kind of routine fits me better after the 10kg ive won, i added the shoulder push up, and now practicing handstand every day for equilibrium. Why is this page called barbrothers groningen? I am going to arnhem this year on an erasmus exchange and I was wondering that if you are from groningem maby you know if there are good calisthenics parks in there. I will visit groningen too! Thanks

            Beast mode on!

          2. Hey Carlos,

            Haha, people usually underestimate the basics ;). Nothing new under the sun.

            Awesome that you started btw. Because the group originated in Groningen, initially we would build the website together, but it went a bit differently so I ended up doing it by myself. I’m from Groningen, but I’m currently staying in the capital city. Definitely go to Groningen every now and then. I know there is actually Bar Brothers Nederland which is from Nijmegen, you should contact them, they have a big group. I’m not sure about Arnhem though, but there is a free a (you can find it there).

            Beast mode ON!

      10. Hi,

        So I’ve decided to start a mix training with half weight training and half calisthenics, the above templates includes reps needed. If the exercise is too easy should ypu up the rep or just add a weight belt?


        1. Hey Suraj,

          Great question.

          It all depends on your goals. Instead of adding reps of weight, why not increase the complexity of your move? Instead of doing more pull ups, or pull ups + 10 kg weight, do muscle ups.

          Instead of doing push ups, or push ups with 10 kg weight, do handstand push ups.

          Both the muscle up and HSPU will give you a skill element which the prior options will not. That’s something to take into consideration.

          Beast mode ON!

      11. Hey guys, really appreciate this, pretty sure your the first org to drop one of these free. I have a question I didn’t see in the comments. I am at least 15lbs overweight, but I can do month 3 . Do you think I should focus on dropping that weight first or just start at month 3?

        1. Hey Aaron,

          Great question.

          If you can do month 3 then go for it, it means that once you’ve lost those extra kilos you’ll be flying through the air with every single chin up ;).

          Focus on both, drop the weight and keep training.

          Keep up the good work.

          Beast mode ON!

        1. Please translations
          cho tôi phần fullbody routine cụ thể đi
          phần muscle up progression tập như thế nào? bao nhiêu sets và reps

          Please translations because I dont speak english

  1. Thanks alot, great plan!!
    I just a question, since I Stiller dont have those big bars to do all of that 3 month training how can I do it without it? I only got those door bars, it’s the most complete one but still, I cant do exercises like dips on straight bar for example on that bar.
    Thanks and keep up that great work!

    1. Hey Frederico,

      Thanks for your feedback!

      What you can do with regard to dips is use two chairs or two tables and then do dips in between them just as you would do on a straight bar.

      Still, you really need a bar to get the maximum result, especially when you want to learn the muscle up.

      There is no escaping the necessity, but for the time being with some creativity you can more or less do the same exercises with two chairs/tables.

      Beast Mode ON!

    2. I sometimes worry that I look like a creep, but there is a park near my house with tons of kids play bars and shit, I like to head over round 6 or 7 when families are gone so I can use all the gym equipment.

      1. Hey taylor,

        I know what you mean, I’ve been working out in parks around the world and quite honestly if you just workout and do what you need to do people don’t think you are a creep at all.

        And most kids just find it interesting and usually try to mimic you, so it only becomes creepy, because you think it is ;).

        Still, I get your point, if you don’t feel comfortable, going at around 6-7 is usually a good option or earlier on the day.

        Beast mode ON!

  2. Hey guys! I’m 43 yrs old.
    I just began doing this workout about a month go. I’m going to implement the “Let’s go” routine in about 2 weeks. Already I can feel myself getting stronger. With each time I do a set I can feel the exercises getting easier and I can do more of them. Fact, I can do pushups with my 48lb son on my back!


    Thanks for the great workout and the super motivation!!

  3. Thanks a lot for this plan.
    About legs , can i add a leg routine in off days?
    One more question, what’s your suggestion plan for girls ?
    (Sorry for any english mistakes)
    Thanks again bro.

    1. Hey Arthur,

      Yes indeed you can add a leg routine in off days if you want to, you can even replace the full body routine with a leg routine if you prefer.

      Remember that this plan is just meant to give you a general view on what you will need to to to develop the basic strength, if your beginner strength is above average you can try out some different routines.

      With regard to workout plans for girls, I see no reason why they can’t do the same. So I would advise girls to participate with this plan as much as possible.

      Depending on their goals they can add some variety. (She can also check out these routines, to build strength)

      Beast Mode ON!

        1. Hey Taylor,

          You can definitely incorporate cardio.

          Especially if you want to burn that extra bit of fat.

          Include it in your warming up. Add 20-30 minutes of running or another cardio exercise like riding a bike, rope jumping or whatever you can think of.

          Have fun!

          Beast mode ON!

  4. Hi, if i would like to make theese routines to a normal workout for 3 day a week, could i do the 3 month and the next month from there switch the fullbody from beginner to medium routine?
    I mean, switch the beginner fullbody to medium + let’s go routine and always do the warmup.
    Or should i just switch to medium fullbody without the let’s go routine?

    1. Or could i do like this after 3 month’s?

      Warmup from the beginners guide PDF.
      Mon – Fullbody Beginner + Let’s go
      Wed- Fullbody Beginner + Ab routine home
      Fri- Fullbody Beginner + Leg routine.
      Do like that til i can switch the beginer fullbody to medium + the routines?

  5. I’ve upped my routines with with the Lets-go, but dips kill my shoulders on the outter ends of the clavicle joint . It doesn’t seem to matter what position I use, bench/chair is the worst. Any alternatives?

    1. Hey Paul,

      Firstly, are you sure you are doing the dips correctly?

      At around shoulder width in approximately a 90 degree angle when going down?

      If so, I would advise you to train around them for a week or two, you might have injured yourself.

      Because it’s not supposed to hurt you that much. So do some push ups instead of dips, preferably wide push ups so you still hit the shoulder area.

      More, do a really good warming up before you do dips, do some shoulder rotation preparation (use the movements in the video below).

      Beast Mode ON!

    2. I had the same problem. I have been hanging relaxed on the bar, doing pushups, doing aussie pullups, doing chair dips. Finally my shoulder pain is getting better. Not a hundred percent yet but much better.

  6. Hy everybody,

    This plan is great. I can really see myself doing the muscle up in a few months.

    I try to train almost everyday (no rest day at all) unless I get back home too late and then I consider that the
    “off day”. I feel great doing it almost every day.

    Is it possible that I am over-training ? Should I have more off days ?

    I think I am already in pretty good shape … I tried doing just the beginner routines but they didn’t challenge me enough. I also practice martial arts in the evening so I am already in pretty good cardiovascular shape and pretty warmed up in the evenings when I train.
    My training plan looks like this:

    -Warm-up by skipping the jump rope for about 5 minutes.
    -Full body beginner or Leg workout beginner (I alternate them)
    -Let’s go

    After that I have a cold shower before eating and going to bed.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hey Alex,

      That’s good to hear!

      First of all, you are in an upward spiral what is exactly what you want to have to get some serious results.

      Well overtraining is a concept which I have some difficulties with. It depends on your own definition, really overtraining yourself into injury is not advisable. But overtraining in the sense that you are training over your current limits, is something you need to do continuously to become stronger. So my advise, train over your limits, but don’t train until you are injured. Lean beyond your edge, don’t go over it and fall down the cliff ;). This is something you need to learn and re-learn by yourself, you will train yourself into injury sometimes and other times you will train a little to light, it’s all about finding the sweet spot where the magic happens (Finding this spot is highly individualistic).

      With regard to off days, it is therefore important to listen to your body, my personal believe is that active rest is better than passive rest. You want to recover into movement, not into non-movement. So when you feel like you need to recover, do some cardio or light exercises, but don’t stop moving. This will take a lot of discipline, but it will skyrocket your recovery and muscle adaptability.

      Great routine! Indeed, if you are already in good shape you can skip some of the months. And the coldshowers….awesome! They are even better in the morning!

      Beast Mode ON!

  7. Hi there, there is no mention of cardio. Do we take it upon ourselves to do some cardio and if so what and how often do you suggest? Or the programme enough to not have to do cardio. Thank

    1. Hey Leigh,

      These exercises will already give your muscles quite a cardio training. If you want to add more cardio you can either do a longer warming up or cooling down (Running/swimming/rope jumping), depending on what your goals are.

      Beast Mode ON!

    1. Hey Louwrens,

      This means you will need to improvise and come up with routines which require no bars, instead of pull ups you can do handstand push ups.

      Other than that eventually you will need bars to do the muscle up, but if that’s not your goal. Replace the pull up exercises with hand stand exercises as much as possible.

      Beast Mode ON!

  8. Hey guys,

    First I want to thank you for being the awesome humans you are for helping us and pushing us to do our best. This plan is great and really challenging, thank you so much for sharing! I am so glad I joined the Bar Brothers movement but I have a problem that sometimes gets in the way of my workouts. My joints are a bit weak, especially my wrists, their weakness disrupts the flow of my workouts, I have a hard time preforming pushups and dips with good form because of this. Any advice on how to strengthen them? Or do I just continue working out with the best form as I possibly can and eventually they will get better?


    1. Hey Lema,

      First of all thanks for the comment!

      Secondly, I know the issue, I had the same when I started doing calisthenics, because your joints need to get used to the stress you put on them. Doing a bad warming up makes it worse.

      I’m working on a blog where I will explain how you can strengthen your joints to make them your strength instead of your weakness. For now, do a good warming up by turning your joints one by one in a circular motion. So wrists, elbows, arms. What’s really good for this is rope jumping. Expect a good blog on this coming up! In the meantime…

      Make sure you do a proper warming up, this is really key in preventing injuries.

      Beast Mode ON!

      1. Thanks so much! I can’t wait for the blog to be posted. I am embarrassed to say that I sometimes forget to warm up my joints before the workout. From now on I will take your advice and do it every time. Thanks again!

        1. Hey Lema,

          I had the same problem, you just want to go full beast mode :P.

          I had to find out the hard way by injuring my tendons…which set me back a few weeks.

          A good warming up will save you a lot of unnecessary injuries and it does not need to take more than 10 minutes.

          Beast mode ON!

          1. Thanks you guys are the best! Will definitely take care of my joints to avoid any injuries. Full beast mode all day every day!

  9. Estoy haciendo ejercicio desde hace mucho tiempo… y no encuentro resultado… Voy a seguir su programa… Saludos desde Colombia

    1. Hey Devmin,

      Of course you can combine both, it depends on what your goals are.

      My personal believe is that if you cannot control your own body weight, why try to control extra weight?

      Can you do a muscle up? Handstand? Human Flag? Front lever? If not, you are not even seeing the tip of the ice berg with regard to body weight training.

      But do what feel best for you, this is just my personal opinion.

      Beast Mode ON!

      1. Thanks a lot guys ! . Amazing what you are doing here. Really respect you’ll . Will spread the word to my friends . Bar brothers all the way :p

  10. hey bro i was wandering do u know any good leg routines because i have been training latley and i run track and free run and i have been wanting to strenthen my legs

  11. Hi,

    Are the 3 cycles meant to be done right after each other.
    Or are you supposed to take a small break in between?

    Also, if the excercises are too easy, what is the best way to increase the difficulty?

    1. Hey Steph,

      Thanks for the question!

      That’s a good initial attitude, the beginner routines were put on here to give people some inspiration. The 15 minute plan is the give you a simple routine which you can use to get some full body strength (the six month training plan starts with a full body routine).

      So the 6 month plan is what I would advise you to start with.

      I had been getting a lot of question about a training schedule for beginners, so I made the 6 month plan which you can follow for 6 months to get you to pass the beginner requirements.

      Beast Mode ON!

  12. I love this stuff but I’m convinced my back muscles and core are very far behind the power curve. Any advice or will it come with time. Also I have a small tear in a rotator cuff that bothers me from time to time, will this strengthen and restore it or are there things I should watch for?

    1. Hey Shawn,

      Thanks for the question!

      Those are really important and the only way to get a stronger core is by training it! So it will come with persistence and time.

      With regard to your injury, especially in that area, bro you will need to do a serious warming up (NO joke). Because if you don’t you are really going to !@# your training.

      Check this blog:

      Don’t do a single training without doing a proper warming up, because you will worsen the injury. In addition, slowly progress while keeping a sharp focus on your injury. If the injury worsens, train around it. Give your body proper time to recover.

      There are always other things which you can do:

      Beast Mode ON!

  13. Hey,

    Me and my best friend have decided to become bar brothers by beginning the six month program with the intention of being able to pass the first challenge. We have both done a combination of sports and weight lifting in the past, but we have been really inspired by your videos and are determined to be in the 3%.
    Anyways we have decided to do the phase 1 workout in a 2 days on 1 day off style because we want to maximize our workout time and we also want to workout more than 3 days a week. I was wondering if this is a good way to approach it or if you had any suggestions? My other question is that both me and brother can do around 15-20 dips, 20-25 push ups, 20-25 squats, 2 minutes of wall sits, but only around 5-7 pull ups. Do you have any suggestions on how we can increase our pull up strength or should we just follow the workout as is? Currently we are doing the workout for 4 cycles but we have increased it to 3 pull ups, 1min wall sits, 15 dips, 20 squats, 15 push ups, 2 pull ups, 5 leg raises, and 10 decline push ups.

    -Sorry for the long message, Blake

    1. Hey Blake,

      That’s awesome man!

      To be honest, you probably can go on to month 3 or four already.

      Both of you have the basic strength. Start at month 3, there is no use in doing the first two months, if you are doing them with such easy. You and your bro clearly aren’t any beginners…:D.

      Best approach would be to start in month 3-4, if you want to train more, do so there is no limit to how many days you can train. I personally have weeks in which I train 7 days, but not always with the same intensity. There might be 1 or two trainings where I will focus purely on execution, how do I hold my hands? What is my weak point? Just playing around a little bit. But this will come when you get used to this type of movment.

      Other than that, keep going bro’s, you’ll pass the requirements in no time!

      Beast Mode ON!

      PS. With regard to pull up strength, you need to do more pull ups to be able to do more pull ups.

      In addition, you can throw this pull up progression exercise into your routines when you feel like it.

  14. Hey man, this routine looks great! I’m somewhat in shape I think but I wouldn’t be able to do all these with out fatigue probably, will I get any muscle results from this? Like any gains or more toned muscle?

    1. Hey Clay,

      My advise is to go try these workouts for yourself and discover what it does for you.

      I can tell you a lot of stories about people who have had great results, but you will only believe it when you see it for yourself.

      Beast Mode ON!

  15. Hi guys

    Thanks for the great workouts and motivation. I feel like I can do ANYTHING since I began these.

    I’m following the six month plan and I’m on month 2. Actually, my month is six weeks, so I’m on week 5 of month 2.

    Anyway, I train till I max out. I’m doing 150 pushups,150 squats, 18 pylups, etc. I feel like I’m addicted to it. Could I be overtraining?

    Thanks, again

    1. Hey David,

      Great to hear things have been working out for you since you have started working out!

      I already gave an explanation in one of the previous comments on overtraining, I’ll repeat it for you:

      “Well overtraining is a concept which I have some difficulties with. It depends on your own definition, really overtraining yourself into injury is not advisable. But overtraining in the sense that you are training over your current limits, is something you need to do continuously to become stronger. So my advise, train over your limits, but don’t train until you are injured. Lean beyond your edge, don’t go over it and fall down the cliff ;). This is something you need to learn and re-learn by yourself, you will train yourself into injury sometimes and other times you will train a little to light, it’s all about finding the sweet spot where the magic happens (Finding this spot is highly individualistic).”

      If you can do it and don’t get injured, you are not overtraining ;).

      Beast Mode ON!

  16. I am 45 yrs. old. Started lifting weights 9 months ago, have been faithful 4 days per week minimum. Enjoy lifting but I want something more.

    I’m now strong enough to do 10 chin-up, maybe 5 pull ups if I’m fresh. I started this challenge today and look forward to moving into full bar brother mode over the next year. I’m extremely dedicated and eager but realize that this is a process. I will get there and am thankful for the resources you have provided.

    Is it ok to train 7 days per week? If now how about 6? Also, if I find the routines easy, should I just increase my reps?

    Thanks so much.

    1. Hey Joey,

      You have made the first step so that’s good!

      With regard to training…you can train 6-7 days a week, but be aware of your body and the state which it is in. Find your limits and conquer them.

      I usually advise beginners to start off with 3 days a week, but if you are intermediate or more advanced you can shift it up a few gears. If the routines are too easy, you can either go into the next month or double the amount of reps.

      Beast Mode ON!

  17. Hello,

    I like this a lot. Thanks for the motivation.
    Im a beginner but i feel my body every day getting stronger.
    Getting jogging is a very good warming up that i like the most.
    When im jogging i want to get the Sweatpants from bar brothers on but i cant find them here.
    Do you now where i can get these???

    Thanks again for the suport and motivation.

    Greets from the beautiful city GRONINGEN


  18. Hi there! Should I intensify month 1 of training if it is relatively easy to do (will be starting out today)? Or should I adhere to it strictly, since the first month’s program is supposed to ease the body into the routine.

    Thanks in advance for your response.

    1. Hey Logen,

      Awesome website btw! Wayoftheninja :D!

      If it’s relatively easy, start in month 2 or 3. This plan is set up for people who start from scratch, so if you are already used to doing some form of training, it’s best to start in more difficult months.

      Welcome bro, perhaps we can do some collaboration in the future! Contact me if you are interested at

      Beast Mode ON!

      1. Thanks, for both the response to my question and the compliment. Definitely interested in some form of collaboration. Will drop an email some time soon.

        By the way, I did tried out the month one workout and second month. My level should be somewhere between month 2 and 3, considering I couldn’t perform the last pull up on the third cycle of Let’s Go. That said, I was sticking to doing chest level pull ups and chin ups (or at least trying to maintain that standard throughout). Please correct me if my assessment is wrong. 🙂

        Thanks again. Will take our subsequent convo to email. Don’t want to flood your comments section. Hahaha.

        1. Hey,

          Sounds like a plan.

          That’s great bro, you should be ready for month 4 in no time then ;).

          No prob, haha we are here to share info and inspiration and that’s what this website was meant for!

          Beast Mode ON!

  19. Hey guys,

    I have been doing the full body workout for a little over a month. I feel like the workout isn’t enough. So what I have been doing is the full body workout with a few extra exercises ie. diamond pushups, hip raises ect. I have been doing 3 sets. On the first one it is a warm up with a few more reps than listed. One the second one I double the reps, and on the third set, I make it to that doubled number of reps and then go to exhaustion. Should I be doing this type of thing or move on to following months? (I also run about 5 days a week for track.) What I’m wondering is should I move on to the following months or stay on month two but go to max?

    Thanks so much for the help and inspiring vids,

    1. Hey Davis,

      Go to the next month bro, this is too easy for you 😉 (Which is actually a great thing).

      Try month 2 and 3 and find where your level of strength is slightly below what is required.

      We are here to help each other and to shatter the idea that you need a gym to be strong and fit. I bet someday you will inspire the people around you.

      Beast Mode ON!

  20. I have completed the first 2 months of your essential 6 month training plan for beginners. But I have a question before I begin month 3. The training plan says to do the Full Body Routine + Let’s Go Routine. But it does not say how many cycles. Are these 2 routines together too difficult to do more than 1 cycle? Please advise. Thank you.

    1. Hey Fpultro,

      That’s a good thing first of all! Yes, what you want to do is the full body routine 3-4 cycles + the let’s go routine 3-4 cycles.

      So a total of 6-8 cycles, which will make things more difficult :D.

      Beast Mode ON!

      1. How should I do the cycles in the 3rd month? Do 1 cycle of the full body routine followed by 1 cycle of the let’s go routine, then go onto a 2nd cycle of both, then a 3rd cycle of both. Or should I do all 3 cycles of the full body routine, then when finished do the 3 cycles of the let’s go routine? Thanks.

        1. Hey,

          Essentially there is no one way to do it, you can combine both. It depends on what you prefer. I personally like to do 3-4 cycles of the full body followed by 3-4 cycles of the let’s go. Just make sure you do all 6-8 cycles!

          Beast Mode ON!

          1. Hi, I’m stuck in Month 3. My pushing muscles are progressing a lot faster than my pulling muscles (pull ups). What can I do to make them catch up?

          2. Hey Quino,

            Great question.

            I can recommend to add some more pulling to your training. Add 5 sets of 5 reps of chin ups/pull ups to your regular workouts.

            The only way to become better at pulling is to do more…pulling ;).

            Instead of following the entire routine, put and extra emphasis on pulling by adding that 5×5 set of pull ups when you are still strong and not fatigued.

            Beast mode ON!

  21. Thanks for the info i am new to this form of workouts but i have very good body weight strength as a starter, i can do 20 pullups full form at ease and up to 60 pushups and about 40 dips all in good form and squats i can exceed 100 reps, i did a couple of sessions now and i can already do the explosive pullup , i am not illustrating i am good i am pretty average but i think i can immediately start with the 4th month workouts. The muscle up hunt phase cause almost everyone in the group o train with do the muscle up so i am kind of falling behind so i want to train alone for a while till i can get it but you wrote at the end to do the muscle up in every session although it is not on the second day, also i am thinking of adding on the 3 remaining days 2 workouts as you said one technical and one for strength on each day varying from the workouts you provided and will add some cardio after those workouts to shed a bit of extra fat covering my abs. Hope to hear from you soon and thanks for the great info . Keep it up.

    1. Hey Ahmed,

      Welcome first of all!

      Sounds like you have a good foundation to start off with. If you feel like you can start in month four by all means go ahead!

      Sharp of you, indeed, you can do the muscle up after your warming up on days where you don’t do the full routine. Just to test your strength, it’s what I used to do.

      Find out what works for you! With regard to fat covering your abs, your main focus should be diet. The main effect of training is becoming stronger, the main effect of diet is becoming leaner. Change your diet to get really lean, only training will not get you there (of course there are exceptions, but most people need a combination)

      Check out these blogs:

      They will give you quick tips to really get some serious results.

      Goodluck bro and Beast Mode ON!

      1. Thanks bro,

        I took a look at the diet and i will start trying to do that but without fasting cause it is too hard for me. I did not understand the reply about the muscle up i am sorry so let me rephrase my question:
        The 4th month routine has 3 days, on the second day which is Wed there is no muscle up hunt session and you said we have to do it every time we train, so if i got what you said right you basically said to practice the muscle up exercise and form alone on non working days, or do the muscle up hunt routine as a whole ? Sorry if my question sounded dumb.

        Thanks for the info again and going to workout today as a start, Beast mode ON.

        1. Hey Ahmed,

          By cutting the bad carbs you will already have huge benefits!

          Well this is with beginners in mind, where I’m taking a one month perspective on things. If you want to get it faster, you can do it every training.

          There are no dumb questions bro, always feel free to ask.

          So essentially:

          1) You can follow the training as described here and you will get it in 1-2 months if you train consistently.

          2) If you want to speed up the process, you can do the muscle up routine every single day if that’s too difficult you can practice the the technique and do some other light training next to that on resting days.

          Just make sure you do the complete muscle up routine a minimum of 2-3 times a week. I made the wednesday easier with beginners in mind, to give them time to recover. However, if you feel like that’s not necessary for you, by all means go ahead.

          Again the schedule as described is a general guiding line, you can use it, but it’s not a gospel truth ;).

          Hope this clarifies things!

          Beast Mode ON!

  22. Hey, thanks for the training plan but can I achieve my body dream with this workout? .I mean look bigger and muscular. .and can I add dumbell workout with this routine?. For example , on monday I train 3 set of let go routine then add tricep and bicep workout with 10kg dumbell. . On wednesday I train with full body routine with back and shoulder workout with 10kg dumbell. On friday I train let go routine + leg workout with dumbell. And On saturday I workout full body + let go routine. And I also workout abs everytime I workout . Does this sound like overtrain? .if so can u suggest me a workout to get bigger muscle with bodyweight and 10kg dumbell only. .I dont really into muscle up but to get bigger muscle only. Thank and sorry for my bad english. 🙂 I love bar brother because alway help people to achieved their dream.

    1. Hey Diro,

      It depends on what your dream body looks like ;).

      You are not going to become a body builder with this type of workout, but you are going to get way more mobile and develop functional strength in addition to healthy aesthetics.

      If you just want to look big, stop calisthenics and go to the gym.

      Of course you can add dumbels, but you don’t need them.

      If you can do more exercises with a dumbell after your body weight routines, why not add some more compound movements? (Go to month 3-4) You need to take in mind that with regard to calisthenics it’s not about becoming extremely big, you can become big, but it’s not body building.

      Let me explain why a dumbell exercise is a dumb exercise…first of all, you are adding weight to your movement, so my first question is can you do a handstand? Can you do a muscle up? Can you do a planche push up? If your answer is no, let me ask you this…if you cannot control your own body weight, why try to control extra weight?

      Secondly, you are doing isolated movements, which means you are training 1 muscle group, while in that same period of time you could be training multiple muscle groups. So isolation is inefficient in terms of amount of muscles you are training.

      Thirdly, isolation creates immobility, go look at a body builder vs a gymnast and ask yourself the following question: If these two men were to have a general test on athletic abilities, who would come out a winner?

      If you are not into a getting a muscle up, but into getting bigger…quit calisthenics and go to a gym where you will do isolated movements that build volume, but forget the most important aspect of training…movement complexity.

      That’s my 2 cents on extra weights.

      Beast Mode ON!

  23. I started the first month this week! I just wanted to say thank you for having this info out because I’ve been struggling to found out how to EXACTLY become a bar brother. This website has it all! I just wanted to ask for an opinion though. So I made my program a bit like the one you give us, but I don’t know if my twist is good or bad, as in over training. So I do martial arts almost every day Mon – Sat. Each class is only an hour long so it’s not that bad. Every Monday and Thursday I do a 20 Min heavy bag drill in the morning which burns tons of calories and leaves me tired, in a good way. Later that day, I come back to my gym and do one of the 14 workouts from MadBarz. Monday is the Chest Routine and Thursday is Back and Biceps. Wednesday is my rest day and just some Martial Arts classes. Tuesday is the only day I do the Full Body Routine and Friday I do the Leg Routine and the Ab Routine. Saturday is sort of a rest day but from 11 am – 2 pm I have three different kinds of MA classes. Then Sunday I do an endurance run at a state park which is helllllllllla long. Besides becoming a bar brother, my friend and I are trying to compete in a Spartan Race this August. So that’s why I was wondering if this is too much since it’s supposed to be a “slow” phase. But I tried the whole thing this week and I don’t feel that “tired”. I just want to know if this is good or bad, anyone’s opinion is appreciated. Good luck to all towards becoming a future Bar Brother!! Thank you again for this great info!

    1. Hey Alan,

      You are welcome bro, thanks I do my best to provide you guys with the right info!

      Wauw dude, awesome man! Bro, if you can do it…go do it, you seem to have the basic strength.

      I don’t really believe in overtraining, I believe in the adaptive power of the human body. Just don’t train into injury, essentially your body evolved into being able to move every single day in harsh environments. So you can probably do even far more than you think.

      The slow phase is initially meant for beginners who have no movement/training background. It’s to protect beginners against their own expectations and inevitable injuries.

      So my advice: Keep going, pay attention to injury possibilities and surprise yourself every day ;).

      Beast Mode ON!

  24. I started to workout two years ago but I started at calisthenics four months ago. I feel like I got stucked because I feel like I´m not progressing at all. I´m 17 and I study in a boarding school and I just have from 4:40 to 6:00 to workout. I want to know what can I do because I feel that I don´t have too much time. I can do 3 sets of 10 Normal pullups, I can do 3 sets of 10 full leg raises, I can do 3 sets of 10 pistol squats(each leg), I can do one arm pushups and I started doing the handstand pushup but when I try to step up I just hur myself. What should I do?

    1. Hey Alex,

      First of all, great that you are trying to step it up.

      You need to have a clear goal for yourself first:

      What do you want to achieve in the coming 6 months?

      Second, find exercises that will help you achieve that goal.

      Third, be patient, Rome wasn’t built overnight. Those youtube videos with all those sick moves, don’t forget that most of those guys have been training for years and years.

      Fourthly, you need to increase your training intensity. Do multiple routines that really give you muscle ache the next day. Don’t stay in your comfortzone.

      1. Set a clear goal
      2. Find routines for that goal
      3. Be patient
      4. Increase your intensity (all your current reps times 2)

      This should help you step it up! Any other questions? Feel free to ask!

      Beast Mode ON!

  25. Hi! Im eliseo, im 14 years old and well, the last months ive been running for about 30-60 minutes, ive been training strenght, endurance and abs and im wanting to start calisthenics but the first months seem already a little bit too easy to me because i already did these things in my regular training, so it would be negative to increase the reps or the cycles? Amazing job btw, Beast mode ON!

  26. ik train ongeveer al 2 maanden met dumbbells en ik wil graag in de zomer beginnen met het bar brothers schema, maar moet ik dan alsnog bij maand 1 beginnen of is dat overbodig?

    1. Hey Stijn,

      Super dat je al begonnen bent met sporten!

      Ik heb geen inzicht in jouw algehele kracht dus dat is moeilijk te zeggen. Een dumbel oefening is wel een geïsoleerde oefening (1 spiergroep), daar waarbij je in calisthenics compound oefeningen hebt (oefeningen waarbij je meerder spieren tegelijk traint). Dus je kunt het niet met elkaar vergelijken.

      Wat je kunt doen is een training van maand 1 doorlopen en kijken of het te makkelijk is, als dat het geval is kun je meteen door naar maand 2 of 3.

      Beast Mode ON!

  27. This looks awesome and can’t wait to start! Thanks I had no idea where to begin till I found this.

    Question though is it ok to add some reps to the beginner full body on some things, if Im already able to perform them easily? Or should I leave as is for at least the first month?

    Also do you have a YouTube channel or anything to follow?

    1. Hey Tony,

      I’m happy you found the website, make sure you spread the movement!

      It’s definitely ok to add some reps, but what I would advise you is to start in month 3 if month 1 is too easy.

      Step up for the challenge :D!

      The youtube channel we have right now is barbrothersgroningen, but there aren’t a lot of videos on it as for now! I hope to make some cool ones in the future!

      Beast Mode ON!

      1. Thanks for the reply!

        I definitely want to start in month one still as I’ve never done wall sits and I do struggle with some of the movements as I’m not use to doing them in a slow controlled manner with full range. I can’t wait till I’m able to do those muscle ups though!

        1. Hey Tony,

          Do what feels good for you right now!

          Indeed, it’s important to be able to do all the beginner exercises in a full range of motion with body control!

          The muscle ups are the greatest, you’ll know when you get your first 😉

          Beast Mode ON!

  28. My physiotherapist showed me this program as I have a weak back and need to work out my upper body muscles. I am 27 and have been playing soccer for most of my life so the leg training is a piece of cake but my upper body is weak.
    I really like this workout but I have a problem with month 3. I cannot do all these exercises in one session (Full body + Let’s go) even though I have been doing exactly what the instructions says it is simply too hard for me. I am currently switching between Full body and Let’s go every other day in hopes of getting enough stamina and strength to move up to the next level. The Leg raises also feels wrong for me as it feels like two bones are “grinding” against each other and a loud *gonk* sound can be heard. It doesn’t hut but feels uncomfortable. Is there anything I can do instead?

    Should I just keep on doing what I do and then try month 3 in a month or two?

    Thanks in advance and thanks again for the excellent routine! 🙂

    1. Hey Goodman,

      I have a soccer background too, so indeed most of the leg exercises are quite easy when starting off.

      If it’s still too hard, you might need some more time. Alternating between both routines is indeed a great way to gain more strength. What I can advise you is to do as much as you can.

      So try to do both routines for the number of sets, until you can’t do any more reps. You want to lean against and beyond your limits, because that’s the only way to improve your strength.

      With regard to the leg raises, I’d advise you to contact your physiotherapist first, but as long as it does not hurt I see no reason why you should not continu (But then again contact a professional first). Other then the leg raises you can try some dragon flags, which have the same motion (

      Essentially, go on with month 3, make sure you do one routine fully for example the let’s go and then do the full body routine with as much reps as you can. If you don’t have any juice left, keep doing what you are doing right now and try to add some additional exercises from one of both routines.

      You are welcome bro!

      Beast Mode ON!

  29. Hey!
    I’m currently on the 1st day of month 2 but i still struggle a little bit doing the 6 pull ups, i was thinking on adding the pull up progression routine to get more strength, would you recommend it?

    By the way, i really enjoyed the first month, training 5 days a week… already lost 8 pounds by eating well and keeping my training schedule.

    Now that the MadBarz app is out you should work with them! and put this 6 month plan as one of their pre defined work outs. It would be awesome.

    1. Hey Toto,

      Great job first of all!

      You can definitely add the pull up progression, in addition to the regular routine you are doing. It’s only going to benefit you.

      Wauw bro, those are great results!

      Indeed, that would be a great idea ;).

      Beast Mode ON!

  30. Hello;

    i got to much confused right now of this much posts and articles .

    i started doing the 6 month plan after i was totally complete miss

    but there is alot of ppl use alot of variation of workouts

    am still at the begining of the road , its just 14 day since i started , so can i have lil tip how to had decent start .

    can i do this workout twice a day like 3 day in week morning and noon? and always go hard on my self if i can handle it without injures and go advanced in the workout poses i can , and use this page workouts advanced workouts when i can 14 Bar Brother Beginner Routines | Bar Brothers Groningen For Calisthenics Workout

    Forgot to say i do 20 km cycling each morning so , is this bad in the body rest days ?

    am following this diet plan Nutrition Guide – Beginners, Teenagers – Bar Brothers DK (Calisthenics)
    ( ) and its kinda nice coz am 100% Ectomorph too but do it need lil adjustment coz am 6’3″ (190 cm) and 73 kg ( 160 lbs) so lil under weight and kinda eat tons of food and dont get full easy , its not kind of disease or something but i guess of my last diet i ate alot of protein and alot carbs usually without gaining weight , maybe coz i eat 2 times a day 8 :00 am and 8 :00 pm, but not daily sometimes i miss with timing, (i guess nutrition is the most important part), i dont know add some carbs or nah , so i need help alot in that or its just cool with that diet plan and eat just alooot like ( eat much as i train much ) , and about the paleo diet is it nice 4 me as under weight or just over all diet coz 4 me it seems like am on weight loss diet and thats the last thing i guess that ll help me

    i just make all question in 1 post coz its buzzy when i ask when every idea pops , so answering this may help much coz i dun wanna see my self after 1 year look like am on ballet dancing classes LMFAO


  31. I’m currently doing a strength training weight program… squats, bench press, rows, etc. I really want to get into calisthenics. I want to feel younger and more vibrant. I feel like I’m brainwashed though. I keep looking at all sorts of body weight workouts. And here I am on yours, and it seems like this is the one I want to try. But I have all this doubt creeping in like I’ll lose muscle mass (I’m not that big anyway). In fact, I’m not in great shape anyway after having a hip replaced and putting on some fat. Maybe I should just shut up and try it and see what happens, right?!

    Any words of encouragement? Or just tough love that can get me past my bullsh*t? 🙂

    1. Hey Bob,

      Welcome to the movement first of all!

      Actually you are giving the answer to your question already ;)….so what it boils down to is: “Shut up and start moving your body”.

      You are making assumptions based upon what you don’t know, which is a good thing though…but try these workouts first…haha. I like your honesty :D.

      Calisthenics is definitely going to give you a higher degree of mobility and is great for injury recovery, with regard to your belly fat, make sure you check out the diet blogs on the site, you will find some pretty useful info even if I say so myself.

      Go out. Shut up. Workout.

      Goodluck bro!

      Beast Mode ON!

    1. Hey Jake,

      This will definitely work for you, just take into account that you still have a lot of time to progress so don’t be too harsh on yourself.

      Feel free to ask your questions if you have any!

      Beast Mode ON!

  32. Hi, this is amazing, i started not long ago training with no routines until i found this website, but now im having trouble choosing a workout.
    I found the Essential 6 month training plan too easy for me until the fourth month. So, should i start from the fourth month?
    Or should i do some intermidate bar brothers routines that you posted on a different page?
    Another question, I have very weak shoulders, i cant do a poseadu push up and handstands what to do?

    1. Hey bro,

      Start in the month which suits your strength!

      The muscle up is going to increase shoulder strength, in addition you can do decline push ups! Meaning you put your feet on a higher surface like a chair or something else while doing push ups. This will surely increase shoulder strength!

      Goodluck bro.

      Beast mode ON!

  33. Month 4: What if i cant do a clean muscle up in a jump, or not in a jump, i can do a muscle up going up hand by hand and leaning a bit on the bar. What to do?
    Another question is, i cant do clap pull ups, so should i go back to month 3?
    Last questio, what about cardio, what kind of cardio should i do and how much? Is HIIT good?

  34. Hey,

    So i posted earlier on here when I was in between months 1 and 2. I have been training daily and have made great progress. I started month 4 about a week ago and I am having trouble with all of the explosive movements. I can do 15 slow pull ups pretty easily, but when i have to be explosive I can only manage about 7. Any thoughts on how to improve my explosiveness or should i continue to train and be explosive in every movement(as in the day that is Full Body + Lets Go). Any thoughts are appreciated.


  35. Hey dude!!

    I really love this, thanks a lot for that. Actually I have a group of 12 persons them all my friends, we planning to make this really big…

    Any advice, tip, warning, feedback will be welcome and useful.

    Thank you man!

    1. Hey Anthony,

      After the 6 month plan, it’s time to go for more difficult skills such as the front lever, back lever, human flag etc.

      You can find the routines in the routines by searching for intermediate exercises!

      Goodluck bro!

      Beast Mode ON!

  36. Hey,

    I followed this plan the first three months and I just arrived in the fourth. I read other articles and based on them I made my own schedule for month four but since I don’t really now much about what is good I would like to ask what you think of it.

    this is the schedule:
    Monday: muscle up hunt + biceps/triceps
    tuesday: leg routine
    wednesday: muscle up hunt + abs
    thursday: leg routine
    friday: muscle up hunt + chest routine
    saturday: leg routine

    I am wondering if I am not over-training some muscle groups this way or maby I should train my biceps, abs and chest three times a week?
    I heard from someone that if you train to much your muscles start to “eat themself” and actually become less. The last thing I want is that;)

    I allready did running and taekwondo for years before I found out about bar brothers. I also tried some self-made routines for a while (but they didn’t work out for me) so I am used to physical excersise.

    1. Hey Gerben,


      That’s a great schedule, make sure you incorporate some lower back exercises in between those routines in addition to your leg routines.

      Overtraining? Well that’s a concept which is highly debatable…If you look at professional body builders, you would need to train a hell of a lot more than 6 days a week. Some of them train 2 or 3 times a day. Which if you give your body the time to adapt is quite easy to achieve.

      Remember that your body was designed for movement during the entire day. The “eat themselves story” is bullshit, it only happens when you don’t get enough nutrients, but that goes for any situation ;). Balance a good diet with a good amount of training and all your muscles can do is adapt to your current pattern of movements by growing and becoming stronger!

      Beast Mode ON!

  37. Been looking for a good workout to do and how all you guys get to the stage that your at. Just letting you know am very pleased that I found this and am going to start this workout next week! Can’t wait for it. So pumped!

  38. Just started the 6 month program this week and am looking to really give this a go and reduce time in traditional gym. I have been weightlifting for years incorporating body weight exercises as well. If the Month 1 workout is a bit too easy should I just stick with it, or can I up the reps of each exercise? Lower the time between exercises and cycles? What are the best suggestions? I don’t want to sacrifice building the righ foundation for the future workouts. Thanks!

    1. Hey bro,

      Welcome to the movement first of all!

      Secondly, you probably have quite a strong base due to your gym training, which is good. This means that you might want to skip some months and start in month 3 or 4 in addition to that you can double the reps to make it more difficult. However, I’d personally recommend you to start in month 3-4, the foundation will take care of itself ;).

      Beast Mode ON!

  39. Hey

    Ive done the first month .
    And ive increased alot of strength in all areas, BUT the pull up still taunts me im finding it really hard.
    i do around 4-5 first set and second i do maybe 3-4 and do the rest by jumping up holding on for as long as i can and lower myself slowly and third 2-3 and same there .

    but for the chins ive increased alot going perfectly same with push ups and dips .

    am i doing something wrong with the pull up ? Its still the hardest one for me and i gain so little in strength on the pull up!.

    1. Hey Kristofer,

      The pull up just requires some more time! You are not doing anything wrong bro, keep going at it, it will improve over time.

      Make sure you keep doing the pull up hold and max out as much as possible, the regular pull up relies much more on the shoulder and back muscles, whereas the chin up relies more on the chest and bicep area. It just depends on which muscle groups are stronger, in your case the chin up muscles are apparently stronger.

      Essentially, keep working out the way you are and give it some time.

      Beast Mode ON!

  40. Hello. How exactly do you join the Full Body
    routine and the Lets Go routine in month three during a session. Do you do them separately or do you do the at the same time

  41. Hey Bro,

    Im in month 5 of the training program and its been really awesome! I just did my first muscle up! Thank you for your guidance and inspiration.

    Beast mode on.

  42. I am ready to start training and I fell like I could start on month 4 since I have enough body strength for this. I can see the three routines posted before, but I am not sure which one is the muscle up progression routine. Is it this one:
    1. Explosive pull ups 10 reps
    2. Explosive pull ups with hand rotation 5 reps
    3. Jumping into the muscle up and go back into a negative pull up 5 reps

    Or what do you mean by muscle up progression in month 5??

    Thank you!

    1. Hey Sebas,

      You want to combine the muscle up hunt routine with the progression exercises which are shown in the video.

      Monday – Muscle Up Progression + Muscle Up Hunt
      Wednesday – Muscle Up Progression + Full Body Routine
      Friday – Muscle Up Progression + Muscle Up Hunt

      Hope this helps!

      For a more detailled explanation I can recommend the system by Dusan and Lazar, which has just been released:

      Beast Mode ON!

  43. Hey Guys

    I recently just started Calisthenics and its AWESOME
    Please i need your expertise , what kind of gloves must i use that won’t break in one week my hands are dying.

    Thanks i hope you have some time to reply as it would be greatly appreciated

    Take Care


    1. Hey Aidan,

      I personally don’t use gloves for multiple reasons (, but if you really want to use gloves make sure you get leather ones, those have the best grip.

      When you are starting off your hands need some adaptation time and you will probably get some bad blisters, but after that you will develop the callus to deal with the friction.

      Thanks for the positive feedback bro! Appreciate it!

      Beast Mode ON!

  44. Hi! I love this website. I just started today on month 4, but I am not 100% sure on technique. I have found various ways to do type writer pull-ups and I am not sure which one I should use. Are there any tutorials around? I just want to make sure which grip and technique to use on each excersice! Please help!!

    1. Hey Melai,

      No program will get you ripped or muscular, only you can do this.

      Programs can show you how to, but you are always the one who has to do it.

      I can give you the best program in the world, but if you don’t do it, nothing will ever get you where you want to be.

      Keep that in mind bro.

      Beast Mode ON!

  45. What would be a suitable feed per month for the six-month training
    I’m a little skinny and I am 18 Years

    Please help me.

  46. Hi Guys, First what a great workout !! Really what i was expecting, look back on past month and wow… Really ?! Like said somewhere, those previous workout start to feel like a warming up routine, Awesome !! Just started the muscle up hunt for the first week and it’s REALLY the most difficult and pain in the ass… Love it ! Just got one quick question; In the routine, there’s the clapping pull-ups, witch i’m only doing 2 of them (first week was 1 on the 2 cycle) and not even close to do the 3 cycle needed, leading me to do 2 cycle of 3 and 2 rep on respectif cycle the second week… Is there any sort of improvement i can do to keep raising the rep, or just keep focusing on them ? I see progression, even with my overweight, body start to really transform resulting in wearing a tight 40 on pants to wearing 36 ! People starting to noticed the transformation and complimenting about the ”strenght body” comin’ out 😉 Feel really great, i’m entousiasm and happy 😀

    I’ll really appreciate your advices for the clapping pull-ups. For others exercice, that’s pretty fine some progres on every training, like more reps or cleaner cycle. My only concern, is those damned clapping pull-ups, which are the only exercice that i can have back ”tention” after working out and don’t get me wrong, pull-ups were my pain in the ass all the way back from the first training month 😉 And just in case, i’ve already add pull-ups grip standby 30sec on ”off” day to help on typewritters pull-up, and doing more chin-up to help with my back ”problem”

    Thanks in advance ! Beast mode on 🙂

  47. The problem is for me is that i can do everything in the final test and in that time but i can not do the muscle up i can do chest high or explosive pull ups but not the full muscle up, rather than that no problem in the exercises or the reps or the time so what would you recommend for someone like me ? Also the routines focus on the muscle up more so back will be progressing a lot faster than the rest of the body like chest and legs , so can i follow month 5 for example ? and one the other 3 days train normal strength routines ? I am so lost with the amount of routines you have and also we are in Ramadan now so i fast for like 16 hours and i know fasting is good but also avoiding carbs is not an option for me i will be drained, sorry for the long message but if you can give me an idea of a routine i can stick to for a couple of months and commit , that would be great, i really want to do something i have a good body shape and good frame, athletic by nature but i have an extra layer of fat and more than average strength , i think i can transform greatly if i know what i am doing, thank you so much for the inspiration.

    1. Hey Ahmed,

      Good question! This is a frequently asked question which I wrote a topic about here:

      Of course you can bro, find what works for you, the 6 month plan is quite limited with regard to this, since if focuses on passing the requirements and fails to address flexibility, patterns and a lot of other stuff. However, I have consciously made this decision, because as a beginner you need a clear goal, which allows you believe what’s possible and to stretch your limits. So add what you want to add on the other days or on the training days and use this plan as a general guideline, it’s by no means the absolute truth.

      Bro, it’s great that you are thinking about these subjects already. With regard to carbs, focus on good carbs such as fruits and white rice, try to minimize other grains or sugars, they will limit your results. With regard to your routines, stick to the 6 month plan, it will give you the necessary strenght, without a doubt. And if you are not looking for such a plan, stick to the full body routine and increase your reps x3 or 4.

      You are welcome bro, thanks for your message!

      Beast Mode ON!

      1. Thanks for the reply and i will do that yesterday i was able to do 3 sets of upper body and 2 sets of maniac’s routine so i will do routines like that on off days , and will train the normal muscle up hunt phase month 4 along with it but my last question was this , do not you adapt when you do the same routine every time ? Thanks you again.

  48. Hey guys i started with first mounth excercises and i want to know is it difficult to move from mounth one to mounth two excercises

    1. Hey bro,

      It all depends on how hard you train every month! The harder you prepare for the next month, the easier the transition will be.

      Month 4 will be to most difficult transition and it’s where most people are quit. Honestly, it’s meant to make you fail and realize that there is still a long way to go. Once you push through that month you will start discovering the power of calisthenics!

      Beast mode ON!

  49. Hi guys, I started month 2 yesterday and I’m not able to do all the pull ups. I mean, I can do 6 at the first cycle and then I stop at 3-4. My question is if I should do 4 reps for the first week then add one every week of the second month or should I do 3 reps and add one more cycle?

    Thank you and keep up the great work!!

    1. Hey Vlad,

      Great question!

      Max out, don’t lower your first reps because of the second set. If you can do 6 do six, why make it easier on your muscles ;).

      You want to shock them. Instead of stopping at 3-4 try to squeeze out the last to by doing a pull up hold. You don’t need to pull yourself up completely, just pull yourself up as much as you can and then hold it for 5 seconds. Do this for the remaining reps. If you can’t manage to pull yourself up at all, just hang for 10-15 seconds for the remaining reps.

      This should get you going!

      Beast Mode ON!

  50. Bro,
    Just finished my first week of month 1 and im feeling great. I have spent the past two months going to the gym but have never felt my muscles this tight. I added pull push / tricept limit / shoulder routine to the week and feel great.

    My biggest challenge is with the pull ups, chin ups are also a challenge but feel more comfortable when doing. With pull ups feel unstable and just sloppy…. Hahahaha, will keep working on tightening up.

    Question, I recently started running 3 – 8k every 2 – 3 days. If I am working out on Mon/Wed/Fri is it cool if I run on those days or should I run in between those days.

    Thanks a bunch for this simple and awesome 6 month plan to help unleash the potential within!!

    1. Hey bro,

      Way to go! That’s great, true it takes some time but you will get there eventually ;).

      With regard to your question, that’s awesome. Adding cardio and strength training is going to kickstart your muscle development. I honestly got my best results when I was running every morning and doing training after that.

      Welcome bro, happy to have you join the family!

      Beast Mode ON!

  51. Great program! Been planing to start something like this and get out of the regular gym boredom routines!
    I’m a complete beginner and have a few questions! I was never good with pull-ups and dips. I find it very difficult to do either, especially with my large frame of 6’7″ and 285lbs. I’m not crazy overweight, but I’m not skinny and riped either, and just had a knee surgery about 2.5 months ago. Even tough my recovery was very fast I’m a little reluctant on the single leg squats. Any swap for that one? My question here is, what do you thing about assisted “cable” pull-ups and dips? How much will it slow the progress overall, or should I stick to full body weight and do as much as I can of either regardless of the ability at the moment, until I see the progress?
    I think the answer will be like for one of the above “go out, shut up, work out” and that’s exactly what I’ll do.

    Man, I’m 33, constantly have feeling of being tired, and fatigue. I have the soul of a child in a grown mans body, and I want that flexibility and energy I had 10 years ago.
    Hope this helps get me back there (with a change of diet as well LOL 🙂
    Reading your program and blog woke something up that I know will make me follow through and I have a kids playground right across the street to use for this. Hope parents won’t mind, and I can keep this up while my 3yo is running around 🙂

    Keep up the good work!!!

    1. Hey Milan,
      First of all welcome to the movement, good to have you on the team!
      Secondly, I have had a torn knee ligament in the past and what’s of the utmost importance is to keep the mobility. So keep moving the injured part in an adapted way. Instead of doing pistol squats, take a wall or a small chair and step up and down that chair with your injured knee for example. Don’t do single leg squats unless you want to become more injured ;). Or just to regular squats or lunches.

      I don’t really like adding assistance in the form of a cable, but it’s a highly effective way to gain strength and slowly build it up. Is it necessary? No. If you use the right technique and overload your muscles you will easily make huge progress and probably even better, because you are not relying on any attributes. Then again this is highly indiviualistic, both may work. Try both and find what works best for you, then go with that.

      Haha, that’s the answer indeed :P, you got the point.

      Really focus on your diet man, I can relate to what you are saying only I had this feeling at 21. Hahah, that’s the spirit, thanks for sharing your comment and make sure you check out the forum to meet up with other bros in your area or facebook. There are always groups in the neighbourhood.

      Time to kick some ass!

      Beast Mode ON!

  52. Hey Guys,
    I’ve been following the routine and have about a week until month four. Let me be honest, I KNOW I won’t be able to do month 4 without mid set breaks. Would you suggest that and just keeping at it until the whole routine is done? Thanks!

    1. Hey Bob,

      That’s a great observation! Most people chuckle at month 4 and that’s because it’s a huge leap compared to the slow progression of the other months! Month 4 is just as much about becoming mentally stronger as it is about becoming physically stronger.

      I wrote an extensive post about overcoming the difficulties of month four on the forum! You can find it under the 6 month plan topic!

      That should get you going and smoothen things out!

      Beast mode ON!

    1. Hey bro,

      Welcome to the movement!

      Rest between cycles should be max 3-5 minutes.

      Between exercises try to keep it as short as possible for a higher intensity!

      But that’s based upon my personal experience, try to find your own sweet spot, but it’s definitely worth applying ;)!

      Beast mode ON!

  53. Will I see a big improvement after these 6 months if I stick to this and then could I carry on doing this as a recycle after the 6 months

    1. Hey bro,

      If you stick to this you will see major improvements!

      After these six months you will need to move on to more difficult routines to make sure you keep forcing your body to adapt ;). But when that time comes, just check out the intermediate and advanced routines!

      Beast mode ON!

  54. Hey guys….m rahul…i started my month 1, 3 days ago….i run for 15-20 min in the morning and then do my exercise energy is totally drained in the middle of 2nd cycle..can you plz tell me what diet should i take before and after the exercise..and for the whole day too..:p. I’m also a little skinny and need to increase some muscle mass..and m 18..!

    I really need a good diet for entering BEAST MODE..!!!!

    1. Hey bro,

      Welcome to the movement first of all!

      The diet you need is the ‘patience diet’, which implies that you need to keep doing what you are right now, your body needs time to adapt! Keep pushing the adaptation threshold!

      You could get some
      Fast energy by taking a fresh veggie/fruit shake before your workouts. Experiment with this and find what works best. In addition, be patient ;). Check out the diet blogs for more info

      Beast mode ON!

  55. Hello Bro,

    I’m Elias, but go by Eli. I’m 17 and I’m super excited to start this journey… problem is that i have no clue where to start or anything. But I know this is the right way i been doing P90X for like 8ish months now and at first I saw results but then around the 5 month I started seeing no change and feeling no change so I wanted to give Calisthenics and man I’m so excited for this. But how do I start I’m lost please help me.


  56. My name is Muhammad Hamza and im 21 years, im new to bodyweight training. I train for 2 years now, i did weight training, athlean x and insanity workout and im still not satisfied with the results

    Im 183 cm, i weight 71 kg with 9% body fat. BUT i have gynecomasty , the so called ´man boobs´ but i have an athletic body.

    Im starting a new diet, the renegade diet by jason feruggia because im a medicine student and his theory makes sense for me by the hormonal level so i will give it a try

    Im really desperate, and I’ve tried many things, i wanna know what do u know about this diet and about the results with man boobs, and if u have any advise for me about getting rid of man boobs. I spent so much money and time trying everything. Im a follower of ASO by Todd Kuliskis, im trying some of his workouts and i look very athletic. I feel i can do some of this workouts and i want to give a shot.

    I have one more question, is it wrong to train intensive workouts like this 6 x per week ? i feel bad when i train 3 days per week because i can’t do any alternative sports or swimming because i study and work

    what would u advise me if i trained for 3 days, what shall i do for the remaining days ?

    COngrrats on ur page, keep it up with the good work and sorry for my english mistakes

    Beast MODE ON !!!!!!

    1. Hey bro,

      First of all welcome to the movement!

      Secondly sorry about the late reply, I haven’t had a lot of time recently!

      With regard to your question, the man boob issue is usually one caused by high estrogen levels, caused by chemicals in foods, sugars and wheats and more…which with your beta knowledge you should be able to find tons of research about.

      So while the damage done already might be irreversible, it does not need to get worse 😉 by any means.

      The renegade diet is going to provide you with more info on increasing your testosteron and lowering your estrogen levels which is will be the to a more masculine body.

      You can workout as much as you want as long as you take note of your body’s ability to adapt.

      With regard to the workouts, check out the website or add cardio days in between!

      Hope this helps!

      Beast mode ON!

  57. Thank you very much for this great program….
    i have one question… can i breakdown this workout routine? example ill go to the bar and perform pull up in 3 sets… after the next exercise… and so on…

  58. Hi barbrother, recently I have go for weight training for 4 months but i found out that i really like hanging on the bar doing some crazy move more then lifting weight in the gym and so I plan to try out the 6 months workout plan. I really wanted to become the person like you guys. Workout plan for me I think should not be a problem but meal plan to me is the thing that always pop out in my mind, I am a hardgainer so should I calculate my BMR and eat to hit the calories ? How about protein part for example some of the mass protein stated that have to take 5 scoop of protein but will it be too much for us, should I cut down the scooping?

    1. Hey bro,

      Welcome to the movement!

      Awesome, I love the freedom too and the better you get the bigger the sense of freedom gets!

      With regard to your questions, I don’t support supplement use, so I am not the person to give you advice on supplements, what I can say is if you eat healthy you’ll get al the nutrition you need from ‘natural’ food.

      Don’t count calories, make your calories count. Eat healthy and clean, check out the blogs I wrote on dieting.

      Beast mode ON!

  59. Hey Bros, just wanted to say thank you for this. I’ve been wanting to get back into working out for months now, but I couldn’t find any motivation. Thanks to you guys I’m super excited about this and ready to make a change in my body. Even though I don’t have bars like you guys do, I plan on doing most of this from a pull up bar that attaches to my door. Hopefully I’ll get the results I’m looking for that way.
    Today is day one for me!
    Thanks again guys!

    1. Hey bro!

      That’s awesome! Make sure to stick to it this time!

      Initially a door pull up bar will do, but as you progress you will need a pull up bar which allows for a full range of motion as seen in the muscle up.

      Keep it up!

      Beast mode ON!

  60. Hello,

    I m a beginner and i don t really know what workout to choose ?

    The 6 months training workout or the 12 weeks system vidéo workout ?

    What’s the différence ?

    Thank you and good evening !!!

    1. Hey bro,

      Good question!

      Both have their advantages, the 6 month plan is free and an easy way to get started. The system however is a full video break down of all the basic and optionally more advanced exercises! Which is quite useful if you are a beginner and have no idea what you are doing ;). Eventually regardless of the method, both aim to improve your strength and will if you apply it consistently. The system breaks it down and provides you with some more detailled information if you get all the additional packages.

      Hope this helps!

      Beast mode ON!

  61. Hey barbrother, I’m 13 and I’ve been working on calisthenics for about 5 to 6 months And then I stopped. I’ve recently started doing calisthenics again and as of right now I’m on my 2nd week and I feel as if the full body routine is too easy. As far as the abs I’ve been struggling to get a 6 pack I’ve tried all of the beginner workouts for abs, the flutter kicks ,cycling crunches, knee tucks and nothing was gained but a 2 pack and my lower abs ether. I feel that I’m working on my lower abs but not really cause I haven’t seen any improvement. Im wondering sense I haves some body fat on my lower stomach if it’s just working out the ab muscles not the actually abs cause of the belly fat. I recently tried the franks killer abs and I admit it I was light headed and ready to pass out. and after I looked at my body I saw a 4 pack. I’ve just been so confused with abs and belly fat and what workouts really work. I was wondering what you recommend for gaining a full 6 pack, losing belly fat/love handles and diets.

    1. Hey Marc,

      Welcome to the movement!

      Love the motivation you are showing here! Keep it up!

      With regard to your question, getting a six pack is partially working out and partially eating clean and healthy. Especially eating clean and healthy, “six packs are made in the kitchen”, at least that’s what they say.

      Your workouts are in check, now it’s a matter of consistently working out! Day in day out!

      Secondly, what is your current diet? What are you eating?

      More, cut yourself some slack bro, at your age your testosteron levels are far from at their peak. Your body is still fully in development. As you get older building muscle will start becoming way easier ;).

      Let me know!

      Beast mode On!

  62. hey
    i am going to start this great system and i am years old and live in Belgium
    I have one big question
    I do a hard study how can I combine best this with my studies in the weeks and my sports in the weeks
    Wednesday 13-15 and Friday evening
    I can make time free but when best can you answer good on this question and thanks to offer people this good system

    can i get beast mode also

    1. Hey bro,

      Welcome to the movement!

      You are the only one with the answer to this question. For real progress you’d need to train at least 3 times a week.

      There is no formula for making it work or one-size-fits-all method. Workout when you have time or make time to work out, if it is a priority to you.

      Skip the television or surfing endlessly and save time whenever you can to slip in a workout.

      Do what you can in the time you have.

      Sometimes this might mean working out at 8 in the morning or at 11 pm. Depening on how bad you want it 😉

      Beast mode ON!

  63. Hello. i am a 16 y/o boy from sweden with the goal to change my life. i´ve been lifting for around half a year now but recently found out about the bar brothers and i would like to try this 6 month workout plan to start with. my quisetion is. Will i get muscular on these 6 months if i do the excercises correctly and i follow the schedule?

    1. Hey Hannes,

      Welcome to the movement!

      You will only get the results based upon what you put into your training in terms of showing up, consistency and long term commitment.

      If you put in those 3 elements, you will definitely get results and become more muscular than you are now.

      Beast Mode ON!

  64. Hey I think its really cool that you have this workout plan online for everyone to see and I can’t wait to start. I just had one question about it before I start. I still have some belly fat and I heard that if I try to do ab workouts while I have belly fat then the muscles won’t be seen. So I wanted to know if this workout plan will help get rid of some of that fat

    1. Hey Al,

      Good question first of all!

      To lose fat 2 things need to be in check: Diet and exercise.

      You can exercise as much as you like, but if your diet sucks…don’t think about getting the best results.

      This workout plan will definitely help you burn fat, but to really get to a low fat percentage you will need to focus on your diet too!

      I wrote a few diet blogs which you can find on the website:

      This should get you going!

      Beast Mode ON!

  65. Hay bar brother,

    Saya sangat tertarik dengan calisthenic,bagaimana latihan terbaik untuk badan yang sangat kurus? berat badan saya 40kg tinggi saya 170cm
    Apakah saya harus latihan full body routine selama 1 bulan baru lanjut latihan berikutnya?
    Apa saja nutrisi yang harus di konsumsi?
    Saya menggunakan creatine monohydrate apakah baik menggunakan suplemen tersebut?
    Saya sudah mencoba berlatih push up,squat,dip di kursi
    Saya bisa minta untuk membuatkan workout plan dan diet plan?
    Saya akan bayar untuk membuat workout plan dan diet plan

    Sorry i can’t speak english

    Thx bar brother please answer

    1. Hey Gavin,

      Saya bisa bicara Bahasa sedikit, tapi saya bisa Inggris.

      So here is my English answer, you can use google translate if you want!

      With regard to your question as far as I can understand, you are looking for a workout plan and diet plan and asking whether you need supplements. Don’t worry about paying me, I’m giving you free advice ;).

      The 6 month plan is the workout schedule which will definitely get you results, so stick to that.

      With regard to dieting I can recommend you to check out this blog:

      The problem however is that everything is in English and my Bahasa is not good enough to give you advice in your own language.

      With regard to your diet, I have an additional tip, since you are 40kg, try to carb up a bit by eating enough white rice, don’t eat nasi goreng, but plain white rice with either fish or chicken and additional vegetables.

      Hope this helps a bit and if you need more info, contact me via email adres which I send you as soon as you subscribe.

      Beast Mode ON!

      1. Hey 🙂 I admire and love calisthenics and I’m waiting to start.
        I had dislocated my shoulder quite a few times and I recently underwent a shoulder surgery 6 weeks back. It’s going to take another 2 months to recover comepletely and I’m already aggitated that I can’t start my workout.
        The question is , calisthenics requirs requirs full range of motion of shoulder and is it suggested for me to do full fledge calisthenics once I recover ?
        2. Are there any precautions to be taken while working out ?

        PS : I’m an 18 year old and die hard fan of calisthenics and I aspire to be a doctor !
        I want to be a ripped and a healthy doctor and inspire all the geeks and nerds to be healthy and ripped at the same time too !

        1. Hey Yasser,

          I love your motivation first of all! It all starts with motivation…

          Haha, I know the feeling, but you are forgetting something…you still have legs don’t you…you still have abs don’t you and you still have a mind don’t you. Those also need exercise ;), so there is still tons of working out left to you bro, you just need to be a bit more creative.

          With regard to the range of motion…YES. Calisthenics is extremely stressful for the joints, due to the ranges of motion, but then again due to the compound movements the body takes care of the increased amount of stress. HOWEVER, since you have a history of injury, you will need to pay a lot of attention to your warming up. Research isometric exercises for shoulders (Tons of info on this on youtube) and make sure you get a jumping rope, which will definitely help you in warming up your shoulder joint. Please build it up slowly and give your body time to adapt and at the time you are a doctor, you’ll actually be walking the talk ;).

          Beast Mode ON!

  66. Hey guys I’m 14 years old and I have been training with an other bar brothers routine for one month now and I would like to continue my training with your routines because they are amazing,the thing is that the second month routine is very easy for me and I would like to ask you if I can skip the second month and go to the third because I think It’s much better for me.I’d also like to ask you if I can increase the reps.Thank you very much guys you are doing a great job,keep it up and as always go BEAST MODE.

    Bar brothers for a life 😉

    1. Hey bro!

      First of all, awesome job on working out!

      With regard to your question, feel free to move on or to change the plan according to your needs! This plan was designed for people who start from 0. In your case that’s clearly not applicable.

      Go for it bro!

      Beast mode ON!

  67. I also forgot to ask you if I can increase the days of training to 5 or 6 and if the increase of the training will have any bad or good.Thank you again 🙂

    1. Hey bro,

      I personally believe in training every day, because just like the body needs nutrition through food it also needs nutrition through movement. You wouldn’t go a day without food normally, would you? Why go a day without moving? 😉

      The only reason why I recommend beginners to start off with 3 days a week is because their body is not able to digest too much exercises yet. So they need to build it up slowly. In addition, there is also the mental aspect which I’m not going to elaborate upon.

      For you, I’d say, move as much as you can. If applied correctly you will get better results, just make sure you pay attention to your body and what it needs. This is a skill you will acquire over time, the more you develop a relationship with your body the more aware you become of this!

      Hope you get the point!

      Beast mode On!

  68. This is the best website about calisthenics I have ever seen. The way you talk, it has highly motivation and inspiration to me. Sorry if my words are incorrect, I’m from Vietnam. I have some questions for you:
    (1): before you workout, you need to warm up, right?? But if I’m walking around and see a pull-up bar, so i want to do just one muscle up or I see a nice floor and do a elbow lever, handstand… Do I need to warm up before this???
    (2): about handstand progression, your tutorial is very detail. I can do crowstand but i can’t do finger push up, how can I get my finger stronger???
    (3): can you make some tutorial for front lever, back lever…like a handstand progression???
    I still have some questions, but I can’t remember right now! If I remember, i will ask you immediately!

    1. Hey bro,

      Haha welcome to the movement and I love the motivation and thanks for the comment!

      With regard to your question, YES you need to warm up. I had the exact same issue, @!?#% warming up is what I thought. Well it backfired, because both me and my friend developed tendonitis which are small tears in your tendons, due to doing exercise without a proper warming up. Check out my blog on warming up.

      It’s going to take you 10 minutes and will prevent you from having unnecessary injuries. Secondly with regard to your other question, finger strength can be improved by pushing up on your fingers. Stretch the fingers as if you are reaching for something and you your push ups in that hand position! Build it up slowly tough and do a knee push up first!

      Lastly, I’m in the process of writing a blog on a few of these big exercises including which one is best to start with. So keep an eye on new posts!

      This should get you going!

      Beast mode On!

  69. Hey!
    First of all than you for the hard work gli are doing. Let me explain my situation: last september i started the armstrong pullup program and went from 2 to 21 pullups in 5 months. While doing that on december i was able to obtain my first muscle up.
    On febraury i got a disease that made me stay in bed for 2 month and provoked an injury on the nerves of my left shoulder, which are still recovering. So right now I’m just doing cardio, legs and abs.
    Soon my shoulder will heal (i hope) and I’d like to start training again for real, and I thought about two possible ways:

    1) I do this 6 months program removing legs from the routines so i can do full legs routines on my days off, and remove abs too so i can do a full abs routine at the end of the normal routine.

    2) Same as before but I remove pullups too and add an Armstrong pullup routine since it worked so well before (after all it’s around 15 mins a day, I shouldn’t overtrain because of that)

    What do you think?
    Thanks again, Federico

    1. Hey Frederico,

      First of all thanks for sharing your story! Injuries suck, but you stuck to it and the reward will be there…

      1) Good option, definitely possible.

      2) Do what works for you, this 6 month plan is by no means a one-size-fits all solution. I actually stimulate people to make their own plan out of it. It just serves as a guide and to get some inspiration. Definitely recommendable, since you are recovering from a serious injury. Make sure you listen to your body, because there is nothing worse than an unnecessary recurring injury.

      I’d say, go for the 2 option, and really listen to your body carefully. There is no defeat in acknowledging your limits.

      Keep it up bro and let me know if I can help!

      Beast Mode ON!

    1. Hey Chris,

      Welcome to the movement!

      This workout will not build muscle, only you can do that! If your question is if this workout plan is a good tool to build muscle? My answer is: “Yes”. But then again just like any tool the power lies in the hand of the user 😉 Just like no hammer will sculpt a perfect sculpture by itself, no exercise or method or plan will build muscle by itself no matte how good it is. So it all comes down to how bad YOU want it! Think about that for a second, the results will be accordingly!

      Beast mode ON!

  70. Thanks a lot for this, this was exactly what I were looking for…

    But, I’ve a question; How long should I train? 15 minutes? 1 hour? 2-3 hours? Or should I just follow the routine until it is finished?

    (Sorry for any English mistakes, I’m Norwegian)


    -Hans Åsmund

    1. Hey bro,

      Welcome to the movement!

      Of course there are different ways to train and quite honestly in my opinion there is no ‘one right way’ to do stuff, but to make things easier…if you are a beginner I’d recommend you to start of with sticking to the routines. Once these get too easy you can start adding a bit of your own stuff/exercises or time constraints depending on what you want. If you just need 15 minutes for a routine you might want to increase the difficulty unless you want to build it up slowly!

      Hope this answers your question!

      Beast mode ON!

  71. Hi,nice program! 🙂
    I have a question.

    I’ve been training for a longer time now,im a sporty guy (17 years old) Been trying different things already (Kickboxing,Bike,Run a little Gymnastics and now Cali)
    I Would like to have a program that would help me out to gain everything proportianally (im talking strength but also endurance) I would like to do planches and all sorts of those calisthenic “tricks”.And im wondering if gaining strength trought out pull ups etc. ( This program) has any sense and should i just go for the “trick”.
    Little numbers:
    Pull/Chin-10-15 reps
    Push Ups-30-40 reps
    Leg raises-5-10 reps
    Pistols-5 reps ( My “Stats”_
    The endurance part for legs and Core isnt that big of a problem, i cant do about.100 reps but the upper body is well a little bigger.
    I’ve been doing a endurance program for upper body 1-2 weeks (Chin ups,Pull Ups,Push Ups) but thats all i did on training ,and after that i was pumped and could do any technical stuff(like proggressions for planche)..So know im wondering how to put it together.Do tricks and then train strength after im a little pumped.Or should i train my body for reps and strength and then after 1-2month start doing tricks?

    1. Hey Jake,

      Thanks for the comment, appreciate it!

      Here is my advice: “Learn to crawl before you can walk and walk before you run”. Build functional strength first, you should at least be able to do the muscle up.

      Your stats show a good base, so what you can do is alternate between routines. Combine technical routines with full body routines for example a front lever routine + a full body.

      That way you both train your overall strength and slowly progress towards one of the technical/power moves. Always start with the most difficult routine first. That’s where you want to have your full concentration and endurance to prevent injury and to get the most out of your growth.

      So essentially, if you think you are ready for tricks start integrating them into your training by adding trick routines, however don’t forget to stick to full body routines as well, combine both.

      Then again, this is my personal advice, keep in mind that every body works differently so find your own sweetspot by experimenting with my advice.

      Read this blog:

      Make sure you leave a comment! Would be much appreciated 😉

      Beast Mode ON!

    1. and i also forgot to say that we dont have dips bar , is there other exercises with the same difficulty that work on the same muscles ?

    2. Hey Avi G,

      After the 5th month you pass the beginner challenge and after that, it’s time for you to set some personal goals. Things you want to achieve and develop your own program. I am in the process however of writing a follow up of the 6 month plan!

      Beast Mode ON!

  72. Hey man,

    I am a beginner in the whole calisthenics world so i am exited to get started and thankful for all of this great information.

    I do have a serious question about recovery. Your advise is to train a minimum of three times a week for 45 minutes. I’ve even seen advise on training 6 or even 7 times a week being great.

    I know recovery is one of the most misunderstood concepts of building muscle and growing bigger. And these routines and workouts seem to be aiming for really breaking down the muscles big time.

    So my question is, where is the recovery part of it all?

    It usualy takes about three days or more for (espessialy big) muscle groups to fully recover from an intense workout, so it seems to me that 3, 4, 5, 6 or even 7 times a week is overstimulating the muscles and not alowing it to fully recover.

    It seems that these routines have been working for alot of people so far, so thats where i’m confused on what’s the best way to go about. Can you help me out on this topic? Or do you have an explanation on why training so many times a week doesn’t intervene with recovery?

    Thanks bro!

    1. Hey Joris,

      Thanks for your comment!

      Who ever said you want your muscles to fully recover?

      This might sound strange, but you never want to fully recover.

      Because if you fully recover…you are doing something wrong 😉 (in my opinion). The goal of calisthenics and becoming good in something is to always lean slightly beyond your edge, where you don’t fall, but at the same time don’t have the chance to feel comfortable.

      Even body builders, who completely focus on building muscle keep progressively forcing their muscles to adapt before they get used to the training intensity (Some body builders train up to 2 times a day). If you start training really intense, you will always feel a bit of muscle ache, because there is never really a moment where you want to allow your muscles to rest (Get too comfortable), you want them to adapt. The question is what do you want your muscle to adapt to? To rest?

      Think about that for a while. In addition, take into account that with compound movements such as in calisthenics, you never really isolate. So whether you want it or not, you are going to use your whole body, including the muscles you would want to recover fully. And guess what, it’s what we were naturally made to do. Just like eating every day, the body was designed to move every day.

      Then again, this is based upon my own opinion and what I have seen among my friends. I’m not telling that I have the absolute truth. Why not try it out for yourself :)? You might be surprised!

      Beast Mode ON!

  73. Hi,i have a question with regard to the first routine.I have been doing it for about a week now and i cant seem to do the entire 3 sets.especially the pushups/decline pushups on the third set .its not the pain thats the problem but i cant seem to be able to push my arms up after i go down(during a pushup).and i was wondering if thats a problem,that im not able to do the entire 3 sets

    Thank you,

  74. Hello guys !

    Yesterday i finished the first month of the six month plan. I will start the 2nd month routine on Monday.
    My problem is that i don’t have a double bar for the last exercise and also my bar is screwed in the wall like this

    and i can’t make the third exercise too. Do you have any alternatives ?

    Thanks ! 😀
    Beast Mode ON (in a few months :P)

  75. Hei, great work out plan here, thanks a lot. I was just wondering if I should I do the exact set of reps that the picture shows, or gradually ad some more after a few days\weeks. I have just started working out with the full body routine and want the best results possible.

    1. Hey Halli,

      Awesome stuff!

      You can add as much reps as you want. These numbers are based on beginner levels.

      If you feel like you can do more, by all means GO FOR IT! If month 1 is too easy for you, I’d recommend you take a look at month 2 and 3!

      Beast Mode ON!

  76. Hello Bar Brothers Groningen.

    I’ve been following the 6 month plan for over 3 months now. I feel and look stronger already thanks to you. I even managed my first few muscle ups! However, I know that month 4 is supposed to be the hardest one yet, but I really am struggling with the typewriter pull ups. I have replaced it with a static hold for now as I don’t have the endurance to keep myself up there, let alone move from left to right. What do you suggest I do?

    1. Hey Justin,

      That’s great stuff bro! Keep it up!

      Haha, best feeling EVER :D.

      The typewriter pull ups are definitely the bastards in the routine…the static hold is a great way to increase your strength. Pull yourself up in a typewriter position and hold it then go down and move to the other side.

      In this case, it really boils down to TRAINING over and over…I still struggle with typewriters, even though I can do 10 consecutive muscle ups with quite some ease.

      Keep it up, be patient and stick to it!

      Beast Mode ON!

  77. Hi !
    First I want to thank you guys for this ! It’s really awesome, but I don’t know how to combine workouts like in month 3 (Full Body + Let’s Go) Do I have to do them in the same or different sessions? And if it’s in the same sessions how many cycle do I need to do ? Do I still need to follow what the workout says ? (For example 3 cycles of full body + 3 cycles of Le’ts Go)
    Thanks for the answer !

    1. Hey Zack,

      Welcome to the movement and thanks for the comment!

      You can do them in the same session, the number of cycles are noted above the workout. Both routines 3-4 cycles so you will have 3-4 cycles of let’s go and 3-4 of fully body.

      If you feel like you need another workout, feel free to add, these are general guidelines, no absolute truths ;).

      Beast Mode ON!

  78. Nice workout guide, I liked it but I’m new to calisthenics , I used to workout in the gym but I never gained weight, I’m an ectomorph (hardgainer, skinny) and I was wondering If I was going to gain any weight, muscles and perhaps some abs, as I said I’m new to this stuff so I don’t really know anything about calisthenics. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hey Musse,

      Welcome to the movement and thanks!

      Make sure you read through the diet blogs and the 6 month plan. Your questions, will be answered! If you are a hard gainer and low in body fat, you have one major advantage, your body is already insuline sensitive, so your major focus should be on upping the testosterone levels in your body. Check out this blog too:

      If you have any questions, make sure you leave a comment!

      Beast Mode ON!

  79. Hello!,

    I just want to be clear about what happens during months 5 and 6 of the Bar Brothers Beginner Training.

    I am in my late 30s and would like to be in better shape. I definitely need to strengthen my muscles (doctor recommended). Some years ago I lost a lot of weight and only recently I have been a little more athletic than what I am accustomed. I came across your website and learned about Calisthenics.

    Months 1 to 4 are quite clear. Month 5 is a bit confusing. Do you mean that during Month 5 we should simply do the exercises that are shown on the video? and if so, how many cycles for each? Or simply 1 cycle of the 3 sets indicated and then gradually attempt to do muscle ups? Or is it simply that if there is not enough upper body strength then simply add a Full Body Routine or some other routine and keep aiming for that muscle up.

    For Month 6 (Bar Brother Beginner Challenge), do we simply do those exercises for the entire 6th month and hopefully be able to pass it in order to begin the “Official Challenge”?

    Thank you for your help.

    1. Hey Etienne,

      Welcome to the movement and good question!

      Month 5 is about doing the muscle up routine with the progression as shown in the video:

      Workout schedule:

      Monday – Muscle Up Progression + Muscle Up Hunt
      Wednesday – Muscle Up Progression + Full Body Routine
      Friday – Muscle Up Progression + Muscle Up Hunt

      The progression exercises should be done 3 cycles. Indeed if there isn’t enough upper body strength left, you can definitely make the transition to a full body routine to finish your training off.

      Month 6 is about passing the challenge. The 5 previous months have given you a toolbox filled with exercises which you can make use off, what you do in month six is highly individualized. You set your own plan, all this guide gives is a goal to focus on in that final month and to work towards. Here it will boil down to what you have actually learned about calisthenics and become your own teacher ;).

      Hope this answers your questions!

      Beast Mode ON!

  80. Hey I’m just starting calisthenics and was wondering if I should perform each set to exhaustion or do the number of reps shown for the routines. (Month 1 routine)

    1. Hey Max,

      Good question!

      If you are easily able to reach the repetitions, either double them or go to the next month. Working out to exhaustions is always a mental thing…which may vary per day and is difficult to maintain.

      The repetitions are no absolute truths, but should be seen as suggestions. What usually is quite useful is to focus on a certain number of repetitions, because you need some goal to focus on.

      That’s the easiest advice I can give you!

      Beast Mode ON!

  81. Hello, I’m on month 2 doing the Let’s Go program. I can do everything in the program with ease, except the 3 straight bar dips. I can’t get over the bar to do them. Could I substitute them by doing more regular dips.

    1. Hey bro,

      Without a doubt you can!

      Be creative with those straight bar dips, you can even do them on the back of a bench, look around your area. If it’s not possible however, replace them with a similar exercise, dips in this case!

      Goodluck bro!

      Beast mode ON!

    1. Hey Nesia,

      Good question!

      The goal of each month is to develop strength for the challenge of the next month.

      If you can easily complete the reps in your current month, try moving forward one month. It should never be too easy ;).

      Beast Mode ON!

  82. First of all thx a lot for all motivation and support, this site is great discovery.
    Im 39 years old, 9 years ago i had my first heart surgery and year ago i had pacemaker installed. In those 9 years i done almost no activities beside walking. I was always very active before, played basketball on semi pro level, even worked as gym instructor for a while. So i decided that it was enough idling and that i have to get up and do something. This type of workout seemed perfect for me because i always liked doing pullups and chinups. So i gave it a try. I started out and wasn’t able to do single chinup (which hit me pretty hard since i was doing above 20 wide pull ups when i trained). I’m 1 month into training and can do almost 10 chin ups and 15 dips. I haven’t followed any program, didn’t even knew that calisthenics exist. Now that i found it out I’m gonna follow some of your routines.
    I will have to mix it with going int gym and doing exercises for my lower body, since Im 2m tall and free weight squats just dont cut it for me.
    Once again, thx for all the motivation and knowledge that you share with us.


    1. Hey Ante,

      That’s definitely an inspiring story and I’m happy to read that you are still on your way to better health.

      Calisthenics is definitely something which you can always do anywhere.

      Good to have you on the movement and hope to see you around more often on the website! If you have any questions feel free to ask!

      Beast mode ON!

  83. For Month 3 & 4, do you do the first circuit of the first routine and then the first circuit of the second one or do you do all three circuits of one then move on to the second one?

  84. Hey guys 🙂
    cool routine, looking forward to trying it out.

    Question though.. How would you recommend to progressively overload the routines in each month? For example, month 1: would you say trying to add 1 rep to each excercise per week is fine or not progressive enough? Should I be able to do the whole cycle without going to failure or the oposite?
    And if I reach failure, for example, in pullups (month 2) at rep 4 (the target is 6), how do I go about finishing the set? Do I rest and try to squeeze in 2 more or do some other variation like pullups with a band or negatives?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    1. Hey Michael,

      Awesome question!

      Preferably, you should be able to do the entire routine after a month of training. If the routine in itself is too easy, meaning you get all the reps with ease, make sure you move on to the next month.

      That’s the progression. Of course you could add reps to each exercise per week, but why not move on to the next month?

      Definitely go for negatives or pull up holds, just make sure you get those reps in check (Check out this blogs for liter versions of pull ups)

      Feel free to ask if you have any other questions!

      Beast Mode ON!

  85. Hey all,

    I was thinking of trying out this workout, but there’s 1 thing that I don’t see that much in the entire workout. And I think that if that’s missing I’ll grow out of proportion :S

    Where’s the legday?

    1. Hey Robert,

      Welcome to the movement!

      Great point, this plan has initially been written with the sole purpose of passing the beginner requirements, which requires you to do 10 jumping squats.

      Throughout your 6 months however, as mentioned in the blog you are definitely free to add your own routines. Since most people had no idea what to do to pass the requirements, this plan was specifically designed.

      I definitely recommend leg routines mentioning “Just keep in mind that you want to hit all the muscles as much as possible.” and “progress into the full body routine or add a leg routine”. I do understand your point however.

      Feel free to add variety, for example a leg routine instead of a full body routine. There is a link to 14 beginner routines which I recommend to use for variety, you can check out!

      Have fun!

      Beast Mode ON!

      1. Thx for the reply!
        I started trying out the routine. I like how it’s a constant flow of exercises. Its just that the first month feels too easy. Do you recommend skipping the first month and go straight to the second, or should I be patient and maybe add a couple of cycles?

        Thanks again!

        1. Hey Robert,

          If it’s too easy, by all means go on to the next month.

          I’d recommend you to go to month 3 if month 1 is too easy for you.

          You should be able to do it while at the same time feel challenged.

          If you bump into any obstacles, feel free to ask!

          Beast Mode ON!

  86. Hi, i want to know if i can follow this plan cuz im a little strong (can do 4-5 muscle-ups). I usually trained everyday but i saw on this plan that it is necessary just 3 times per week…. I make calisthenics for about 1 mounth but at first i was going to gym for 2 years. Im not so ripped cuz i trained natural without suppliments pls let me know what should i do.
    PS: Sorry for bad english

    1. Hey Nichifor,

      Good questions bro, I’m happy to help out so don’t worry about it.

      IF you can do 4-5 muscle ups, try passing the beginner requirements.

      Not being ripped has nothing to do with not using supplements, but all to do with dieting and training.

      So here is what you can do:

      – Read the free diet plan
      – Pass the beginner requirements
      – Continue to

      If you have any other questions. ASK!

      Beast Mode ON!

      1. Thanks a lot bro!
        I tried to pass “the beginner requirements” here are the results:
        -4 muscle-ups
        -15 dips
        -20 push-ups
        -10 jumping squats
        -10 leg raises
        -2 muscle-ups in aprox.. 3:30 min.
        So i couldn’t pass , what should i do?

        1. Hey Nichifor,

          Make requirements part of your routine. Consider them to be a routine and keep doing them regularly, you should be able to do it within a month, considering your level right now ;).

          After that it’s on to the official requirements and intermediate routines!

          Beast Mode ON!

  87. Hey, just started doing your workout on month 1 and im sort of struggling on the leg raises on pull up bar any tips to get better at it? and just wondering if after the 6 months if ill get great results? Also what would i do after completing the 6 months?

    1. Hey Rickey,

      Welcome to the movement!

      The leg raises can definitely be a challenge in the first month.

      What you can do is replace them with knee raises and do double the amount of reps.

      If that’s too easy for you what you can do is half leg raises. So Instead of having your leg touch the bar, bring them up to a 90 degree angle and down again, do double the amount of reps.

      Once you are able to do those, try transitioning into full leg raises again.

      So here is the progression: knee raises, half leg raises, full leg raises. You will definitely devlop the required strength through knee and half leg raises over time, be patient.

      To answer your second question, read this blog:

      By the time you are able to pass the beginner requirements, you will have developed a better understanding of calisthenics in general and you’ll know what to do by then.

      If not, ask me again, since there is no reason for me to answer that question if you are still in month 1. First things first ;).

      Beast Mode ON!

  88. Hey Bar Brother Groningen, I noticed that you have a 12 week training program and you have a free one that says 6 months program for beginners are those the same? And if not will the 6 month one give me results or would I need the 12 weeks one?

    1. Hey Rickey,

      Those are not the same, the difference is that in the 12-week system you will get full video breakdowns, the six month plan however is a good free option, which I made because I wanted everyone to be able to benefit from calisthenics even if they didn’t have the money to pay for the full video system.

      So it depends on what you want and on what you are willing to invest.

      Hope this clarifies things!

      Beast mode ON!

  89. Hey i have a question iv read that your program gets results but which program is it, is it the 12 week one or the 6 month beginner one that show the pictures with 3 chinups,30 sec wall sit 12 dips, 8 squats, 8 pushups,2 pull ups, 3 legraises,7 decline pushups for month 1 then month 2 has different workout and so on and does the 6 month training get me great ripped abs and big chest and arms?

    1. Hey Andre,

      Good question!

      Both get results, but the 12-week program is more extensive, because it’s a full video break-down of every exercise by both Dusan and Lazar.

      I however wanted to make sure that people who couldn’t afford it got a good alternative for the system.

      The 6 month program will definitely get you to a higher level in combination with the right dieting.

      But in the end it boils down to what you want. If you want full video explanations get the system, if you have enough autonomy and willpower to go at it yourself, the 6 month plan is more than suitable.

      Hope this clarifies things.

      Beast Mode ON!

  90. I’m very motivated … All thanks to you ( I’ve began the beginner full body workout today , It seems good 🙂 ) thats exactly what I need 😀

      1. I’ve been lifting weights aproximately 3 months ( hard working ) / I want to train calisthenics only and I find the beginner full body workout a little bit easy so do I increase the number of reps , cycles or begin the lets go routine ?

  91. Hey Bar Brothers, ima finish the 6 month training program first to get the strength to do the 12 week system but i was wondering if you guys sell the 12 week system in a retail store in Toronto ?

  92. Hi Bar brothers got another question, sorry for the disturbance but i just wanted to know how to get the maximum results in the free 6 month challenge i currently do your workouts 5 times a week and rest Saturday and Sunday do you think i should workout more ? or is that fine? and i don’t do the warm ups although i do the wrist stretches not sure if i should do the warm up like jumping rope crawling and so on are they necessary for results? thanks for the input,

    1. Hey Rickey,

      Feel free to ask…always.

      This is a difficult question, so let me give it back to you: “Do you think you should train more?”.

      If you are just starting off, 5 times a week in itself is a huge mental challenge, not only a physical one.

      Dude, I’m going to be honest with you, if you don’t do a proper warming up, you are going to injure yourself and you are going to really wish you had spent those 10 extra minutes on a simple warming up. I’m talking from experience here.

      Your tendons and joints are going to start feeling the stress you are putting on them…not in a week, but slowly it will build up.

      And by the time you feel it, it’s usually too late already, which will set you back a few weeks or even months.

      So do a warming up, you can do whatever you want, just make sure you activate your joints/tendons and overall body before you really start straining it. That’s why I recommend crawling or rope jumping, because those are compound movements which will really get those joints/tendons/muscles going.

      I’m serious about this bro, I don’t want you to get injured. Not on my watch at least.

      Beast mode ON!

        1. Hey Rickey,

          Great motivation!

          Just make sure you build things up slowly, I’d rather have you workout 3 times a week for 1 year than 5 times a week for 2 months.

          Keep your eyes on the long term goals, instant results don’t exist.

          If you can workout 5 times a week, go for it, alternate between routines and see how far your body can go.

          And WARM THE #!@! UP haha ;). You’ll thank me later…promised!

          Beast mode ON!

  93. Hello rich, my name is Jean’m from Brazil and four months follow the line of the 6-month beginner plan but do a warm-up and cool-down before and after training> full body routine (Basic beginner – mad barz) and my goal It is the muscle up, but I have difficulties with the pull ups can only 7 repetitions, so do progressions that you passed the forum. During those four months my school was on strike and had time to do a morning routine and one in the afternoon, but now she came back from the strike so wanted a tip. I do a routine after another? Immediately?

    1. Hey Jean,

      Good question and good job on working out first of all!

      Haha, the muscle up…love the ambition ;).

      This depends completely on your current strength and practical executing. As you can see in the 6 month plan, I usually recommend 2 routines in 1 session. I would say if that’s possible for you try putting them into 1 full session, first your regular cycle and then your pull up progression (which will really help you shock those pull up muscles).

      However, depending on your level of strength, this might not be possible. In that case alternating between regular routine and pull up progression every other day would be another option. In this case there isn’t necessarily 1 right or wrong way to do it, I’d say the optimal way would be to do both in 1 session, but if that’s not possible alternate between days or stick to a morning and afternoon routine.

      Keep it up bro!

      Beast mode ON!

  94. Hi Guys,
    I have been doing the system for a while and got through most of the exercises ok until around week 8 or 9.
    Not being able to do the muscle up and struggling with the min of 6 reps starting to hit that disappointed flat spot in the training. Would you recommend starting the system again to build some more strength or possibly going back to the 6 month plan and work my way up to perfect the muscle up before doing the system again?? Thanks in advance.

  95. When it says Full Body Routine/No Equipment Routine does it mean both exercises and if so is the no equipment the one on madbarz?

    1. Hey Steven,

      Welcome to the movement and good question!

      It means either the full body OR the no equipment routine.

      I’m not quite sure about that to be completely honest. And if it’s not, I’m sure the individual exercises are there, which you can combine into your own routine.

      Beast mode ON!

  96. Hey bar brothers,
    I’v just started working out and I want to know if your free 6 month training program will get me ripped abs and big chest and big arms in other words will I sort of look like lazar or Christian Nielsen from bar brothers Dk? I’ve read your forum about results but I just wanted to know if I will get the results I’m looking for. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hey John,

      Good question!

      Let me ask you this: ‘Are you prepared to do what they did to get the results they have?’.

      If you aren’t sure about this plan, I suggest you get the system.

      It’s a 12 week video program and you’ll be able to get advice directly from Lazar and Dusan.

      Get it here:

      You’ll be doing exactly what they did, so if you want to be like them…there is your answer ;).

      Goodluck on your journey bro!

      And if I can help you, let me know!

      Beast mode ON!

  97. I would get the program if it was available at retail stores not really comfortable with purchasing things online but thanks for the offer

    1. Hey John,

      I understand your skepticism.

      That’s your personal decision.

      I’m not going to convince you to get the system or not, it’s not available at retail stores and probably won’t be in the coming time.

      It’s the best calisthenics program out there hands down, but then again whether or not you want to go for it

      Depends on you ;), you can always use the 6 month plan for free.

      Beast mode ON!

  98. Hi bro,

    1st i’d like to thank y’all for this program im on my 5th month and my calluses are starting to hurt and burn do you suggest any gloves that would make it easy for muscle up?


    1. Hey Nickey,

      Congratulations on reaching month 5 first of all! Great job!

      With regard to your question, if they are keeping you from working out you can definitely use gloves.

      Just make sure you don’t become dependent of those gloves. At a certain point the skin will become thick enough to deal with it, but not if you workout with gloves consistently.

      Then again, it’s a personal preference ;).

      Want to use gloves? Works for you? Go do it!

      Beast mode ON!

      1. Hi,

        First of all awesome website and ebooks, thanks a lot.

        So if I understand you correctly the callus will get thicker over time but won’t it burst sometimes?Especially when it gets colder. Mine just got a bit thicker but still hurt. I found some advice on Youtube but to be honest that kind of grip is hard when you jump to pull up.

        1. Hey Fernando,

          Great question and thanks for your comment!

          Yes, they will get thicker and yes they will rip every now and than. It’s part of the game. Go to this link: this an 8 year old girl (Or somewhere in that age range) look at her hands ;). She would eat me and most other guys for breakfast.

          So yes it sucks, but suck it up :P. There is no easy way to a place worth going and if an 8 year old can do it so can you.

          Beast mode ON!

  99. Hey bar brothers, i got another question like i stated a while back i workout 5 days a week usually monday –friday but this week got a bit busy tuesday and friday so i took those two days out and substituted them with my rest days will that effect anything? im still working out 5 times a week im doing monday wednesday thursday saturday and sunday? and if that does affect it what would u recommend?

    1. Hey Rickey,

      ‘Just put in the reps’, that’s the rule I stick to.

      There will always be occasions, where your agenda will not allow you to train the way you want to. Your solution is definitely a good one.

      There can be tons of effects, depening on your current level of training, prior level of training, nutrition etc. So I can’t give you an exact answer.

      Sometimes having an active rest day can be beneficial, if you are high on ‘stress’. I recommend to train as consistently as possible and stick to the goal you have. If on occasions you have to change your plan a little, so be it. If it works for you, stick to that.

      Beast mode ON

  100. Hey Rich,
    I just started Month 1 of the programme. Since my weekly schedule is quite tight, I was wondering if I could train twice instead of three times a week?

    1. Hey XC,

      Good question!

      Of course you can train 2 times a week, but to be completely honest, 3 times a week is a bare minimum if you want to make steady and consistent progress.

      There are 24 hours in a day and of those 24 hours a routine would take you around 45-60 minutes, which is less than 5% of your day.

      Let’s be honest, are you really that busy that you cannot spend less than 5% of your day on a workout? If you don’t want to put in the time, don’t expect any major results.

      I don’t want to sound harsh, I’m just trying to tell you the truth.

      Beast mode ON!

      1. You are absolutely right, I do have 5% of my day free to workout. You are very right that if I dont put in the time I shoudn’t expect any results.
        I tried the Month 1 routine and I could complete everything except for the leg raises. I saw that the beginner challenge leg raises were until 90 degrees, while the routine has the legs up to the bar. What should I do?

        1. Hey bro,

          Stick to the full leg raises. It will make the beginner challenge easier to do eventually.

          If you can’t do full leg raises yet. Start with knee raises –> leg raises to 90 degree —> full leg raises.

          Hope this helps!

          Beast mode ON!

      1. Hi I just did the full body routine for month 1 a while ago. 😀 It felt very nice. I just had some issues with the pull up tho. I can’t get my chest to the bars on pull-ups. I honestly don’t have the horsepower to do it. I can only touch my chin to the bars on pull-ups (with slight cheating hehe). I can do chin-ups no problem tho

  101. I already got very fit before using GSP program… then I got back to being fat. Now it’s very hard to go back. I hope this works cause it’s a totally different approach.

  102. Hi Bar Brothers.

    I came across your you tube and site yesterday watching transformations. I live opposite a play park and last night after dark went in and did a beginner routine – I managed 25 minutes + some skipping.

    I woke up this morning feeling muscle aches I’ve not felt since I swam up to 18. It feels awesome.

    I’ve just completed my second run today, adjusted a few routines for muscle fatigue and smashed out 45 mins + some skipping.

    Thanks for the inspiration. Looking forward to the next 6 months and transformation 🙂

  103. Hey Barbrothers, I was thinking of doing 15 hanging knee to chest raises 10 close grip chin-ups,10 Wide grip pull-ups and 10 close grip,30 chair dips wall sit for 50 seconds,1 minute plank,15 diamond push-ups, 10 clapping push-ups.10 moving side to side push-ups, 10 pike push-ups,20 decline push-ups. doing 3 sets of these each day working out 5 times a week do you think I would be able to build a big chest , biceps ,triceps shoulders abs and some big quads and calves? Within 6 months?

    1. Hey John,

      Good question.

      Well, if you look at the human body and it’s mechanics, you will notice that it’s a highly adaptable biochemical machine.

      Things won’t be so easy. Don’t look for a quick fix. Add variation. You are not challenging yourself by only doing a fixed routine for 6 months and you definitely won’t develop the overall strength and volume you are looking for.

      Then again, ‘what do you consider to be big?’.

      Beast mode ON!

    1. Hey John,

      That’ should definitely be posstible.

      Remember that it took those guys years, guys like Jeff Seid have been working out consistently for 9+ years.

      If you are willing to put in that time, you will without a doubt get results.

      Beast mode ON!

  104. Hello Bar Brothers!

    I have just finished my first week of training and i love the feeling of muscle soreness in the mornings. You get the feeling that you are alive and not some zombie just walking back and forth frome your job.

    But i have a question.

    I have trained a lot before. But then it was with weights. One of the fundamentals back then that i learned was that you should always rest atleast 48h per muscle group to get maximum frome your training. But know i see youtube movies of guys that transform there body in 100 days etc. And i get the feeling that they train every day. Maybe twice or more a day. And they get nice bodies anyway. 🙂

    So can i step it up and train 5 times or more a week. With an ab program between those 3 days a week alr etc? Cause i have the mentality for it. But in the same time i dont want to overdo it and get less results cause i want something bad.

    1. Hey Jimmy,

      Happy to have you on the movement! Haha, true…muscle ache = damn I had a good workout ;).

      With regard to training frequency, most stuff out there is a lot of bullshit.

      Real athletes train hours and hours every single day. What makes ‘ordinary’ people think they can get the same physique by training just 3 times a week for an hour every session?

      Then again, it’s highly individualistic. With calisthenics you have to take into account that you are not only training for bigger muscles, but you are adding a skill element. Due to the bigger ranges of motion and the wider set of movements and the complexity of the movements. This is something you can train every single day. To learn how to operate your body.

      You can definitely train 5 times a week, just be smart about it. Set a goal for yourself, vary between skills and strength. Research shows that there appears to be an anabolic window between 24-48 hours after resistance training, meaning that 24-48 hours after your workout your muscle is ‘still in the process of growing/recovering’.

      I personally don’t believe in exact numbers, because there are too many variables such as cortisol, nutrition etc. My advice. Experiment. Indivdiualize and add what works specifically for you.

      Take note that a lot of guys out there are (I don’t want to bitch) not natural. It’s their choice, they still work hard, but the some of those results are not realistic if you want to do it in a healthy and intelligent way.

      Beast mode ON!

      1. Thanks for the quick reply.

        Yes i have my goals, wich may be lower then others. But they are my goals. Haha! First goal is to be able to do handstands again. Cause to me it shows that you are on your way to get stronger then most ppl. After that its muscle ups and the last one dragonflies. Always wanted to do that last move. And damn if it aint gonna happen in this lifetime.

        My biggest problem aint gonna be the training, its actually the diet. But so far i have lost 2-3 kg in a little bit over 2 weeks. so i am working on it. Stil have 4kg to go. Just read about your diet tips and as it says. There are no easy ways around. Its just all about how hard you want something.

  105. Hi, great tutorial, thank you for it. I do have a question. I started to do calisthenics training and i want to progress more. I can train 3 day per week but the problem is that those 3 days are consecutive: Tuesday Wednesday Thursday. Unfortunately i can train only on those 3 days cause the gym where i go is not available on the other days. Also i don’t have a park nearby and i don’t have equipment at home so when i’m home i can do only push-ups or working with a chair or a wall. So i can’t do pull-ups at home. What do you recomend me? Is ok to do calisthenics training in those 3 consecutive days?

    1. Hey Mark,

      Thanks man!

      Can’t do pull ups? Do handstands.

      Don’t have a dip bar? Use a chair.

      It’s something you will develop over time. I’m pretty sure most of those moves you need to do in the gym, can also be done somewhere outside. Thankfully you are already beyond that phase and are starting to see the possibilities around you.

      Try to look for playing grounds, if there are none, you might want to add a variation of a certain routine for 1 day of the week. Instead of pull ups, replace all of those with handstands or wall handstand push ups…When you are just starting off, 3 consecutive days might be a bit too much for you to handle.

      Not only physically, but also mentally. Your brain needs time to install reward patterns (don’t want to sound to scientific here). But it means that you need to literally addict yourself to working out. That’s when you actually start feeling worse when you don’t workout. And that’s the tipping point.

      But I’m wandering off :P.

      I’d recommend the following: Add a variation on 1 of those 3 days, to keep some active rest in between your workouts, especially if you are a beginner.

      Hope this helps and if you have any other questions…ASK!

      Beast mode ON!

  106. the park where i used to go were closed and the gym where i always go the pull up bar is connected with pulleys so i cant do muscle ups in there just pull ups where can i do muscle ups? i thought on the Smith Machine but im not sure they also have a very little station where they have a dip bar,roman chair and a pull up bar combined but i can reach the bar very easily i dont even need to extend my feets xD

    1. Hey Alex,

      That sucks! Why not get your own bars?

      Eventually you will need to have some kind of pull up/ring station to get those muscle ups.

      Haha, try to be creative…;). Perhaps experiment with L-sit pull ups and muscle ups (pretty hard though).

      Beast mode ON!

  107. Hello!
    I saw this workout plan a few days ago and decided to try it out. The reason im writing to u is that I’ve already been working out for 2 years i think. I havent had longer breaks than 2 weeks yet and im much stronger than i was at the beggining. That’s why i decided to make this workout a bit harder. For the 1st month im going to do Full Body Routine 3 times a week as it’s written here but this includes:
    – 8 chin ups,
    – 45 sec wall sit,
    – 20 dips on chair with 10 kilos on my legs,
    – 10 squats with not much weight (to do this exercise dynamic),
    – 20 push ups,
    – 8 pull ups,
    – 10 leg LIFTS (i dont have a good spot to do raises – they’re also very hard for me atm),
    – 10 decline push ups,

    Today was the day i did it for the first time. I did 4 circles with 1 minute 30 seconds rest between them and max 10 seconds rest between exercises (if it was needed). The workout was problematic but i did well and the only thing i couldnt finish was pull ups in 4th cricle but i did negatives.

    What do u think? Shall i do it for the 1st month or maybe change something? I dont have any diet and im not going to have any for now.

    Thank You

    1. Hey Mikolaj,

      Welcome to the movement!

      Great on doing your first workout! 😀

      With regard to the pull ups, make sure you check out the pull up progression blog:

      Which you probably already did, awesome stuff!

      I’d say keep doing this routine, experiment with adding the pull up progression exercises and when you feel like you can go to the second month, go for it.

      With regard to your diet, why not start now?

      Talk to you soon!

      Beast mode ON!

  108. Hi, nice greeting you.
    I am 43 years old and, together with my 15 years old son Lucas, we are doing the 6 months routine, which is great!! So far, we´ve accomplished the first three months with no problem at all.
    We tried some of the fourth month workouts (the clapping pull ups or the typewritter pull ups) but can´t do not event two. We´ve follow instructions to the letter and actually we´ve seen very good results, but its a big step from month 3 to 4.
    Personally I´ve being doing exercise long time ago (running, swimming, weights, etc). Lucas is also a strong boy, he´ve played football for a long time and also we´ve been doing some weights for a while.
    Any reco on this matter?
    Thanks in advance and keep on doing the GREAT work you are delivering.
    PS, we are from Panama (Central America) so, I apologize for my English 🙂

    1. Hey Juan,

      Great to have you both on the movemen!

      Awesome stuff! Haha, I know…month 4 sucks. Guess what, I did it on purpose, to help you realize that you still have a long way to go.

      Month four will set the boys apart from the men, you really need to go over your limits here…in a considerate way though. I have written a forum post on how to make the transition easier and I have added another blog, because I have been getting this question more often.

      This blog will help you to develop stronger shoulder muscles, which you will need for this transition:

      And this forum post contains progression exercises:

      Don’t worry about not being able to do all the exercises yet, it’s exactly what is supposed to happen.

      If you have more questions, ask!

      Beast mode ON!

    1. Hey Isaac,

      You definitely can, that is…if you are ready for it.

      There is a specific reason why I made this into a 6 month plan. It’s because I want to prevent people from rushing through this stuff, expecting quick results.

      Then again, this means that if you are strong already, it might be a bit too slow and easy. So by all means, if you are capable of doing it at a faster pace, go for it.

      Beast mode ON!

  109. hey bar brother,

    Ben sinds kort begonnen met calisthenics en vind het geweldig. Voorheen trainde ik met gewichten en door het bankdrukken heb ik mijn pols waarschijnlijk overbelast. Heb dus nu al een week of 3 een vervelende pijn aan de buitenkant van mijn pols. Bij het trainen heb ik er weinig last van (waarschijnlijk door de doorbloeding), maar wanneer ik niet train wel. Ik ben ontzettend gemotiveerd en wil dus eigenlijk niet stoppen om te rusten. De laatste tijd wordt de pijn wel steeds erger en begint door te trekken naar mijn onderarm. Ik begrijp dat je geen doktor of fysiotherapeut bent, maar ik ben benieuwd of je enige ervaring hebt met dit soort blessures. Wat zou ik eraan kunnen doen en zou je gewoon doortrainen of toch echt rust nemen tot de pijn wegtrekt.

    1. Hey Fabian,

      Awesome stuff bro, I’ll answer in english so other people can read the answer too.

      So you have an irritated wrist joint.

      Well, I actually broke my wrist and severly bruised the other, which was pretty ‘SHIT’, haha, but I found a way to make my wrists stronger than 95% of people I can confidently say.

      First of all, you have to stop doing that which has caused the injury. These types of injury are usually the results of improper warming ups.

      Take a critical look at the way you warm up your wrists…are you actually warming them up?
      Check out my instagram rich_beastmode, there is a video on what I actually am able to do with my wrists right now (one arm push up on my wrist) it’s crazy, if you think that I broke that same wrist less than a year ago.

      So here is my advice:

      1) Read this blog:
      2) Do a proper wrist warming up every single workout as shown in the warm up
      3) Stop or change your current way of training temporarily, so stop doing that bench press for a while and replace it with pull ups for example or push ups. You are probably just putting too much weight on it or your wrist joint is not strong enough to carry that weight. That’s the problem with a lot of regular weighted exercises. I could write a book about this ;).

      I don’t really believe in complete rest, but in active rest. There is too much bad information out there and I can prove that the sooner you move the better, it would take me too much time to explain however. This should be enough for the time being.

      That should get you going.

      Beast mode ON!

      1. Hey bar brother, i will join you in english,

        First of all thanks for the advice and quick reply. I think you are absolutely right about the warming up part. I already did a warm up before my work out, but not in the way as described on your blog. I will make sure to improve on that.

        Second I might have been not completely clear in my question. I already stopped lifting weights a few weeks ago since i discovered calisthenics. The pain in my wrist was caused by bench pressing shortly before i stopped lifting weights. So I have been doing only body exercises lately (push ups, pull ups, dips, hand/frogstand practice etc). However, the pain in my wrist is only getting worse after each work out. (especially when i do a lot of push ups). Keeping this in mind, should i keep working out the way i do now?(with a proper warm up ofcourse)

        You also say ‘I don’t really believe in complete rest, but in active rest’. What do you mean by this exactly? Could you explain this to more precisely, if not to time consuming.

        Keep up the great work with this page! It helped me a lot to get started with calisthenics. Thanks in advance for the answer.

        1. Hey bro,

          Here is what I’d recommend.

          If the pain has been getting worse through regular push ups and upper body exercises. STOP doing them immediately or add an adaptation, because you are worsening your injury.

          Keep doing the wrist mobility exercises as shown in the warming up and focus on legs, abs and your lower back for the coming week. Give your wrists some recovery time, but still keep moving them every day. This will speed up the recovery.

          After a week try some push ups again and if it still hurts severely, stick to the warm up exercises for a little longer. Again no push ups or push ups on your fists if you can.

          Check the blog post I wrote here:

          By active rest I mean, you always keep moving the joint or move it as fast as possible, or you exercise other muscle groups. All these things are beneficial to your recovery. Complete rest is a really ineffective way of recovering, because your body views lack of use as a signal to stop use completely, that’s why some people stay injured for years.

          They initially get injured, then rest, in the process lose all functionality and then start working out to regain functionality again. In most cases, complete rest is a way too extreme measure, because even me, having a broken wrist, could still do crunches, squats, ab exercises and push up variations.

          The result of my approach meant that while I couldn’t completely move my wrist, I was still moving everything around it, making the eventual recovery of the wrist itself way easier.

          Hope this makes sense.

          1) STOP, change your push ups and do the wrist stretches every day. Make sure it’s pain free.

          2) Try some push ups after 4-7 days to see how the pain is.

          3) Still in pain? Try contacting a physician, just in case. But in most cases, they’ll recommend rest.

          Hope this helps and keep me updated!

          Beast mode ON!

  110. Hey barbrothers, I got another question do u think I’m better off working out with 15lbs Dumbbells on each hand so 30 together or do body weight exersises I’m currently 145-150 pounds to get a good muscular body I know it takes time just wondering which one would be better

    1. Hey John,

      If you can’t do a muscle up, you really have no reason to use any type of weight ;).

      There is still enough room for improvement without weights. Then again, if it works better for you by all means go for it, but you really don’t need them if you are just starting off.

      Beast mode ON!

  111. Hey guys!
    I want to ask you how must I train on month 3. For example must I do 3 sets of let’s go and then 3 set of full body or one sets of let’s go and one set of full body ( I believe three or more). Also I want to ask must I end for example three set of let’s go and then do three sets of full body or must I do one set of let’s go then one set of full body and then second set of let’s go etc? Thanks for this program it’s amazing. Please if you can answer to my question 🙂 (sorry for bad English:p).

    You guys are awesome, may i ask will the exercises and the 7 days workouts help me to get strength to do full planche?
    Thanks you again.

    1. Hey Maher,

      Good question!

      The full planche is a highly advanced move for which you wild definitely need to develop basic strength.

      And both the 6 month plan and the 7 day challenge will help you in developing that basic strength, but you will need a very specific approach if you want to develop full planche strength.

      Summarized, if you want to learn the plache, start with the basics first.

      Beast mode ON!

  113. Hey thanks a lot Rich. I just recently started the 6 month plan. I got my buddy to do it with me, quick question though for the first month should I try to make it more intense if the full body routine becomes too easy? I noticed it doesn’t tire me out as much as it did the first time I did it. Thanks again for this really well thought out 6 month plan.


    1. Hey Chris,

      Don’t worry about it! YES, you really need to find that sweet spot between not challenging and too challenging.

      If month 1 is too easy, go and try month 2 or 3 for a few days, see what happens. This plan is by no means absolute or applicable to any situation, still it’s pretty useful 😉 if you don’t know what to do.

      Go for month 3 bro, you are probably ready for it!

      Beast mode ON!

      1. Thanks a lot of your reply man! You’re a huge inspiration I’ve been doing this routine for 3 days now and I already have almost completely visible abs. I had no idea leg raises to the bar were so intense! I’ll stick with month 1 a bit and see where that goes. Thanks again!

        I turned beast mode on!

  114. Happy to read. I am underweight, I am 22 year boy, height-170 cms, weight- 53kg. What to do? Please give a calisthenic routine & diet plan for me , shold i do calisthenics or not? Please:::

    1. Hey bro,

      Read the blog posts on dieting (there is tons of good info in those), if you have any questions after those come back and ask me another question.

      To gain weight you need to consume more than you burn, remember that rule.

      Beast mode ON!

  115. Hey Rich, me again. I was wondering when pull-ups get to easy could I step it up with some one handed pull-up progression? I believe it works the same muscles. Thanks again for the blog.

    Bar Brothers Salute!

    1. Hey Chris,

      Good question. I’d recommend you to go for the muscle up and the one arm push up first to develop a greater upper body physique first, or just increase your number of pull ups in strict from. Slow them down, so 3 counts up, 3 counts at the top and 3 counts down.

      Although it might not seems so, the one-arm pull up is a really advanced move, go try one and see how high you can pull yourself up ;).

      I’ve been working on it lately and while the human flag, front lever, back lever, one arm push up and other upper body exercises are possible for me, the one arm pull up is still farm from within my reach.

      But the routine I’ve been doing is the following:

      Basically the same as the two arm pull up, but then for 1 arm. So: passive hang, active hang, inverted and jumping into negatives.

      Let me know if this is something you can work with!

      Beast mode ON!

  116. Thank for reply
    i did exercises almost 1-2months but become weaker ( under weight ) then i leave it. Should i continue with exercises or not?

    1. Hey Omprakash,

      Good stuff! Here is what probably happened:

      You started working out more, which means you are burning more calories.

      Result is you lose weight if your calorie consumption stays the same.

      Continue, you are doing something good, you are burning your fat. The problem however is that you also need to improve your diet.

      100% diet, 100% working out.

      Do you know how many calories you are consuming on a daily basis versus how many you are burning?

      If you don’t know this, you probably know what your problem is.

      Beast mode ON!

    1. Hey bro,

      It’s impossible for me to answer this question.

      Calisthenics can be done in a variety of ways, highly intense, slow, with cardio, without cardio.

      I’d say for a pretty intense cycle of calisthenics between 30-60 minutes, you’ll burn around 300-500 calories.

      This is a very gross estimate.

      Beast mode ON!

    1. Hey bro,

      Again quite difficult to say, it depends on your intensity, but it would probably be around 150 to 200.

      Are you using myfitnesspal? Haha, for these workouts you can use the circuittraining calculation (It works for me). You can find it at workouts.

      Beast mode ON!

  117. Hey Rich,

    Been trying the 6 week program for a month now and i must say im loving it! I started on month 2 as i’m relatively strong when it comes down to exercises like chinups and pullups. I started to experiment by myself and did 6 rounds instead of 3, however the 3 last rounds i did the easier versions of the exercises (australian pullup instead of regular pullups). I started to see results immediately and i started to train the full body workout plan as i quite enjoyed that workout plan (just modified it to so it gave me a challenge). I just tested the Let’s Go Workout again and did almost 4 sets (3 pullups left).

    After this huge improvement i’ve continued with the first program and started to add weights. My last workout i did 6 rounds where the 3 first rounds i did: 5/5/5 pullups (with 6,25 kg), 5/5/5 dips (5 kg), 9/9/9 pushups (5 kg), 5/5/5 neutral grip pullups (6,25kg) and 9/9/9 decline pushups (5kg). The last 3 rounds i added 1,25 kg to dips, chinups and pullups. However i did feel that i had more to give so i did 1 more round with pullup and chinups, this time with 10 kg (so 7 rounds total). My aim is to continue improving and i wondered if i should either shorten the amount of pause I have between exercises (4 min between each round and 1 min after each exercise), continue to add more weight or aim for more reps each time or break the training into splits.

    Beast mode ON!

    1. Hey Erik,

      Thanks for the comment!

      Great question btw. It all has to do with what you are aiming for. What I have experienced is that when it comes down to strength. Taking around 60-90 seconds of rest between exercises can be really beneficial for overall increases. Take 60-90 sec rest between exercises and cycles.

      In addition to that, I’d say leave the weights and go for more advanced moves like the muscle up, diamond push ups, handstand push ups etc. There is so much more which you can do without any weights. Try month 4 for example ;). But then again, these weights seem to work magic for you, so keep doing what works.


      Stick to 60-90 second pauses
      Don’t add more weight, do more advanced exercises
      Don’t aim for more reps, do more advanced exercises

      Beast mode ON!

  118. Firstly thanks for a brilliant article. Will start soon!

    And now for the barrage of questions: (sorry)

    Just wanted to find out if it is necessary to increase the reps as the month goes along?

    Or would you recommend doing the last round of each day till failure?

    Would running on the off-days be not recommend? I am training for a Obs course.

    What about using a weighted vest? I got a 15 KG with 1 KG increment.

    I can do 3 of the starting requirements easily, however my pull up game is a bit weak. I am thinking of starting the routine anyway and just giving it 6 weeks in order to balance muscles. What do you think?

    Once again sorry about all the questions but I want to gain as much out of this as possible.

    1. Hey Andy,

      Thanks for the positive message!

      Haha, you can increase the reps if that’s what works better for you. I’d recommend you to move on to the next month if the number of reps is not sufficient ;).

      You can definitely add cardio on off days, do what works for you. What’s important however is that you have a clear goal. Gaining or losing.

      You can use a weighted vest, but I’d recommend you to move on to more complex exercises instead. So instead of doing 2 arm push ups with a weight vest, try a 1 arm push up without.

      Start with the routine and add the pull up progression exercises (see the blog).

      Haha don’t worry, I have built this website to help you! So I’m more than happy to answer your questions!

      Beast Mode ON!

      1. Firstly, once again, brilliant program.

        After the first week of doing this I feel like I ran a small obstacle course each time which is perfect for me.

        Just wanted to get some additional advice.

        I improved my time for all 3 rounds from 22 minutes to 18 minutes.

        Would you advice setting a 30 minute timer and see how many rounds I would be able to do, or would that be overkill?

        My last 20 KM race took me 5 hours (yeah it is horrible) and want to improve my time… and I can see with your program I can do that!

        1. Hey Andy,

          Thanks for the positive message!

          That’s great ;). I’d say, go for a more difficult month.

          You probably need a bigger challenge in terms of strength, unless you are really focusing on endurance. If that’s the case adding more cycles would be more beneficial. What is your overall goal? Endurance or strength?

          Which month are you in right now?

          Keep it up!

          Beast mode ON!

          1. I am in the second week of the first month.

            My focus is more on endurance. As I mentioned I am big into my obs races which means being able to climb over 2,4 metre walls (8 feet) after carrying a 16 KG (35 pound) cinderblock for 2 miles.

            Also I have a problem with my pull strength so I know for a fact that I will not be able to do month 2 for now.

            I will go with the 30 minute routine and see what happens.

            And hell yeah: Beast mode ON!

          2. Hey Andy,

            Haha, that’s impressive man!

            Indeed, experiment and find what works best for you. I suggest you add some passive hanging to your overall workout for shoulder strength which will help you in month 2.

            Basically, just hang on the bar for 4×30 seconds or more. While it might sound boring, believe me it’s going to help you a lot later on.

            Beast mode ON!

  119. Hello again.

    I have just completed my first month in the 6 month program. Lost 4kg and have never felt better. But i stepped it up a little and train 5 times a week with some other exercsies in btw the days. Mostly abs and push ups in variations.

    But i have come to some conclusions. I have pretty strong arms and shoulders frome when i trained before, so i can easy do like 12 -15 dips alr. Could do 50+ in my prime time, so that might help me and like 30+ push ups etc. But i can only do 5 pull ups and chin ups in my sets. The first set i can max out 6 of each but then i falter quick to the next set. i do them strict and half slow ( not explosive ). But stil i seem so much weaker in those exercies then the rest. and i know its a tough exercise, but stil.

    So my question is should i keep on maxing my other exercies? What i am thinking is, will it differ if i can make like 40 dips and only 10 chin ups? i could easily do 10+ chinups when i trained before. i even trained with weights. But know it seems like i never did it compared to all other exercises.

    I read the above message and i only paus like 10 to 30 sek btw exersises. Maybe thats the difference? and 1-3 min btw cycles.

    Thanks for all the help i can get.

  120. Hey Jimmy,

    That’s one hell of an achievement! I’m happy to read about it.

    Move on to month 2 and add the pull up progression exercise to your routines.

    Do the amount of pull ups which you can and do the remaining pull ups in a variation. So passive or active hang for example. Just to make sure you really get those reps in.

    So let’s say you can do 6 pull ups and you need to do 10. Do inverted rows for the remaining 4 or negatives, whatever you prefer. That way you still hit those muscles which are far from being depleted.

    Experiment with resting 60-90 seconds after your pull ups.

    Keep it up, you are doing great! Looking forward to hearing more about your transformation.

    Beast mode ON!

    1. The day after i wrote that message i really stepped it up. I doubled my chins and pull ups and stil did the other exercises. You may call that beast mode. But the result was that my hole body shut down the entire day. It felt like i was sick.

      But i am definetly gonna try out your tips. Thanks for the help.

      Beast mode ON!

      1. Hey Jimmy,

        That’s all part of the process, it might have been that your nervous system just shut down, because your body was surpassing it’s limits too far.

        Still, now you know what’s possible. Keep experimenting to find out what works best for you.

        Take a good active rest by walking, listening to some relaxing music and doing something creative.

        It will help your muscles grow as funny as it sounds.

        Beast mode ON!

  121. Dear Rich, I was skeptical at first. But so far I’ve noticed big gains from just 3 weeks I’ve already gained 1.5 lbs and have been bulking cleanly. Thanks for everything you do!

    Beast mode ON!

      1. Yeah man, just had a quick question. Month 2 is slowly approaching the problem is I don’t have the correct equipment to do parallel bar dips or straight bar dips. Any ideas how I could do these with household objects? Thanks again man

  122. Hey Bro,

    I want to start the 6 month plan today i have one question i want to train schedule in a week.
    Monday Kickboxing in the evening
    Tuesday Bar brothers training in the morning at 6 without breakfast
    Wednesday Kickboxing in the evening
    Thursday Bar brothers training in the morning at 6 without breakfast
    Friday rest
    Saterday Bar brothers training in the morning at 6 without breakfast
    Sunday rest

    And do you have any tips for the first week to start up a bar brothers diet.

    Is this a good schedule or is this to much.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Beat Mode On!

    1. Hey Jack,

      Awesome stuff first of all! You’ll like it.

      Haha, you are going full beast mode bro. 6 in the morning that’s something I respect.

      With regard to dieting read the blog posts on counting calories, intermittent fasting and the paleolithical approach.

      Those are the things I’d recommend you to combine. By doing so you both improve your hormonal balances and you are able to manipulate your caloric intake.

      I’d say experiment with your workouts. I don’t know your background exactly so it’s difficult for me to say whether or not you are able to do this.

      I recommend most beginners to start off with training 3 days a week, but since you also have kickboxing, you might want to experiment with this.

      Beast mode ON!

      1. Hey Bro,

        So i just finished my first workout day of the 6 month plan everithing was going alright but the pull ups finding very difficult is there something how i can train it better or i should ceep trying to pull it of. Now at the end i was feeling the beast in me to do the last couple of reps and it was feeling great i can tel you.

        Hope you have some advice.

        Hope i can do the muscle up over 6 months.

        Beast mode on!

  123. Hey , i will start your 6 month program yesterday , im in a normal shape and i want to get weight and gain muscle , i hope it helps and show the some results in 6 months but im wondering what should i do after 6 month training is over ? there is no a planned program like that , i couldnt find it , there is only spesific added moves you wrote like human flag and something like that , after six month we are planning our program to ourselves ? or get more proffecional help from you ? i need some explaining ,thanks 🙂 Also should i use whey protein for fast improvement ?

    1. Hey Jim,

      Welcome to the movement!

      After the 6 month plan, it’s time to move on to more advanced moves, such as: Human flags, front levers, back levers etc. You can find the links in the blog post and of course there is the 12 week system, which I can definitely recommend. But honestely, you have no reason to look beyond those 6 months yet. How does knowing this benefit you right now? Can you do the basics? If not. Then don’t focus on the advanced stuff yet, it’s just an information overkill, that will make you more confused.

      I recommend getting your protein from natural non-processed sources such as meat, eggs, beans and nuts. Whey protein supplements are usually stuffed with a lot of crap, they are convenient however. So I won’t say you shouldn’t use it, I’d personally not recommend it.

      Then again, do what works best for you.

      Beast mode ON!

  124. hi there
    iam just wondering about the reps as i keep progressing in any of this routines…how many reps should i increase given that the exercises will get easier ?..should i be going for failure or a certain number of reps ?

  125. Hi there,

    amazing tutorial…
    I’ve started the beginner one yesterday…
    It was kind of easy but before moving to the next month, I will reduce the rest between reps/series…
    30sec between reps and 1 minute between series…
    I want to get used to it before moving to next month…
    As other people have described, I just have the door bar what make it impossible to do some movements.
    I wish I could have one normal bar, but I don’t and I don’t have easy access to one of those close to my house.
    So my question is, which would be the replacement for the below exercises.
    Leg raises
    Muscle ups
    Jump muscle ups
    Clapping pul ups
    dips on straight bar
    When possible I’ll go to a place with normal bars, but when that is not possible I’d like to know the best replacements for those. I have suspension bands (TRX)..
    Thanks for your support and keep doing this great work.
    Beast mode On!

    1. Hey Marcos,

      Welcome to the movement first of all.

      I’m going to be honest here, some exercises cannot be replaced. For the muscle up you will either need rings or a bar. If you don’t have those, you won’t learn a muscle up. You will never develop the neurological patterns required to do the full range of motion.

      Leg raises can be replaced by leg lifts or l-sits. Basically instead of hanging, you lay with your back on the floor and lift your legs up to either a 90 degree angle or even better until you touch the ground with your toes, which means you have a 180 degree angle. L-sits are a pretty good addition as well.

      Dips on straight bar can be replaced with wide chair dips or regular dips.

      The other exercises such as the clapping pull ups, jump muscle ups and the muscle ups cannot be replaced with another exercise. Other exercises will only give you the idea of getting closer even though that isn’t the case and will increase your overall time to actually master that move unnecessarily.

      Keep it up. Find a bar or buy some rings.

      Beast mode ON!

      1. Hi there,
        thanks for your answer…
        Related to a Bar, the main problem is that I don’t have enough space at my house for one of this…
        About Rings, is that enough for days I cannot find a place with an ordinary bar? Even for the muscle ups?
        Perhaps I can see to add at the ceiling of my garage…
        Also, I did 4 cycles of the beginner workout yesterday in 25 minutes without problems and not much rest…
        so I’m going to jump for the thrird month…
        My question is… when you right “Full Body Routine/No Equipment Routine + Let’s Go Routine”:
        Should I complete the Full Body routine (3 cycles) and then go to the Let’s Go routine right away?
        Or should I do three cycles adding all exercises for both routines?
        Thanks a lot

        1. Hey Marcos,

          More than welcome!

          Don’t look at it as a problem, see it as a ‘challenge’. It changes the way you look at things. I have worked out on 2 square feet of room, so you really don’t need a lot of space.

          Rings are in my opinion superior to bars for upper body development, due to the imbalance factor. Still, bars are really useful too and great to start with.

          Good job, seems like you are ready for the 3rd month.

          Yes! 3 cycles of 1 routine followed by 3 cycles of the next routine.

          Keep it up bro!

          Beast mode ON!

  126. Hey i wanted to get your 12 week program will u ever put it in retail stores or on amazon? id like to get it. i know u have it on ur website but id like to get it from one of those two options.

    1. Hey Jo,

      Welcome to the movement!

      The product -as far as I know – is only distributed via the website.

      It’s an online program, with a username and password, so it will probably not become a physical product.

      Hope this clarifies stuff!

      Beast mode ON!

  127. hey!
    ive just started the routine and have noticed that the routine has “madbarz” written all over it however i cant find it in my madbarz app is there a reason for that ?

    p.s the routine really is awesome and I love your dedication in motivating others keep it up thanks

    1. Hey Narkis,

      With regard to your question, I honestly don’t know.

      These routines used to be on their website, but then they transitioned to the app, which I personally don’t prefer.

      Thanks for your positive message!

      Beast mode ON!

    1. Hey Nomikos,

      Either you repeat or you find progressions for certain exercises.

      Let’s say you can’t complete the final set of pull ups. Just do negatives instead. So for the remaining reps which you cannot execute, use a lighter variation of the same exercise.

      Which exercises can’t you complete exactly?

      Beast mode ON!

      1. i am not at 4th month yet..ill be at 28th of december ! even if i cant ill keep trying until ill done all of them correct..thank you btw .. nomikos from greece! beast mode : on!

  128. Hey I’m currently doing the month 1 no equipment workout and I’ll be moving on to month 2 soon.
    The program says “Do 3 cycles or more”. Is it better to do say 6 cycles rather than upping the amount of reps?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hey Mikkel,

      It has to do with your goals. The more cycles or reps you do the more you move in the direction of endurance training.

      If you want proper strength training, stick to 3-4 cycles. If it’s too easy, move on to a more difficult month. Unless you want to be more endurance focused.

      Keep it up and if you have any other questions…ASK!

      Beast mode ON!

      1. Hey!

        I probably could use both strength and endurance, but I will focus on strength.
        The main reason for not moving on to month 2 was that I didn’t have any of the equipment, but suitable bars have been found 😀

        Thanks for the feedback.

      2. Hey just started month 1 how many times a day should I be doing it and what else should I be doing inbetween the sessions. already walking throughout the day. And have a little multi gym at home!!

        Beast mode on!

        1. Hey Jason,

          Awesome stuff!

          I usually recommend beginners to start with training 3 times a week. Considering both physical and mental challenges.

          As time progresses and your body starts adapting, you might be willing to increase it depending on your goals and needs.

          If you really feel like doing more, start doing some flexibility work. It will complement your overall strength.

          I will write a post on daily stretching soon.

          Keep it up!

          Beast mode ON!

  129. Thanks alot BBG. This program is really solid. I just started the workout today and finished it few minutes ago. Definitely have to put on effort for the entire six months and see how’s the result going to be.

    Beast mode on!

  130. Hey, I was thinking of buying your program just wondering if I purchase a master card or visa gift card will that work to purchase ur videos I see in the website that it allows master card and visa but if I use a visa gift card or master card gift card will it work to purchase ur product

  131. Hey, i got a question for your 12 week program do we only need one bar for it? we dont need multiple bars right like to jump from one to another?

    1. Hey John,

      Good question, you just need 1 bar.

      In addition to dip bars, there are no bar to bar jumps.

      And you should be able to make your purchase with a gift card. I have had this question before and the person who asked it, purchased it with his gift card without any difficulties.

      Hope this clarifies things.

      Beast mode ON!

      1. thanks a lot, and a final question is there handstand push ups in the 12 week system and if there is by the time we reach that phase we will have the strength to do it right i know this might be a dumb question but just wanted to clarify.

  132. Hey, just wanted to say this program really works ive lost some weight and gained some muscle but i stiill struggle with the lets go routine (pull ups). Should i go back to the first month training until i can do it. Thanks

    1. Hey Isaac,

      Haha, of course it works ;).

      If you can do at least 6 reps of any of the exercises, try to move on to the next month at the end of the month. If that month is too difficult, stick to the same month if you are somewhere in between, try alternating between months.

      Here is why, after 5-8 reps of correct form you have achieved the best range of strength/muscle growth. More than 12 reps and you are heading for endurance.

      Both are important however. So experiment with either moving on, sticking to it or alternating and see how your body reacts.

      Beast mode ON!

  133. and for the workout calender it says pullups 2-3 sets then the next workout and so on, do i do one exercise all three sets then the next all sets or do i do 1 set for one exercise then 1 set for the next exercise then do all the exercises for the next set?

    1. Hey Ric,

      I’m not completely sure what you question is so I’m going to repeat what I have interpreted. Either doing all sets of 1 specific exercise during 3 cycles or doing different exercises 1 set.

      Follow the workout calender so 2-3 sets of 1 exercise, still you are free to individualize sometimes you might find that doing things a bit differently will give you better results.

      Beast mode ON!

      1. Hello, what I was trying to ask is for example if there’s 3 exercises let’s say crunches , pull ups and chin-ups it would have the amount of reps and cycles we have to do, do we do 3 cycles of pull-ups then do 3 cycles of chin-ups then do 3 cycles of crunches or do we do 1 cycle of first pull-ups then chin-ups and then crunches and then go on to the second set and third and so on. Thanks sorry I know it’s a bit confusing can’t really explain it to well.

  134. Hey Rich, this is an old thread, wonder if you will see this comment. Anyways, I have a bit of a hard time choosing my month now because I am certain I could destroy month 3 but I am not sure I can complete month 4. My stats are as follows 10 upper chest pull ups, 12 dips, 30 push ups, the push up count is irrelevant as I am working towards my explosiveness and I really want to get more clapping push ups, I am sure I can bust out 8 strict form clapping push ups. Never ever tried clapping pull ups, doubt I can do more than 1 sloppy one. So what do I do? Month 3 to month 4 is a big leap, but I want to take the leap and work my reps up in month 4 because I believe I can get more efficient results rather than doing month 3 which I am sure I can do easily. I am quite an impatient person and I like to switch things up a lot, so doing month 3 would be a tease and I would loose all the motivation, I want to do month 4. What’s your take on all of this? Please do get back to me asap.

    The best of my regards, Istabrak 15 Sweden.
    Beast mode is always ON!

  135. Good morning!

    I’m wanting to work on gaining more strength in pull-ups and getting at least one muscle up! I crossfit mon-fri, but still have issues getting that muscle up… I took a look at the plan you guys have for working on muscle ups, should that go beyond a month if its taking longer to accomplish?


    You guys are so inspiring!!

    1. Hey Janine,

      Thanks for your positive feedback.

      With the muscle up it’s really hard to say, since I have no insight into what your current level of strength and skill is.

      But if you follow the muscle up routine consistently for at least a month and are able to do all the reps. You will definitely have the strength to do one. From that point on it boils down to the proper chaining of muscles and developing the right movement.

      Here is what you really need to do: Explosively retract your shoulder blades/scapula fully —> engage the arms and pull yourself up while still in an upward swing. The major problem with most people is that they don’t contract their shoulders fully and as a result block their range of motion when pushing upwards.

      Other than that…practice, practice, practice…

      Goodluck and if there is anything else you need help with, ask!

      Beast mode ON!

      1. Please do enlighten me on how to retract my scapulae explosively, because I really really need to work on getting my pull ups more explosive, they are quite slowpaced right now, I need a quick retraction in order to hit the muscle up, but mainly for chest high pull ups and clap pull ups for the muscle up hunt routine.

        Regarding that muscle up hunt routine, I was unable to perform the required amounts of reps for any of the pull up excercises, couldn’t even whip out 1 clapping pull up, how do I go about that? Please get back to me.

        1. Hey Ista,

          Follow me on instagram, I’ll post a video about a simple scapula exercise which you can do to improve your shoulder movement and strength.

          With regard to your second question: Strength, take note that some people never even achieve a full pull up. How long have you been working out?

          Not long enough to expect miracles ;). Patience…start at the fundamentals again, “wax on, wax off”.

          Beast mode ON!

  136. Hey man 🙂

    You got me super motivated and already i’ve made lifestyle changes in order to be a calisthenic athlete. I’ve bought the 12 week system in which i stumbled upon this site after purchase. My question is whether this 6 month program or 12 week “system” will yield more results assuming I eat correctly and be consistent. My guess is probably the same, just curious 😛

      1. Last question regarding cardio lol. Sorry. The 12 week program has regular cardio exercises incorporated in it, and being that there’s only 1 day of rest per week, this creates a problem for because i’m a big fan of basketball but I also want to gain weight and mass (i’m skinny), so if i were to play basketball on my rest days as well then i think i’d be burning too many calories to gain a surplus or i’d have to eat a lot more! So my question is whether I can replace those days of cardio with basketball instead, and is extra cardio crucial to progressing in calisthenics? (is cardio from the exercises themselves enough?)

        1. Hey bro,

          I’d always recommend doing basketball or some kind of tricking or dancing or whatever activity you love over just doing cardio if your goal is purely to burn calories.

          Either you stop basketball, which isn’t an option or you eat more to compensate. So in your case, you need to eat more. Cardio from the exercises can be enough, DEPENDING on your goals.

          But if you combine calisthenics with basketball, you will definitely get enough cardio and more, you’ll develop skills which are useful for calisthenics and vice versa.

          Now shut up, go workout and don’t ask me any more questions! (Just kidding ;D)

          Beast mode ON!

    1. Hey Vien,

      Haha, awesome stuff! Happy to read it!

      Both will yield results, the 12 week system is superior simply because it contains full video explanations which are quite useful if you are a beginner and have no idea how to carry out the motions.

      It will prevent you from developing unnecessary injuries.

      That’s why I always recommend the system over the 6 month plan for people who are not on a tight budget.

      Hope this sheds light on your question.

      Beast mode ON!

  137. Hey,

    Ive made it to month 4 of this program, been on a clean diet, and been consistent no matter what. However I find myself hitting a brutal road block at month 4. Im currently struggling with increasing my pull-up count. I find my self only being able to do 3-4 of the more explosive/chest high pull-ups before I fatigue and simply cannot do another one without take a quick period of rest. Do I need to go back to month 3, or is this simply part of the “hardest month yet” that you refer to in context of month 4. Thanks 🙂

    1. Hey Will,

      Great to read that you have been sticking to the plan.

      Indeed month 4 is a huge leap compared to the previous months. Indeed it’s partially part of discovering that there will be walls down the road, multiple. About becoming humble again and about realizing what lays ahead. It’s the biggest challenge, but also the biggest opportunity to grow. It doesn’t mean you need to go back to month 3, but you do need to reconsider how well your execution was in the previous months. Start focusing on the details, experiment with stuff, find what works best for your body.

      After you have done 3-4 reps. Take around 60 seconds of rest and carry out the remaining reps. If you can’t…transition to an easier variation. So regular pull ups for example. This goes for all the other exercises as well ;). Give yourself 6 weeks and compare yourself to today. The difference will be huge.

      Goodluck bro!

      Beast mode ON!

  138. Hey again 🙂 thanks for Ur feedback, greatly appreciated. Still got a question 😛 So basically in the 12 week program they say that if you can’t fully complete a set, you have two options. One of the options is “to stay on that week number and keep repeating the reps and sets of exercises until you master it then move on to the next week”. I’m abit confused on this, so does that mean I stay on that week number and on that same day in which I couldn’t complete those sets (keep repeating the same day till I master it) or does that mean I just move on to the next day and repeat all the days of that week until I master that specific day in which I couldn’t fully complete the sets. Assuming it’s what I initially said should I rest one day then reattempt that day or is it safe to repeat again the next day, or depends on how I feel.

    1. Not sure if this is true but I remember reading somewhere that you don’t need to rest as much with bodyweight exercises because the stress you put on your muscles is not the same as lifting weights although it still depends on how you feel after training, in general do you think this is true?

    2. MORE questions! Since i’m experiencing difficulties inevitably I have to modify and make workouts more personal, so this brings up the question, when modifying/creating your own workout program (calisthenics specifically) what guidelines/principles must I follow to achieve maximum strength and gains rather than endurance.

  139. Hi Rich,

    The last six months I didn´t training and I over 7kg over my weight… I want to buy the bar brother program, what you recommend me, take the six months program first or can I start the program right now?

    1. Hey Gabriel,

      Awesome stuff!

      It depends on your needs, the system provides you with full video explanations, the 6 month plan does not. In terms of preventing improper execution of most exercises, especially if you come from a background of not working out. I’d say the system is definitely recommended. If you have the budget, take the system, if you don’t, stick to the six month plan.

      Beast mode ON!

  140. Hey, I have a question on the 12 week program towards the bottom I realized it said something about them not being responsible for u not getting results. Does that mean that this program may not work for you? Is that suppose to mean that by the end of the program I wont c the results if always wanted?

  141. Really important question here.. Should i increase reps while im getting better or stay with 4-6 and increase sets to build strenght? Heard that the second one is the correct way to progression and just increasing reps wont help me doing more advanced moves. Am i right? I have like 5kg i want to loose but i think i can do this without increasing heart rate, just with good diet and 3x a week workout.

    1. Hey Lukas,

      With regard to rep ranges. Between 1-5 is pure strength. 5-8 is strength and hyperthrophy. 8-12 is a combination of strength and endurance and more than 12 is usually endurance.

      So it depends on your goals. With regard to reps, it’s more complex, especially when you are focusing on a skill on addition to a strength attribute. Let’s say the muscle up. You need strength, but you also need a skill element. This skill element can be practiced 1000s of times, because you need to wire your brain for the movement.

      But I don’t want to confuse you, for pure strength 1-5, if you want to do a skill move, much, much more. Yes you can lose weight, without cardio, but only if you get into a caloric deficit.


      Beast mode ON!

  142. Hey Rich, you should also mention to people about the madbarz app has a lot of great workouts and it tracks your results. It’s also nice when you’re trying to spice up your routine

  143. Hi Barbrothers,

    Is the 6 month program enough to get me strong and big legs or it is a must to add a leg routine?

    I don’t want to get a stronger and bigger upperbody than a lowerbody, That looks weird.

    Keep up the good work!


    1. Hey Peter,

      I can definitely recommend adding leg routines and/or leg exercises as shown in the plan.

      Haha, make sure you check out the leg routines and alternate between routines depending on your personal needs.

      Thanks for the positive message and keep it up!

      Beast mode ON!

  144. Hey Rich,

    Thanks, this plan looks great! Would it be ok to start on month 2 or 3 if I’ve had some previous training in basic callisthenics and find the first month too easy?

    1. Hey Adam,

      Thanks for the positive message!

      Definitely, if you feel like you are ready to take it up at notch by all means do so ;).

      Be smart about it and focus on proper execution. It will give huge payoffs down the road.

      Beast mode ON!

  145. Hey Bar Brothers thank you so much for these workouts! I just made the switch from heavy lifting in the gym once I found your site. I actually wake up now wanting to workout since the chances of injury are MUCH less now; squatting heavy 3-4 times a week will do that.

    Anyway, are these routines more geared towards the strength aspect? Or are the also effective for building a lean muscular body? I’m not really interested in the typical bulky “bodybuilding” look. I have 2 questions left. How much rest should you take during Month 3 when you finish the first routine and are about to start the second? Last question: with regards to dips, I can do chair, bench and straight bar dips since I have everything I need however, I can’t do the dips where you are holding onto two bars side-by-side since I don’t have the tw bars; they are the last exercise in Month 2. What should I do instead? One of the other types of dips?

    Thank you again for these workouts! You guys really motivate me on a daily basis :)!

    1. Hey Jack,

      Welcome to the movement!

      You are definitely more likely to develop a balanced body with healthy joints.

      Most of these routines are on the balance between endurance and strenght. It has everything to do with the amount of reps.

      Usually between 60-90 seconds between routines. And if you are really focusing on pure strength, the same between exercises, but you will have to find a progression which matches your strength level, meaning you max out at around 5 reps.

      If you don’t have parallel bars, you can do chair tricep extensions, these are pretty brutal. Make sure you have a chair with some good stability.

      Check out this blog:

      Have fun and goodluck!

      Beast mode ON!

  146. At the first month, it is possible to change the number of reps in each exercise? or doing a variation of one? maybe instead of normal push ups, diamond push ups? i’m feeling like the Squats are too easy and 3 leg raises: i can’t do full leg raises touching the bar, so i do half leg raises, but doing only 3 maybe is not enough for me.

    Thank you

    1. Hey Fran,

      Welcome to the movement!

      You can definitely shift gears up, just make sure the quality of your exercises remains high. If you move up a strength level without proper quality, it might backfire later on.

      If the squats are too easy try a more difficult progression. Like pistols. If the leg raises are too difficult, indeed, doing half leg raises is a great idea, just make sure you up the reps a bit. Instead of doing 3 do 5-8 of a lighter variation. Once that becomes easy, move on to the more difficult variation again.

      Good job bro! You are training in an intelligent way. Add what works for you and experiment. There is no 1 size fits all, everyone is different, this plan is purely meant to give you some options to choose from.

      Beast mode ON!

  147. I have been doing basic Calisthenics till now. But i was searching for something more! I found this and its so good keep up the good work! I do have two questions though. I started this week with month three what i did is combine the Full Body Routine + Let’s Go Routine. And do all the excersises and then rest then repeat it two more times. Is this a good way to start with month 3? Second question i do cardio on off days thats tuesday,thursday and sometimes saturday i have a good meal plan is this good asswell or should i change my cardio so i can do it after my training on monday/wendsday/friday?


    1. Hey Martijn,

      Welcome to the movement!

      Definitely a good way to start. If it feels good for you and isn’t too easy, but also isn’t too difficult you are exactly where you want to be. Definitely great combination to keep moving also on non-strength focused days.

      Not necessarily, you can combine cardio with strength, but you can also do them on seperate days, whatever works best for you. This also depends on your goals, are you bulking, cutting or maintaining?

      Beast mode ON!

  148. Hey guys!
    In Monday I will begin month 4 and I want to ask you what you recommend to do instead the 12 jumping muscle ups ( because in my village we have only one bar and it’s to high to do this exercise I know no excuses but I can’t do this) what you believe it’s good to do… Try this exercise or do something instead this? (this month will be difficult but never give up)!
    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hey Bill,

      Awesome stuff first of all! Seems like you have been making some good progress!

      With regard to the jumping muscle ups, it’s not only a strength thing, but the muscle up also requires you to develop a neurological pathway, just like walking. It’s a new motion which you need to develop. And the only way you can really develop it, is by going through the motion itself. Just like walking, to learn how to walk you need to walk. So I if you want to learn the muscle up, you really need to develop the skill in addition to the strength.

      And there simply isn’t any other way to do it. What you could do, is look for a lower bar somewhere and still get that motion in your head. It might be easier strength wise, but if I’m honest, if you have done month 3 with proper form, you probably already have most of the required muscle up strength ;).

      Have fun! And if you have any other questions…ASK!

      Beast mode ON!

  149. Another question here! Do i max out on every single cycle or only at the last one? Because i do al the excercises from Full Body Routine + Let’s Go Routine. Then i rest and do another two cycles. The only thing that burns up at cycle two are the chin ups and pull ups but when i can’t do them anymore, i start doing reverse ups and if that doesn’t work anymore i do Reverse Pull Up/ chin ups. Why i ask this is because i can do alot more of the other moves then the workout suggest.

    Thanks! And all you guys commenting here keep me going BEAST MODE! (Its fun that alot of people really try there best its motivating for me reading the comments!)

    1. Hey Martijn,

      Whether or not you max out has a lot to do with your goals.

      Maxing out usually involves doing more than 12 reps, which means you are focusing more on endurance than strength. If you want to stick to developing strength maintain 12 or less reps. For pure strength between 1-5.

      If you are capable of doing a lot more, try making some of the moves a bit more difficult. Add a more difficult progression. Instead of regular push ups, do diamonds for example. In terms of strength it’s better to do 5 difficult push ups with correct form than 12 easy push ups with correct form.

      I hope you get the point. So try adding more difficult progressions if it’s too easy and if you feel like maxing out and burning some extra bodyfat by all means go for it!

      Haha, we are all on the same path bro! That’s what makes it awesome! Check out the forum for more cool stories!

      Beast mode ON!

  150. Hey Bar Bros,
    I’d say that I’m starting at a intermediate level of this full body work out, but it doesn’t feel like enough to call my work out for the day. So my question is should I do more rounds, reps, or can I do other work outs such as crossfits? Because I have been told those can hurt your progression in calisthenics.

    1. Hey Ibrahim,

      Good question!

      With regard to your questions, I think I already answered your e-mail and directed you to this post.

      But to be more precise. I’d say what month are you in?

      Try the next month. Start at month 3-4 instead.

      Beast mode ON!

  151. Hey Bar Bros,

    For month 3 when I put the two workouts together am I supposed to do one after another or just both within the same day? I have been doing both the Let’s Go Routine and Full Body Routine, but it different times of the day, which I think is affecting my ability to progress into clapping pull ups and typewriters. Should I have been doing one after another this whole month, or is the path I am going down OK? (Currently just started Week 3 of the 3rd Month, if curious).

    1. Hey Richard,

      Welcome to the movement and awesome job on getting to month 3!

      It depends per individual. Usually actually increasing your strength on a muscular level requires at least 4-6 weeks of consistent training. That’s how long your body needs to regenerate and adapt on a cellular level. So no, essentially the time should not make too much of a difference. Those typewriters and clapping pull ups are just a huge jump, both physically and mentally. But I believe making these jumps every now and then is really important, so expect it to be difficult.

      You are doing great. Just give your body more time. There is a topic on the about transitioning from month 3-4.

      Beast mode ON!

  152. Hey Guys!
    I begin my 4 month( I have do once the 4 month training) but I must stop the training for one week for one reason… This will be to bad for me!??? I will do push ups and exercises for core but no exercises about bars 🙁 this will be to bad for me???..??

    1. Hey Bill,

      Telling whether or not something is bad for you has to do with a lot of factors. Sometimes a week of rest is actually really beneficial if your body has a lot of accumulated fatigue.

      So to say yes or no would be too short sighted. That being said, if you stop doing these exercises completely even though you are more than able to do them, you will simply give your muscles less reason to adapt.

      That will definitely influence your progress, but don’t worry too much about a week of rest. It’s about what you do the other 51 weeks of the year that will be much more important than just 1 week.

      Keep it up, you are doing great!

      Beast mode ON!

  153. Hello again!

    After some fooling around with exercies and challenges i am gonna move on to month 3. But i have a few questions. When i do my routines i max out in every rep instead of doing more cycles. For instance lets say i am doing the month 2 Lets go routine. I may start out with 26 push ups, 7 chin ups, 8 dips on straight bar, 7 pull ups and say 12+ dips. And in the 3rd cycle i try to push the limits.

    So i dont know if i may be able to complete 3 more cycles in the same manner. Or should i just keep going until i drope? Everytime i see a figure in a training routine i atleast have to do one more rep. I know i am weird 😛

    I simply just want to know how i should think when i do my training. Cause right know its max until i drope. Then repeat the next time.

    You guys will think i am crazy when i say my next problem. I have gotten nearly one size bigger in T-shirts and shirts, i could even feel it in my jacket today :(. Everything is stretching when i reach out. I am gonna try the renegade diet and see if i can lose 3kg or something to see if that helps. But i can really feel it each week that goes by and see it.

    But the muscles cant grow to much in one go if i aint mistaken? They get to a point where they falter for a while?

    Atleast it shows that it works. But its stil a little problem for me. I dont want to buy a new wardrobe cause my shirts gets to small.

    1. Hey Jimmy,

      Welcome to the movement and great job on getting to month 3.

      Haha, I love your dedication :D. But here is what you need to know…MORE isn’t necessarily BETTER. It has to do with your goals. The amount of reps determines which muscle fibers you activate and force to adapt.

      Maxing out is great for endurance and some strength gains. But primarily endurance if your amount of reps is above 12.

      Sometimes it’s important to train smart, you are putting a lot of new forces on your body. And you want to balance between distress and no stress in a zone called eustress. Which means that you challenge your body, but at the same time don’t challenge it to such an extent that it cannot adapt, which will cause injuries. This is something you will need to discover from direct experience ;).

      Still, your drive to do one more is exactly what you will need. But instead of doing 1 more, try focusing on doing all your reps perfectly. Focus on the muscle contraction, which muscles when, and how. Slowing down the movements and increasing the quality will do much…much more for your overall results than hitting out 1 extra sloppy rep. Focus on quality over quantity.

      Haha, your muscles can grow enormously under the right conditions. Think about, food, sleep, training etc. Essentially, as long as you are giving adaptation impulses, your body will keep adapting. If you want to get less bulky and more ripped. You will need to focus on cutting calories and intermittent fasting.

      Read the diet guide for more info. That being said, haha you do have a major issue on your side…Getting TOO muscular…I guess nobody would want to switch places..just kidding :P. But honestly, if you don’t want to get too muscular, start cutting on your caloric intake.

      That being said, good job! Keep it up!

      Beast mode ON!

      1. Hello again!

        After starting out month 3 i did 5 cycles on wednsday, 4 cycles on friday “Was a bit tired” and 6 cycles today. But it just takes me to long to complete all the movements.

        For example today i did
        Fullbody routine 3 cycles of: 7 chin ups, 1 min wall sit, 12 dips, 18 squats, 22 push ups, 7 pull ups, 6 leg raises and 16 decline push ups.

        After that Lets go rutine 3 cycles of: 10 pike push ups, 6 chin ups, 8 dips on straight bar, 6 chin ups and 16 dips. I had to switch to chin ups cause something happened in the back of my left shoulder and i dont want to injure me.

        So i dont have problem with doing the cycles its just the time. It takes over an hour and i dont have that time to spear in my morning training programs. 5 cycles takes me a little bit over 1 hour and then its with minimum rest for me and my physique.

        Do i get the same results if i increase reps and lower the cycles to 4 instead of 6? I am planing ahead know as i know month 4 is a bit tougher.

        1. Hey Jimmy,

          First of all, sorry for the late reply! Things have been quite busy lately.

          Good question and the answer is :”Not necessarily”. Remember that when you are working out you are breaking down the muscle tissue. In some cases, taking it down a notch will actually end up giving you more strength than stepping it up more. Sounds counterproductive, but the real benefits come once those muscles have had the time to overcompensate or repair and get stronger.

          If you can do more than 4 cycles, I’d suggest stepping up the quality of your moves. Focus on slowing down your push ups, pull ups and other exercises. 3 seconds up/down, 3 seconds hold and 3 seconds up/down again. In addition to that really focus on your execution. If that’s in check, start a more difficult progression. So instead of regular push ups, start doing decline push ups, which will increase the difficulty and save you time.

          So summarized:

          Clean up your moves
          Focus on time
          Move on to more difficult progressions

          If you want to save time and still hit those muscles and get strength gains.

          Beast mode ON!

  154. Hello again, so since i started with the first month i’ve been doing some changes to the routine (first i was trying to get in confort), now it’s like this:

    Warm up [ (i’m doing this one, maybe you can tell me what do you think about it please i do like 10 reps of each exercise) ]>> 3 chin ups, 30 secs wall sit, 12 chair dips, 8 squats, 8 diamond push ups, 3 pull ups, 6 hanging half leg raises, 7 declined diamond push ups > Resting 1 min between exercise and 3 mins between cycles.

    And i really don’t feel my abs while doing those half leg raises, i mean i don’t do them ”half” i try to got as high as i can trying to touch the bar and everyday i train i’m getting closer and closer but i don’t feel a lot in my abs and i really don’t know if i’m doing it wrong i think i’m doing them with the right form trying not to swing around or use momentum.

    Also sometimes maybe in the 2nd and 3rd cycle while doing diamond push ups i feel like my forearms are working a lot but can’t really tell if is something about my form, i think is because after doing pull ups and chin ups and hanging from a bar they get really tired? idk, I like doing diamond push ups but sometimes they are uncomfortable to do.

    Do i need to start adding more cycles?, i still want to make changes to the routine, maybe putting more chin ups or pull ups next week because i’m feeling like i can do more, but chin ups are a little more harder for me.

    Anyway, thank you for everything C:

    1. Hey Fran,

      Definitely a great warming up, but I’m missing the wrists. Most upper body exercises put a significant load on the wrists, especially if you do push ups like diamonds. Make sure you properly warm up your wrists too.

      If you don’t feel your abs, you are most likely executing the movement incorrectly. It’s slowly going up. Holding it for 1-3 seconds and going down slowly. So don’t let your legs fall down, but bring them down in a controlled manner. If you are doing all of those correctly, my question is: “What do you feel?”.

      This might give a better explanation.

      With regard to your forearms, that’s highly likely. Especially if your forearms are not really developed. With regard to changing up your routine, it depends on your goals.

      Doing more cycles, is not necessarily better for your overall results. It can even be worse, depening on your goals of course.

      Anyways, good job!

      Beast mode ON!

      1. Yeah i realized now i forgot the wrist, but i don’t know what to do for them, Is there a dynamic warm up for wrist? the wrist mobilization doesn’t seem like one, or is it?.

        Thank you for the quick reply

  155. Hello, I have always wanted to do calisthenics, I tried to start but never could find a good schedule,
    I already do a lot of sports and have a good cardio, but need more strength,
    I just started the 6 month and wanted to know what to do if the exercise get too easy,
    would it be better to had reps, or to do add a cycle,

  156. Hello,
    I have started the 6 month workout plan but i am struggling with the diet side of things, i was wondering if u could make a full meal plan that can help me out to gain more weight??

  157. I’m into week 3 of this 6 month program. I’m a hardgainer, so is it good to go on with this program since I want to gain weight? Would you’ll recommend any diet plan to gain weight?

    1. Hey Mark,

      Good question.

      If you want to gain weight you NEED to be in a caloric surplus. It doesn’t matter how hard you train, if you don’t eat enough, forget it. It’s like you are running a car without enough gasoline, no matter how hard you push the pedal to the medal. You aren’t getting anywhere in terms of muscle gains, simply because you don’t have enough fuel.

      Check out the free diet plan. You’ll get all the information you need.

      Beast mode ON!

  158. Hey Bar Bros,

    I am about to start the fourth month of this six month program and I decided to try out one of the recommended shoulder workouts since I am note strong enough to do typewriters/clapping pull ups. I tested it out in my conditioning class and it gave me a good pump but I could only fit 3 cycles in rather than 5 due to time constraints. I really don’t want to cut out any cycles but I don’t have the equipment needed for some of the exercises in my house. What should I do?

    1. Hey Richard,

      Awesome question.

      Do what you can with what you have. Try replacing the exercises you can’t do with alternatives. When it comes to pull ups etc however, you will have an issue. You really need to do those and can’t really replace those.

      So there is no easier answer to this than do as much as you can.

      Goodluck and congratulations on reaching month 4!

      Beast mode ON!

  159. I am going to try the Home – Full Body Workout, but I am way out of shape. With the exception of the pull-ups and chin-ups, I know I can do a couple rounds of the cycle. So, can I replace the pull/chin-ups with inverted rows or do lat pull-downs until I can do them?

    I plan on adding a “lat” day(s) in between the workout days to get my back up to par. Think that’ll work?

    1. Hey Ken,

      You can definitely replace them with those. In addition to that, ESPECIALLY if you are out of shape. Start with some basic hanging exercises. Chances are that your shoulders need to get back their flexibility and basic strength. Make sure you check out this video:

      Lat days, to be completely honest, I don’t believe in isolation unless you have injured yourself. And really isolating a muscle is pretty impossible. That being said, if you want to work on your back, work on pulling (hangs, pull ups, chin ups, rows etc.) exercises instead of on a ‘lat day’. If your lats aren’t in check the rest of your back most likely isn’t either.

      For your upper body you want to combine pushing with pulling. Pushing will primarily work the front, while pulling will mostly work the back parts.

      Hope this makes things more clear!

      Beast mode ON!

  160. Hi Guys

    I am starting from scratch, starting with the first month lol.

    I have read other fitness article stating that, you need to do different exercise each day to avoid the dreaded plateau. But you exercise routine repeats on Monday/wednesday/friday. Arent we supposed to mix things up?

    1. Hey Shaf,

      Awesome and welcome to the movement!

      Well, I’m not sure about those articles, but they probably have their reasoning behind it.

      I however know that if you are starting at month 1, you don’t even need to think about reaching a plateau in any sense of the word.

      You will make progress on the most basic exercises, especially as a beginner, because there is so much room for improvement. Reaching a plateau is more for someone at an intermediate/advanced level.

      Goodluck with the first month.

      Beast mode ON!

  161. Forgot to mention… I used to be an athlete. Age and a bad back have slowed me down, but I definitely am hearing the BEAST MODE call again and want to dive in. Great site! You guys have inspired me to get off my arse!

    What are the benefits of doing cycles over sets? Can I mix it up and do the cycles one day and then sets the next? Back in the day, I used to rest 10 seconds between sets and got major results. How can I incorporate this into your calisthenic routines?

    1. Hey Ken,

      Welcome to the movement!

      Awesome, thanks for the positive comment!

      The cycles are usually more efficient in terms of time, especially if you are hitting multiple muscle groups. More, doing cycles is usually a more intense cardiovascular impulse compared to sets. But it really depends on your goals. You can mix it up if you want to.

      I personally would recommend between 60-90 seconds of rest between sets/cycles, if you are aiming for pure strength perhaps even more. Then again, if it has worked for you in the past by all means, go for it. You can rest 10 seconds between sets/exercises and whenever you want. All the information in this plan is just to provide you with a basic blueprint, you are free to change it as you wish.


      Beast mode ON!

  162. Hi i Think Im already in a pretty good shape so do you Think i could skip the first month?
    + thanks for the great workouts i will defenetly try it out 🙂

  163. Hi Rich.

    I think i have catched the flue.
    So my question is: should i continue to workout? Or should i wait? Will i get any results by working out when ill?
    I’m really frustrated since i haven’t skipped a workout day – except for one.


    1. Hey Jakob,

      Good question!

      It really depends on the severity, but considering you aren’t a quitter. I can definitely recommend taking your rest, it’s better to recover properly than to keep going and get more sick as a result.

      Take 1 step back and two forward.

      Beast mode ON!

  164. Hi again, so i was searching on the internet for calisthenics (trying to know more about the exercises and all) and i found out some people say that is better to workout with sets instead of cycles , they say cycles give you more endurance and sets are better for building muscle (obviously, nutrition has a huge impact on this) and i can understand this but i want to know your opinion.

    What do you think? I’m already at month 2 so is it better to do cycles or the sets are more efficient ? or they are same? i don’t think so because i have worked out with sets months ago before i started doing this six month training and yeah, is different. But if i want to build muscle which is better? (or it doesn’t matter?)

    1. Monday i did the let’s go routine with sets, ended up being sore, loved it. So i’ve started to see the 3rd month and man, how am i going to do two routines, in sets, the same day? one after another, is it possible? i think; yes, but i’m going to die or something like that.

  165. Hi
    I’m a bit shy to post this but i would really like to ask since i’m over my weight do you guys advise me to go with the 6 month workout plan ? 🙂 im currently at 188 lbs 5’11 TIA

    1. Hey Ardwin,

      Good question!

      The 6 month plan is definitely worth considering. But I can recommend you to start off with even more basic stuff, check out the 7 day challenge. It will give you a huge kickstart.

      Focus on the basics, pay special attention to diet and don’t be shy ;), we all have to start somewhere!

      Beast mode ON!

  166. Hi again Rich!

    So, i catched the flu – and have been out cold for 8 days (+ 3 days, while i was studying and celebrating my friends birthday = no time for working out) (insane i know), so i havn’t worked out. Before that, i was in month 2 (i was about 1/3 through month 2), and did well. Actually one day (2 days before i got ill) i was at the gym with a friend of mine, and i completed the Let’s Go routine and the full body beginner routine (which is what you do in month 3, right?), after another, so i was really in the zone that day.
    (Altough, i was struggling with the pull ups, and had to take breaks to continue)
    But then i got sick – for 8 days(+ 3) – insane.
    So, now i have started again, and i feel quite weak, but i managed to get through the full body routine, with extra reps, and less rest.
    Today, 2 days after the full body routine, i began with the Let’s Go routine – im really, REALLY, struggling with the pull ups. In the first cycle, i can’t do 6 consecutive pull up reps, i can only do like 3. And in cycle 2, i can take one, rest, take one, and so on. Cycle 3 im dead. I can do all the other excercises with the appropriate reps and full range of motion, but i really struggle with the pull ups.
    Note: I have always struggled with the pull up. It is the toughest excercise i have in my arsenal. I dunno if i don’t have enough strength for the 6 reps or if im doing the excercise wrong (which i think i am…probably)
    To sum it up:
    Im worried i have lost strength (and muscle mass) after my days of illness – because im quite skinny – how do i get it back? Will it come back naturally once i get used to working out again? Should i start month 2 over again? Since i can’t do the amount of pull ups required for month 2’s Let’s Go routine, i can’t get through month 2? Should i practice the pull up in my rest days? (i workout every second day)
    I want to succeed this journey – these 6 months – but the pull ups excercise is holding me back, and i think i have lost a lot of strength while i was ill.
    Really sorry for the long post, im just frustrated and bad at explaining myself. I apoligize for the bad english.

    1. When i think about it… This post is way to cluttered, and too lengthy.
      Don’t bother answering it.
      Sorry for the trouble.

      Although 1 question does remain.
      Should i “restart” a month if i have been sick for a long time?


      1. Hey Jakob,

        I’ve been quite busy lately so sorry for not replying, some messages slip through.

        To answer your question, yes most likely you will need to take a few steps back, because you might have lost some of your strenght gains which you will need to build up again slowly.

        Then again, it depends on how long you’ve been sick, how severe your sickness was and what you have been doing while sick. Those are a lot of factors to take into account.

        Basically, see where you are, test your strength and don’t rush things.

        Beast mode ON!

  167. Hey, ill be doing this 6 months plan tomorrow 🙂 just wondering is there any alternative i can do for dips? Since ill be doing this in my apartment gym, it has a pull up bar but no dips bar and other boxes or equipment that i can use as a dip bar. Im surpirse you’re still replying to these questions, you’re awesome!

  168. Hi again!

    Quick question, is it normal if i can do, 3 sets of 6 chin ups at the start of the routine for example, but then, when i need to do the pull ups after some exercises i can’t even reach 6 easily?. Why do i feel that chin ups are stopping me from doing my sets of pull ups if they’re suppossed to use more lat strenght and the chin ups more strenght from bicep? Am i doing something wrong?

    1. Hey Fran,

      Definitely. Since you are hitting most of the same muscles and it’s a similar pattern. Fatigue will definitely set in. While one might focus more on a certain muscle group, there is definitely a huge overlay.

      So no, you aren’t doing anything wrong, it’s just a strength/endurance thing. Keep going, and experiment with time between exercises. If you feel like you have exhausted yourself for the pull ups, start with the pull ups first and take 2/3 minutes of rest before you go for the chin ups or the other way around. This will give your body more time to recover and subsequently will allow you to exert more strength during the chin/pull up reps.

      Hope this makes sense!

      Beast mode ON!

      1. Dear you:

        I think i’m going to start doing cycles again. Sets are going to make the third month SUPER hard. But that’s really not my problem; my problem is that i think i’m loosing strenght by doing sets.. Some people would say: Oh but with sets you gain muscle!, Yeah i know that but by loosing the strenght to do some exercises i’m never going to get to month 4 of this workout plan.

        The short rest between sets (30 secs) put a lot of pressure in the muscles obviously. And by doing cycles, the long rest (1 min between exercises-3 between cycles) of them, leaves some chance to the muscle to recover. So, with cycles i can do 6 pull ups, all the other exercises, and then do 6 pull ups ”suffering” a little in the two last ones, and the last cycle obviously is going to be harder.

        But with sets i don’t know, it’s hard, if i do the first set of 6 sometimes i never reach 6 the first set, and then the second one i need to do 3 and 3 because my muscles can’t handle it. Don’t know if this is the problem of course. I can’t do more than 6 pull ups or chin ups and sets aren’t making me do more. Want your opinion 🙁

  169. hey,

    I’m nearing the end of month 4, but can’t seem to find the muscle up progression plan. is it just the 3 exercises in the description of month 5 or is there something more to it?

    keep up the good work,


    1. Hey Stijn,


      The plan is basically the 3 exercises, because now you should be close to the strength required, BUT you need to develop the neurological aspect to. Meaning you need to develop the skill to activate your muscles at the right time and go through the right motion.

      In addition to that you will of course be doing the following:

      Workout schedule:

      Monday – Muscle Up Progression + Muscle Up Hunt
      Wednesday – Muscle Up Progression + Full Body Routine/No Equipment Routine
      Friday – Muscle Up Progression + Muscle Up Hunt

      Beast mode ON!

  170. Hi , I have some question over here. I currently able to do 20-30 push up n around 7 pull up for my warm up. But I unable to complete the 3 cycle for month 2 (let’s go routine). I’m just having difficulties on doing my pull up for second cycle and third cycle . So is that any suggestion?

  171. Hi I have some question over here. I currently able to do 20-30 push up and 7 pull up for warm up. But I couldn’t manage to complete month 2 especially pull up in second cycle and third cycle . So is that any good suggestion? Does negative pull up hurt our back at the same time?

  172. im a beginner to calisthenics and on the 1st month of this program. i would like to have a variety of exercises so i want to include a leg routine. wants a good leg routine to do?

    1. Hey Samuel,

      It really depends on your level of strength and your overall ability to deal with such a training regimen and goals.

      Start slow and build it up. Just like track, you don’t run 10k the first time you train, you build it up slowly.

      Beast mode ON!

  173. I’m on week 4. It’s incredible how i couldn’t do 2 full pushups and can now rock 6 full push ups with good form. Also, abs get an incredible training with Calisthenics. Can’t wait to enter Month 2! I’m a rock hard fan of Calisthenics, this type of training allows me to stay motivated and not in the ‘do-i-really-have-to-go’ mood that comes along with a gym membership! Thanks for this particular input.

    1. Hey Cosme,

      HAha, awesome! That’s pretty badass in such a short period of time, keep it up! 😀

      You are very welcome and I am very appreciative of your comment, it’s the reason why I keep posting stuff on this blog.

      And as long as I can help people like you make some great progress, I will definitely keep doing so.

      Thanks once again for the positive comment and keep it up!

      Beast mode ON!

  174. Hi there!

    I’m a beginner to calisthenics. First of all, great job with this blog, it s great! 😉
    I started 2 weeks ago with your full body routine. I have some questions for you…
    I’m able to do your full body routines excepting bar exercises (pull ups, leg raises or chin up). So, I started to work with pull up progression like you suggested here but I d like to continue on my full body routine.
    So, suppose I want to work out 5 days per week, can you suggest me a schedule? What do you think about full body + push-up/pull-up routine? Or I need more rest?

    Thank you!

    1. Hey Matt,

      First of all THANKS! Appreciate the comment ;).

      Great stuff, definitely smart to use the progression. Start off with 3 days a week, your body isn’t used to any type of workout, let alone 5 days. You will drain yourself, physically and mentally. It’s better to feel like you want to do more, than to feel like you don’t want to go workout. Especially as a beginner, allow yourself to build it up slow.

      In addition to the pull up progression, I’ve made a short video about the eccentric part, which I can highly recommend, I’m currently using it for a 1 arm pull up and it’s by far the best method to increase strength. Check it out here:

      Beast mode ON!

  175. I have rc problems so I cant do pull ups but I can do chin ups. What can I do? Im strong enough for the muscle up hunt and so far was just replacing all the pull ups with chinups. What should I do?

    1. Hey Sean,

      Great question!

      If you have rotator cuff issues, STOP doing what you are right now and go into an easier progression. Really, rotator cuff issues can become a very severe problem, completely immobilizing the shoulder, which means you will not be able to do anything if you don’t start paying special attention to your shoulder health. If you can’t do pull ups replace them with only hanging for the coming time. You most likely haven’t developed overall shoulder strength enough.

      Go back to healing your shoulder first, drop the ego and be humble, work on your basics. Hang passively 5×60 seconds instead of doing pull ups for at least the coming week. Completely skip the pull and chin ups for at least a week, see how your shoulder feels afterwards. Tendons need significantly more time to heal than muscle, so you need to be very careful with your rotator cuff tendons.

      Start hanging.

      Read this blog post:

      Beast mode ON!

  176. Hey, great blog…. So listen, I tried this workout plan and it’s awesome, but I dont know what this means…( Full Body Routine/No Equipment Routine + Let’s Go Routine)…. I am not sure how to merge this workouts…. So please help me……

  177. So, I’m planning on starting the 6 month program tomorrow, I am already decently strong (example, was doing push ups 20 – 18 – 16 with 3 sets of these, 160 in total, sit ups 30 – 28 – 26 with 3 sets of these, 250 in total, some jogging and brisk walking for 40-55 minutes every second day) so I should be able to do it all, however I have a question. From experience I know that 99% of people do exercises at different speeds, some people go extremely slow, while some go extremely fast, I’d like to know the approximate speed to do the exercises like the squats, chin ups, pull ups, dips, push ups, etc. I personally usually don’t go fast but not slow either, so I’m wondering what speed I should go.

    Thanks for the program and many pieces of advice!

    1. Hey Mark,

      Great question, from research and training methods in general, most strength benefits will come in the eccentric part of your moves.

      I usually contract explosively, hold for 1-2 seconds and take 3-4 seconds on the negative. This is something to play around with, there isn’t a one size fits all, but the 0-2-4 setup will give you an entirely new experience on every exercise. So 0 seconds contraction, 1-2 second isometric and 4 second negative will give you a huge bang for your buck.

      Beast mode ON!

  178. Stupid question, but i noticed that this program only trains for 3 days a week (regardless of 1st month or 6th month). Is this to prevent Over training?

    1. Hey Shaf,

      There are no stupid questions, so don’t worry about it ;).

      Indeed, not only physically, but also mentally. I’d rather have you start slow and finish hard, than to start hard and not finish at all.

      3 days are a minimum requirement to get reasonable results and by alternating days, you’ll definitely get enough rest and your body will have ample time to adapt if you are completely new to this.

      Goodluck on your journey!

      Beast mode ON!

  179. hey there sir!great program!
    i just wanna ask, i’ve been lifting for quite a while now and i’m able to do the bodyweight exercises in month 1 and month 2 from 6-12 reps (sometimes with added weight), do you think i should still start this program from month 1? thnks!

    1. Hey Mark,

      Thanks for the positive message and welcome to the movement!

      If you feel that month 1 is too easy which seems like it for you, definitely feel free to go to month 2, just make sure you have proper execution.

      Beast mode ON!

  180. Hi men.
    I have this question
    Ive been training one month with the 12 week program by bar brothers but i cant move foward im on week 1 because the program says to keep on the week number till i master the moves but i cant so im thinking to do this 6 months program but month1 is easy and i want to know if i should do it to master everything and also i believe 3 days is not enough hoe many days should i train to maximun results and how many cycles per routine i want to master calisthenics and build an amazing budy

  181. Hey guys, I’ve been following this workout since the new year began and am now building up for the 4th month but i’m wondering how many reps of the exercises I have to do as a minimum for it to be worth the transition .Also I occasionally have off days with the workout as I also row pretty intensely and have weeks off uni where I have no access to a straight bar so what should I do instead especially when I reach the 4th month

    1. Hey Ben,

      Strength wise you want to be able to do at least 5 repetitions of any exercise for 5 sets. If you aren’t there, you will either get some injuries down the road or you will compensate by incorrect execution. Rather stay in a certain month longer than necessary than to move out of it faster than necessary.

      If you don’t have a straight bar, you could use a table, even a wall would suffice. You could do other exercises such as regular dips, but you will simply not develop the sensomotory aspect which you will need for a muscle up.

      If you are doing some serious rowing, make sure you supplement with some serious pushing work, to prevent imbalances.

      Hope this answers your question!

      Beast mode ON!

  182. Hey,

    I’ve now finished the beginner challenge, and now I’m just wondering what would be the best way to train for the next 6 months to get the official requirements and start doing some of the more advanced moves? The calisthenics superman link doesn’t work :/.


    1. Hey William,

      Great question and congratulations on getthing the beginner challenge ;).

      This is where you really get into the realm of setting your own goals, what do you want to learn? What are your priorities? Etc.

      There is no fixed answer for this. Some people go on working on front levers, handstands, planches and everything there is. My basic advice would be, set a new goal and work on that you can find some more advanced routines here: in addition to that, start exploring your flexibility (front pike, pancake, front split, side split, you will need these for more advanced moves). In the most optimal situation you would have someone make an individualized plan for you.

      Beast mode ON!

  183. Hi Rich!

    I restarted month 2 because of sick days, and now month 2 comes to an close.

    Although, Ive allways struggled with cycle 3 in The Lets Go routine – with the pullups. I switched the chin ups with the pull ups and vice versa, i can now complete 3 cycles while performing 6 pull ups in a row, but now i can’t finish cycle 3 with 6 chin ups in a row – i need a small break, do 3, rest, do 2, rest and then do 1.
    I guess i do not have enough muscle endurance?
    Am i ready for month 3?

    Also in month 3, when combining the routines, are you allowed to take a break for Like 5-15 minutes between the 2 routines?


  184. Hey guys,

    Firstly thanks for the work out plan. Really enjoying it and practically doing a muscle up 3rd month in. Alright I need a little boost from the floor but good to see all the faces round the gym bogging at me as I appear over the weights wall!

    Any way, I started to feel fatigued after the 3rd Month coupled with dieting (haven’t tried your diet yet). Month 1 I started at 95.5KG, restricted my calorie intake to start with out cutting all the crap out in one go (started slowly) but between Jan and now im now 86Kg which makes a helluva difference with the routines. It’s the fatigue I can’t know. I’ve had to cut it back slightly and I can’t seem to combine the 2 exercises at the minute as I just can’t handle it. I’m fairly confident it’s the calorie deficit I’m doing. not enough going in vs. the work outs taking out. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. my next question which is shorter and sweeter, where is the muscle up progression routine? I’m using the madbarz app and I had to enter my own version for muscle up hunt but I can’t find anything on the muscle up progression unless I’ve missed the point and the video was it?

    Thanks again guys, for a great routine and such a simple approach. I’m 34 and never had stomach muscle in all the years I’ve been gyming and it’s coming through nicely. Asides the self inflicted fatigue, strength and overall feeling is great.

    1. Hey Damien,

      Awesome stuff, great job on getting to the 3rd month! HAHA, that’s the best thing ;), I can imagine what it looks like. They usually don’t know what the hell is happening.

      Good job on cutting the crap. The difference in weight definitely makes a huge difference in your overall ability to do certain moves.

      A caloric deficit definitely puts an extra amount of stress on your body, simply because your entire hormonal system needs to reconfigurate, things are changing on multiple levels. One of the major factors is your insulin sensitivity and the need your body has for processed stuff, because it had been addicted in most cases.

      What you want to do is focus on fat rich foods, such as avocados, nuts, seeds, coconut oil and proteins such as fish and meat (preferably, wild and grassfed). Those foods will increase your feeling of being full (This is a hormonal process). In addition to that, you want to make sure you have 1 day a week where you get into a caloric surplus, simply overeating so instead of cutting let’s say 500 calories below your daily need, go 500 calories over your daily need. This will stimulate a hormone called leptin which in turn will keep your basale metabolic rate in check. In addition it’s mentally rewarding to have one day where you can just eat. All this stuff might sound complex, but it isn’t.

      Basically it’s this: Get more of your daily intake from healthy fats, and have a caloric surplus one day of the week, in addition to that give your body time. Compare the time your have spent doing incorrect stuff compared to the time you are now spending on doing the correct stuff, setting realistic expectations is very important ;).

      I can recommend the following blog post:

      Once again, thank you for your positive comment! Stories like yours make it worth while and keep me motivated :D. Let’s keep working up to that six pack ;). Happy to read that I’ve been able to contribute to your progress!

      Keep it up!

      Beast mode ON!

  185. Im about to start ur 6 month workout plan,Im a begginer,,before this I used to do fitness with machines and dumbbells and etc. but I want more power,real power. those stuffs wasnt enough for me,so I decieded to go on with ur programs.
    by the way Im able to do the things I should be able to do before strating this program ( push ups,squats,dips) except pull ups! so I want u to help me to make this work, any routins that can help me to do pull ups/chin ups??

  186. First I want to thank you because you change my life thank you so much second, I have problem with the 4 month I can’t do clap pull up I can’t do typewriter , so I do the 3 month again or what can I do please please help me and thank you s much

  187. I don’t have a park nearby to train in.
    I was thinking of bying a pull-up bar for at home, but I am afraid I can’t perform some of the exercises because of height-issues (the muscle ups, for example).

    How do I fix this problem?

  188. Hi guys!
    Loving the programme so far!
    All the way until the end of month 3 its going great and im still making progress. My problem is that i just cant make the HUGE step to month 4. Is there an alternative for month 4? like an extra month to get stronger so it’ll be easier to tackle month 4?
    Thanks guys,

  189. Hey,

    thanks for the great work! I really love this workout and it was what I was looking for.

    Right now I’m in month 2 and I have a question. Are 3 sets with 6 Pull-ups the goal of that month or should I be able to do this right away. Because right now I can do the first round fine. Second round like 5 or so and last I’m even struggling to do more than 2. I do a break and continue. Would it be better to continue with the first month until I’m able to do 3 times 6 or can I go on with the second month?

    I do them always with a great form and go all the way up and at least, my chin is above the bar.

    Thanks for your reply!



    1. Hey Manuel,

      Welcome to the moveemnt!

      No it’s more something you want to work towards while at the same time perfecting your execution when you are able to do those.

      Do negatives for the remaining reps, jump up and slowly let yourself go down in a controlled manner, it should take you between 10-20 seconds to go down.

      It really depends on what you personally prefer. There is no right or wrong, just as long as your execution is in check, proper form is more important that the amount of reps.

      Keep going at it and experiment with what works best for you and don’t forget the negatives ;).

      Beast mode ON!

  190. Hi,

    first of all – thanks for the article and the whole website!

    I have a question regarding the warm up. I am starting this program today and I would like to ask you – what is the best way to warm up in your opinion? For example, if I run for about 7 minutes, after that I do rope jumping for like 5 minutes, then do the wrist mobilization and finally do hanging for about 2 minutes – is that enough? Or should I do something more like the previously mentioned workout – ?

    Cheers bro!

    1. Hey Dom,

      Great question and thanks for the comment!

      That’s a great warming up, you are addressing all the joints by doing so, specifically the shoulder and wrists, which are usually injured first.

      You can definitely use some stuff from the video, but that’s optional. Not really necessary if you are doing running, rope jumping, hanging and the wrist mobilization already.

      Beast mode ON!

  191. in the third month as I decide whether to do “full body” or “no equipment”?? can I do it all the time “no equipment”?

    1. Hey Thomas,

      Great question!

      It really depends on your goals, both will give you great benefits. The only downside to the no equipment routine is that it contains no pulling, which is something your definitely want to start focusing on more as you progress to the muscle up.

      Beast mode ON!

  192. Hello. I am going to start this program today but I have a question on the meal diet. I am currently 6’0 ft weighing 175 lb. I plan to use your meal diet but isn’t that amount of food too small?