Bar Brothers Groningen Beginner Routines

14 Bar Brother Beginner Routines

 So you are looking for body weight routines?

Still making them by yourself? (Grab my Bar Brother Starter Guide, including a free 15-minute full body routine here)

Why reinvent the wheel?

When someone is already happily rolling around in a Rolls Royce.

When you google body weight routines, you probably find more routines than there are people on this planet (Which is quite a lot).


Oke, I’m exaggerating…

But you know what I mean.

That’s why I am really happy with (Shout out).

Unfortunately their website is offline right now, but I still had some good routines left.

I saved 14 body weight routines for this moment.


1. Full body routines

Full Calisthenic Routine


Bar Brothers Six Pack Calisthenic routine


Calisthenic routine girl


Calisthenic full body routine


2. Upper body routines

Body Weight workout plan


Calisthenics Chest Routine


Calisthenic chest routine


3. Cardio routines

Calisthenics Workout Plan


Calisthenics Workout plan for women


No equipment Calisthenics workout routine


4. Ab routine

Calisthenics workout routine abs


5. Leg Routine

Leg routine body weight


6.Arm routine

body weigth triceps routine


7. Back routine

body weight back routine


Shout out to MadBars for all these awesome routines! Check out their website at

These are primarily beginner routines, in case you just stumbled accross this blog check out the new here page!

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But it’s time!

“What time?”

Time to Rolls Royce that body of yours with these awesome Bar Brother Beginner routines!


Bar Brother Beginner Routine


Rich Andoh


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255 thoughts on “14 Bar Brother Beginner Routines

  1. me parece un entrenamiento genial me gustaria aprender mas!!! ….. ya empeze probando con algunas rutinas de aki y estan buenas..algunos ejercicios no me salen ppero es cuestion de tiempo je..saludos!

      1. Hey bro!
        I kinda have the same problem, which is, I’m too skinny. I’ve started doing calisthenics for now. And so, I do it two times a day. One in the morning and one at night. So in the morning I follow these routines. So basically what I wanted to ask is, can I divide the routine cycles in different days? And can you give me a brief explanation for my mass gain?. Or I just have to he really dependent on the diet? Thank you very much. BarBrothers salute!

        1. Hey Roshail,

          First of all great dedication! 2 times a day takes a whole lot of motivation.

          Gaining mass is both training and dieting. If your hormones are not working along you can train all you want, but your mass will keep on disappointing you.

          1) You can definitely divide it over different days, depening on what your goals are. Honestly, 3-4 cycles is the minimum amount required, so doing less is going to yield you less results.

          With regard to diet, make sure you check out the renegade diet on the website, it has all you need. The blog I wrote about it is for free and contains a lot of tips!

          This should get you going 😉

          Beast Mode ON!

          1. Hey I’m skinny and I need help I’ve been doing the work out right and I have got a little comments that I look better but I keep doing the routine but nothing is happening

        2. Dude two times a day is too much. If you want to train in this way use a good buffer, that means if you can do maximum 6 pullups, stop a 3 in this way you can prevent injuries. For me it’s better to do schedule like, one day workout, one day rest. Also you have to hear your body for example if one day you don’t feel really great, take another day of rest.
          About alimentation I don’t like the classic GYM diets or in other way eat too much protein (meat, fish, protein drink, etc.).
          Eat healthy, maybe add snacks one in the morning and one in the afternoon and you’ll be ok.
          Try to focus on your athletic skills not on your aesthetic.
          Esthetic will be a consequence

          1. Hey Daniele,

            Awesome advice!

            Again, it’s all about individualization here, I can easily train 2 times a day…and my results are better. But then again it’s not sustainable for everyone. In addition, to your gym diet comment, I completely agree…somehow the marketing of what is good has become more valuable than what actually is good.

            Dope, wise words, of course…we all want aesthetics, but aesthetics are a by-product of great training, but for most people it takes some time to grasp this concept.

            Beast Mode ON!

        3. yakalakalai..amomien supron gedeng2..beramput gedeng2..nyengelok nyengelak nyengelik ngenyeluk..saiya sukhaporn..kapkap iteu leheng nyengeluk.

          Read with ur heart. it helps

    1. Im having trouble setting up a routine for my self… Is there anyway you can send a list of exercises more than just the beginner. I max out at 25 pullups, 50 pushups and 10 dips. I would need a routine i could do daily that do different body parts. Like chest and tri one day and back and biceps another. If you could i would be very thankful!
      Btw im a big fan of your guys accomplishments.
      BarBrothers Salute

  2. can i gain muscle using “No EQuipment – 8” routine? i’m following that routine for about 3months now but it looks like i’m just loosing fat which is good but not gaining muscle. and some said that i look thin like I’ve been sick. need some advice pls. thanks!

    1. Hey bro,

      I might give you some surprising information, but try it out!

      1) You need to up your protein intake. Most people need around 1-1.25 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass. That means that if you have 10% body fat and weigh 150 pounds, your need 135 pounds times 1-1.25 grams of protein.

      2) More you need to up your carbs, think about potatoes, just add a portion of potatoes to your meals.

      3) And now for the contradictory information. What you really need to gain muscle is more testosteron. Think about prisoners, they eat less than most body builders, but what has been shown is that they have significantly higher levels of testosteron, due to the hostile enevironment. Now I am not telling you to go to prison. What this teaches us is that, putting your muscles under a high enough amount of stress through training is more important in muscular growth, than eating more than necessary. Progressive overload, and doing things that increase your testosteron, such as eating nuts and seeds and using fasting and feasting in your diet (This is key btw). Check this blog

      4) Make your routine more difficult or vary in routines. If you have been doing the exact same routine for 3 months, including the exact amount of reps, you are probably not pushing your muscles enough. Your muscles get used to your training at a certain point, so you need to keep surprising them. Start doing more difficult routines or other routines. To up those testosteron levels.

      So take these four things in mind, eat more, but remember that training harder and upping your testosteron is more important than eating more. Doing both is even better!

      Beast Mode On!

      1. i am an absolute beginner and i joined a gym a couple of weeks back. But that has made me feel all stiff and slow. I have always thought calisthenics as the best option but now i am 100% dedicated to follow it. I am leaving the gym and starting on calisthenics TOMORROW . on a side note, i would like to tell you that I am a basketball player so crunches and pushups and squats have always been a part of my life. But it has been almost a year and half since the last time I did those in a routine or seriously.
        MY question is this- can i straight away start with the full body home workout for beginners ? ( the first one on the above list ).

        Huge fan of yours btw, will try to become a Bar Brother and bring your work to my city !

        1. Hey bro,

          Welcome to the movement!

          These routines are specifically designed for beginners, so you can definitely start with the full body home workout!

          Make sure you subscribe to the e-mail list so I can send you some more free info and a 6 month training plan, which I’m sure you’ll like!

          Beast Mode ON!

          1. Hey bro !
            I’ve started with the full body home workout and I am comfortably doing it. But I was wondering what would give me better gains – doing one routine for a month or two or mixing the routines up like doing full body routine on monday , chest on tuesday, legs on wednesday and so on ?
            Appreciate your contribution to the society !

    2. fellow, your body needs you to change the exercises, to work other muscular groups, so I sugget you to search for new exercises and change them each 2 or 3 months. about you looking like sick, you might look for good and healthy food, specially the macronutrients, carbo+protein+fat, about me, I am vegan. wish you go thru. cya!!

  3. Can i take protein shake with my body weight workout ? It will make muscle mass or ripped muscles .. is this 14 workout is divided on each day or the whole 14 is everyday ? I need the link of the advanced workout .. and please i need my mad braz code to download this amazing application .. im waiting for your reply !

    1. Hey bro,

      You can always take protein shakes, but I personally don’t advise it because most protein shakes contain a fair amount of sugar.

      This means in addition to gaining muscle you will also gain fat.

      Read these blogs for information on getting ripped and lean:

      No not 14 every day, that would be quite a lot. These workouts are here to give you some inspiration as to how you can set up your own routine.

      If you can do these workouts you can start looking for the advanced ones.

      You can start training for the official exam for instance.

      Unfortunately I don’t have that code, they are testing the beta version right now, so we’ll have to wait a little longer!


  4. Hey there,

    one question
    I just want to know, should i do a day for arms routine and upper body and a day for legs and abs routine, how many routines in a day should I do?

    1. Hey bro,

      Good question!

      It really depends on your goals.

      What are you aiming for?

      Usually 1 to 2 routines a day would be sufficient to make enough progress, but again it depends on your goals.

      As for the routines, even if you do and arm routine, most calisthenic exercises are compound movements, which mean that you always train multiple muscle groups.

      This makes your training more efficient regardless.

      To give you something to hold on to:

      Train a minimum of 3 times a week and do 1 to 2 routines a day depending on your goals.


      1. Hi! I have a simple question 🙂 Should i train fullbody workout two times by day? and of course i´m training like one day train and other day rest…thx for answer

        1. Hey Peter,

          You can definitely train twice a day, you can even train every single day. What’s important is that you give your body the time to adapt and become aware of where you need to add adjustments to your training. If your time schedule allows you to train twice a day, by all means do so ;).

          Beast Mode ON!

    1. Hey bro,

      I used google translate to know what you are saying, so I’m not quite sure what you are exactly meaning.

      Just make sure you train at least 3 times a week, choose one routine first and master that one.

      If you want to add variety, you can use different routines for different days.


    1. Hey bro,

      You do the beginner routine until you are strong enough to do a more difficult one, there is no fixed time limit. It depends on your own development, you will notice when things get too easy and when it’s time to step it up. With regard to a workout plan do the following:

      1) Set one goal which you want to achieve, for example the muscle up.

      2) Train a minimum of 3 times a week for at least 45 minutes.

      3) Do 2 routines of 3 sets every training. Make your first or second routine one that focuses on your goal (in this case the muscle up).

      This would for example mean you would train on:

      Monday (Muscle up routine + ab routine), wednesday (Muscle up routine + full body routine) and friday (Muscle up routine + leg routine). This is an example of what your training could look like.

      This should give you something to start working with.

      1. Great work love what i read so far…
        which routine is “Muscle up routine”
        and how much is to much? i play hockey 4 times peer week, i want to build big arms and flat abs

  5. Hey bro..i jst wanna ask that can yoga be done along with ur routine??
    and another still ur on ur path…wanna have one latest videos of see ur further achivements…
    jai ho.

    1. Hey bro,

      Going to failure is always a good thing.

      It forces your muscles to go into overdrive, increasing the muscle tissue and strength.

      Just make sure you do it with the right exercises, when you do exercise which might cause injuries, focus on control first (Such as the muscle up, or back lever or skin the cat etc.)

      Push ups, pull ups, dips, leg workouts and ab workouts can all be done until failure. But when you start doing more advanced moves, technique comes first.

      However, you have to be aware of the reaction of your body to prevent injuries.

      Beast Mode ON!

  6. hey guys… I´m an active athlete, I´m pretty much “in shape”, but I wanted to start doing Calisthenics.. I just did my first full-body workout.. but it wasnt really difficult… is it ok to train 2 times a day?


    1. Hey Wyatt,

      A good workout plan alone will not help you gain weight and muscle.

      You need to focus on both your diet and your workout.

      There are 14 workouts in the post above, you can choose any of them.

      Read this blog on how often en how you should work out and how to increase your results:

      And check this blog for nutrition/muscle building tips:

      Beast Mode ON!

  7. I’ve been using bar brother routines for about 2 years I usually work mostly on my upper body do you have any workout routines that target the lower body to gain mass and ripped muscle for the lower body??

    1. Hey bro,

      That’s great to hear!

      You should try the leg routines:

      These are pretty intense.

      Overall try to do your routines with a high intensity, this will release more testosterone in your body which will improve your muscle reconstruction.

      Check this blog for more info on increasing your testosterone:

      Beast Mode On!

  8. Hey guys,

    I’m from austria and i am very interested in these calistenics workouts.
    My Weight is 75kg and i’m 1.82 metres high, so i hope this is a good base to start with these workouts.

    But my question is… I Don’t fucking know how to start exercise or with what should i start.

    Hope you guys answering my question (and i hope my english is not to bad 😉 )

  9. Nice routines! If I want to push my body to the max and its full potential, how often should I do routines. Not minimum, I’m talking about to become as strong as you guys are! Much appreciated!

  10. Hey there,

    I started working out about a year ago, getting my body increasingly fitter. I was browsing and hit this website. It gave me quite some energy and inspiration to start doing something else, so thanks for that. Just a question, the goal I set for myself is the ‘Human Flag’. Now I’ve read the blogposts and seen that I should do that intermediate workout 3x a week (my training frequency) + for example 1x abs, 1x legs/fullbody, 1x chest.. Is this about right? The intermediate workout says I should do muscle ups, which I am NOT able to do :P. Should I focus on that seperately as well?

    Thanks for this website and all the info. Helps alot!

    1. Hey Martin,

      Sounds like you have been seeing some good results!

      My advice to you would be to do the muscle up routine every single training. Start with this routine, then do another additional routine, once you have mastered the muscle up. You can start focussing on the human flag. The muscle up is a must. It will also give you more strength for the human flag.

      1. First do the muscle up routine every training + another routine
      2. Once you have mastered the muscle up, progress to the human flag + another routine.

      Beast Mode ON!

  11. Hey!
    I’ve recently started with calisthenics and trying to figure out a good trainingprogram for myself. But the struggle I have is that my energy drains out after 2 exercises. I can do 3×8 pullups and 3×10 pushups. But after that I’m completely exhausted and aren’t able to do any more sets which includes anything with my arms. Do you have any good tips on how to train the endurance in my muscles?

    Keep the good work up!
    Cheers from Sweden

    1. Hey Bjorn,

      Really good that you are pushing your limits.

      This is probably not going to be the answer you want, but the only answer to your question is to train more.

      In addition to that, you can also improve your progress by boosting your testosterone:

      Don’t expect overnight results, it takes at least a month of training 3 times a week to start experiencing and seeing your first results.

      Beast Mode ON!

    1. Hey David,

      That’s great to hear.

      Personally I would advice you to train for at least 45 minutes 3 times a week instead of 20 minutes 6 nights a week.

      You muscles need to be shocked to their maximum, 20 minutes will not give you the results you want unless you train highly intense and are able to do 3-4 full routines in that time frame.

      Still, it’s better to train highly intense for 3 days a week than it is to train lighter 6 days a week.

      Beast Mode ON!

  12. Hey bro!
    Is this routine fine
    Monday: chest and abs
    Tuesday: legs and bicept/tricept
    Wednesday: off
    Thursday: chest and abs
    Friday: legs and bicept/tricept
    This is still my beginner stages. So to move on the my mediam stages should my beginner stage first be completed. Thanx for your time if this routine is not fine can u give me one. To look at my boody check my instagram at jd_nell. Thanx

    1. Hey JD,

      Seems like a good workout plan.

      What are your training goals?

      I personally like to combine 2 routines with one routine aimed at improving my human flag/front lever/back lever and the other aimed at improving my strength.

      When you are starting of I would additionally advise you to train every other day: mo, wed, fri for example. If you want to train 4 days do it on mo, wed, fri, sat.

      Beast Mode ON!

      1. I really want to get to that level of strength I need some wisdom on continuing…I run to work in the morning and do pull ups. I feel like im doing something wrong. What is most effective way to spice my routine?

        1. Hey James,

          Great question, I can highly recommend you to download the ‘Free starter guide’, you will get a full plan to start working on + I’ll guide you through the process.

          Let me know if there is anything else.

          Beast mode ON!

  13. Hey , I was wondering what workouts would be best for me because im a really skinny 14 year old and I weigh about 54 kilograms and I’m about 174 cm tall, I’m really struggling to gain muscle

  14. hey pal…..i want an opinion….i do all chest exersices like declined,inclined,normal,wide,diamond,close……all these 6 exercies….40 each…for diamond its 25……and 3 sets of all of them….i can see results too….should i step up a bit like up to 50…and actually i’am a bit confused…as u can see i hit all of them it good or i should hit like 50 for wide,40 for decline.etc etc..u know like, doing them unequally.

    1. Hey Tadeo,

      If you want to lose weight you need to focus both on your diet and exercise, both will complement each other.

      With regard to weight loss, I would advise you to use the ‘fat removal’ routine.

      It’s highly intense and in combination with a good diet, you will make some serious progress!

      Read more about a good diet:

      Goodluck bro!

  15. Hi,

    I am just starting and am wondering what’s best as I am nearly 20 stone and 6ft 4in which makes pull ups/chin ups etc almost impossible, I was wondering where best to start and which routines I should put together to do my 2 a day.


  16. Hey bar brothers,
    im wondering about routines, should i change from routine every month, like when you do muscular routines? I mean as calisthenics main exercises are always the same, dont your muscles get used to it?
    Last question is, i train 6 days a week for two hours, always the same routine, is it better to do 2 of your routines each day for some specific muscles, or one routine covering every muscle? My goal is getting bigger and stronger
    Thank you very much!

    1. Hey Mauro,

      Great question!

      What I usually advise is to incorporate the muscle up routine and do this routine at least 3 times a week, one of the first moves you should learn to become an official Bar Brother is the muscle up:

      Make sure you do the muscle up routine at least 3 times, in addition to that you can add freestyle with the other routines. Whether your muscles get used to it depends on your execution:

      You can add a lot of variety and if they are used to the training, start doing more difficult routines!

  17. Hey Khan!

    I have a few questions I hope you can answer!!

    – I am used to run after or before my workout… Should I keep running in addition to one of these routines? Or is the routine enough?
    – And about the sets and reps… This routines have a # of sets and reps, should I follow those instructions or should I do “ALL OF THEM” (sets)
    – Train 7 days a week? or Rest at least 1?

    Thank you for your time

      1. Hey Adam,

        Good question!

        You can definitely workout 4 times a week and do a full body routine each day. If you are starting off however, I suggest you try to stick to training at least 3 days a week for a month. That’s a big enough challenge in itself. If you think however that you can easily do this, go for it by all means!

        Beast Mode ON!

  18. I salute you bar brothers!!

    Hey Rich, I was wondering if you can answer me a question! (Its kinda long)

    If I am at my beginner stage, and my goals is to loose like 6% body fat and start working on my lean muscle looks… Is training 7 days a week for a month with the 15 min beginner routine on the guide will help me get there?

    Or should I add another routine to my workout besides that one?

    1. Hey Gerard,

      If you really want to take it far, you should start doing at least 45 minutes of training 3 days a week, so 7 days is great, just make sure you build it up according to your level of training.

      What I would advise you to do if you want to lose body fat, is to make sure your diet helps you in achieving that goal.

      Read this blog for more info:

      Start reading stuff about paleolitic eating and check out the renegade diet, those will surely help you in losing fat.

      In addition to that to gain muscle you will have to start training on a consistent basis, use diet to lose fat and training to gain muscle.

      My personal preference is training with two routines, of which 1 is a routine which I use for a more technical or difficult move such as a human flag or muscle up or front lever. I do this routine until I get the move. The second routine is usually one which I like doing or a challenging on to just shock my muscles into overdrive.

      Read more about this here:

      These two blogs should get you going!

      Beast Mode ON!

  19. Hey man !

    If im to setup a routine for myself. Is there a chance to “fail” this such as i work 2 muscle groupes same time etc, so its not making the best results if u know what i mean?
    Or can i just throw whatever routines in as i want.

    And could u help me setup a routine for me? My 2 first goals is human flag and hand stand.
    I want to build muscle to, i’m real skinny toand cannot aford much food, is that problem?

    1. Hey Pontus,

      First of all awesome that you are thinking like this already, this will help you to train more efficiently. Other than that, my advice would be to focus on the muscle up first.

      You will need it to pass the exam and it will improve your human flag and push up strength (I think it is the best compound upper body exercise).

      Here is what you can do:

      Take two beginner routines, with one routine focusing on your upper body.

      Do this for 2 months, when you have developed some strength, do the muscle up routine in combination with a beginner routine.

      When you can do the muscle up, you can start focusing on the human flag and hand stand, but first focus on the muscle up.

      For an answer to your question regarding food, I sent you an email. But to succinctly summarize, food is really important! You don’t need to eat a lot, just eat healthy, it will give you more energy and boost your results. You found a way to this website, so I’m sure you can find a way to get some healthy food into your body.

      Beast Mode ON!

  20. Hey man. I started doing the bar brothers routine 2 years ago after watching the videos from youtube. I was 3 weeks into the training and was getting results i could see so i got the big head and tried the handstand pushup b4 i was remotely ready and tore a tendon in my shoulder. Finally after a lot of biding my time for it to heal and recently having a baby im up for the challenge again. I have started the beginer routine and being 50lbs heavier than before is definately making things harder. I just wanted to share part of my story and jope to gain a lil support in finding my inner beast again. Thanks

    1. Hey Mike!

      Thanks for the inspiring story, that’s surely one worth telling.

      Haha, I know what you mean, patience is really important (Although I’m impatient too every now and then).

      Great man, I recently broke my wrist, so I’m also still recovering, but just see a setback as a setup for a comeback to become even stronger than you were before!

      Make sure you take your time and with regard to your weight, I can advise you to check out the diet blogs I wrote. There is a lot of useful information in them.

      Beast Mode ON!

  21. Hi bro’s
    Im a 15 years old girl Who wish a bar sister body, im doing the excercises 3 times a week (because school, job, girlfriend,etc.) and i Was a Little faty girl (With 1.76 xD) and is soohard to me do this, mi question is, i need something extra to gain muscle? Or gain Strong in My arms?

  22. hey man! I will go to the army this september and I need to become really good in calisthenics. Do you think I can reach a good point at the end of six month? and how many time a week should I train to reach a good point?
    sorry for my english

  23. Hi man, very cool routines. I’ m a beginner and I want to start.
    About the 15 min full body routine how does it works? I ve to do it for some weeks before start the routines or it s the same of the the first paragraph “1. full body routines”?

    1. Hey Gregoz,

      It is more or less the same, the ebook is primarily aimed at giving you the fundamental strength which you will need to start doing some more varied beginner routines.

      What I would advise you is to check out the 6 month training plan.

      You can use some of the exercises in the ebook and combine them with the full body routine.

      Beast mode ON!

  24. Hello BBG,

    Are u from groningen the netherlands?

    I try to follow all of your advices, but what to do when I keep getting cramps.
    I eat more than enough and I don’t practice TO hard, but still getting bad cramps.
    Sorry for my bad writing I’m dutch.

    kind regards, Niek

    1. Hey Niek,

      Yes from Groningen!

      How long have you been training? Cramps can occur, especially when you are just starting off. Remember that your body needs time to adapt to your training regimen.

      In addition to the need for adaptation, cramps are usually also caused by insufficient hydratation. Try drinking some more water before you train (O,5 – 1 liter, 30-15 minutes before you start), do a proper warming up and then go into your training routines.

      This should help, other than that. Your body just needs time, there is no working around that ;).

      Beast Mode ON!

  25. Hello bar brother, its me again. I want to ask another question. can I mix up with gym workout? Because I want to add mass fast. How can I mix bar routine with gym? . Can you guy give me some example of routine to train gym with bar. I only workout 3/4 times a week. Thanks btw. Love the bar brother. Beast mode on!

    1. Hey Diro,

      Good to see you again ;D.

      Of course you can mix this up with gym workouts, I personally don’t do any weighted workouts at all. My believe is that they constrain, because of isolated movements. But isolation is good for building mass in specific places.

      What you can do is combine every weight exercises with an opposing body weight exercise. So let’s say you do a tricep curl then follow this by doing dips. Or a bench press followed by doing push ups. Combine and alternate. You can pick one of the 14 routines and do your gym workouts in between so just mix them together. I don’t have any specific schedule for this, because I don’t personally train with extra weights.

      My personal believe is that isolation will eventually lead to imbalaces and while it may increase your aesthetics it will come at a the price of your functionality. This might not be the answer you wished for. So do what works for you!

      Beast Mode ON!

      1. Good answer. I think I dont need gym haha. I have workout with bodyweight for about 2 month and half now. I see progress in my strength but only a little bit. And for my body I didnt see much change maybe because of my diet. I dont have lot of money to buy good diet. But for this sem break , i want to focus more on training and diet. I will taking supplement(whey protein) to make my result more faster. Can suggest what should I eat(breakfast until dinner) and how should I train for this 3 month sem break I mean how many times a week and what time is the best time to workout(morning ,evening or night). I dont care about time I have plenty of time for this sem break. I want to make best result so my friend can see change of my body before I get back to college. I hope you reply I really appreciate your effort to help people . Thanks

        Beas mode on !!

        1. Hey bro,

          That’s the spirit!

          What you can do for those 3 months is a part of the 6 month plan:

          Set yourself the goal to either pass or get closer to the beginner requirements.

          With regard to optimal results, you also need to focus on your diet. Training without a good diet is like driving a car without the right fuel, you know where it will get you…? Nowhere 😉

          You can find some posts on diet on this website, just check them out for yourself. You want to find foods that stimulate testosterone while keeping you insuline sensitive (the science behind this is explained here:

          Beast Mode ON!

  26. Super gaaf dit, ik maakte eerst zelf schema’s maar dit helpt me super veel, ik ben zelf aan het trainen om bar brother te worden

  27. Hey guys,i want your advice,my body type is ectomorph and i don’t know which routine i should do,so can you please help me out,and is no-equipment workout good for me??
    I’ll be very grateful if you please help me in my routine.
    Thanks guys!

    1. Hey Divyanshu,

      My advice to you would be to start the 6 month training plan, it’s perfect for beginners:

      Check it out here:

      With regard to your body type you probably have a fast metabolism, which is a good thing on the other hand you have difficulty building muscle.

      I can advise you to check out the renegade diet, because training alone won’t cut it. Make sure you eliminate bad sugars first, that a good step forward.

      If you have any other questions with regard to dieting, let me know!

      Beast Mode ON!

  28. hey barbrothers,
    I have been doing calisthenics since last year and about a few months back I could do like around 30 or so dips on the bars and about 40-50 push-ups.i had injured my legs and was told to take rest by the that my legs are alright.i have started my routine again but the funny thing is that if I don’t remain active I kinda bloat up.and as of now I can do at max around 20 push-ups and maybe 3-4 pull-ups.

    Any idea why such things happen? I eat a balanced diet and have healthy home cooked the way I’m vegetarian.


    1. Hey Krishna,

      First of all great that you have been working out already.

      Secondly, your body is an adaptive biomechanism…which means it adapts to what it is used for. Essentially it boils down to…”If you don’t use it, you lose it”.

      I personally don’t believe in not moving, I believe rest should be an adapted way of moving in order to recover from your injury or to prevent it from getting worse. I broke my wrist and severely bruised the other a few months ago, I couldn’t move my wrists, but I sure as hell could move my legs, abs, back etc. So I kept working out those muscles until I could slightly move my wrists again and from there started moving the rest.

      So what you can get from this is:

      1) Use it or lose it
      2) Never stop moving
      3) If you rest, never stop moving completely

      Beast Mode ON!

  29. Hi am Annpaul Mathew, I just downloaded all these pics so that I can start the Bar beginner routines, I just want you to ask is that am, already got six feet height and I really don’t want to increase my height, so by doing these routines I there any chance for increasing my height?

  30. Hey there!
    Im a beginner from mexico, i’d like to try this, but i dont understand it yet, so, would you like, please to tell me how can i chose one of these routines.? The routines are one per day or all per hour or ?, so sorry if i sound like a dumb i will apreciate your coment

  31. HI, I start to use the madbarz android aplication a few days and i like very much to consume my energy, but i have a quest, would be wrong to train more than one time a day? For exemple to train in the morning one time and in the evening another time!
    The first thing i would like to obtain is a good athletic shape, but obviously i would like to grow my muscle mass.

    1. Hey bro,

      You can train 100 times a day if you want, it depends on what you body and mind are able to handle.

      Start of slow and as you go increase the amount of training! Most people fail, because they exhaust themselves mentally by wanting fast results within a short period of time. Make sure you don’t make that mistake!

      I’m sure you won’t!

      Beast mode ON!

  32. Hey, I’m really intrested in doing your routines and everything but the only problem is I have school, sports, and I don’t have any workout parks around where I live! All I have at the moment is a goldsgym bench press set, some dumbells,and a curling bar! What do I need to do until I get the things I need to do y’all’s workouts?

    1. I also live in the country so it would be really hard going to a gym or anything and honestly I don’t think I’m old enough! I’m 13 so I can’t do anything such as drive and I still live with my parents and they don’t have time to take me places like a gym! I told my dad I want a pull up bar an he said use what I got! He said go in the barn, throw some rope over some posts and tie a bar to the ropes and he said now I have a pull up bar! I told him I want a dip bar and pull up bars like I see in your videos! So again, how do I do workouts without having the right things to do them! I also saw a video on how to get ready for calisthenics and it said that you need to do these 4 things (pull-ups, push-ups, dips, and squats.) I can’t do the dips or pull ups! It said after about 2 months i should have masterd those 4 things and I could move on too more advanced stuff! Please help me out?

      1. Hey Logan,

        First of all welcome to the movement!

        Well in your situation you would require some creative thinking. With regard to the dips, just use a chair or multiple chairs, it’s a perfect alternative to dip bars! Check out this blog:

        With regard to the pull ups…what you can do is replace those with decline push ups. Which means you put your feet on a higher place, so your head is leaning down. Let’s say a chair for example. The higher your feet, the more difficult it is. Check this blog for tips on execution: (Decline push ups). While it’s not exactly the same as a pull up, you will train the required muscles such as back, shoulders and chest. Other than that, eventually you will need a pull up bar regardless, there is just no way around it ;).

        Hope this helps!

        Beast Mode ON!

    2. Hey Logan,

      Welcome to the movement first of all!

      All you need is ‘a body’ and a ‘creative mind’ ;).

      Most dip exercises can be done by using a chair:

      And with regard to pull ups:

      Other than that, you just have to start doing the routines. That’s the fun thing about most calisthenics exercises, you don’t need any equipment ;).

      Hope this helps!

      Beast Mode ON!

  33. GREAT BLOG!!

    Im ready to start.

    Do you have any training calendar suggestion for the week or month? in order to work correctly every muscle.
    Could it be recomendable mix the training Bar-Gym? ( 1 day Bar training / 1 Day Gym Training)

    Best regards from México City.

    1. Hey Ness,

      Welcome to the movement! And thanks for the comment, appreciate it! 😀

      I personally don’t believe you need extra weights if you can’t control your own body weight. However, if you prefer training muscle groups in an isolated way, weights are really useful. So the question is what is your goal?

      Secondly, check out the 6 month training plan which I will send to you as soon as you subscribe. It has a clear training schedule for the coming six months, which will help you prepare for the requirements to become a Bar Brother.

      Beast Mode ON!

  34. Hey, it’s logan again!

    I was wondering if this website is the only way to communicate with yall? I have many questions! Are all the members of the bar brothers around where you live ? If not how do y’all communicate! I might be asking a lot of questions so I’m sorry if they get outta hand! Just really intrested in getting fit and pushing my limits!

    BEAST MODE ON!!! no PAIN no GAIN!!!

  35. Sorry! I would be talking to you on the bar brother forums… I made an account but it was never made active… I went back to the main screen and never received a message! So what do I do now?

  36. Hi,
    I would like to say thanks for putting this web site on the www. It has helped me a great deal in deciding what to do, and where to start. I am doing the Beginner Workout thing with some additions for little over 2 weeks, and I already feel a lot fitter. The progress already made over this short timespan is amazing!
    I am also changing some habits regarding my everyday diet; 4 kgs gone without much of an effort. And it even seems to improve my MTB cycling; I felt Iike I was flying, this afternoon.

    Getting prepared to start the 6 month program… warm greetings from an ex-Groninger.

    1. Hey Raymond!

      Thanks for the reply! I’m happy to read that your are making progress, that’s what Bar Brothers is all about!

      Helping each other in becoming our best selves :D. Goodluck with the 6 month plan, als je vragen hebt hoor ik het!

      Beast Mode ON!

  37. I´m eager to start my training!!!
    But, one simple question: When I get enough strong to do the muscle up and I am like an advanced guy… Do I still have to do two routines a day? I mean, is it always two routines?

  38. Hi man i just want to ask thati am going to start my workout and i am thinking of doing 7days workout on 7 different body parts like legs abs upper body but not full body routines.So should i do it? I would be really happy if u answer my question…….. Thanks for reading!

    1. Hey Sonu,

      Good question!

      The difficult thing with questions such as your is that there is no right answer, it’s highly individualistic. What are your goals? How often are you training right now? Why do you want to work out 7 groups 7 days? Do you think it’s more efficient?

      Beast mode on!

  39. i like chris body on bar brother and first time i watch chris on bar brother workout and know i am started bar brother workout of chris

  40. Hi,
    I have a specific requirement I need to loose fat and get muscular. I used to hit the gym earlier some 5 years back but all that’s as good as gone. Can you guys suggest a diet for the same and what routine should I follow. BTW I have never tried Calisthenics before. Also please suggest how many days a week I need to follow the routine. cause I was used to a 5 day routine for my workouts.


  41. Hallo. Ik ben een vechtsporter, ben nu 55 maar in redelijke conditie, 1,87 lang. 87 kilo.
    I heb vanaf mijn 15e allerlei vechtsporten gedaan, wedstrijden alles dus.
    Nu richt ik mij volledig op dingen die werken in een echt gevecht, zonder regels. Jeet kune do in mijn geval.
    2 keer in de week geef ik les, ben eigenaar van een klein schoonmaakbedrijfje, dus heb lange dagen, veel fysiek werk, doe de buitenboel (ramen wassen, sjouwen met ladders etc.) en heb een gezin en natuurlijk mijn vechtsporten die ik bij moet houden.
    Nu weet ik dat kracht ook belangrijk is dus had mij verdiept in diverse forums maar die gasten trainen allemaal met te zware gewichten voor deadlift, bench press etc.
    Dat is niets voor mij. Meestal deed ik alleen de pushups, site ups etc.
    Nu zijn we verhuisd en nu heb ik buiten een pullup bar en een dipstation maar ik weet niet waar ik mee moet beginnen. Je leest wel, pull ups, dips en pushups maar hoeveel sets, reps etc.?
    Ik wil eigenlijk een heel simple workout die ik kan doen met de dingen die ik heb. Ook moet de verhouding een beetje goed zijn. Ik bedoel als ik dan 3 keer in de week meer dan een uur moet trainen ben ik meer daar mee bezig dan met mijn vechtsporten bijna.
    Is het mogelijk om zo’n simpel routine te maken die toch resultaten geeft? En zo ja, heb je daar misschien een voorbeeld van?
    Sorry voor de lange mail. Hoop dat jullie hem kunnen beantwoorden. Groet, wim

    1. Hey Wim,

      Goede vragen! De principes van jeet kune do denk ik overal voor, dus ook voor calisthenics. In dit geval terugkomend op jouw vraag is er dan ook geen one-size-fits all methode/schema die ik kan geven aangezien het uitermate individualistisch is. Wat ik wel kan adviseren als je zo efficient mogelijk wilt trainen is om je te focussen op de technische krachtsoefeningen zoals: de muscle up, handstand, pistol squats, back lever en front lever. Dit zijn krachtoefeningen die zodra je ze kunt de complexiteit trainingen kunnen vereenvoudigen. Je kunt ze terugvinden op de website.

      Mocht je deze echter nog niet kunnen dan adviseer ik je om te beginnen met de muscle up. Je kunt een uitgebreide beschrijving vinden in the 6 month plan op de website (inclusief routines). Hier hoef je niet meer dan 45 minuten per dag of minder mee bezig te zijn.

      Echter, “absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is uniquely your own”, zoals bruce lee zou zeggen.

      Hoop dat je er wat aan hebt!

      Beast mode ON!

  42. Hi. I used to be able to do 5 chin ups. After starting the beginner calisthenics workout for 2 weeks, I find myself doing less than 5 and my shoulders starts to get pretty sore. Is this normal? What can I do to be able to do 5 or more again.

    1. Hey bro,

      Welcome to the movement!

      What usually happens is that as you do the exercise more often, your execution improves. Meaning you use a full range of motion, which due to the higher degree of difficulty gives you less reps. Even if you have actually become stronger.

      You are training for 2 weeks now, which means you are just starting off! Give your body some time. It also took you time to get the body you have and it will take time to get the body you want! Stick to the routines and you will find yourself making progress any time soon!

      Beast mode ON!

  43. Hi Mate,

    I am 96 kg with a bodyfat of 2 digit 🙂 from less than 0 pull up (my body was stuck down i couldn’t lift my self at all) after 2 month of hard training i did succes to get some strengt and to do 2 pullup after negative et isometrtic training. The form is not perfect i cannot get my chin up on the bar my noze does it, i am missing some centimetres. I wish i could have the perfect form but hard to get to the top of the bar. Do i need more strengt or am i missing something. I made some progress (easy when you start from nothing). Thanks.

    1. Hey Steve,

      First of all, awesome stuff! You know what, even if your progress is slow, you are still lapping everyone sitting on the couch watching tv ;).

      With regard to your question, I’d have to say that you are on the right track. Your body just needs more time to adapt. Have you read the pull up progression blog I wrote?

      I can highly recommend it! I’ve see some great results from people who used it.

      It should definitely help you speed up the process a bit!

      Beast Mode ON!

  44. i truely follow the workout i do full body workout twice a day and full week my question is that i lose energy after 30 min of vigerous workout as being a vegiterin i do lack in protein

    1. Hey bro,

      Good question! That might not necessarily be the case, it’s probably more of a adaptation thing.

      If you are just starting off with these exercises, you and your body will need time to adapt.

      Try experimenting with a fresh smoothie before training to give your body an energy boost!

      Other than that, don’t worry about the proteins, I know a few vegan Brothers who don’t have a single issue 😉 and although every body is the same. Applying a vegan diet might only have some impact on muscle gains, not on energy.

      Beast mode ON!

  45. Hi, I was wondering what to start out with since I am almost a complete beginner. I’m 13, but I have hit puberty and I am in good shape. I am fit for my age and somewhat muscular, but I’m just unsure what to do if I want to gain muscle mass, since my diet probably shouldn’t change, as well as my protein intake. Also, I’m limited in what I can use, since I don’t have a park nearby. Because of this I am not really able to do most dips and muscle ups. I do have 2 pull-up bars at home though. Thanks so much!

    1. Hey Alex,

      Welcome to the movement!

      Check out the 6 month plan and subscribe to the e-mail list, I’ll send you all the info you need for FREE.

      With regard to dips, you can either check out the equipment page on the website or get yourself some good chairs ;). Make sure you read the blog I wrote on chair exercises.

      Great to have you on the team!

      Beast Mode ON!

  46. Hi there,

    I am 14 year old and since the beginning, I was always quiet tall (188cm) and skinny. (+/- 60kg). I saw Bar Brothers on youtube and saw that it was worth trying because gym had done nothing to me in 2 months. Weights I found out were useless. After having a 1 year break from almost all types of training including running, (I used to run 5k everyday) I started a beginner workout for Whole Body to see if it would help me. I have some questions if you could answer them please.

    The workout I did is as follows:
    5 Cycles
    -20 Squats
    -15 Mountain Climers
    -8 Lunges (Each leg)
    -10 Push ups
    -6 Laying down Leg Raises
    -30 sec Plank
    -4 Pike Push ups

    1) Do I have to do this every day or take a 1 day rest because some people on youtube say they work out 6 days a week to start with whereas others say it is better to take rest because that is when your muscles grow.

    2) I have school from Monday to Friday so in order for me to not get tired, is it ok if I only do 2 cycles only because I don’t want to get tired so much that I can’t focus in my class.

    3) Can I do 5 different workout each week to practice different muscle groups and then after like 4-5 months when I am used to it, I take it to the next step and increase the reps + sets/cycles and do all 4 on the same day then take 1 day break. Also, if you can tell me if I should add/remove any exercise from these workout, please do let me know.

    The 4 workouts I found I need to do other than the one mentioned above are:

    1) 4 Cycles
    -8 Knee Raises (Each leg)
    -20 sec Mountain Climers
    -20 sec Side Plank
    -7 Half Burpees
    -25 Plank
    -15 Crunches

    2) 5 Cycles
    -15 sec Mountain Climbers
    -8 Squat Jumps
    -25 Jumping Jacks
    -8 Horizontal Jumps
    -6 Burpees
    -30 sec Rope Jump

    3) 4 Cycles
    -8 Push ups
    -10 Squats
    -10 Dips on Chair
    -8 Lunges (Each Leg)
    -3 Diamond Push Ups

    4) 4 Cycles
    -25 sec Jumping Jacks
    -8 Squat Jumps
    -8 Walking Lunges (Each Leg)
    -8 Vertical Jumps
    -8 Horizontal Jumps
    -8 Squat Jumps with 180 turn

    1. Hey bro,

      First of all good job on starting to workout again.

      To answer your questions:

      1) You don’t need to workout every day, as a matter of a fact you don’t need to workout any day ;). Every body is designed differently, but what I have found to be true is that the more time you put into something the better the results. Beginners however should try to train at least 3 times a week to make some reasonable progress. Is training more better? Only if you have developed the mental and physical capacity to do so. If not, build it up slowly.

      2) If you don’t want to get tired, then don’t work out. This might sound harsh, but you want 100% of the results by only doing 50% of the job. Life does not work like that and making progress with calisthenics definitely won’t. If you don’t want to be tired, then don’t expect to get results.

      3) The workouts you have right now are definitely sufficient. That’s indeed a method. Just try to do these workouts for a few months first, no need to look into the future now if you aren’t there yet.

      I don’t want to sound harsh, I just want to make sure you get the point, because I want you to succeed just as bad as you want to.

      Beast Mode ON!

  47. Hey guys, thanks for this great website. I have a question about all these great workouts. When it comes to reps, how many should I do per set? Should I always go to my max, which means I can do more in the first cycle but nearly none in the last or should I do the recommended number of reps, which could mean I don´t stress my muscles enough? I´m doing body weight exercises for almost 3 years now and I´m quiet good at pushing and pulling ( about 130 push up variations in 3 cycles with 6 different exercises, about 70 pull up reps in 3 cycles with 6 exercises), but I have the feeling that I don´t really “grow” any muscles.
    I also started doing stuff like frog stand and plange progression, but I don´t know how I can put this in my weekly workout routines? An answer would be great, thanks in advance! (and excuse my bad english ^^)

    1. Hey Kevin,

      Good questions! Thanks for the feedback!

      The amount of reps is given in the cycles. Make sure you go for the amount of reps first, if it’s too easy double the amount of go for a more difficult routine.

      I usually do 2 routines every training session.

      So essentially what you want to do is the following:

      Read this:

      Check out the intermediate routines on the website.

      Do 2 routines every session, 1 full body or leg routine and 1 technical routine (planch, frog stand, handstand, backlever etc.)

      This should get you going!

      Questions? Make sure to leave a comment!

      Beast Mode ON!

    1. Hey Ahjussi,

      Welcome to the movement!

      Yes, a good running session before your training will definitely help in developing your overall physical condition in addition to being beneficial to burning fat!

      Definitely recommendable to do it before your workout.

      Beast mode ON!

  48. Hello.

    I have a question about the suitability of the Bar Brothers system for me.

    I have been doing bodyweight training for some time. I am not in a great shape, but not a beginner, either. My main problem with pull ups is that I am a big guy (an endomorph, about 195 cm and weighting some 115 kilos), so pull ups are very hard for me to do. The system seems to be marketed mainly to ectomorphs who have a hard time gaining muscle mass, but is it a good choice for someone who has the opposite problem? I can do only few pull ups, which seem to be the major excercise in the system.


    1. Hey Seppo,

      Welcome to the movement!

      Great job on getting started! The system is suitable for any type of body, endo, ecto or meso.

      It covers your entire body, so don’t worry about it only focussing on pull ups. You’ll get a wide range of exercises

      In your case, focusing on your diet is definitely recommendable in addition to strength and muscle gains. Which will probably be easier for you.

      Beast mode ON!

      1. Thanks for the answer. One more question, though:

        At home, I have a doorframe pull up bar where I can do pull ups with bent legs but not real, legs straight hanging pull ups, or muscle ups. I don´t have a place to do dips, either. If necessary, I can go to a gym to do dips and muscle ups when I get to that point, but I would prefer working out at home. I don´t know any place that has olympic style paraller bars that are seen in several of the videos, if those are required in the program.

        Are these equipment necessary, or are there substitute excercises for those that don´t have access to some of the equipment?

        Thanks again.

  49. i need the motivation to do things like this but i don’t know where to start. i like abs and arm work outs but im busy with school basket ball and work.

  50. Hi there,

    I’ve just been training home for some time now with weights just to keep in shape. I am a tennis teacher after all, so good shape is key not only for performing my job but also for “selling” my job, if you know what I mean. It’s easier to trust a teacher who is not out of form. So i’ve been training at home 3-4 times a week doing 4×10 wide pull ups and some ab exercises, plus 20 sets of mixed chest / arms / shoulders / legs / back, one or two big groups at a time per day. Though I would say I’m fine with my body even if I eat mostly whatever I want, I’m tired of this. I’d like to radically change my routines and since I’ve started to travel a lot again, I need something to do with whatever equipment is around. No more weightlifting, no more dumbells.

    I just fell in love with the calisthenics system. I don’t know if it works for me or, since I would say I’m not a total fitness begginner, where should I start. I don’t know where this would take me, but I’m ready to try it out for the next six months, 4 times a week minimum.

    Any advice? Thx in advance.


    1. Hey Motenai,

      I completely understand ‘the walk the talk part’ ;). You can’t teach what you don’t apply yourself.

      I can highly recommend you to start off with the 7 days of beast mode course, it will give you the basics and will improve your understanding of natural, no weight muscle growth and overall health. Make sure you read the e-book too, and the free diet plan. It will give you some more information to start off with.

      In addition to that, it will allow you to transition into the first month of the 6 month plan with ease.

      Find it here

      If you have any other questions, ASK!

      Beast mode ON!

  51. hej barbrothers jeg er en 13 årig dreng fra danmark der har trænet i næsten 1 år men efter at have set jeres videoer og set jeres resultat vil jeg gerne lave mit træningsprogram om og spise mere ordenligt men jeg ved bare ikke hvor jeg skal starte. kan i hjælpe?

    1. i am a boy from denmark. i am 13 years old and have make workout in 1 year now. i play handball. i want to work more then i do now and work with more bar and get bigger arms, lega and sixpack but i dont now how i go to the next level . what do you think is the best?

  52. Good day bar brothers! Should i really follow the cycle? The amount of rest etc.? Or can i do just max reps for every exercise withoutfollowing any cycle?

    1. Hey Vincent,

      Good question and good day to yourself too!

      Take note that if you max out and you have more than 12 reps, you are purely focusing on endurance and less on strength.

      If that’s your objective I suggest you max out with everything. If that’s not your objective, I suggest you stick to the required number of reps and if it gets too easy, move on to a more advanced exercise or routine.

      Beast mode ON!

  53. first of all I woud say that u guys are like “THE BEST”. u r the definition of inspiration and respect, I would just like to ask you if calisthenic workouts would stop the overall growth of my body,i.e, my height which is currenlt 164cm and I’m 16 years old, and secondly I have like an addiction to working out, I workout 2 times a days for 4 days in a week, for atleast 30 min and have gained a lot though but I still haven’t increased my height that much, ur reply would mean the world to me n keep on doing what u like to do s you guys definitely have changed the way I live, “BEAST MODE ON”!!!

    1. Hey Sarim,

      Thanks for the positive feedback!

      With regard to your question, ‘NO’, it’s actually highly beneficial to your overall development.

      Haha, well that’s definitely a good addiction. Here is what’s really important. It’s better to train 1 time a day really intens, than training twice a day with little intensity.

      Other than that, keep it up bro. You are on your way to greatness!

      Beast mode ON!

  54. very great workouts 🙂
    but i have a question. Im beginner in calisthenics, before i go to the gym and agin muscels with hard weights. But now i want to train with my own weight. So do you think my workout plan for me a beginner in calisthenics is ok?
    Monday: Upperbody + abs
    Tuesday: /
    Wednesday: Full Body
    Thursday: /
    Friday: Leg
    Saturday: Upperbody + abs
    Sunday: Leg
    (I do your workout routins:)
    hope u can help me and understand what i said haha (im from germany) 🙂

    1. Hey Paul,

      Welcome to the movement!

      It’s definitely recommendable to start out with more easy exercises, because of the skill element which you will need to improve as you move from isolated exercises to more compound like movements such as muscle ups etc.

      Depending on your needs you can start training 3 times a week and as you progress you can add variety or add what is your own.

      Make sure you check out the 6 month plan for beginners too, it will give you a more detailed explanation ;).

      Beast mode ON!

  55. Hi, first of all thank you guys for this amazing website!

    I hope you can help me with this question:
    I’m a beginner in calisthenics and I don’t know how to structure a weekly plan since there are many different routines. My goal is to build muscle (my body fat is already low). I’m 1.82m and 75kg.
    What would you suggest for me?

    Thanks a lot!

  56. Helo guys just quick question. Are therere benefits to doing 1 exercsise after
    another and doing cycles rather than doing 3×10 squat then 3×10 push up
    then 3×10 pull up as an example hope yoy understand the questiom peace

    1. Hey Benjahmin,

      It both has it’s reasons. A cycle is primarily useful if you are hitting different muscle groups and will allow you to do more in less time.

      Like let’s say doing 10 squats and then 10 push ups. These are completely different groups of muscles which you are hitting. It would save you more time to do 10 squats and then 10 push ups, alternating for 5 cycles for example. Not only will it save you time, but you will have a higher benefit in terms of cardiovascular improvements (cardio).

      Still, there are always cases where cycles are less beneficial, but that’s something which you will become aware of later on.

      As for now, the most important thing is to focus on developing some basic strength in addition to basic endurance and the ability to move on to more difficult progressions.

      Goodluck and keep it up!

      Beast mode ON!

  57. Hi! First of all I just wanna say thank you., you guys are my inspiration right now., you guys are all great 😀
    I want my crush to fall in-love with me., and I think these workouts gonna help me., what do you think? hehe
    I just want her to be mine., please say something 😀

    1. Hey Jefferson,

      Haha, you are more than welcome!

      Letting someone fall in love with you is a bit more complex than doing some exercises to build more muscle and get stronger.

      First of all you need to let her know that you like her, grab your balls and tell her or write it on a piece of paper and give it to her (Never try, never know). In some cases, your crush also likes you, but because you never tell her…nothing happens. If she doesn’t like you, it wasn’t meant to be in the first place, but guess had the balls to do something 99% of people never do and that’s to go for what you want.

      So will these workouts help? Yes. Will actually telling her that you like her help? Yes, YES, YES!

      Whatever happens, you are a winner.

      Beast mode ON!

  58. Hello guys,

    I made the decision to gain some muscles, but the next gym is too far away. So i decieded to start with calisthenics 🙂 . What trainings plan can you recommend me? I’m 1.84m and 75kg.


    ps: thanks for this awsome website 🙂

  59. Hey,

    I am just 15 years old and I’m in pretty good shape already. I started the 6 month program and I am 100% dedicated. The thing is that the Forster month is way too easy and the second month program is a little difficult. Is there anything I can do in between until I can do some stuff on the second month? Also, I have a pull up bar at home and its hard for my parents to drive me to the park because I live far from it and they work so how can I work on things like muscle ups and things like that with just a pull up bar that goes on the door?

    Thanks for the help!!

    1. Hey Jack,

      Welcome to the movement!

      Work on the first month ;), it means you haven’t mastered the basics enough.

      For a muscle up, you need a pull up bar that will allow you to do so, there is no way around it unfortunately. You can work on strength, meaning explosive pulling power + the power to dip. The transition however is something you need a bar for.

      Beast mode ON!

  60. Hi guys:

    First of all Id like to thank you for the great work you are doing.

    I have one little question: Im actually starting with this type of trainning but its not like Im completly out of shape, id say Im in an Intermediate level, so If I pick any of this rutines or the other 16 mid level for how long should I stick with it before changing it? or can I mix them as I want ( you know one day work back, the next arms and so on…

    and probably the most important one; Can I / should I …make more than one routine a day? lets say …chest and back or whatever tickles my fancy? hehe

    Again thank you so much !

    Regards from

  61. Hey bros,

    I’m new to this site (started my full body workouts a week ago) and I’m a little confused. You seem to advocate a paleo diet but you also advocate the renegade diet which does not use the paleo diet. In fact it even says that a low carb diet is bad for muscle building and your energy. I was just hoping to get some clarification on whether it’s actually a good idea to start a paleo diet and restrict all forms of agriculture type food (grains and dairy).

    Thanks for taking the time to respond bros

    1. Hey Lucas,

      Welcome to the movement!

      Great question!

      It’s not exactly a black-and-white thing, especially not with regard to the paleo diet. There are different nuances which definitely apply to people looking to gain weight in addition to becoming healthier.

      The paleo diet should be seen more as a perspective from which you should look at your food. So basically would I be eating this back in the paleolithical times? If not, place your question mark, but it does not mean you shouldn’t ever eat that type of food.

      With regard to paleolithical eating 2 types of starches are generally accepted. 1 sweet potatoes/white potatoes (Less prefered) and 2 white rice. White rice is primarily recommended, because the inflammation causing outer layer has been removed. It is however an insulin spiking substance, BUT if you are doing serious training, you will burn off all the excessive glucose in your body.

      With regard to the renegade diet, it’s definitely adopting a MUSCLE MASS approach, whereas the paleo approach more focuses on HEALTH, in that regard, taking some extra carbs such as white rice, can be very beneficial for overall mass, but perhaps at the cost of insulin sensitivity. There is always a trade-off and this is something you will need to individualize and optimize for yourself. When it comes to dieting, there is NO perfect answer for everyone, there are mainly perspectives and guidelines such as intermittent fasting (renegade) or eating real foods (paleo).

      Both the renegade and paleo diet are not excluding each other. The one focuses more on ‘what you eat’ and the other more on ‘when you eat’, both are very important with regard to overall health. So it’s not one or the other, but more a combination of both, that’s why I recommend both :D.

      Hope this clarifies things for you.

      Beast mode ON!

      1. Thank you for the quick reply!

        So I am going to try to incorporate as much paleo diet as possible into my renegade version, call it a palegade diet if you will. I was just wondering if you know of a good service or website that might be able to give me a meal guide (what to cook) or even just a weekly shopping list. It’s a bit difficult for me to look at the shopping list provided by the renegade diet and come up with a bunch of meals to cook. Also with the amount of food on the shopping list I couldn’t possibly purchase everything on it and finish it before it goes bad. Obviously the spices and the meets aren’t a problem here because dry spices don’t tend to go bad and meets can be frozen but when it comes to the vegetables I’m at a loss because I don’t know how much I should purchase to last the week or two if it will last that long.

        Thanks again,

        1. Hey Lucas,

          HAha, I like the creativity, believe me it might become even weirder as you start optimizing your diet for your specific situation :P, but that’s something you will discover over time! But combining IF with a paleo diet will definitely give you a solid foundation. With regard to the paleo diet, you can find a link to a paleo cookbook in my diet plan. Other than that just google ‘paleo recipes’ ;).

          For veggies, think about avocados (my favorite one), carrots, broccoli, all of those will stay good for at least a week and can be frozen ;).

          Hope this helps.

          Beast mode ON!

  62. hey¡ got a question.
    is this 14 routines a warm up BEFORE buying The System (12 weeks program)????
    also, can you give us an explination or introduction about The Bar Brother programs????

  63. Hi bro. Thanks a lot cause sharing this routines. Actually, i want to ask you. If i do some of this routine, should i rest between 1 day ? Or just keep training 1 weeks ? Thank you 😀
    Love Calisthetics so much

    1. Hey Hasriansyah,

      More than welcome and thanks for the positive comment!

      It really depends on your current level of strength and your goals. For beginners my main advice would be to start doing 3 sessions a week with 1 rest day in between, this will allow your body to adapt while at the same time give you significant results.

      As you progress however, you might want to increase the intensity, but that’s of future concern.

      Beast mode ON!

  64. Hey Brothers,

    Just a brief backstory, I have gone through 1 month of the beginner 6 month program and am now starting to do the Let’s Go Routine. During my first month of training I found the the given reps for 3 cycles to be a bit too low so I decided that I would go max reps on every exercise in my last cycle. I’m just curious if this is a good idea or if maybe it would be better to go for max reps every cycle (which might mean not being able to do the suggested reps on the last cycle).

    Also, in the Let’s Go Routine straight bar dips are introduced. I don’t have a straight bar to do those on (my bar is one that goes in the doorway and my dip bar attaches to it) so I used my bathroom sink counter in my last workout. I’m just curious if this is a good idea or if maybe you could give me an alternative way to do the straight bar dips that I haven’t thought of.

    Thank You and Good Training,

    1. Hey Lucas,

      Welcome to the movement!

      Well, it really depends on your goals. Maxing out isn’t always the most effective way to do things ;).

      Instead of maxing out on something you can do, try moving on to the next month. This will not only mean you progress in terms of strength, but also in terms of skill, which is really what you want to happen.

      Haha, that’s creative. If you don’t have a straight bar dip, think about putting 2 chairs next to each other. Just make sure both chairs are robust.

      Keep it up!

      Beast mode ON!

      1. Thank you for the quick reply,

        I will make sure to use my new found knowledge in my next training sessions

        Beast mode ON!

  65. Hi Good day Rich, I’m Mark from Philippines, I want to start to workout but I don’t know where to start, I’m little overweight. I really want to join Bar Brothers and want to change myself for a better person, I wish you can help me. Can you give a workout that can change myself?? I hope to your reply..

  66. Hey,

    Id like to burn more calories to reduce my bodyfat. During the cardio workouts listed above, how many seconds rests should i take between the exercises?
    In madbarz, i think we must set atleast 1 sec rest time and i have to press a button to start the next exercise, which is a bit uncomfortable during a cardio typed workout.


  67. Hello guys, i´ve been in the gym for 3 month´s and im gonna follow your program and start doing calisthenics only.
    For better results you guys recommend me full body routines our 1 muscle per day routine?
    In the gym I used to train 5 days 1 muscle each and 2 separated rest days.

    1. Hey Jorge,

      It really depends on your goals and your current level of skill and strength.

      For beginners I’d always recommend doing some kind of full body circuit to develop a balanced foundation.

      Beast mode ON!

  68. Hey I have heard of bar bros before and I’m looking to lose like 20lbs and get more lean muscles….I want to get started on a routine, and get a strict diet also any advice/help you can give me

  69. hey! got a question.
    Can we buy The System between me and a friend??? I know its a weird question but I got curiosity
    Thanks Bar Brothers, from heart

    Greedings from Dominican Republic

  70. Howdy gents. I’ve made the switch to calisthenics training 100% about 3 months ago and have fully gone and drank the koolaid. My work has me traveling all over the country and sometimes internationally so these workouts that I can do anywhere and everywhere are keeping me on track. I also lucked out and there’s a small park in my neighborhood that has a little section with a dip station, mixed bars, and a pull up station. At the oceanfront in Virginia Beach where I live, they just built a full on calisthenics park on the beach that rivals any park I’ve ever seen!

    When I first got into this, I went and bought the 12 week workout and jumped right in. VERY quickly I checked my ego and realized I needed to take a step back and walk myself through the 6 month plan first. When home and I’m guaranteed access to a pull up and dip bars, I’m about at the level to where I can complete the Let’s Go and Full Body workouts back to back. My form is getting better and better and I’m starting to track progress with small videos of myself to improve.

    I have plenty of questions but for now I just want to say I’m enjoying the challenge, the ups and downs (necessary dad joke right there), and overall journey. I’ve gotten a few buds to join me with these workouts and that’s made it all the better as well. Thanks for putting these together!

    1. Hey Ryan,

      First of all thank you for taking your time to leave such a positive comment!

      Haha, I know the travelling lifestyle and calisthenics is great, because of the options it creates.

      This experience with regard to the system is something I hear more often and it shows great character that you were willing to take a step back to go back to the basics. Happy to read that the 6 month plan has been giving you results and it will definitely prepare you for the system.

      Haha true, definitely the dad joke (guess it rings true doesn’t it?). Anyways, hope to see you around more on the website and if you need any of those questions answered.

      You know where to ask them.

      Stay strong.

      Beast mode ON!

  71. Hey Rich,

    Hope u r doing well.

    I have started 6 months training and its my 1st month running. I am training daily without any off. Doing full routine every alternate days and rest days leg routine. Is it all ok if I train my body 7 days in a week and once in a day ??

  72. Sick workouts man! Thank you so much! I struggle with hip mobility and low body flexibility which prevent me doing leg raises etc , do you maybe have some routines for me to work on this? cheers bro!

  73. Hi Rich,

    Made an ABS workout, that I like to share. It helps me a lot with grip strength and the passive hang as well.

    Hanging knee raises 7reps
    Flutterkicks 30secs
    Hanging side raises 8 reps each Sude
    Heel touch crunches 15 reps each side
    Hanging leg raises 3 reps
    Crunches 30 reps
    Parallel bar leg raises 5 reps

    Repeat 4 cycles 30secs between excercises and 90sec between cycles. Used madbarz for this.

    1. Hey Marc,

      Great addition!

      Thanks for the share. I’m happy to read that you are making some great progress.

      Make sure you don’t forget to complement this with some lower back exercises.

      Beast mode ON!

  74. No special wo there. Some swimmers, supermans ans Arm and legraises from Plankposition. And last, but not least your excellent flexibility Guide. All day. Helps me in the progress to the hanging full legraise.
    My only worries are the pull exercises. Though Im leaning moderately (1kg per week), I still have a long way. But the rings were the best addition yet!! Guys, get yourself Rings, not only for pull exercises, but all the hold excercises as well.

    Keep fighting!👊

  75. hey bar brothers i just wanted to ask a question. i play water polo and i go training every day 2.5 hours in my training i train basically my legs and i wanted to ask you if i can do the same calisthenics programs as others and if i can what i have to eat after the calisthenics training? because after the calisthenics training i would go water polo training. pls help me

    1. Hey Theodoros,

      Great question.

      Essentially you can do the same training to get started, but depending on your type of sports of course, you can add or remove exercises.

      It all depends on your goals, level of strength and countless other things.

      Beast mode ON!

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