The 10 Minute Body Weight Warm Up Guide


It sucks doesn’t it?

Warming up before you can actually start working out.


You just want to start.

Feel the pump. The muscle. The Beast.

You get addicted to that feeling before you know.


Sometimes you just skip the warming up, because you want to do your favorite routine.

But your impatience backfires.


You tear a muscle or your tendons hurt like hell afterwards not to mention your joints. I’ve made that mistake many times.

And I’m not allowing that to happen to you. Find out what you need to do to warm up properly. 



Why Warm Up Before Body Weight Training?


Let’s say you have spend your day sitting passively behind your computer, doing school work or working on your job, making minimal movements.

Add some cold weather to that and a training without warming up your muscles properly and you have yourself a recipe for injury.

Think of your muscles like a car engine.


You put in the key.

Try to start your engine and after a few attempts and a little gasoline it finally turns on…VROOMM!

You press the gas pedal a few times to warm up the engine and drive away elegantly.


But if you put in the key and put the pedal to the medal full power immediately you blow up the engine and the VROOM becomes a BOOM!

The idea is to get the engine running smoothly first before you go FULL power.

The is an entire philosophy behind it.



The Philosophy Behind The Warm Up And 3 Simple Rules


Before you receive complete instructions for your warm up there is something you need to understand.

Something which the fitness industry is completely overlooking and what you need to know as you embark on this journey.

It’s an easy philosophy which I stick to and which has made my wrist –I broke 1 and severly bruised the other- stronger than it has ever been.


I stumbled upon this idea when I read a book by Nassim Taleb and again was confronted by it in an interview from movement guru Ido Portal  in which the question was asked: “What is the opposite of fragile?”

Take a second to answer this question, before you continue.

The logical answer would be ‘unbreakable’.

At least that’s probably the first thing that popped into your mind. But is that true?


To find out we need to determine what fragile is, what unbreakable is and then discover if there is anything else which we have been missing.

You might have had an injury in the past or perhaps you have a weak back, weak wrists or weak ankles.


And even if you think you don’t, there are certain places on your body which are more injury prone than others.

That’s why it’s important for you to understand these 3 concepts: fragile, unbreakable and anti-fragile.


  • Fragile: Remember your mom’s favourite glass which you dropped on the floor? It shattered into a 1000 pieces never to be repaired again. Well that’s clearly fragile, it breaks and that’s it, it does not have the ability to recover.
  • Unbreakable: Now let’s look at something which is unbreakable, like the rock you once collected on the beach. You can throw it as much as you want, but it does not break. Nor does it become stronger in the process, that’s it. It does not need to recover, but it doesn’t adapt either.
  • Anti-fragile: There are however things which can both recover and adapt into something stronger. It’s not unbreakable, but it isn’t fragile either. It tears or develops cracks and in the process it becomes stronger. Eventually even being able to break a rock. It’s the opposite of fragile, Taleb calls it ‘anti-fragile’.


Guess what’s has these characteristics?

Your own body.

You and I are actually able to make our bodies stronger by putting it under a certain amount of stress.

We essentially build muscle by breaking it down first.


Now this is exactly what you can use to prevent by preparing yourself for injuries.

Put a controlled amount of stress on your weak spots and make them stronger in the process in addition to warming them up as a preventive measure.

Sounds like hocus pocus?

Well, here are 3 practical principles to warm up your body and anti-fragilize your body.



Calisthenics Warm Up Bar Brothers


1) Start Your Warm Up With Easy Compound Moves

Make sure your blood is flowing, your tendons and muscles are in a state of preparation and that you are mentally in tune for what you are going to do.

This is most effectively done through compound moves, such as:

  • Rope jumping
  • Hanging
  • Crawling
  • Cycling
  • Running

By doing compound moves before you start you are preparing your entire body, you could say ‘you wake it up’.

These moves should be easy and controlled in terms of stress you put on your body, because of exactly that reason.



Bar Brothers Warm Up For Body Weight Workouts


2) Realize That Injury Situations Will Occur During Your Calisthenics Workouts

During your warming up or especially when you are thinking of ways to warm up, this is what you want to remember: ‘It doesn’t matter where you train, even if it’s in a room filled with pillows.

You will find yourself in injury situations’.


That’s why you want to ask yourself:

  • Where am I injury prone?
  • What are my weaker places?
  • Which places on my body do I need to pay special attention to?


Focus specifically on those areas when warming up.

Because your injuries aren’t just going to disappear and in the worst case can become even worse if neglected.

You need to actively keep anti-fragilizing those parts of your body and instead of a weakness those parts will become your strength.



Calisthenics Warm Up For Wrists


3) Place Yourself In Injury Situations Without Injuring Yourself

This is where you actually prepare for injuries.

Sounds counterproductive, but to prevent injuries, the exact thing you want to do is make the movement that would cause the injury to understand it and be prepared.

This is a preparation oriented approach, which goes one step beyond just prevention.


Let’s take a vaccine as an example.

You get vaccinated, which essentially means you get injected with a weaker version of the virus, which makes you sick.

But because it’s a weakened version your body develops anti-bodies and in the process is prepared for future situations where the virus will infect you.


That’s exactly what you want to do by placing yourself in an injury situation.

Planning to do muscle ups with weak wrists for example?

Better start anti-fragilizing those wrists before you decide to try a single muscle up.

So what warm up routine will help you in preparing for injuries?



4 Awesome Bar Brother Warming Up Exercises To Start Your Body Weight Workouts In 10 Minutes


While it might not seem like it at first hand, these 4 exercises are going to give you an intense full body warm up.

Which will prevent you from having unnecessary:

  • Joint pain
  • Tendon pain
  • Other muscle injuries

So let’s get going!


1) 3-5 Minutes Of Rope Jumping





Primary goal: Coordination, Blood Circulation & Stamina 

  1. Keep the rope at hip height with the middle of the rope behind you.
  2. Swing the rope over your head by rotating your wrists.
  3. As the rope swings down jump up.
  4. Continue rotating and jumping up.

Note: You can vary the speed, use one leg,alternating legs and even the direction you swing the rope in to increase your stamina and coordination. See video.





2) 1 Minute Wrist Mobilization In Alignment


Body Weight Warm Up Calisthenics


Primary goal: Joint Flexibility & Injury prevention

  1. Either put your knees on the floor or bend your knee to a point at which you can put your hands flat on the ground (Putting your knees on the floor is easier)
  2. Hold each of the four hand positions for at least 10-20 seconds and try to slowly shift your weight in a circular motion. So lean a bit to the left, to the front, to the right and back again.
  3. It’s important to feel a slight stretch, but it should not hurt.

Note: This exercise is especially useful when you have injured your wrist.


3) 1 Minute Wrist Mobilization Out Of Alignment


Body Weight Warm Up


Primary goal: Joint Flexibility & Injury prevention and preparation

  1. Either put your knees on the floor or bend your knee to a point at which you can put your hands flat on the ground (Putting your knees on the floor is easier)
  2. Hold each of the three hand positions for at least 10-20 seconds and try to slowly shift your weight in a circular motion. So lean a bit to the left, to the front, to the right and back again.
  3. Be especially careful with these exercises. If done correctly they will prevent a lot of injuries, if done incorrectly they will cause injury. It’s important to feel a slight stretch, but it should not hurt.


Note: The out of alignment wrist warming up should be done controlled. Slowly increase the stretch, but do NOT push yourself too much, but go to where you feel the stretch. The flexibility and strength will come slowly but surely as you move on to more dynamic preparations as shown below and will allow you to progress to more difficult exercises.




4) 3-5 Minutes Of Crawling


Body Weight Warm up Crawling


Primary goal: Joint Mobility, Strength & Stamina

  1. Take a crawling position, but without your knees on the floor. Lean on your toes.
  2. Arch your back and stay low to the ground.
  3. Make a lion like crawling movement as if you are sneaking on a prey by putting one hand in front of the other. Make sure your knees don’t pass your elbows.
  4. Slightly bend your arms and keep the tension, while crawling and arching your back.
  5. Continue this for 3 minutes in all directions, front, back, left & right.



Note: You can vary the speed or get even closer to the ground to make things more difficult. See video for the lizard version of the crawl. 




Never Skip A Warm Up Or You Will Pay The Price


You know by now how essential a good warming up is.

It’s not something you just do or don’t.

Because eventually you will pay the price.


And that’s a price you don’t want to pay, especially not with the goals you have right now.

There will be situations where you might get injured, but you will be prepared.

Then there will be situations where you might not be prepared, but you will learn from them by anti-fragilizing your body.

Either way in the end it’s you who adapts.

And the next time that situation occurs you will be ready.


This is contrary to most fitness advice, which only focuses on controlled training and prevention.

And in the process loses sight of what happens in the real world.

Because the real world is not a mechanical controlled environment.


But then again…most fitness advice is about looking fit instead of actually being fit.

Bar Brother training is more than fitness…

It’s about functionally preparing your body for whatever situation it may face.

And coming out victorious.


Beast Mode ON!



74 thoughts on “The 10 Minute Body Weight Warm Up Guide

    1. Hey Lukas,

      Great question. Slacklining is an awesome warming up :D.

      But it will not warm up your wrists sufficiently if you are going to do some upper body work.

      Stretching depends on your current range of motion and on which exercises you want to do. Usually doing some light warm up can be useful to get a certain motion, but getting into the really deep stretches is best done after your strength work.

      Beast mode ON!

  1. Hi
    I am wondering, should I follow the Essential 6 Month Calisthenics Workout Plan For Bar Brother Beginners first or can I start the Ultimate 12 week training system right away? I’m thinking of purchasing the system but not sure if it’s a bit too early or not suitable for a beginner like me.
    I used to do at least 100 regular push ups daily and can do around 5 chin ups. Cant do pull ups at all and only around 1 or 2 dips.
    Really wondering what step should I take now?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. Hey Samuel,

      Great question!

      It depends on your current level of strength. The 12 week system is significantly harder than the 6 month plan. Without a solid foundation you will have a lot of difficulty to get through those 12 weeks in 12 weeks.

      At the same time, it’s great to have the workouts of the system within your hands, because it’s something you can always use at the level you are right now. At 5 chin ups and 0 pull ups, try getting at least to 5-10 chin ups and 5-10 pull ups.

      You can get the system now, but you will most likely need to work on your basics first. So it’s up to you.

      Beast mode ON!

    1. Hey Asaf,

      Great question, definitely.

      I’d like to call it ‘relaxing the nervous system’ and reducing the stress response which has been caused by the training itself.

      There are many ways to do this.

      Beast mode ON!

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