14 Bar Brother Beginner Routines

So you are looking for body weight workout routines?

Or are still making them by yourself?

That’s great, but do you really know what you are doing?


Why reinvent the wheel?

When someone is already happily rolling around in a Rolls Royce.

When you google Bar Brother routines, you probably find more routines than there are people on this planet.

It’s confusing to say the least.


So you just keep collecting more workout plans, more routines, more exercises.

I’ve seen it happen. It usually doesn’t end well.

But it’s not your fault and it doesn’t need to happen to you.

Not only have I made a collection of beginner routines, I’ve written 4 workout plans which you can use based upon the intensity you desire.

Let’s check out which 14 body weight routines will get and keep you going:



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Bar Brother Beginner Routines To Get Started


Being a beginner doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t work hard.

But it means that you should work smart.

You are exposing your body to new ‘loads’.

Going from sitting on a couch or behind a computer to actually doing muscle ups is like shifting from riding your bike with training wheels to jumping into a racing car.


That’s something you wouldn’t recommend to any beginner.

Would you?

Let’s take a good look at the routines first and design a plan that allows you to slowly transition from training wheels to racing speed.

1. Full Body Routines


These routines will give you a full body workout.

A great option if you are looking for a strong foundation.

They can all be done at home or at a workout park in your area.

Just make sure you do a proper bar brother training warming up first.


For beginners who are looking for a good schedule

Full Calisthenic Routine

Bar Brothers Six Pack Calisthenic routine

Calisthenic full body routine

2. Upper Body Routines


Specifically aimed at the upper body.

Keep in mind that you want to balance your pushing and pulling routines and exercises as much as possible to prevent imbalances down the road.

While from an aesthetic perspective it might seem nice to build a bigger chest.

From an injury perspective, only focusing on chest exercises will increase your chances of getting injured the more you progress.


Body Weight workout plan

Calisthenics Chest Routine

Calisthenic chest routine

body weigth triceps routine

body weight back routine

3. Leg Routine


For some weird reason, people assume that calisthenics does not include tough leg workouts.

By changing the angles, using one leg instead of two or by increasing the amount of repetitions you can still progressively overload your leg muscles.

It takes a bit more creativity, but over time you will realize that there are many ways to Rome.

Or to stronger legs.


4. Cardio Routines


While cardio routines are great from an exercise and energy expenditure point of view, you need to keep in mind that ‘just’ doing cardio will not make you lose weight faster perse.

It’s a combination of nutrition AND exercise.

Not one or the other. Science even shows that ‘exercise’ alone is a very weak determining factor for weight loss.


The right calisthenics diet and Bar Brother meal plans on the other hand will give you a bigger bang for your buck.

In combination with ‘high energy expenditure training’ the sword cuts on both sides.

On one hand you are increasing your energy expenditure and on the other hand you are decreasing your energy intake.

That’s when cardio really works.


Calisthenics Workout Plan

Calisthenics Workout plan for women


5. Ab Routine


Once again a great routine to build strong abs, specifically because it also focuses on the lower back.

A often made mistake by Bar Brother beginners is to solely focus on getting more visible abs, but without focusing on the lower back.

You need to realize that it’s both your abs AND your lower back that contribute to a stronger core.

Once again it’s a combination of both sides.

Planning to do more ab exercises? Make sure you add lower back exercises too.


Calisthenics workout routine abs

7 Day Workout Plans For Bar Brother Beginners With 4 Levels Of Intensity


So what do you need to do now?

You have the routines.

But I’m sure you’d like to know when to use what routine and how to use them in a balanced way.

I’ve written a few 7 day plans based upon what you believe your current level of strength is right now.


But first a few questions:

Is this your first time starting calisthenics? Start at level 1.

Have you done Bar Brother training before? Start at level 2.

Have you done this type of workout before? And do you have an active life in general? Start at level 3.

Have you done this before? Do you have an active life? Are you crazy? Start at level 4.


In all honesty, I’d rather have you be a little conservative in your choice and feel like you could have done more after your first workout.

Than to have you lay on bed for the entire day, because you are completely destroyed.

As with everything, too much of a good thing can also be a bad thing.

It’s all about the right dosages.

Don’t be afraid to be a ‘Rookie’ or a ‘Beginner’, before you become a ‘Master’ or a ‘Beast’.


Level 1: Bar Brother Rookie


You are new to this calisthenics thing.

You want to be a Bar Brother, but aren’t sure yet about how to start.

You need a simple plan to begin in a safe and well constructed way.


You are willing and realize that training at least 3 days a week is necessary to make consistent progress.



Level 2: Bar Brother Beginner


You are just getting started, but want to challenge yourself with a bit of intensity.

Your rate of recovery requires you to have rest days in between workouts.

Motivation comes quite easily, but you need a bit of a jump start every now and then.


An extra day of cardio will help your overall recovery of the past week.

Keep in mind that on your body still needs time to adapt.



Level 3: Bar Brother Master


You are beyond the level of a beginner, who has just dipped his feet into the water for the first time.

You are ready to jump in and submerge yourself into calisthenics.

You will need less rest, because the recovery rate of your body is significantly higher than that of a beginner due to a history of training.

6 days of training followed by 1 day of rest.



Level 4: Bar Brother BEAST


You don’t make any concessions when it comes to training.

You like to lean beyond your edge and your friends probably think you are nuts for doing so.

You have a high drive and don’t need to be motivated.

This plan will suit you well.

Just make sure you focus on your recovery. Proper sleep and high quality nutrition are essential.




While these routines and the subsequent plans are great to start with, feel free to customize them to your own specific needs.

Want to use a certain routine instead of another? Go for it.

View this plan as a blueprint of a house. Stick to the foundation, but what you put into the house is up to you.

Beyond these 7 days you can transition into the 6 month Bar Brother workout plan or the 12 week workout system by the official Bar Brothers.



Be A Beginner With A Plan


You have a goal.

What do you think you need to have to make that goal a reality?

Riding your ‘bike with training wheels’ won’t cut it.

You’ve tried and you know, that’s why you came to this post in the first place.


Throw away the ‘training wheels’.  Start using a quality plan.

A plan with routines that are customized to your personal needs.

A plan that maintains its quality for longer than a day.

A plan that takes time to come to completion, but once completed leads to a complete transformation.

From plan to reality, it takes 6 months to build a Rolls Royce and only 13 hours to build a Toyota.

What plan would you rather have?


Beast mode ON!


Now I’d like to hear from you:

Did you like this post?

Or maybe you have a question.

Either way, make sure you get your download and leave a quick comment below right now.


PS. Special thanks to www.madbarz.com for the high quality routines.

PPS. Looking for more awesome stuff, you can find more information here.

PPPS. Written by Rich Andoh




364 thoughts on “14 Bar Brother Beginner Routines

  1. I can do beginner routines easily but when i do a medium routine its hard and i get exhausted after doing two cycles what do you think i should do continue doing medium routines or i should do a combination of beginner routines?

    And thank you for the routines.

  2. I did the beginner (No Equipment) but I’m exhausted after 2 cycles, what should I do? Or should I just rest it there for now, and next week I’ll do 3 (if I can) or even push for 4? Please do reply and Thank God for these routines I’m pleased to know I’m going somewhere with this. So long.

    1. Hey Jes,

      Great question!

      That’s a great option. Take your time, if you feel exhausted after 2 cycles, try to use a longer rest period between cycles, like 5 min for example, that should provide you with enough time to recover.

      Keep up the good work!

      *Fist bump*

      1. Hi Rich,

        Thanks for the reply. Appreciate it.

        I also have something up, since Monday, my body is still having strains because of the routine, and specially my legs. They’re still healing. So, basically what I want to ask is that, can I trade the leg day for the Let’s Go one and just do the leg day on Friday rather than today?

        I’m doing the beginner though, ’cause I’m a beginner I suppose. 😀

        *Fist bump back*

  3. Hey Rich, awesome work with this page, thanks for sharing this knowledge.
    What should i do if i can’t do 6 pullups as requested in the “Let’s GO” routine? Should i do as many as i can? Or switch it for another exercise?
    Thanks man!

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