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The Calisthenics Diet To Get Below 10% Body Fat

Being hungry is a bad thing right?

As soon as you feel that belly of your rumbling it’s a sign that you should eat.

At least that is what you would think.

The opposite is true.


Being hungry every now and then is a good thing!

So why does everyone think it’s bad?

Simply because our increased wealth has allowed us to feed during the entire day.

Our bodies on the other hand are still build on a different way of life.


Let’s travel back in the past and meet one of your ancestors.

Funny enough 10.000 years ago your great-great-great grandfather did not have a refrigirator.

Neither did he have a grocery store and he would usually be without food for the biggest part of the day.

”But that’s really unhealthy!”, you might think.

Is it really?


Calisthenics Bar Brother Diet


Well, if your body has been doing it for millions of years, let’s say it probably got a little used to it.

And found a way to adapt.

It actually did and that’s why it’s really difficult for you to lose those last kilos of fat.

You are actually right now using a body which has developed itself over millions of years in scarcity in a world which has started to have an abundance of food for less than 10.000 years ago.


Believe it or not, but when you are eating the entire day, you are actually doing something which is not beneficial to your health.

Yes, you actually read that your body is not used to being fed for the entire day, so it starts getting lazy and inefficient.

That’s exactly why those last percentages of fat don’t burn away.

And that’s why you will never get below 10% body fat.


To be honest when I found out about this, it just made sense.

But how does it work on a biological level?

It is all about two hormones:

  • Testosterone
  • Insulin


Without getting too scientific here, let’s say that testosterone increases muscle growth, whereas insulin allows your food to be fuel for your muscle instead fuel for your fat.

Let me give a practical example, look at your body as a sponge filled with water.


Calisthenics Diets Tips


The water is your blood sugar and the sponge is your body.

When you have a high level of blood sugar or when the water fills the sponge, all the excess water falls on the side of the sponge.

It is unable to absorb more and in the human body this excess water/sugar becomes fat.


Now every time you eat, you raise your blood sugar level.

Guess what happens with all the excess food.

Yes, it becomes fat, because the sponge is already completely filled.

Now let’s say you give your sponge the time to withdraw water and use it to become bigger.


This is done through insulin, it allows your body to lower and manage it’s blood sugar levels to maintain a certain treshold.

What happens when the sponge is given the time to dry up a bit to a normal level?

Your food does not get stored into fat, but is more effectively transformed into muscle and energy.


There is no excess and the sponge absorbs the water even better when it’s dry.

More, when the sponge realizes it’s empty, it starts developing (release testosterone) itself for more water or in other words it starts to build muscle.

But only if you fill the sponge at the right moment.


Enough about sponges, this is the best way I could dumb down this process.

Essentially it means, don’t fill the sponge with more than it can absorb and give the sponge time to withdraw the water before you fill it up again.


So How Does This Diet Work In Practice?


Bar Brother Diet


You just dump your refrigirator, hook up with Michael J Fox from back to the future (With his awesome car) and get yourself some ancestor friends to live, chill and workout with.

With a little imagination you might just get there.

But honestly, it’s easier than your think.

The funny thing is you DO NOT NEED TO EAT LESS! (Get this right)

That’s right, your ancestors did not necessarily eat less, they ate better.

The difference was that they ate two or three big meals over the entire day instead of many small meals.

They were eating intermittently, which means they were eating with breaks.


Before I want to explain how it works I want to get 1 thing straight, if applied correctly this way of eating will not only BURN your FAT, but also BUILD YOUR MUSCLE.

The secret lies in the two hormones.

And not in eating less!



So What Is This So Called At The Right Time Diet?


I want to keep things as easy and applicable as possible.

So it boils down to this, you don’t eat over the entire day, but you eat during a certain time frame of the day.

So instead of eating 10 small meals over 12 hours, you eat 2 or 3 big meals over 8 hours.

How can you do this?

By skipping breakfast


This gives your body 16 hours to use all the energy that’s left until the final drop.

Instead of overflowing it with excess, because it has not yet digested your previous meal.


The MAJOR DIFFERENCE is that in the first case (small meals over a longer time period), your blood sugar levels remain high.

What happens?

More fat!


In the second case you start off with a lower level.

Your body releases testosterone to prepare you for your next hunt.

And as soon as you eat your body starts devouring everything you put into it.

What happens?

Muscle and energy increase!


Doing this actually has a name, it is called: ‘Intermittent fasting’.



Calisthenics diet tips and tricks


What Is Intermittent Fasting?


Quite simply put, intermittent means ‘with pauses’ and fasting implies ‘not eating’.

Thus essentially intermittent fasting (IF) stands for eating with pauses of not eating.

Take note, that if you are currently overflowing your body with sugars, you will find it more difficult and have bigger cravings.

It will feel like going cold turkey.


My advice would therefore be for you to replace your sugars like cookies and bread for white rice and sweet potatoes or other carbs that do not cause inflammation.



How Do You Start With Intermittent Fasting?


1. Determine your eating window. Make sure you fast for 16 hours and eat for 8.

So for example: wake up and eat your first meal at 12:00 and your final meal before 20:00 (I personally do this).

2. Eat what you would normally eat and try to skip the grains and sugars as much as possible especially in your first meal. You want to keep the insulin low and shouldn’t eat to much sugars or bad carbs.

3. Start your eating phase with a big salad, a piece of fruit or a fruit/vegetable juice to kickstart your metabolism.

4. In your eating phase eat big meals. Eat as much as you would normally do.

5. Do this for at least 5 days.

6. Let your body to it’s job (Click here for the Renegade Diet and get a more detailed explanation).



The Fasting And Training Schedule


So this is how an ordinary fasting day would look like for me.

8:00-10:00 Wake up (High testosterone, low insulin. Perfect state)

10:00 – 12:00 Daily activities/workout (This is the optimal moment to train for fat loss according to research, study, study). Might have some pre-workout coffee .

12:00 – 17:00 Eat some big salads and snack on fruits, vegetables and nuts (Giving your body some energy, low in carbs preferably, implying your insulin remains low).

17:00 – 18:15 Workout (Boost my testosterone even more, deplete my blood sugar levels again)

18:15 – 20:00 Eat whatever I want, sweet potatoes, chicken, tuna, beef, nuts, seeds, vegetables fruits. You can add rice here or other carbs, I personally minimize rice or grains. If you want to use rice as a quick carb, use white rice instead of brown, because brown rice has more inflammatory components. This is however a matter of trial-and-error. Some people don’t experience any adverse effects. I would personally not recommend it, but try it out for yourself and find what works best.

20:00 –Β  By this time you will spike your insulin levels and your testosterone will be high as well. Time to relax and give your body time to recover and while you are, it keeps building muscle and all your nutrients will be used efficiently.

As you can see this is a 8Β hour eating-window, but you can also do a 8Β hour variation where you start at 14:00 or another time that suits you best.

Drinking water or non sugary drinks (Which usually only leaves you with water as an option) can be done throughout the day, be careful with milk however, because it has a insulinogenic effect (study).


Note: If you combine your insulin sensitive state with this 1 Simple Formula To Gain Or Lose Weight it’s impossible for you to not lose weigh and you can use it to gain weight and still look lean.

Read the diet guide for more meal plans.


The Intermittent Fasting Plan To Results


Building the body of your dreams. Losing skinny fat. Becoming healthier.

It’s about finding the right combination of things.

It’s not only about what you eat, or how much you eat, but also about when you eat.


So when you ask yourself: ”How can I train without any food in my stomach?”


Did your great-great-great-grandfather survive while hunting wild animals on an empty belly?

You have the answer…


Beast mode ON!



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304 thoughts on “The Calisthenics Diet To Get Below 10% Body Fat

  1. Howsit Rich, I’ve just recently started reading your posts and they all make a lot of sense. I’ve just done my first solid week of training and eating well and it’s because of all your great posts, so thanks a lot bru!

    1. Thanks for your comment!

      It means a lot to me to hear that I have been able to contribute to your first week of solid training!

      Actually it’s not because of my posts, it’s because that’s what you wanted for yourself (It’s your desire), I’m just here to show you that it’s possible.

      But thanks anyways :D.

      Make sure you keep pushing and if you have any questions make sure you ask them.

      In the mean time, there is some great content coming up in the future!

      Beast Mode On!

      1. Hey Rich. The guy from Bar Brothers DK eats in the morning with an Oats for starters and eats slowly throughout the day and he’s ripped to shreds and looks like a beast. So how does that work? Thanks bro

        1. Hey Keaton,

          Good question!

          There are more ways to Rome. The question is do you want to go there in a Ferrari that doesn’t break down or do you want to go there in a regular car? Both will get you to Rome, but not the same way.

          Is it the best way to do it for most people? Oats, with milk? Most likely not. Is it a way to do it? Yes. There are people who get great results on a McDonald’s diet. This doesn’t mean, most people will get great results on that diet.

          So for every diet tip or trick there will be 1000s of people doing the complete opposite and getting great results too, BUT the question is what is the thing that will work in 99% of cases instead of 10% of the cases? There is a lot to say for eating in the morning, research shows that there is a lot more to say for skipping breakfeast every now and then or on a consistent basis.

          But in the end it’s all about what works best for you. The best diet is the one you can stick to ;).

          Beast mode ON!

      2. I’m also not sure how I must eat between 12:00 and 17:00. How many hours between my eating should I have. So I eat at 12:00 a decent meal and then when? And you say snacking on fruits. But isn’t that like eating constantly during the day. A little bit confusing.

        1. Hey Keaton,

          Maintain an 8 hour window, make sure you check out the free diet guide.

          Eat 3-4 big meals and if you really are looking for a bit more of calories, definitely possible to add some nuts or fruits in addition to your meal. This is a very personal thing however, that would mean that you eat during the day, but WITHIN a certain time frame. Instead of eating the entire day, meaning a 10-12 hour window.

          Hope this clarifies things a bit.

          Beast mode ON!

      3. Hi Rich, I like the bar brothers very much. But I have a question, i’m a boxer and i’m fighting in the middel weight under 75kg right now i’m 79kg and have like 12-11% fat percentage sow I nee to get shredded I can’t put on any more muscle. What should I do to lose fat but not gaining muscle? Is it even possible?

        1. Hey boxer,

          Great question!

          This is definitely an interesting goal, increasing strength without increasing muscle mass. This is actually something most people should be focusing on, instead they focus on mass ;). It’s pretty easy and IF will definitely help you with it.

          You want to watch your caloric intake and get into a light deficit, which will allow you to lose fat in combination with IF and a lower carb intake you will see that layer of fat going away fast, with the correct training you will actually be stronger with less mass. It has to do with motor unit recruitment and explosive speed.

          So it’s definitely possible, it’s more than possible :D.

          Beast mode ON!

    2. You fuckers have decided to take your scam to the next level, with your bullshit diet plan, fuck you guys.

      1. Hey Ruhollah,

        First of all thanks for your visit to this website!

        Secondly, I appreciate you sharing your opinion, that’s what this is all about! So what I’m curious about is how you got below 10% body fat? Are there any diets you would recommend? Since you have such an outspoken opinion you must have some great results and advices which you could share.

        Please do so! I’d gladly give you an opportunity to write about it.

        Beast Mode ON!

        1. I will say I was IFing before I found this site, and it is NOT bull crap IFing is the best plan I have ever done! think its bull all you want but try it! it just makes since! I have stayed at 170 while the entire time losing body fat and keeping my lean mass!

          1. Hey Peter,

            Well that’s good that you have been experimenting with IF.

            I recommend it to everyone, but then again sometimes it might seem a bit out there to people so in the end everyone is entitled to have their own opinion and do what they want to do. I’m just trying to put the right information out there.

            But thanks for your comment!

            Beast Mode ON!

      2. It’s not necessary to take it that far man.

        Much like exercising, buying this diet is a choice, Bar Brothers isn’t forcing you to buy it and Bar Brothers isn’t scamming you. Thanks to Bar Brothers I have my next 6 months of training all lined out and that didn’t cost me a single cent. I didn’t buy the diet plan and I am doing great with getting in better shape, I just use common sense or other free dieting resources and it has helped me go to state track.

        You don’t need to go raging over one of the only things on the Bar Brothers website that costs money, 95% of what it has to offer is free! What you spend your money on is your choice.

        1. Hey Dominick,

          Thanks for your comment!

          I believe everyone is entitiled to his/her opinion and whatever their opinion it should not keep this website from giving as much free content as possible. And even though I’d love to give everything away for free, it’s not possible right now.

          Anyways, good to read that you started the 6 month plan! If you have any questions feel free to ask them, I’ll try my best to give you a suitable answer!

          Beast Mode ON!

      3. Well from a scientific perspective, what they are saying is essentially true. Since 1 pound of fat is equivalent to 3500 calories, to lose that 1 pound of fat you need to have a deficit of 3500 calories from YOUR NORMAL INTAKE. So if you are not gaining or losing weight from your current diet, you are at a NORMAL INTAKE. IF just helps manage those calories more EFFICIENTLY. By taking in calories and nutrients during specific times during day/workout, you are able to establish synergy with the secreted hormones, testosterone, hGH, insulin, etc… This follows our primitive, natural eating cycle.

        Truthfully, this is not required for people who have more than 15-20% body fat. Without a doubt, this can be incredible effective, but starting out (for beginners), just try cutting out processed carbs and replacing them with protein, vegetables, and fruits. By following the workout plan and just rearranging these food groups, you will start dropping weight by the 2nd week. Roughly about a 1-2 pounds per week. HOWEVER, don’t start EXCESSIVELY cutting CARBS from your diet, otherwise your body will enter starvation mode, which in fact will cause you to store more fat even though you are eating less. This is why i said replace ‘processed carbs” with natural ones. Processed carbs include junk food, chips, burgers, etc.. try brown rice, limit amount of bread and pasta, or altogether eliminate bread and pasta if possible. Best results ive seen where with brown rice with seasonings, complemented by some meat and vegetables. It will leave you full and burn more calories.

          1. I myself am starting serious workouts right now, but im down from 420 pounds t0 260. Im still on a fairly high body fat, but the secret was lowering my insulin resistance and raising my testosterone, with I did on the first 3 months. Raised testosterone over 100% (i was at 130ng/dL) and lowered Glycosylated hemoglobin from 11% to 5%, my doctor was clueless. The secret was eating whole foods, including only very low GI legumes and vegetables. But still, i was nowhere near very active and my digestion time was long without trouble, eating lots of beans and vegetables takes almost double the time to digest than sweet potatoes, imparing on performance and giving me cramps during exercise on a full belly. I’m doing a beast smoothie in the morning (1.1/2 quart) with fruits, seeds, roots and vegetables, with has a very low GI since im not very active in the morning, and 2 large meals with 3-4 hours intervals with lots of vegetables. My carbs are VERY limited, usually brown/red/black rice, sweet potatoes or acorn squash. I eat nuts and seeds on a daily basis, i make my own sauerkraut and A2 raw milk kefir to supply with probiotics. in 2 years with little exercise i got where i am. The challenge now is to get some muscle behind that loose skin and be feel better and more able(i can’t even run faster than 8miles per hour and not very long, i can’t do a lot of push ups, etc). Basically my main nutricional isse is to eat low GI foods and work out to keeps testoterone high and insulin resistance lower as much as i. But the nutricional secret is here, even if you don’t work out like a beast, you can lower insulin resistance and raise testosterone. Just eat low GI, get that space between your meals, eat the right fats for hormone synthesis, and it will work. If you work out hard and burn those carbs fast, there will be no trouble though, since insulin will be on your body only for a limited time and you will not build up resistance.

          2. Hey Bruno,

            First of all! I’m very happy to see you replying to this post and your story is a very inspirational one.

            Definitely whole foods is a great first step into the right direction. Only doing IF is definitely not the only piece to the puzzle, but it definitely is a piece. Of course it might be the case that your body responds much better to a different regimen, nobody is the same ;).

            Still, going for low GL foods is definitely a major contributing factor to increasing your insulin sensitivity and you have experienced, I couldn’t agree more :D.

            If I can give you some advice on working out, I’d say don’t start at 10 don’t start at 10, but start at -10. What I mean by this is instead of running walk, only walk. This might sound out of the box, but just as much as what you eat is nutrition to your body, the amount of movement is nutrition too. With that regard you want to allow your body to slowly adapt and become more prepared for better nutrition. I’ve seen far too many people who have gone from no movement to doing all kinds of movements and injuring themselves. I’m sure you know what you are doing, I just wanted to share this experience with you.

            That being said, don’t confuse something that works to be the only thing that works. Great to eat low GL foods, but it’s not enough ;). There is more to nutrition than that.

            Anyways, love the addition! Thanks for the amazing comment, unfortunately this medium does not allow us to have a nice conversation which I can imagine would be very interesting. If there is anything I can help you with, let me know! Perhaps you could make your own website/videos about your journey.

            Beast mode ON!

          3. Im starting to incorporate calisthenics into my workout program now going calisthenics then weight and having 1 day off a week. Anyways I found this and I’m keen to try it out question though so how much protein and carbs do I eat I’m a bit confused like do I eat no protein and a small amount of carbs on my first meal I’d just like some kind of measurement I’m 178 cm tall 78 kg 16 years old if that’s of any relevance

    3. Hey bar brothers, I just started calisthenics and I got my whole workout routines set and ready but the only thing I am struggling on is my workout diet. I honestly know NOTHING about carbs, proteins etc. Is there any possible way for me to email you to get some lessons/guide and tips towards my diet. Also have another question. You said from 8-10 is the time estimated of you waking up. Than you said 10-12 you workout? So I shouldn’t have a meal before I go workout?

  2. Hey, I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while!! (has anyone heard of the bulletproof version on IF?). I’ve committed to starting this and my wife wanted to as well. The difference is that she is currently breast feeding and we wanted to know if there are any professionals out there that may have some expert knowledge on impact of IF and breast feeding? Thanks for the help!

    1. Hey bro,

      Since I have no real experience with breastfeeding women, I have done some research for you.

      The author of the primal blueprint a highly advisable book.

      What it boils down to is that for breastfeeding women, fasting is possible, but a max of 12 hours, given that is has no negative effect on the quality of the milk.

      Just like all the advice on this blog is based on research and personal experience, all bodies and situations are different, so my advice is always to take what works for you, listen to the people who have done it before and if it works keep doing it, if it doesn’t, do something else.

      More, fasting also has a positive effect on women, but in moderation compared to men, since women have a different reproductive role especially when pregnant or breastfeeding.

      Hope this information helps you somewhat!

  3. Hey man,

    Tx for all the great advice, I am Just like you questioning everything I eat to the point where it seems I am getting lost some times.
    Quick question: 2 mails ago you gave 30 tips on food. One of them was to replace rice and bread with sweet or regular patatoos. In this article you sugest that eating rice in the evening is good. Can you explain the change here?

    Tx man, rock on!

    1. Hey bro,

      Great question!

      Allow me to explain the nuance of ‘rice’.

      White rice is the exeption to the non-grain rule here is why:

      – White rice does not have the protective outer layer which brown rice does and it’s this layer that contains micronutrionts that cause inflammation and irritation in the gut.

      – The primary reason why sweet potato is better than white rice is because it contains more nutrients, while white rice is a good source of carbs, there are little to no nutrients. The nutrients are in the outer layer just like the toxins which you don’t want to have.

      – If you want to increase in size/gain weight and have little to no options for other carb rich foods, white rice is the best option, because it no longer has the negative effects which other grain products still have. More when you eat white rice at the end of your fast, your insuline sensitivity is at its highest, so your body burns it instantly like a match. So it’s a good calorie supplement at the end of your fast.

      Summarized, while it’s better to replace white rice with sweet potato for example or other carb rich non-grain foods, white rice is the best and cheapest alternative for carbs even though it has little to no nutritional value. For most people this is a more sustainable way of adhering to the paleo diet while at the same time eating as ‘socially acceptable as possible’.

      I hope this answers your question. Remember this is my personal advice, be critical, find out what works for you and apply that.

      1. Hi all, first of all i want to try this diet. But i got a question. I work in shifts and the hardest shift to plan meals is the night shift. So i wake up at 12.00 then i do my workout and i go back to sleep at 6.00 in the morning how would u plan the 8 ours on there? I stopped going to the gym afther 10 years and started calisthenics for 4 months now and i love it. Its a big change but i feel stronger then i went to the gym all those years and feel alot fitter/leaner. Ty all grtz Bill

        1. Hey Billy,

          Good question!

          In your case planning that 8 hour window might be a bit less common than the regular window.

          There definitely isn’t a one-size-fits-all method. So I’d say, experiment, find a time frame in which it’s possible for you to get enough nutrients while at the same time being able to stick to that 8 hour window. I personally usually have around 3-4 hours of wake time before I consume my first meal. By doing so the time between my last meal and when I go to bed usually isn’t more than 4 hours.

          By doing so I prevent myself from getting too hungry, but still reap the benefits from IF.

          Hope this gives you something to work with. At the same time, remember that you are an unique individual, so experiment with this and see what works best for you.

          Beast mode ON!

  4. I read some articles which state that this diet lead to losse muscle , so my question is if this is true. also my other question if I this diet can help us to reduce fat and gain muscle.

    1. Hey bro,

      Good question!

      Most people think that dieting is actually eating less. To be honest the title of this blog might make you think that, because I talk about a diet, whereas this is actually a life style change.

      With regard to this, you have to make the distinction between calorie restriction and optimal nutrition.

      There is a huge difference between both, wheras one focuses on eating less the other focuses on eating BETTER or on making OPTIMAL use of what you eat.

      So you do not eat less, you eat differently, so instead of eating 1 kilo of bad food you eat 1 kilo of good food.

      However if you eat less, than you actually need you will indeed start losing muscle.

      The renegade diet however or intermittent fasting cause anything but muscle loss, because they focus on increasing testosteron and losing fat which helps even more.

      So you don’t necessarily eat less, you eat better to gain muscle.

      This is my personal advice on what I believe truly works, but always stay critical and try out things for yourself.

      Beast Mode ON!

  5. hey bro
    thmx alot
    .but i want to knw about the routine when i work out in should i take the meal when i work out in morning 5:00 o clock.i wake up 4:30 in the morning.please tell me .

  6. hey bro.
    tell me also that i sprint in the morning.i want to add my sprinting in the routine.nw tell me what i should eat in my sprinting is good before the exercises?? i sprint for increasing my body stemina.

    1. Hey Satendra,

      That’s a really good thing to do in the morning when your insuline is low and your growth hormones are at it’s highest.

      Regarding your diet, check the renegade diet it also discusses your question, but in more detail.

      Beast Mode ON!

      1. Can i get that link where diet is discussed.i am asking when i do in morning then wt schedule should be follow.i really need.u can either mail or give link me.

  7. i ahve read the renegate diet..but i am an indian and we use to eat grains in food.and dairy prodct reamain compulsary in our food thn how should i start.i am asking for that.
    And i also want 8 hour window whn i do in morning.coz before exerices should be somthing inside our body.can i do without taking any diet in the morning?

    1. Hey bro,

      That’s really good, it means you are on your way to becoming more aware of what good food really is.

      First of all, with regard to dairy and grains, if it’s really difficult for you to cut those, start cutting the sugars.

      So stop drinking soda’s and eating candy or other sweets, that’s the first step to becoming ripped and healthy.

      Other than that, you can keep eating white rice, just as suggested in the regenade diet as the best option if you are going to keep eating grains anyways (Just skip the brown rice and grains as much as possible).

      As the diet suggests, you can train on an empty stomach, it actually will even have a stronger effect if you do, because you body will purely focus on burning your stored fat, since your blood sugar is at the lowest point.

      Hope this helps!

  8. Hi, I’m loving your Blogs and all the info your getting out there but I just have one question.
    I’m just starting out and have read more than actually put into practice at the moment but I’m a Bar Sis and I’m reading a lot about Testosterone, is all this info aimed at men or are we girlz also wanting to raise Testosterone levels if thats so I might end up being more manly than the men I work with haha.

    1. Hey Gwen,

      That’s really awesome to hear.

      Haha, good question actually. Well naturally your testosterone levels will not rise so much that you will develop a male chin or a male beard. What it does do is that it will provide your body with a higher level of T than other women, which will increase your strength just like it would in men.

      Do don’t worry about becoming a man, because that will not happen ;). So just like men you can apply all these things, then again it depends on your goals…

      Goodluck sis!

  9. U say to eat in 12-17 vegtebales and fruits.. i cant eat big meals with veg and protein like chickeb and beef?
    And how much time i need to wait between big meals with protien and fruits.. and its healty to drink water while eating a meal

    1. Hey Roi,

      You can eat big meals, but if you want to get the best results, it’s advisable to start with a big salad, low in protein and carbs.

      However you can do so if you prefer. This is just a guide for getting the ‘optimal results’.

      With all my advices always try to find something that works for you personally.

      It’s better to drink water before a meal because it is beneficial to the digestive system.

      I personally don’t drink during a meal and if I do it’s not more than 1 glas.

      Although the opinions differ on this subject, the most important thing about fluid intake is that you drink enough during the day and make sure you fill your body with healthy fluids.

      Other than that again find what works best for you!

      Goodluck bro!

      1. This my menu..
        Wake up in8:00.
        Start eating in 10:00 bannana, nuts and some other fruits.

        In 11:30 eat big salad with alot of veg and tuna.. 1
        13:00- eat meal with rice and chicken or beef with veg.
        16:30- banna before workout..
        17:30-18:30 – work out
        18:30-20:00 eat meal potato or rice with veg and protien.
        I have 14 hours without food..
        What u say about this day?

  10. Hey man ,

    Tnx for the info, just letting you know i’m gonna try this! I just have a few questions because i’m used to eating 6-7 meals a day, just before and after training.

    – Can I do a heavy (crossfit) workout in the morning on an empty stomach, or keep the heavy workout untill the evening?
    – If I do the workout on an empty stomach, do I eat a salad/nuts afterwords, or do I take in lots of protein and carbs.
    – I’m used to training 5-6 times a week, can I keep this number or do I need more rest with this “diet”?

    Tnx bud!

    1. Hey Rick,

      Awesome questions!

      1) You can definitely train on an empty stomach. Keep in mind that your body will need to get used to it first, but essentially it’s the best thing to do as you can read.
      2) After the workout eat salad and nuts, a light meal or take a smoothie to fire up your digestion. When you are done with that you can shove in the bigger meals, containing meat and certain good carbs.
      3) You can easily keep this number, and will probably even feel more energetic after the adaptation period, due to the increase in testosterone and fewer insuline spikes.

      Check out the renegade diet for a more detailed description!


    1. Hey Drale,

      It’s better if you don’t, because you want to keep your blood sugar levels low during this period to allow your body to burn off fat. When your blood sugar levels are high your body will burn off the sugars first, this is the opposite of what you want.

      What you can do is drink water with some lemon juice.

      If you feel too hungry you can drink a smoothie with low carb vegetables (Like broccoli, cucumber, avocado, spinach..there are more, you can find them on the internet). So while preferably not, you can make an exception with a smoothie if you want to, just make sure you do it low carb.

      BTW low carb smoothies are usually not really tasteful…just so you know ;).

      Beast Mode ON!

  11. i was wondering, what if i train 2x a day? will i still have results?
    I do MMA and use calisthenics as for strength and conditioning. Will this diet still work if I train calisthenics in the morning on a empty stomach and mma in the evening?

    1. Hey Bobby,

      You will definitely get results!

      Working out on an empty stomach in the morning is actually going to optimize your results.

      It’s where your insuline is low and your testosterone will kick in.

      It might be a challenge at first, but you will find energy where you thought you never had any ;). And the fat will burn off like hell.

      Beast Mode ON!

      1. Hey, Thanks for this page. I found really useful information πŸ™‚ Since im would like to bulk up, is it still good that i don’t eat anything before i do my calisthenics workout?

        Thanks a lot

        1. Hey Andre,

          First of all welcome to the movement!

          To get lean, while at the same time building muscle you want to keep your insuline levels low while boosting your testosteron levels.

          With that regard you can get the main chunk of proteins and carbs (white rice preferably) at the end of the day.

          I can recommend the renegade diet or the multiple diet blogs for a more detailed description.

          Beast Mode ON!

  12. Thanks for the info super interesting. I have some questions:

    1) In this IF eating routine, do I have to quit eating chocolate (I eat 70% cacao dark chocolate after my big meal)?
    2) I’m not eating grains and legumes, only Fruit Vegetables, and Meat, but I live in Mexico and a lot of meat is eaten with tortillas (corn). You talk about white rice being the grain that can be “included”. What do you say about corn in tortillas, (note these are not processed, they are all natural and hand made…)
    3) I want to start IF, I understand that the concept in the “eating hours” is to start simple (fruits, etc…) and gradually increase up to a last big meal with proteins. My big meal is in the middle of the day (14:30). Will it work 12:00 Fruit, 15:00 Meat and Vegetables, and 20:00 Salad? What do you advice?
    4) Is it better to do my workout in the morning, or before going to bed?

    Thanks a lot for your help πŸ˜‰

    1. Hey Javier,

      You can keep eating chocolate of course. Only it will give you suboptimal results, because of the sugar content it has.

      With regard to tortillas, most contain wheat, so be aware of this (especially the gluten). Of course you can make an exception every now and then, but again realize that this will give you suboptimal results. Try to replace them as much as you can with other foods, beans, nuts etc. Then again, find what works for you!

      Indeed you can have your big meal in the middle of the day. It will still work, of course it is better to lift it to the end of the day, but you will still get results. The most important thing is to stick to the 8 hour window.

      The best moment to work out is before your overeating phase or before your eating window. The best results are before your eating window, because your insulin is low and your testosteron is high.

      You will feel this after working out (a sort of natural high). The power flowing through your body, it’s a great feeling :D!

      Beast Mode ON!

  13. at what time should i eat my breakfast… according to your eating Window i should start at 12 or 2 … 8 hours of eating and 16hours of fasting.. bt in the morning what should i have in brfst.. i go to veggies,fruits,almonds.. are they good… and then at 2 i have food.. and my dinner before 10.. plz rply soon ..

    1. Hey Ronit,

      That’s a good question!

      Your starting time depends on your schedule, work, school or other occupations. I usually start at 12:00 and stop at 20:00.

      In the morning I usually eat fruits, vegetables and nuts, sometimes with advocados and tuna.

      Make sure your last meal is a big one, you can add more carbs in there, like rice for example or sweet potato, with vegetables and meat/fish.

      But then again find what works for you, every body has it’s own user manual. These are just general guidelines.

      Beast Mode ON!

  14. So I’ve purchased the Renegade diet, ready to give this IF thing a try.

    I train at 5:30 am and am concerned with being depleted after my workout with no eating until around noon. I understand having 20 total mg of BCAA’s but no food or why makes me nervous. I don’t mind working out fasted I already do that.

    I’m in this for the long haul, just want to make sure I’m doing what’s best for my body and progress.

    Just a little info, I’m 45, around 19% bf, from over 30% 9 months ago, 177lbs. I want to get down to at least 9-10% max but not lose muscle. I’ve lifted weights for past 9 months, converting over to the bars and calisthenics.

    Thanks for any and all advice. I’m going directly into BeastMode.

    1. Hey Joey,

      Great, it’s not going to disappoint you, I have been doing it for almost a year now and while it takes some time to adapt, you will find yourself having even more energy and sharpness.

      Of course there is no one-size-fits-all method, but it’s a good tool to use in combination with good nutrition. To get down to 9/10 bf you will have a huge benefit with IF. Also take a look at the paleolithic diet, cut sugars and stick to high protein foods (This is really going to skyrocket your energy and results).

      I completely support the renegade diet, because it has given me great results and it has a money back guarantee. So even if you think it sucks you can get your money back ;).

      Keep me posted on your progress!

      Beast Mode ON!

      PS. While all of these advices are based upon successful personal experience, stay critical and always find what works for you.

  15. Hey. So I have been dabbling in intermittent fasting. It’s really awesome. I just wanted to ask would you have to count calories? Like when you are in your feeding period?

    1. Hey Jordan,

      I know it’s awesome haha! Good to hear it has had a postive effect on you.

      To be really honest, I don’t count calories. I just make sure I eat around 250 to 350 grams of protein daily other than that, I just eat healthy food, fruits, nuts, seeds. Because that works best for me, but then again, it’s highly individualistic.

      Just make sure you eat enough high protein meat 200-300 grams a day (This depends on your size of course), if your body needs more. Let’s say you don’t see the results you want, start experimenting with higher dosages. It’s a continuous experiment bro, try doing it without first and eat clean, low carb.

      You will have some serious results by just doing that, I promise…

      Beast Mode ON!

      1. Hey Rich. Thanks for the info and the reply. Just wanted to get your email? If it’s alright I would like to ask a few questions on training as well as diet.

  16. Thanks so much for your replies. I feel as if I’ve stumbled across my future by finding your site, I’m very excited about moving forward. Beast Mode in full gear!

    1. Hey Joey,

      You are welcome bro, that’s why this website was built. To spread the word and help brothers and sisters around the globe.

      The road is going to be hard and long, but it’s going to be worth it.

      Goodluck bro.

      Beast Mode ON!

  17. How do you get to eat 200-300 gram of protein if you not eat protein in the morning and only eat 2 times a day?. I still dont get it. Can I drink protein shake post workout?.

    1. Hey Diro,

      In the overeating phase you can eat your larges portion of proteins through meat.

      In the undereating phase you can add some nuts and beans, which will also contribute to your overall protein intake.

      The total amount depends on your training intensity and muscle gain goals. Experiment with your intake.

      Beast Mode ON!

  18. Hey bro firstly I want to say thanks to you I’m no longer that couch potato who said he will start tomorrow im loving every second of this
    Secondly I can’t find anything in your emails regarding cardio I know you can build abs but to lose the layer of fat what cardio can you do without losing muscle mass at the same time
    Finally again thanks for inspiring us to get up and get up and go get that body we always wanted
    Peace and beast mode all day everyday

    1. Hey Kam,

      First of all that’s really awesome to read! Keep going at it ;).

      Secondly, with regard to cardio, to build muscle and lose fat you need to focus on your diet. There is quite a big misconception I believe…that training is the primary cause of fat loss, because it is not. The thing that’s going to get you ripped, is your diet.

      “Abs are made in the kitchen”, the body weight movements will give you all the cardio you need. Of course you can increase your VO2 max by adding some running from and to your training, rope jumping (my favorite).

      Other than that focus on diet for muscle gains and fat loss, check out the nutrition topic on the forum:

      Thanks for inspiring others, including me too!

      Beast Mode ON!

  19. WOW! First thankyou for putting so much great info on your page. Love the fact that this can be done, anytime, anywhere and without a lot of equipment. Which means no excuses! You have seriously inspired me to believe that with commitment I too can be strong, with time & effort.

    I am a female runner, physically fit (I’ve run the last 2 boston marathons) but I have absolutely no upper body strength. I am a weakling! I struggled to do 2 pushups on my toes today πŸ™

    I have bucket loads of tenacity and I am looking forward to starting the circuit of body weight exercises. My question, should I start with doing the 15min circuit every second day or should I do this daily? I’m just conscious that given my lack of strength would I be better starting slowly?

    Thanks for inspiring me.

    Girly Beast ON !!!!

    1. Hey Trish,

      Haha, your message was so filled with motivation that it gave me a huge smile!

      That’s it, there are no more excuses ;). Well, most people would start sweating simply thinking about running the Boston marathon, so if there is something you are not…it’s a weakling.

      To start off, you can do the 15 minute circuit every other day or make sure you do it at least 3 days a week.

      I have an awesome push up progression routine for girls + a few killer routines:

      You can also start with those, I think you’ll really love them…

      Thanks for your message and welcome to the movement!

      Beast Mode & Girly Beast ON! πŸ˜‰

    1. Hey Thibault,

      Of course you can eat cheese, but you can also drink cola or whatever you want.

      The question is, what is your goal? If your goal is to get ripped and healthy, cheese is not going to help you ;).

      Still, you need to find your own optimal diet, these are just general rules of thumb!

      Beast Mode ON!

  20. Hey!
    Thanks for this great post! I will be soon getting my copy of the Renegade Diet.
    One question until I get one. I am working in shifts. Shift starts at 5:30 what means that i get up at about 4:50 or lets say at 5:00. On my free days I get up at 8:00
    Now when I start with the IF then how should i do it on my work days and my days off? Keeping in mind that usually my last meal is before 20:00
    Example workday:
    – 5:00 get up
    – 8:00 Eat a banana, nuts, seeds, fruits (apple, pear)
    – 10:00 eat a salad
    – 12:00 eat meal with rice/veggies and chicken/beef
    – 16:30 banana before workout
    – 17:30-18:30 workout
    – 18:30-20:00 eat meal sweet potato/white rice and protein

    Example day off from work:
    – 8:00 wake up
    – 10:00 bannana, nuts and some other fruits.
    – 11:30 eat big salad with tuna.
    – 13:00 eat meal with rice and chicken or beef with veg.
    – 16:30 banana before workout.
    – 17:30-18:30 – work out
    – 18:30-20:00 eat meal sweet potato or rice with veg and protein.

    Is it ok to be switching the days eating times like this as long as there is 14 hours(maybe will push it to 16 hours?) without food?

    King regards and Beast Mode ON!

    1. Hey Taavi,

      Those are great schedules, which are definitely going to get you some pretty awesome results.

      It can be quite difficult to manage your working life with IF, but as long as you make sure you stick to the 14 hour and preferably 16 hour mark you will get the results.

      If you have any other questions, let me know!

      Beast Mode ON!

  21. Hi!

    One of the best post out there!!! Thank you for sharing such knowledge, and I would certainly apply the Renegade Diet to my daily life.

    I just have some small question:
    _ 1) Due to working hours, I can only workout from 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM (mostly strength build), and then from 5:00 PM to 5:30 PM (cardio execise). How can I apply the Renegade Diet to my schedule (I really nead pre-workout meals so that I can excercise better though)
    _ 2) Is splitting work out into half of the day (do strength in the morning and cardio in the evening) an acceptable choice? If not, how can I fix that?

    Best regards, and let’s DO ITTTT!!!

    1. Hey Phat,

      Thanks for your positive comment first of all!

      To answer your questions:

      1) What you need to know is that it’s really important to maintain your 8 hour eating window. Other then that there is some flexibility with regard to doing your workout. Just make sure you keep doing your workouts. While having your workout after your undereating or before your undereating phase would be better, my personal experience shows that maintaining the eating window is the most important.

      2) That’s an acceptable choice, essentially you should view your entire day as a workout, whatever you do, with some more and some less intense moments. So splitting your workout would not be an issue. Again, just make sure you do the workouts!

      So essentially, maintain the eating window and do your workouts whenever you have the time!

      Beast Mode ON!

    2. Hey Phat

      I have a small suggestion that could help you out … how about switching your Cardio to the morning .. Cardio on an empty stomach will help burn fat better and kick start your metabolism .. and leave the strength training for later when you can replenish your body with the macro nutrients it needs to repair itself.. its a slight change but i am pretty sure itll have a good impact.

  22. Hey bro!
    Greetings from the Philippines! πŸ™‚
    I’m 2 weeks into my IF program. A friend of mine introduced it to me, which really changed my perspective about nutrition. This is my usual schedule:

    6:30 AM : Wake up
    7:00 AM : Go to Gym
    7:30 AM – 8:30AM : Workout
    9:00 AM – 12:00PM : Work
    12:00PM : First meal
    4:30PM : Banana snack
    8:00PM : Dinner

    Can I ask though:
    1) Why is it not advisable to eat meat and proteins like eggs with rice (which is my usual food) during the 12PM meal or the first meal?
    2) What would be good snack suggestions between the 12PM to 8PM timeframe? Coz im running out ideas. πŸ™‚ HAHA.
    3) Lastly, what is your opinion on BCAA before workout?

    Thanks and cheers!

    1. Hey John,

      Essentially the reason why you are fasting is to keep your insuline levels low and to give your digestion some time to rest, which will boost fat loss and allow you to be more effective with your nutrients.

      1) If you eat white rice or meat, you are putting stuff into your body which 1 will increase your insuline and 2 is quite difficult to digest compared to salads/fruits/vegetables. So you want to stick to easily digestable stuff to keep the fat burning off in the undereating phase and boost your muscles in the overeating phase.

      2) A good snack would be a piece of fruit, bags of nuts anything which is from a natural source (Make sure you read the labels, there are a lot of ‘seemingly’ natural snacks).

      3) To be honest I try to stick to natural sources for my nutrition, no pills, no supplements, just things that have 1 ingredient, such as an apple, a banana or whatever.

      In my opinion, we can get all we need from natural sources, there is no need to add extra stuff, of course you can, but do you really need it? No.

      Lastly, check out the renegade diet for a more detailed explanation! It’s really worth it!

      Beast Mode ON!

  23. I have a question sir. I have a case of hypoglycemia and when i workout before in the morning before eating breakfast there was an event that i almost fainted. the question is how will i be able to maximize my low insulin level in the morning? tnx

    1. Hey Jasper,

      That’s a good question!

      With regard to your issue, we want to prevent you from fainting at all costs. First of all take a critical look at what your current diet consists of, are you getting your sugars from natural sources or from refined sources?

      Secondly, in your case find what works for you. Drink a smoothie (Fiber rich from fruits and vegetables, this slows down the rate of absorption and prevents your insuline from shooting up) before you workout just to prevent you from fainting. At the same time stick to your eating window just have 1 smoothie to cheat (This could be outside you window), in order to allow your body to adapt to your new eating regimine.

      This should still keep your insuline relatively low, while at the same time preventing you from fainting due to your hypoglycemia. Then again, I’m not a doctor, just speaking from personal experience among friends and myself.

      Try this for yourself, it should definitely help you!

      Beast Mode ON!

  24. Hi, I’m just starting out calisthenics to become stronger and hopefully get bigger built. I’m trying to gather as much info as possible, so will this diet have a negative affect if my body fat is already low?

    1. Hey Scott,

      If your body fat is low already this diet can still have a positive effect on your testosteron levels which will contribute to muscle gains, just make sure you eat plenty of food, because considering that you have low body fat, you probably have a fast metabolism.

      Beast Mode ON!

  25. Hello Again

    To the best community, you guys don’t know how much you are encouraging others to move there asses and get up and get stuff done. A big thank you to all who are behind this entire movement.
    Personally me and my friends did gym for about a year and sure enough we have seen good gains and learned a lot. Same time i was also analyzing calistenics and the amazing strength and physique of the people practicing it so me and my friends are giving it a go now.

    I have 3 questions if you could help me out please :
    – I tend to be the skinny fat type unfortunately my upper body is kind of thin and majority of the fat is stored around the belly and bottom area so will the above diet aid in fixing this problem ?

    – Since we gym we are used to a higher volume of workouts so we do the full body routine 4 cycles and then we choose another routine like chest addict or abs etc and we add sprints every other day to the workout is that a good way of going about it ?

    – while doing chest addict i was reaching muscle failure by the 3rd cycle where i could hardly do 2 push ups what should i do to aid my muscle endurance and last longer in the workouts ?

    I sincerely appreciate all the efforts you all put in and thank you in advance for answering me.

    Best regards.

    1. Hey Kon,

      Thanks first of all!

      The renegade diet is perfect to address that issue, because it lowers your insuline levels, which burn away the body fat around the belly area, while at the same time boosting your t-levels which aid in muscle gains. The lower belly fat is usually a result of too high oestrogen and insuline levels, which cause fast fat storage, the book explains this in more detail.

      That’s perfect, you can do more routines. Always make sure you are balancing on the edge of what you can do, if that’s two routines, do two…add sprints…swimming etc. The human body was designed to move, you will find out the body is capable of more than you could ever have imagined.

      Great! Reaching muscle failure is what you want. To increase your endurance, train consistently…your body needs a period of adaptation. Secondly shift to a lighter exercise variation, such as a plank or do push ups on your knees, which is a lighter than a regular push up. You will find out that there is still some juice left in those muscles. Just make sure you always reach the required number of reps.

      Make sure you read this post:

      Beast Mode ON!

  26. Hi! My workout time is usually at evening around 9-10 a clock. How will my workout time affect on the diet, good or bad? Thanks!

    1. Hey Uros,

      Good question!

      The most important thing you should know, is that doing a workout is still better than not doing it.

      So if due to time issues, you are unable to do your workout on the optimal moment, just do it on another moment.

      Preferably before your last meal though, because during your last meal you want to have a large amount of nutrients (chicken, beef etc) which will require your body to allocate energy to your digestion, which is suboptimal for your training.

      However, if there is no other option, go ahead with doing your workout after your last meal. If that’s the only option…

      Beast Mode ON!

      1. also, I’d like to know if my meal plan is good enough or not to gain muscle mass and lose fat for a sorta-skinny 14 yr old

        Meal 1~omelette/ banana smoothie,green tea

        Meal 2~tuna sandwich/banana,apple (school lunch)

        Meal 3~brown rice w/h chicken breast (pre workout)

        Meal 4~,brown rice rice w/h chicken breast,broccoli,sweet potatoes (post workout)

        Meal 5- dinner & fruits and veges

        would appreciate it if u would give suggestions if i have to change anything in my meal plan

        1. Hey Adam,

          It’s me again!

          Considering you are skinny, I can definitely state that your amount of proteins seems really good.

          What I would recommend however is to skip the pre workout meal and eat all post workout. You don’t want to have high insulin levels, just read the blog. In addition you want to stick to a 8 hour eating window.

          So preferably I’d set it up like this.

          Meal 1 – Omelette + salad + green tea or water with either lime or lemon squeezed into it or even ginger root.

          Meal 2 – Tuna + salad with nuts and seed + apple (preferably no banana prior to your workout, due to again high glucose effects, hold it for after the workout).

          Meal 3 – White rice with tons of other foods…just no grains, dairy or sugars

          Meal 4 – Fruits and veggies + Nuts and seeds

          Drink water throughout the day, you can add all kinds of stuff to your water as long as it’s natural.

          Hope this helps!

          Beast Mode ON!

          1. Thank you so much for the kind reply,I’ve a better understanding about this diet now.

            also for meal 1,other than salad can I also have a vege smoothie? such as carrots,spinach,brocolli

            and for meal 2,my school usually serves food that are fried,loaded with sugar and bad carbs.So I would be packing my own food from home.Would a tuna/salmon/chicken salad sandwich on whole wheat bread be good? I want to know if this lunch is going to keep my insulin levels low before my workout.

            later on I may be snacking on either almonds,apple,greek yogurt.When you mention that it is not advisable to consume dairy,does that means I shouldn’t be drinking low fat milk? or should I switch to soya or almond milk.

            really sounded like a complete noob here xd, but really hope you can help me.Then again,thanks bar bar brothers,for the help and guide! cheers

      2. Hey Adam,

        Good question.

        This is definitely NOT recommendable prior to your workout. It is after your workout however. brown rice has both an insuline effect in addition to causing inflammation. If you are going for rice white rice is recommended over brown.

        My advice would be to stick to a salad with nuts, seeds, eggs and some meat (preferably little amounts or none).

        Prior to working out it’s best to have a low blood glucose level, to hit those fat cells hard and rice is not going to help, because you will basically burn the glucose in your body instead of the fat.

        Beast Mode ON!

  27. Hey Guys , You Guys Are Doing a great job ,I mean Just visiting this website has completely changed my perception . My Question: I’m really skinny and I want a good build , So Do I really need this diet , as in Do I really need to burn fat Since I already have really less fat in my body ?


    1. Hey bro,

      Thanks for the positive feedback!

      That’s what this website was made for. With regard to already being skinny, your metabolism is probably really fast already, what you need to be focusing on more is upping your testosteron levels. In that regard this diet is good too, because it increases the T-levels.

      In addition to that your focus needs to be geared more towards healthy/functional carbs such as white rice and fruits. Which you will need more off since your metabolism is fast already. You can find a more detailed explanation in the Renegade diet, including specifically geared diet plans.

      So the IF works two ways, it cuts the fat and builds the muscle, however when your fat percentage is low already adding some slight adaptations through functional/healthy carbs will improve your muscle volume.

      Beast mode ON!

  28. Hi bro

    Greating from Denmark.

    Very inspirational approach to eating and general lifestyle.

    I really want to try this out, but diatists around me and people in my local centre is telling me, that IF is not good for muscle building and it will hurt my gains..

    I recently raised from a person depression which put a lot of stress on my body and many webpages tell you to not do IF if stressed or have been stressed.

    What is your take on that?

    Thank you!


    1. Hi again i forgot to ask u one question. I work from 7:30Am-4Pm and workout usually from 5:30PM – 6:30PM

      i work as a carpenter which requires a lot of energy until i break my fast around 12am or 1pm.

      People often tell me to supplement with bcaa’s, but something in my body tells me not to eat it.
      Is there anything else i can eat in the early hours of my work day, even tho it is in the fasted period?

      Thank you!


      1. Hey Phil,

        Good question!

        What you can always eat is some fresh fruit or vegetable. With regard to this, it’s preferred to stick to water rich fruits and vegetables, such as cucumber or watermelon etc which are light for your digestive system and help kickstart it without putting too much strain on it and keeping the insuline levels low.

        How has the renegade diet been working for you so far?

        Beast Mode ON!

    2. Hey Phil,

      This is going to be kind of a more hollistic answer, so be prepared.

      There are 2 very different types of stress:

      1) Eustress
      2) Distress

      Distress is the type of stress which is not beneficial, let’s say you put pressure on your arm and it breaks. Eustress is a type of stress which is beneficial, let’s say you do pull ups, tear up a bit of your muscle, but in the process it becomes stronger. IF can be either eustress or distress, depending on your mental state. If you are recovering from depression, my first advise would be to focus on what you eat first instead of when you eat. The gut and the brain are highly connected to each other and research has proven that what you eat actually influences your emotional state.

      People saying that IF will hurt your gains are talking bullshit (Have they tried it themselves?). IF does not mean eating less, you can eat exactly the same amount of food, it’s just a more effective way of eating, because you get lean gains, due to the low insuline levels when you eat. Food gets transformed into muscle instead of fat, which is the case under high blood sugar levels.

      Hope this helps you, if you have any other questions, let me know!

      Beast mode ON!

      1. First of all thank you for answering quickly. Secondly thank you for your in dept answers!

        I really want to get into IF as it fits my lifestyle and diet a lot more than the regular 8 small meals. But to be realistic, when do you think I should be able to begin IF if I set up and follow a proper meal plan?

        As i said, I work as a carpenter which requires energy in the muscles and in the head. Is it anyway possible to drink 1-2 protein shakes in the fasted state while at job?

        Thank you again, look forward to your response!

        – Phil –

  29. Bar Brothers Groningen,
    I appreciate this diet plan, straight and to the point. Unfortunately, I can’t really follow this plan consistently since I’m still in high school (so I don’t buy my own food) and my parents aren’t very open to suggestions of foods to buy. They also don’t like me buying my own food, which is something I had to resort to, since I wasn’t getting any support. What can I do to diet like this without all the tools? I know that’s a weird question but I don’t have many options anymore.

    1. Hey Pelumi,

      Be creative ;).

      There is always a way to eat healthy…try to eat more fruits than you are right now, replace the juices and sodas for water and you are heading down the right way already.

      Your situation requires a bit more creative thinking, which I’m sure you are capable off :D.

      Beast Mode ON!

  30. First of all thank you for answering quickly. Secondly thank you for your in dept answers!

    I really want to get into IF as it fits my lifestyle and diet a lot more than the regular 8 small meals. But to be realistic, when do you think I should be able to begin IF if I set up and follow a proper meal plan?

    As i said, I work as a carpenter which requires energy in the muscles and in the head. Is it anyway possible to drink 1-2 protein shakes in the fasted state while at job?

    Thank you again, look forward to your response!

    – Phil –

    1. Hey Phil,

      You can actually begin whenever you feel ready for it ;). You can baby step yourself into it by doing it 1 or 2 days a week at first and then slowly add more days depending on your experience.

      Your body needs time to adapt, but it will reward you afterwards. It’s no problem to have 1-2 protein shakes, but it would be better to eat some fresh fruits or veggies, simply because most protein shakes contain hidden sugars which will more or less make your fast useless. Go check out the labels and look for dextrose, fructose or some other ose, which is usually an artificial sugar.

      Hope this helps!

      Beast Mode ON!

      1. Thank you for your reply again πŸ™‚

        I will begin fasting 2-3 days a week and look how my body will adapt to it, still eating same amount of calories each day whether fasting or not.

        But my big question is, why is it, that I have to beware of any kind of hidden sugars and my protein shakes when I’m actually allowed to eat fruits? Because fruits in my opinion got sugars as well so I’m a bit confused here? πŸ™‚

        when I try to do intermittent fasting (16:8) i usually feel very weak, tried, big drop in Testosterone levels πŸ™ but the moment I begin eating regularly like morning, noon and night it is like my body get all its power back? Is fasting just not for me or am I doing something wrong??

        Once again thank you for your help already πŸ™‚

  31. i work with this meal plan..
    but when u eat the big sladas u with all 3 hours long tell 17:00? or its one time eat of 1 big salads?
    andi eat big salad with vegi and tuna… but sometimes after the last meal i fell hungry.. an i eat 4 meals or u have other soultion?

  32. Thank you for your reply again πŸ™‚

    I will begin fasting 2-3 days a week and look how my body will adapt to it, still eating same amount of calories each day whether fasting or not.

    But my big question is, why is it, that I have to beware of any kind of hidden sugars and my protein shakes when I’m actually allowed to eat fruits? Because fruits in my opinion got sugars as well so I’m a bit confused here? πŸ™‚

    when I try to do intermittent fasting (16:8) i usually feel very weak, tried, big drop in Testosterone levels πŸ™ but the moment I begin eating regularly like morning, noon and night it is like my body get all its power back? Is fasting just not for me or am I doing something wrong??

    Once again thank you for your help already πŸ™‚

  33. Hey bro, my feeding period start at 12:00 noon and end at 8:00 pm. Then my fasting period is at 8 pm until 12 noon on the next day. I’m wondering if it is ok to have my workout at 5:00-6:00 in the morning with an empty stomach? Your reply would be great help bro. Thanks.

  34. Hi bar brothers,

    I designed my meal plan to be like this:

    wake up: 8:30am
    9am-10am- workout
    10:30am-4pm: snack on fruits, nuts.

    5pm-6:30pm- Soy protein shake, full meal of vegetables, chicken breasts, egg whites

    Seems like an under nourished plan.

    1. Hey Jay,

      Since you have your workout in the morning, you could easily add a big meal at around 2 followed by a bigger one at 5-6:30. Then again, it depends on how much you eat during your 5-6:30pm eating window. Remember you are eating the exact same amount you would normally do, just within a different time frame, so if you think this plan is undernourished, you are doing something wrong ;).Haha, I don’t want to sound like a teacher, but that’s the basic premise of IF: “Eat the same amount within a shorter time frame”.

      Beast Mode ON!

  35. are you sure of eating only 2 or 3 big meals ?someone skinny like me i think, should eat 5 or 6 meals to fuel my body as i am most of the time active.i would like you to tell me about that.

    1. Hey Monyeh,

      I’m never sure 100%, because every body works differently, BUT there are always certain guidelines which hold for 97% of the population. And until someone can prove me otherwise, I will stick to what research (And my own personal experience) has shown to be the most effective method. Then again, try and find out for yourself, if you find a better answer feel free to share.

      The explanation to your question is written in the blog ;).

      Beast Mode ON!

    1. Hey bro,

      Thanks for your comment an I get your point! I used to believe the exact same.

      Then again, could you point me out some research papers which scientifically back up your point?

      Check your sources first, because although an opinion is good, some people still believe that sugar doesn’t make you fat or that the earth is flat, because they were told and “think” it’s the truth. And then again, I’m just stating which I have found to be true through experience and research (still, I could always be wrong).

      Don’t mean to sound harsh, I just want to give you food for thought ;).

      Beast Mode ON!

  36. i am 15 years old so my mother prepares me food :breakfast,lunch and dinner.she sometimes prepares rice ,vegetables and meat.Othertimes she prepares pasta and some other stuff beside.So in this way i am forced to eat.But i didn’t do so.I didn’t eat any lunch for three day.I also didn’t have my breakfast and dinner for two days as it was some bread,jam and some other stuff like that;stuff containing fats and sugar.So i’m forced not to eat the three of the meals.I am living only with fruits and nuts.My mother told me that my diet is wrong and that i have to eat everything she gives me because i’m already skinny(weighing 91 pounds at my age).In this way,i will die slowly.Nobody knows that i don’t eat my food.

  37. Thank you for your reply again πŸ™‚

    I will begin fasting 2-3 days a week and look how my body will adapt to it, still eating same amount of calories each day whether fasting or not.

    But my big question is, why is it, that I have to beware of any kind of hidden sugars and my protein shakes when I’m actually allowed to eat fruits? Because fruits in my opinion got sugars as well so I’m a bit confused here? πŸ™‚

    when I try to do intermittent fasting (16:8) i usually feel very weak, tried, big drop in Testosterone levels πŸ™ but the moment I begin eating regularly like morning, noon and night it is like my body get all its power back? Is fasting just not for me or am I doing something wrong??

    Once again thank you for your help already πŸ™‚

  38. Hi guys!
    Im new here and I love the spirit! I started training hard and making my diet better!
    Honestly I had a good diet routine even before, I went to a nutritionist and had my own Mediterranean diet… Despite it, I still can’t put the last 4% of fat away! So maybe this approach is the actual right one!

    Though I was wondering… Since I’ve read a lot about nutrition… Many ideas are actually opposite one to each other… Like I always knew that breakfast is pretty important and all doctors say so…. As well as the eating many times (6 for example) during the day but few amount of food… This post makes sense but I have still some concerns about it, is it actualy healthy for the body?
    Thanks a lot guys!

    1. Hey bro,

      Welcome to the movement first of all!

      With regard to your concerns, I have been researching nutrition for years and to be honest there are contradictions everywhere!

      First of all, let me point something out! There is NO one-size-fits-all. Everybody has a different body, metabolism etc. So what I am providing you with are general guidelines, no holy grail or no absolute truth. Let me ask you a question, do you think your doctor is well trained? If he is, he might have useful advice, if he isn’t take a look at people who are actually walking the talk first.

      Do your own research and find out what works for you, never just believe something someone tells you, including me. Always question, which is what you are doing and more importantly, try it for yourself. First-hand experience is the best teacher.

      So to come back to you question, there are contradictions everywhere, because nobody is the same, then again there is a lot of bullshit out there, because money is more important than the truth. I’ve been doing if for more than a year and I love it (sometimes hate it too), but I’m still alive ;). Find what is useful, discard what is not and add what is uniquely your own!

      More practical:

      1) Try it for a day or 2
      2) Workout in a fastened state
      3) Skip your breakfast every now and then and notice the effect

      Beast mode ON!

  39. i just want to ask … i woke up at 6a.m do my workout upto 8a.m then have fruits,salads,nuts,.. according to IF we have to eat in a certain frame of time that is 8hours of eating and 16hours of fastng… so that means i have to eat before 4p.m.

  40. Im new on this… anyway my main question is … Eating 2 or 3 meals on 8 hours basically let your body take a rest and withdraw on 16 hours.. But what about the other 8 hours? Its like i wake up the morning , doing my workout and than eating a big meal :”D around on 2 pm and the next meal is on 8 pm? can my body absorb all the meal in just 6 hours? And should i really workout before my 1st meal? Dont want to get bad right here just asking and hope somebody will reply πŸ˜€
    Have a good day.

    1. Hey Peter,

      Welcome to the movement!

      I understand your concern. What is really important, is that you consume your food in an 8 hour time windows. Don’t eat less, eat within a shorter time frame.

      With regard to your other questions, go try it first and see what happens. These are general guidelines not absolute truths :). Your body is your best coach so try it out and see what your body tells you and how it’s functionality is influenced.

      This should get you going!

      Beast mode ON!

  41. Those guys are totally bad.. Just asked something and they deleted my post… if its not bug they gotta be too bad and scared to reply

  42. Hello,

    I read all this article and I think it pretty makes sense to me.

    But I’m a office worker and I generally have to workout very early in the morning or late night after finishing my job. In this case, How can I adjust this 16-8 eating windows. In the morning, No fuel to do workout and also in the late night, I can even eat anything from this theory. Can I eating something after finishing my late workout?? It’s usually 11:00 PM or later. (Add, lunch time has already fixed at 12:00 by the company)

    1. Hey,

      Great question and this is kind of a tough one, since your lunch is on a fixed time. It would mean you’d have to either increase your eating window, which would mean you’d cancel the benefits of IF or you’d have to workout early and start eating from 12 till 8 pm. Or you eat from 12 till 8 and workout after. Those would be the most viable options. If this is not possible I’d recommend you shift your focus to what you eat as much as possible.

      Do what you can with what you have.

      Your situation shows that there isn’t a one size fits all. So try to be creative, I had an office job too which gave me the same issue, but I found a way to stick to the 8 hour window by training after dinner since this was the only option 4 out of 7 days. The other days I’d stick to the regular plan.

      Find what works for you! Hope this helps!

      Beast mode ON!

  43. Hey bar bro’s just wanted to say i like the idea of your intermittent eating plan and want to give it a try as i am struggling to lose the desired amount of body fat. My problem is that snacking in between the two meals is my biggest downfall so i just wanted to know what types of nuts and seeds you reccomend or any other healthy snacks that i can chew on. Thanks

    1. Hey bro,

      Good question!

      There are tons of nuts and seeds which are usually available at most stores such as: almonds, peanuts (watch out if you’re allergic), macadamias, sun flowe seeds etc.

      There are usually bags with mixes nuts, which contain a few of these in grocery stores. Make sure they don’t have any extra coating (sugars or any other artificial flavor enhancers).

      Beast mode ON!

  44. from #india
    First of all a ‘SALUTE’ to #bar brother
    i just startd doin calisthenic workout about 2 weeks ago
    can u plzz suggst me exactly which time of day is best for workout n exactly what should we eat just before n after the workout…

    1. Hey bro,

      Welcome to the movement!

      There is an exact schedule at the bottom of this blog on when you should train.

      In addition as to what you should eat check out the diet blogs for more tips! Those will provide you with all the info you need!

      Beast mode On!

  45. Hey there, I have started the intermittent fasting today. I have been reading through the training plan and I just want to make sure I have read it correctly.

    First day do maximum reps of individual exercises, then for 7 weeks do the 15 minute work out 3/5 times a week. And do the maximum reps once a week to see your progress?

    Sorry if this seems a silly question I just want to do things correctly.


    1. Hey Lee,

      Good question!

      That’s definitely what you can do. Take in mind that the 15 minute routine is meant for ABSOLUTE beginners and to make sure you have a basic strength and understanding of calisthenics exerices.

      It’s definitely not a silly question! If you feel you are ready to move on, go for the 6 month plan…it’s ultimately what the 15 minute routine will prepare you for ;).

      Hope this helps bro!

      Beast Mode ON!

  46. In the fasting and train section, it says “10:00 – 12:00 Work on my to do list “. Does this mean training or doing my job?

    1. Hey Mi,

      This is my personal schedule, which I have on a daily basis. It entails time to develop yourself…

      It usually means setting goals for myself, reading a book, replying to comments, listening to audio books etc…

      Beast Mode ON!

  47. Could you please send me a diet you have used? just to see an example of somone who has achieved nice results on the diet/calisthenics world (sorry about my low level of english but i expect you actually understand it)

    1. Hey Joe,

      With regard to IF especially since you are diabetic, I would recommend you to wait with the eating window and instead focus on what you eat first.

      Remove the foods that are making your insuline insensitivity worse. Send me an example of what you eat on a daily basis (exactly), while I cannot guarantee that changing your dietary habits can reverse your diabetic symptoms, I can definitely state that it’s not going to get worse and will probably improve your sensitivity by adopting the specific diet based upon what and when we were used to eat.

      Beast Mode ON!

  48. It was quite a pleasure reading your E-book. I have been doing calisthenics for over a year now. I have seen changes in me and my body. But i was struggling with my diet to gain more muscles. But I think i will be using the Intermittent fasting. Thank Man ! Really Appreciate for your contribution. I will soon Accomplish the Bar Brother Requirement …. πŸ™‚

  49. Hey just came across your blog and I must say , You are wrong !! It’s not looking like you have any understanding about the human body digestive system , and I say it with all the respect. And you did say you are not an expert . The fact that you got into great shape is a result of burning more calories then you consume ! Having two meals a day worth about 2000 calories is the same as having 10 meals a day with 2000 calories , the only difference is the time that it takes the body to absorve all the nutrition and the effect it has on body while digesting . For each one us there is a different calorie and nutrition necessity, one must figure out what he is putting into his body, how much of it he really needs, and listen to his body as far as when to consume any food. I suggest all of the people out there to NOT listen to people with no knowledge about food and start studying what each specific food contains as far as nutrition. It is even more important then doing excursive. If you want to take advice about food ask someone who dedicated his time into understanding what is food ! Having said that I would like to thank you for writing your post with enthusiasm and the good will of helping others, calisthenics is a great way to improve many factors in your life such as physical and mental health. Btw I eat about 8 meals a day , some at low nutrition dosage and some bigger. I’m currently at 6% body fat and only recently started with calisthenics so I achieved my body fat level by eating the right food !
    This is just my opinion and I respect yours

    1. Hey Tom,

      First of all thanks for the awesome feedback, love it!

      This stuff in this blog is definitely something which has stirred up the necessary discussion among experts and I’m happy to hear another perspective.

      I completely agree, with you with regard to the subject of individualizing the amount of nutrition per person.

      As far as your other comments, which I really appreciate, I have to state that although you are making assertions from an expert perspective I’m missing argumentation. Please feel free to convince me with some scientific papers or sources which your conclusions are based upon. From an evolutionary perspective, there is not a single tribe (Might be recommendable to dive into some anthropological literature) that has lived on this planet which has had a constant stream of food, let alone eat 10 meals a day, now the concept of optimization of muscle growth is one which gives room to tons of different interpretations. But even here I believe eating 10 meals a day, is highly ineffective, because you are making your body highly dependent off a constant stream of energy.

      In addition, your statement that 2000 calories a day over two meals is exactly the same as 10 meals of 2000 calories, does not completely take the insuline response into account in addition to the overall effects of intermittent fasting on cell recovery because the body is able to redistribute energy to cell regeneration instead of digestive processes. And the time it takes makes all the difference. Have you every tried intermittent fasting? πŸ˜‰

      I invite you to read some articles about intermittent fasting, this one for example:

      While eating 8 meals a day might work for you, it does not prove anything yet. There are kids who eat McDonald’s every day, smoke and in addition drink tons of soda and guess what, they are at 6% body fat too. Does this mean that they should follow a McDonald’s-sigaret-soda diet? Might be a question worth considering.

      Anyways, thanks for your open minded opinion bro! I hope you can convice me otherwise, because I’m always looking the facts…for better methods, sources and don’t believe in a single truth!

      Beast Mode ON!

  50. Hey, thanks for the detailed blog, I really appreciate the work you put into this. I just started calisthenics and want to go far! But I have a question:

    I remember reading this blog last night and I recall reading somewhere, that the big salad you eat around 12pm should contain low protein. Not sure if I really read that or something else, so I would like to know.

    Furthermore, can I freely eat as much protein as I want over the 8 hour window? (of course no proteins from otherwise unhealthy sources)

    1. Hey Florian,

      Welcome to the movement and thanks for your comment!

      Proteins are definitely recommendable, especially in the overeating phase, start your day off with some salads containing nuts or even possibly some eggs. Just to kickstart the digestive process, but not to overload it. Look at it like riding a bike, you just want to get it into motion and then after your training you go full out, which means you are not going from 0 to 100, but from let’s say 25 to 100, your body is ready for nutrition, because you already started the digestive process.

      Hope this helps!

      Beast Mode ON!

  51. Hey, thanks for the detailed blog, I really appreciate the work you put into this. I just started doing calisthenics and want to go far! But I have a question:

    I remember reading this blog last night and I recall reading somewhere, that the big salad you eat around 12pm should contain low protein. Not sure if I really read that or something else, so I would like to know.

    Furthermore, can I freely eat as much protein as I want over the 8 hour window (of course no proteins from otherwise unhealthy sources)?

    Also, can you recommend me some good salad? I haven’t read the renegade diet blog yet, so I’ll probably look into it and try to find something, but just quickly saying what would you add? I’m a noob at making salads πŸ˜€

      1. I am from Germany πŸ™‚ The thing I’m still not sure about is whether I should go for a paleo diet or not..
        I have been quite exhausted on the training days where I ate no/very little carbs, so maybe you could judge from my personal info if it’s a good idea:

        I’m 17 yrs about 63kg about 1,77m tall and have some annoying fat on my hips, belly and some on chest (even if my family keeps saying it’s not much/I have nothing :P/I’m thin) and I’m male

        Also I go to school and I’m a little concerned whether I should eat breakfast for it..

  52. Brother,
    Sathya here from India . Am 24 now weighting 74 @186”cms. I used to be at 56kgs before 2years @180cms. Three years back I hit a gym in my native . As I didn’t get enough support or motivation or guidance , I surfed over internet and found ur awesome page and subscribed. I have been receiving ur emails with workouts in means of images. That’s a cool stuff which helped me a lot. At start It was quite difficult and different for me to understand my body. At beginning I couldn’t push myself for more than 10 nor pull myself more than 2 or 3.. As u guys usually mention the mental stability and understanding of self improves one’s body. I started to understand and presently I can do 50*4 sets of push ups & 20*4 sets of pull ups & 100*4sets of squats rotational with muscle ups 10*4 sets and differing pushups as flying ,one arm and your help was completely there virtually. In between I had a trap injury and couldn’t get cure as expected to be early and lately I stopped getting your emails. The reading why I am writing this mail/post is that to please continue your support to ppl around who may feel the same like me. But whatevs you guys are are doing great job and I’d loved it. I don’t know you ppl personally but I just wanna be and thank you BROTHERS.

    REGARDS &love,
    Brother sathya

    1. Hey bro,

      Wauw, this might sound crazy coming from me, but thanks bro!

      Comments such as yours mean a lot and are definitely the reason why I will keep this blog going as long as I can.

      You should still be getting emails though, unless you’ve unsubscribed! Make sure you check that out by subscribing again.

      It doesn’t matter that you don’t know us personally. What matters is that we are on the same path, the same journey…together! Thanks for your inspiring message!

      Beast mode ON!

  53. Hi BBs,
    I love your system and your diet too. I’m doing IF since long time, and I believe it really works, from a scientific POV. It actually helped me and my digestive decease.
    Although I’m not sure the ancestors examples. Who said that our ancestors were under 10% fat ? Where is written they were all ripped ? I believe that’s a common mistake driven by Hollywood movies.
    I personally believe they were trying to store as much fat as they could, specially cause they didn’t know when they would eat next time… More over I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t give a f..k about being in shape.
    Not to be an hater, just rising my point.
    Thanks for your website, it’s awesome!

    Beast mode on

    1. Hey Simon,

      Haha awesome comment!

      Most of out ancestors if given the chance would definitely eat just as much bad food as we do today, because the same reward systems are still in place in our body.

      Stating that all our ancestors were ripped is a generalization of course and reality is always more complex as you know, but I believe it was a good way to make my point. In addition, of all the hunter gatherer tribes which are still on this planet now or which have been documented, non of them had the obesity related diseases which are prevalent now, so compared to the average person they would be considered ripped in my point of view.

      But then again, great point and thanks for pointing it out ;)!

      See you around on the forum and website!

      Beast mode ON!

      PS. Mind elaborating on how if has helped you control your digestive issues?

  54. Hey man! do you know how does the calorie intake work? I mean should i really count the calories that i have to eat lets say 200-500kcal less than i consume or is it not so damn important? Ive done that and just cant lose the belly fat so i need tips (i have a four-pack with the little funny pack). Ive done the renegade diet but it kind of didnt work or i lost myself somehow. I dont know if i had enough calories (or does it matter, i were at least a 1000+kcal on minus). Anyway im on somekind of what-the-fuck-zone. I would like to try the paleo style, its simple enough. But i thought the calorie thing. Can i be too much on minus, what happens if i am too much? I dont even know what im asking:D quess i just need someone to show me exactly what should i eat, how much, when and so on. I have no problem about training, im fucking killin that and i have the mental strenght to stay on food plan but too much information everywhere and ive just lost the way completely in eating. If it matters i am the mesomorph type of body (if that even matters because ive heard also the “there is no body types speach”), 83kg 183cm semi muscular and i would like to look ripped.

    Jesus my problem is that i look too much info about everything. Also someone said just dont worry about it, it’ll come, just dont worry, well fuck him i still want to look ripped and im tired because it just wont come without worrying. I hope you can answer even something useful:) Im in a point that i dont even care if i loose a bit of muscle (if i train they will maintain at least some), i just want to get rid of the fat. I can always start muscle growing from the lesser bodyfat.

    Thanks anyway man:)

  55. Hey I found intermittent fasting to be amazing and it helped me cut my beer belly after I went through a dirty bulk starting from being skinny fat.

    Now my question is I usually workout at night before sleeping. Is that counter productive?

    1. Hey Wafi,

      Welcome to the movement and great question!

      It’s still productive, the problem however is that you get the best results when you train in a fastened state. Meaning when you have low blood sugar levels, because that’s when you hit that beer belly fat hard.

      I would recommend working out either before you eat or in your undereating phase when you are primarily eating low glycemic foods (foods that don’t heighten your blood sugar levels).

      Then again, working out is always better than not working out!

      So to summarize, it’s not counter productive, but not as productive as it could be ;).

      That should answer your question.

      Beast mode ON!

  56. hey guys

    im currently a student and struggle to keep by a eating plan due to lack of money haha but wanted to know what can i do to avoid gaining fat and eat more healthy? i currently get 29.134 dollar which is 400 rand a week

  57. Hey brother!

    Im all exciting about this intermittent fasting thing and im plantning to get startede very soon!

    Just one thing i couldnt find an answer to reading through all the questions.

    Is it okay at all to eat something throughout the fasting period? Im thinking protein shakes, fruits or anything else? Or will it just ruin the good things about fasting?

    A good friend og mine tried intermittent fasting and got great fat loss resultst, but his T levels were almost all gone, and im afraid this wouæd happen to med as well. What do I do to prevent this??

    Cant wait to hear your answers and to go beast mode! πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Alexander,

      Good question!

      The goal of the fasting period is to not eat, if you have snacks in between you lose all the benefits.

      With regard to your friend, he might be an exception, but research has shown that fasting actually increases T levels significantly. However, if you fast for too long, you start increasing your cortisol, which blocks your testosterone (That’s why I recommend a 16 hour fast). I’m not sure how long his fasts were and what he was eating after his fast, but one of those were probably suboptimal.

      Go try it bro, I’ve been doing this for over a year and my results are better than they have ever been. You don’t need to believe me or do what I recommend you to do, but that’s the truth.

      Beast Mode ON!

  58. Ok im new to all of this and excited to get started. I usually only have time to work out first thing in the mornings around 9-9:30 am. Is this ok seeing that i would not have eaten anything since the night before??
    Any sample schedule ideas are welcome seeing im a little overwhelmed at this point. I know nutrition plays a BIG roll and thats where im having a hard time with. Also knowing what to do workout wise. I can do pull ups dips and leg raises already thanks to my military fitness days. I just have no clue what im doing. THanks.

    1. Hey Josh,

      Welcome to the movement!

      I can completely understand that all of this information might be a bit too much to digest in one bite.

      Training in a fastened state has actually shown to be more beneficial ;), didn’t expect that did you?

      Wel make sure you read the free pdf I wrote + a diet plan! It will make things much clearer to you!

      Click here:

      If you have any other questions, ASK! I’ll do my best to help you as much as possible. Because I believe everyone deserves to know this stuff!

      Beast Mode ON!

  59. Insulin doesn’t lower the blood sugar level over the time period. What it does is it maintains the blood sugar level at a certain threshold level , if at some point blood sugar level rises above this threshold it pushes the glucose (sugar) into muscles and and the adipose tissue (fat). Sugar level once lowered to the threshold by insulin can further be reduced by only consuming it in the form of energy or by doing physical activity. Thought sharing this might correct your knowledge of why eating at the right time is important! πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Arshan,

      Great comment.

      As far as I know once the body has converted food into glucose, insulin is secreted by the pancreas to lower your glucose levels in your blood. I however should make it more clear that the insulin does not completely deplete your blood sugar levels.

      I’ve made a correction to the text!

      Appreciate the addition!

      If you have any other remarks feel free to provide your contribution, it’s all about getting other brothers and sisters, real, science based and valuable information.

      Beast Mode ON!

  60. Hey. I just read your free Calisthenics diet plan and it’s really great! Can I use this to lose weight? I’m really sorry if this question is stupid, I’m really new into all of this.

  61. hello thank you for the regime! I saw that your diet plan boils down to 12h: legume and fruit and 20h: carbohydrate chicken tuna ect .. but are not deconseiller consuming carbohydrate at night must reverse it? Thank you πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Zinou,

      Haha, thanks for the positive comment! Fruits also contain carbs, but for my main carb meal…I usually take it at the end of the day.

      It has multiple reasons, the major one being that at the end of the undereating phase and your workout your body is ready to carb up, low insulin and you are in an anabolic state…so your body is both ready for carbs and you use the carbs you eat for muscle hyperthrophy.

      For more info, check out the renegade diet.

      Hope this helps ;).

      Beast mode ON!

  62. hello brothers, I am motivated to the intermittent fasting but i would not know how to regain my lost weight when I have finished my diet? and also the intermitent diet should be used for how long? 1 month? 8 Weeks? 1semain? for better results of course. thanx πŸ™‚

    1. Hey bro,

      This isn’t a necessarily a diet, it’s a lifestyle.

      It’s not just about losing weight, it’s also about building lean muscle.

      Both will benefit from IF. So there is not set amount of time…you just keep doing it if you want to get lean muscle.

      Beast mode ON!

  63. hi ! this is my diet :
    8h: no eating (like what you say )
    8h-12h : study
    12:vegtebals and fruits and green tea
    4.30: no eating
    9h:thuna or meat and vegtebals and fruits and green tea
    is it good for buring fat ?

    1. Hey bro,

      This definitely seems like a good plan, just make sure you get all the nutrients.

      You are definitely able to add another meal between 12 and 5, I don’t know how big your meals are so I’m not able to give you more precise advice. Those two meals definitely need to be BIG! πŸ˜‰

      This will definitely help you to lose fat if you combine it with working out.

      Just be patient, give it time.

      Keep me updated, looking forward to your progress.

      Beast mode ON!

  64. hello brothers! i wanted to know if i can reverse the meals of 12h to 22h Because eating carbohydrates in the night stock grease. 12h example vegtebals and fruit and potato steam or sweet potatoes or rice and 20h I eat vegetables and fruit and meat this is good? Is That it’s going to disrupt my fasting?

  65. hi ! i do fasting and i have 2 meals (12h vegtebals and fruits ) (20h vegtebals meats and rice ) but i realy love peanut can i eat large quantity ? i realy want burn fat is that will afect my fasting? πŸ™‚

    1. Hey bro,

      Peanuts are dense in calories, so you will easily get into a calorie surplus if you start eating penuts.

      And that’s not going to be beneficial to your fatloss of course ;). Get myfitnesspal!

      Stick to fruits, veggies and protein, especially when you are cutting.

      Beast mode ON!

  66. Hi brother of the bars! πŸ˜‰

    really exciting reading!

    I began fasting recently and it feels amazing. In school i have much more focus and I have to focus less on the food until my feast period which is wonderful.

    But I have one question though.
    I work as a mason which requirer much energi specially early in the day where i usually fast (10pm-2pm). Can I eat something during these working hours during the early day even if it is in my fasting period of time?
    Im thinking either berries or veggies which will give me some energy but will not put much of a strain of the digestive system?

    looking very much forward to your answer!

    keep up the good work brother (yyyyyyy)

    1. Hey Samson,

      Awesome stuff!

      Try sticking to the 8 hour window, in case you have to work earlier, you might want to start your eating window a bit sooner.

      If you eat within your fasting period, you are basically taking away the benefits of it. Either you do it or you don’t do it, but you can’t fast and not fast at the same time ;).

      Your answer would be to change your eating window, stick to those 8 hours or give yourself a non-fasting day. Whatever works for you.

      Keep it up!

      Beast mode ON!

  67. Hello from Argentina!
    This is my diet:
    6:30am i wake up an eat breakfast (scrambled eggs)
    7:00am to 1:20pm study
    1:20pm first meal (chicken, meat, rice, vegetables and some fruit)
    1:45pm to 5:00pm no eating
    5:00pm some fruit
    6:00pm to 7:30 workout
    8:30 meal
    am i doing it well? i feel not.

  68. hi bar brothers! im from Philippines. just wanna ask about the diet plan. is it safe? i wanna try it cause i wanna have six pack abs. please help

  69. Hey man great article and thankyou, i will be starting IF after reading this article but have a question. I workout in the morning between 5-8. Because of this should i eat all the insulin spiking foods after my workout? I usually eat eggs, museli and yoghurt with fruit

    And for lunch should i eat some meats, salads and fruit but try to keep my insulin fairly low?

    Also last question do i really need to eat in the one hour window after a workout or is it ok to wait?

    Thank you again for the article man im really trying to reduce my bodyfat percentage.

    1. Hey Dave,

      Thanks for the positive comment!

      It depends on your eating window. I usually eat my largest portion of fruits after my workout, usually all of it.

      The insulin sensitivity is high at that point. The 1 hour window after your workout is less important than what you do throughout the day. It’s your overall consumption that constitutes to gains or fatloss instead of just sticking to the 1 hour after your workout. That 1 hour window has been made way more important than it actually is (Watered down marketing). You just want to make sure you stick to that 8 hour eating window, with real foods and a surplus or deficit or calories. It’s all about the bigger picture, not just 1 thing.

      Beast mode ON!

  70. hi rich ! thank you for all what you do for us πŸ™‚ i would to lose fat so you can give my a specific meal plan (interminent fasting styl)

    1. Hey bro,

      You can eat them throughout the day. Take note that some people are not tolerant to lentils and/or beans. So experiment with that.

      If you want to gain weight you just want to make sure that you are in a surplus and if you want to lose, be in a deficit. If you combine that with IF and real foods, you have yourself a recipe for gains and/or fatloss.

      Beast mode ON!

  71. hi bro i do fasting every day and i love eating oats flaks and penauts beur every day after my workout and i wanted to know if is it good what i do? (i want lose fat)

    1. Hey Chris,

      You need to make sure you combine your IF with a caloric deficit.

      Check out this blog:

      Peanuts are really calorie dense, so they will definitely not help you in losing weight. Then again if your overall caloric consumption is still below your expense it shouldn’t be an issue.

      I don’t recommend oats for multiple reasons, but experiment with what works best for you.

      Beast mode ON!

  72. Hey guys,
    Just wanted to ask, in regard for those of us who work the overnight shift, how does this IF work with the change in rhythms and awake times. Easy enough to just switch the hours of when we workout and eat and what not, but was just curious if there any other tid bit if information you guys know of in regards to overnighters. Thanks!

    1. Hey Eddie,

      Welcome to the movement!

      With regard to your question. Working overnight shifts makes things a bit more difficult in terms of sticking to a consistent 8 hour window.

      You will really need to individualize it. Basically, just switch the hours. And on days at which you don’t work night shifts stick to a regular 8 hour window. There is not really any other way. You don’t want to starve yourself, but at the same time you want to stick to that 8 hour eating and 16 hour fasting window as much as possible. Then again, in the end it’s all about making it work for you.

      Experiment and see what happens.

      Beast mode ON!

    1. Hey Mehrad,

      First of all, welcome to the movement!

      Secondly, you need to stop thinking that you are a hard gainer. Chances are that you have no idea how much calories you are burning and consuming. Am I right? πŸ˜‰

      Thirdly, IF if suitable for most people. What you need to do is EAT more than you BURN in combination with an IF plan.

      Read the free diet guide. It’s free.

      Beast mode ON!

  73. Hi, I am about to start the 12 week bar brothers system and was not sure what route to take in terms of nutrition, what to actually eat and when. Although your article is really good and informative I was wondering if you could go into more detail about what to eat and how many times?

    Also, I have college 2 times per week and want to feel focused and not hungry. Is there a way I can incorporate IF into these 2 days without lowering the hours? (I wake up 2/3 hours earlier on a college day)


    1. Hey Jack,

      First of all, great job on starting the system!

      The system contains a diet section. I personally, don’t follow the recommendations, because there is no science to back it up. Read the free diet guide. It contains all you need.

      IF will actually increase you focus ;). Beware of assumptions if you have no prior experience. You could start eating 1 hour earlier for example, it’s all about the 8 hour window.

      Great questions and experiment πŸ˜‰ and check out the free diet guide. It’s pretty awesome.

      Beast mode ON!

  74. So I don’t think that I’m getting the best workout that I can and wonder what I can do to feel more accomplished after I’m done. My end goals are huge leaps in strength and endurance. So could I continue to do crossfits, lift weights, do more cardio, or more calisthenics.

    1. Hey Jonathan,

      Welcome to the movement!

      It completely depends on your overall goals. Strength. Endurance. Skill. Etc.

      But with regard to your goals I’d recommend a 8-12 rep range. For pure strength stick to a 1-5 rep range with 5 being optimal in terms of skill + strength.

      You can definitely combine all of the mentioned elements. There is not ‘1’ right or wrong, it’s all about finding what works for you. So if you want to focus more on cardio, do more cardio. If you want more upper body functional strength, do calisthenics. Then again what is your workout right now?

      Beast mode ON!

    1. Hey bro,

      I personally prefer eating fruits after a workout and sticking to more proteins and fats prior to working out.

      Again, this depends on your goals and what works best for you. Experiment. See what happens.

      Beast mode ON!

  75. good morning brother! you say that in the first meal of a fast 12h you can eat nuts and peanauts and almonds .my objectfs is to realy get less then 10% body fat so should i eat them or not ?

    1. Hey Brayan,

      That’s definitely a good idea. Just make sure you don’t get into a caloric surplus by eating those nuts. Read the free ebook.

      Combine the IF plan with a caloric deficit and you are heading for those percentages for sure.

      Beast mode ON!

  76. ah so that should i do is to eat 10g of nuts or i can just count .emm 15 -10 of almonds ! its good for losing fat or you have more sugesition? πŸ™‚

  77. hello rich ! you said that in the morning before my traning i give some energy to my body but low in carbs . is nuts and peanauts low in carbs i have doubt should i eat them ? if yes in how much quantity ? thank youu πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Susuki,

      Great! Hope the same goes for you ;).

      You want to stick to that 8 hour window and for better results and workout in a fastened state.

      That’s all. Whatever you eat outside of that 8 hour window will break your fast and will most likely be counterproductive.

      Beast mode ON!

  78. hi richard . i do fast and i wanted to know if i can eat reglise 100% natural after and before my wworkout .is that will stop my fat buring ?? πŸ™‚ thank u

    1. Hey Anes,

      You want to stick to that 8 hour window and for better results workout in a fastened state.

      That’s all. Whatever you eat outside of that 8 hour window will break your fast and will most likely be counterproductive.

      Beast mode ON!

  79. Hi just starting the 6 month plan and was looking at this diet, does it have to 16 hour fasting the reason I am asking is that I am a roughcaster and always on the go does the diet take things like this into account? Thanks

    1. Hey Connor,

      Welcome to the movement!

      I assume you are asking whether you really need to fast for 16 hours. Well, essentially…yes. If you adopt a larger eating window, most benefits are lost. Still, very situation calls for a different approach. Experiment with the eating window and see what it does for you.

      Beast mode ON!

  80. Hey Rich,

    I’m currently 151lbs. and trying to gain my weight back up to 180lbs. My question is basically about macros and eating enough calories (2,800ish calories) along with proteins, carbs and low low fats for a chiseled weight gain along with very low fat. So will I be able to achieve this woth this plan, it seems very low on calories.

    1. Hey Gabriel,

      Great question!

      For some people 2800 cal is more than enough, but it really depends on your overall activity. The more you do the more you burn and the more you’ll need to eat subsequently.

      I can highly recommend myfitnesspal. So I can’t say whether or not it’s enough, it really depends on your overall activities which you will be able to add into your calculation with the free app.

      Beast mode ON!

  81. Hi Rich. Is it safe to mix raw homemade potato starch with water and drink it? On training days I have to consume 400g of carbs ( I’m a hardgainer ) and it’s really difficult for me to consume that amount through rice and potatoes. If it’s not safe to consume the potato starch raw, please give me another way to use it. I really need some carb dense thing!

  82. Hey dude , can you please tell me is this correct ? This is my eating schedule :
    12:00-12:30 orange/apple or just any type of fruit with 10-15 almonds
    14:00-14:30 big salad (green)
    16:30-17:00 banana (pre-workout)
    17:30-18:30 workout
    18:30-20:00 chicken/pork/beef with garnish of veggies/boiled veggies and maybe some fruits if I’m still hungry

    I’m trying to eat healthy and in the same time to lower my weight a little bit (because I believe eating 1 kilo of good food instead of 1 kilo of bad food will help me loosing some weight) and build muscle .. I also run in the mornings.

    Thanks !

    1. Hey Stefan,

      Looks great!

      Definitely, 1 kilo of good food is better than 1 kilo of bad food. Remember however, that with regard to losing or gaining weight it’s not only about ‘healthy’ food, but also about the caloric density. Or the overall amount of calories you consume.

      Basically it boils down to this: “If you want to lose weight you need to BURN more than you EAT.” So if you burn 3000 calories and you eat 2500, you will lose weight. If you eat 3000 calories and burn 2000 you will gain weight.

      Check out my free diet guide for more info!

      Beast mode ON!

  83. hi rich . i want to lose weight and i do fast . can i eat dark chcoclate 73% cacao ? should i eat it after or before workout? 12H or 20h?

  84. Hi bro

    First of all I would love to thank you for this great diet-eating plan.You guys are great.
    I have one important question.
    As bar brother and sportsman I love to eat banana,raisins and hazelnut. Would these 3 food affect my diet in negative way or not? Cause I read on the internet that this 3 food contains a lot of carb and sugar.Is that not problem for lose fat?

    Thanks a lot! Beast mode on!

    1. Hey Oktay,

      Great question!

      Those three can be really good sources for exactly that. NO, it depends on your OVERALL intake.

      And on your goals of course, cutting/maintaining/gaining.

      Read the free diet guide, it contains a complete explanation!

      Beast mode ON!

  85. you are saying that when your stomach is empty , the insulin level would be low, therefore, your body will concentrate on burning fat when you workout right. but there are other sources that say that, when you workout with low blood sugar in your body, the body would indeed burn more fat, but it would not be significant, beside that, the body would not be able to convert energy from fat fast enough for our workout so it will convert muscle to energy also. the information about this matter are contradictory and are so confusing. can you please explain it to me, i would appreciate it. thanks!

    1. Hey Khoa,

      Great question!

      I can recommend you to check out the sources I mention in the free diet guide.

      In a lot of cases the type method of the research conducted can skew the results. Make a sharp distinction between actual research and the some-guy-said-to-me-information. Could you refer me to your sources? Without these sources there is very little for me to say about this then to refer you to my sources.

      Beast mode ON!

  86. Hi again, I have been using IF for the last few weeks and I have seen a difference in terms of burning fat whilst doing the 12 week system. But within the last week I haven’t noticed a difference. I have been researching online and have decided to change my eating/working out schedule. I would break the fast at about 2pm by eating an apple straight after my workout. I would then eat again at 5/6 and possibly snack in the evening. I would usually stop eating at about 9/10pm. Only problem is I don’t know If I need to be eating more, working out more as I don’t know if I am in a negative calorie deficit… I would say I am at about 15 percent body fat and would lose to be at around 12% or less.

    Would you be able to tell me if this is good and if I should carry on? Also any tips about tracking how many calories I am burning?


    1. Hey Jack,

      Awesome stuff first of all!

      You might have hit the caloric wall, that’s the point where you need to start adding calories to the equation.

      If you want to go to a 12 or lower percentage fasting in combination with a caloric deficit and real foods is the best way to do it.

      With regard to tracking calories read this post:

      And check out the free diet guide, it’s basically a step-by-step break down on how to gain/lose weight.

      Beast mode ON!

  87. Hello
    i really like that so much but i need a workout system ? .
    i study at the high school so how can i apply this diet ? i wake up at 5 o’clock , give me the right time please, when to eat , when to workout ??

    1. Hey Aymen,

      Welcome to the movement!

      Stick to an 8 hour eating window as much as possible. I personally prefer to have my first meal approximately 4 hours after I’ve woken up. With regard to working out, start with 3 days a week, check out the free e-book and the 6 month plan.

      Experiment however with what works best for you.

      Beast mode ON!

  88. Hi rich

    I have been doing IF for a few weeks but changed it after watching a video of Kinobody. I have been breaking the fast at about 2pm straight after my workout. (The main concept is to push your meals later into the day and save your calories for your evening meal). I have been doing this for about 3 days now but am not sure if I am eating enough calories. I am 17 eating about 1500 calories and my BMR is about 1720 calories. This puts me in about a 200 deficit. Plus working out on the bar brothers system.

    I want to lose fat but not weight, and I want to do this at a good speed so I do not lose much muscle. Can I ask for your help? Thanks.

    1. Hey Joe,


      Definitely some good info by Kinobody, although I don’t agree with everything he does. So essentially you want to lose fat and build muscle at the same time, that’s not going to happen in a CALORIC deficit ;), everything but.

      First of all you need to ask yourself a clear question: “Do I have a well defined six pack, which is visible?” If not. Cut until you have at around 8-10% bf. If yes, get into a surplus and stay in a surplus until you start losing your definition which is around 15% bf (This differs per person). At this point, start cutting again. This is a 2-3 month cycle of bulking and 1-2 months of cutting (Again some people respond better to longer or shorter periods). That’s how you do it, no other way. Can you build muscle and burn fat at the same time? YES, but only if you are at an above average weight (either obese or on the edge of). Kinobody is an outlier, he can get away with stuff (like eating pop chips) which 90% of people can’t get away with. So don’t get the expectation that these things can be achieve easily. With minimum effort and fast results.

      There is a lot more to say about this, but I don’t want to confuse you ;).

      Beast mode ON!

  89. I’m want do morning work outs at 5am because I work 8am – 4pm and 9am – 5pm so it was wondering how I’m can incorporate the fasting diet into my schedule. And I was wondering when to take my protien shake

    1. Hey Melai,

      Good question!

      Stick to the 8 hour window and see what time suits you best to break your fast. There is no perfect time for every individual, you’ll need to apply it to your own personal options. In your case, working out at 5am (I salute you for being a beast), means that if you have your first meal at 12, you’ll have some serious time to cover before you can replenish your reserves. This might be too long to start off with, so I would suggest you to try moving the start of your eating window up as much as possible to 12pm, if it’s 10 or 11am that’s fine too, since you’ve been awake for long enough to reap the benefits if IF.

      But then again experiment, the main principle is to stick to an 8 hour window (I personally have my first meal 4-5 hours after I wake up as close to 12pm as possible, but this might differ per person), when you start is important, but of less importance than actually the time frame in which you do it.

      Beast mode ON!

    1. or can i do/ out of the two which is better ( look at previous post)

      4:15 am – pre workout shake
      5 am – workout
      7am – post workout shake, water, or coffee
      12 pm – meal 1
      4 pm – meal 2
      7/8 pm – meal 3

  90. Hey rich,

    I have been very successful with intermittent fasting and really enjoy it. I fast 5 days week (when I’m not at college). The only problem is I’m really becoming unsure as to whether I need to cut or not? Although I have been fasting I have been trying to eat more calories for a few weeks and have maintained my weight. I have also been eating unhealthy foods every now and then but not too much. I lost a lot of weight and fat and do not know if I need to start cutting again to lose more. I really would love to hit 12% bf. What makes this more difficult is I don’t know what bf I am currently and do not know how to find out. If I was going off of pictures I have seen online I would say 15 maybe 16.

    Any help would be great, thanks

    1. Hey JC,

      Welcome to the movement and great that you have been doing IF. Definitely a great step in the right direction.

      If you are around 12% bf you are bascially at a normal bf range. If you really want to find out how much fb you have, get a measurement done, that’s basically the most ‘reliable way’, but usually will cost you money. That’s why I usually recommend to cut until you have very visible abs and to start bulking from that point only. This has a wide range of hormonal reasons, which I’m not going to explain here. Just read articles on the effect of fat on testosterone and estrogen.

      The question is: “What is your goal?”

      Beast mode ON!

    1. Hey Coen,

      Great question.

      Definitely possible, there are many variations to ‘IF’. While the 8/16 hour method is used most frequently, if you want to experiment with 4/20 or any other time feel free to try. Just make sure it allows you to work towards your goals.

      More isn’t always better. Sometimes it’s better to take it slow and steady instead of fast and sloppy. That being said I don’t know what your goals are so it’s difficult for me to give you a concise answer.

      Beast mode ON!

  91. Hi! I have a little question. When you say that the protein income would be between 250/350gr protein per day you are saying 250/350 gr of meat or only protein? If protein how can you reach this goal? 100 of chicken meet is 28gr of protein… I would have to eat more than a kg a day to obtain that level of protein! Ok beans and other fruits would have a big count of protein but… I will need to eat a ton of them to reach this amount. Can you explain how, in a day, you can reach this point?
    Thank you very much!

    1. Hey Gabriele,

      Good question!

      The grams refer to grams of chicken/meat/other sources of protein not pure protein haha, that would be a shitload of chicken or meat. Stick to 1.5-2.2 grams times kilogram in body weight per day, but experiment with it. So if you are 60 kg stick to around 90-120 grams of protein. If you are 50 it would be 75-100 grams etc.

      Beast mode ON!

  92. Hi Rich,

    I’m doing the 6 month Workout Plan and also this IF diet. I wanted to lose my belly, so I have been in calorie deficit now for 3 months – I’m 5’7 and i started off at 74kg and I am now 65.5kg, so i’ve lost a fair bit of weight. I am trying to get rid of my belly and it seems to be the last thing to go. The belly is almost gone, but I have a hit a wall on the 6 month plan. I have gained a lot of strength over the 3 months, (no muscle) but seem to have hit a wall now. Could it be because i’m on a calorie deficit that maybe I can’t gain any more strength?

    Do you think I should start to go into a calorie surplus and start building some lean muscle, or wait until my belly is completely gone before doing that. I don’t think it’s possible to put on muscle and lose weight? as to me the maths says calorie deficit = lose weight, surplus = put on weight/muscle. My goal is to lose the belly and build up lean muscle.

    Lastly, I’ve tried lots of exercises over the years and never stuck to any of them until now. I think the reason i’ve done so well with Callisthenics, is because of your advice and the fact you give up your time to answer all these questions. It is very much appreciated.



  93. Hi rich, I’ve been doing really well with fasting now and am slowly getting to my goal of 12% body fat. I don’t think it will take me long to reach that 12% but I am curious if my abs will show before 12% or if I have to go lower to reveal them? Also if I should do my daily ab 5-10 minute ab work outs?

    Also I am 6ft and just turning 17 years old and think if I lose any more weight I am going to be very underweight but I am close to my cutting goal. I am 142.5lbs.

    Thanks on advance for the help one again,


    1. Hey Jack,

      Awesome stuff first of all!

      To get visible abs you will need to be around 10%, this differs per person of course.

      Exercise will not give you visible abs if your body fat remains above a certain percentage, it’s as simple as that.

      With regard to ‘getting visible abs’ diet is FAR more important than exercise. You can have a 10 pack, but if your body fat is at 20% nobody is going to see it.

      With regard to being underweight, while having too much body fat…this might indicate that you need to focus on balancing your hormones and testosteron and insulin specifically. How is this done?

      Read my free diet guide.

      Beast mode ON!

  94. Hey rich, I’ve been intermittent fasting for a while now and working out using the bar brothers 12 week system. I have lost lots of weight and have definitely lowered my body fat. I can only pinch a bit of fat around my belly button. I was wondering if my abs are not showing because I still haven’t lowered my body fat enough or because my core is not developed enough (my core strength isn’t great).

    Also if I need to lower my body fat would you recommend working out twice a day as the workouts I get in the system only last about half an hour.

    Any help would be great, thanks.

    1. Hey JakeyK,

      Awesome stuff!

      It’s a combination of things, but definitely having a low bodyfat percentage. Here is the thing, everyone has abs, so there you have your answer. Only the question is how low do you want to go?

      Working out more is not the most effective way to go about it. Focus on improving your diet instead, get into a caloric deficit and stay there. A six pack really isn’t achieved as easily as you are made to believe and you are discovering the truth now ;).

      It takes time.

      Beast mode ON!

  95. Hi Bro , firstly thanks so much for all the advice and motivation ! Really driven for bar brothers !

    Wanted to ask , what if you maybe have a different cycle ie – first mean at 7:oo and your next at 15:00 and then maybe supper later in the night ?

    And you say at least follow for 5 days so then after the 5 days do you chang the diet ?

    1. Hey Jared,

      More than welcome and thanks for the positive message!

      This is something you will need to do over a longer period of time, it’s not a quick fix, but a lifestyle choice.

      You can start whenever you want, just stick to those 8 hours, preferably starting around 4 hours after you’ve woken up, but it differs per person.

      Beast mode ON!

  96. Amazing article.I recently started to train for calisthenics and I would really like to start with a similar diet. Does this schedule look ok:

    Breakfast at about 11:30 am.

    Workout 2:30pm ( don’t know if i should eat before or after my workout?)

    My final meal will be at about 6:30pm to 7:00pm.

    If you have any suggestions or comments please let me know.

    Thank you.

    1. Hey Rico,

      Welcome to the movement! I’m happy you enjoyed the read!

      Seems like a good plan, when it comes to dieting it’s always about experimentation. See what works best for body. The main premise of IF is to stick to that 8 hour eating window and in general I’d recommend skipping carbs until after your workout for better fat loss.

      Then again that’s a personal preference, it depends on your goals and overall body composition.

      If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

      Beast mode ON!

  97. I was googling something on calisthenics and stumble upon your article. I just wanted to say that this is best food habit technique one can follow to build strength, muscle and loss fat. I am a yogi (yoga teacher) , a long distance runner and calisthenic beginner and according to the ayurveda the ancient Indian medicine system , intermittent fasting is the perfect way to live a healthy life. I have been following this habit for a long time now and from my personal experience it works great. I do all my yoga asanas,breathing exercise, meditation ,running/workout (alternate days) starting from 6 in the morning with just glass of warm lemon water with honey and eat my first meal at 10 am . I only take few fruits around 3 pm and do my yoga and breathing at 4 for two hours before taking my final big meal at 6 pm . I am size 5′ 10” (64kg) guy with lean athletic body and muscles that helps me stay flexible for yoga and enough strength and endurance to do body workout and running.

    1. Hey Moksha,

      Thanks for your positive feedback.

      IF is definitely a very important tool which gives a wide range of benefits to most people.

      Appreciate your addition of the ayurveda, I’ve heard about it before. I’m happy to read that it has been working for you, you are one of the many people proving that ‘there are some big misconceptions’ about what healthy eating really implies.

      Thanks again for sharing and I hope you found some useful information on this website.

      Beast mode ON!

  98. Hellow Bar-Brothers..big fan of yours..i have some questions..1st one that can i follow IF for whole life if yes then how..??? & the 2nd one is eating in every 2 to 3 hours is not good enough & also i’m fed up with that..calisthanics gave me the result.. m very happy with that..but now m confuse with diet..some says eating on time is very imp some says supplyments r very imp..& some says celories counting is very imp..plz help me out with this problem..sorry for so maney questions…but i know only you can help me..thanks

  99. Greeting from Indonesia here !
    So, as you know, our people (well including me, of course) eat white rice as our main diet and fried processed food (you know like fried chicken, fried fish even Nasi Goreng or fried rice) and even most of vegetable based food still using oil as base ingredient. my height is 1,74 m and right now I’m at 58-60 kg (yes I’m a bit under weight if it’s not skinny). my question is, how I have to maintain my diet ? what kind of food that best for my body ? I want to raise my muscle volume a bit BUT I don’t want to use muscle supplement pill (can’t afford it, though). Thank you and Beast Mode ON !

    1. Teman! Apa Kabar?

      I’ve been to Indonesia a few times, this is basically as far as it goes ;).

      But to answer your question, indeed, I’m aware of the dishes and they are lovely.

      Diet is a very individual thing, and rice is definitely possible on a ‘diet where you want to gain weight’.

      Your main goal should be to get into a caloric surplus, meaning you’ll have to eat more than you burn.

      I suggest you read the free ebook:

      It contains all you need to know.

      Beast mode ON!

  100. Hi guys, i’m An italian Guy (sorry for My English is Not Very good) who tomorrow will start The 6 month plan. I have a few question about how many days i should workout for week and if my diet Plan i correct:
    8:00 wake up, cup of green tea+ apple+ toast with Jam
    10:30 Coffee
    12:30-13:30 workout
    14:00 pasta with tuna or chicken
    17:00 some fruitori
    20:00 salad
    I’m higly motivated after See yours video on YouTube

    1. Amico mio,

      Haha, that’s about all the Italian I know ;).

      Awesome job on getting started. To evaluate your plan I need to know what your goals are?

      What are you aiming for? What needs to happen for you to be satisfied? Think about this carefully.

      Let me know!

      Beast mode ON!

      1. My goals are To build muscle (But Not too much) and define my body. I tried for a While To go To The gym But i wasnt satisfied… when i saw The motivational videos of Guy Like me starting to Train Like you do, i Said that i want be Like thesee guys. My “body condition” Now is:
        I’m 182 cm for 74 kg, i’m Not Fat But i still have a Little bit of Fat localized in some parts of my body (abs, chest, thigh) that i would Like to lose…. i Hope you understand πŸ˜‰ thank you

  101. Hey Rich,
    It appears I was doing something close to IF but I didn’t know. Usually I try to have my last meal at around 5-8 PM and then on the morning I eat at about 7-8 AM. Now, as I workout at 7:30 AM, i don’t think it will be a problem for me to have a post workout breakfast (instead of per-workout breakfast) at 9 and keep my last meal at 5 PM. However, I usually have 3 meals per day 800-900 calories each, and my breakfast isn’t all that light. It is usually a mix of oats, milk, peanut butter, avocados, bananas, whole grain bread, cottage cheese, whey protein (not all of them at once, but a mix of those). Then for the other 2 meals, I usually go for a lot of fish/chicken/cottage cheese/whey protein with a lot of salad and may be some fruits again totalling 800-900 calories each. While I think I won’t have problems eating after workout and within the said time-frame I’d like to keep my breakfast as it currently is (I tested a lot of different breakfasts and having a good amount of healthy carbs for breakfast works great for my energy levels throughout the day), will this hurt the performance of the diet that much?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hey Petar,

      Great question.

      As with every diet related advice, keep the principles in mind and individualize.

      There are always exceptions of people who benefit from certain things while the majority would not. Research and statements are of course usually a generalization of many individuals, there can always be exceptions within the test group.

      So try experimenting with an 8 hour window and see what happens. Same goes for your breakfast. If this works for you, it works.

      Keep up the good work.

      Beast mode On!

  102. Hey Bro, great page you have. I’m having a great time training and think I’m getting a bit bigger and a better physique. One problem is I am missing the abs. I did cut for quite a while and lost some fat. I can see some ab definition in the mirror but only really the top 2 (in decent lighting). I believe I am a low enough % but can’t really make them out. I know that hqving low bodyfat doesn’t necessarily mean your abs show as ive seen videos and people i know with low bodyfat and skinny with no abs also. Do you suggest I keep training abs 6 days a week to improve them?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hey Ryan,

      Great question.

      It really depends on your definition of visible abs too. If your bf percentage is low enough you will see all your abs, if this is a healthy thing in all cases, that’s another question.

      If you want them to pop out more, definitely keep working your ab muscles, just make sure you also complement ‘ab work’ with lower back work, or you will find yourself in a serious imbalance. Don’t be fooled by what you think your bf is versus what it actually is.

      So 6 days a week of abs is definitely possible, but make sure it’s not all you do.

      Make sure you read this post:

      Beast mode ON!

      1. Thanks for the reply and the great advice. If i squeeze my abs in the light i can see the top 4 but not the bottom (not sure why i said top 2 in the previous post, sorry about that). They’re not the most visible in the light but i think thats due to them not being enough. I can pinch a bit of fat around my belly button but am not sure if it is enough to act upon cutting again. Do you think if I start doing fasted cardio and or training fasted too I can lose the little bit of fat without changing my diet and eating less (I eat pretty clean and already don’t over eat).

        Also thanks for the concern of lower back. I always train lower back as well as abs to try and increase core strength.

        Thanks again,
        I look forward to your reply!

        1. Hey Ryan,

          Great question.

          Definitely worth trying, it might give you that extra bit of insulin sensitivity which will allow you to build muscle more efficiently, which in turn increases your metabolic rate, which means you will burn more energy and get more visible abs.

          Yes, you can lose weight without eating less, but it means you will need either more muscle or you will need to increase the amount you burn.

          Beast mode ON!

  103. Hey Rich,
    I really appreciate the help. This past week I have been trying out this plan and already am noticing some significant changes in the amount of energy I have. But one thing I haven’t changed yet is the protein shake that I drink after working out in the afternoon. It’s called Premier Protein and I have been drinking it since cross country in high school.(It has 1gram of sugar and 30 grams of protein) I’m just wondering if drinking it will defeat the whole purpose of the plan above.
    Thanks brother,
    Link to nutrition:

  104. I usualy get up at 6:30 AM and then go to school at 7;00 AM to 1:20 PM – 2:00PM, depends on the day. Quitting breakfast would be bad for study or something like that?
    (I tried to write it down the best i could)
    Greetings from Argentina!

    1. Hey Damian,

      Thanks for your comment!

      If quitting breakfast isn’t possible for you then simply eat breakfast on days where you need to. You can always try fasting in the weekend. And if it doesn’t work for you, make sure you try to optimize your nutrition as much as possible.

      Beast mode ON!

      1. Is there a replace for almonds? (they are expensive in Argentina)
        I run monday, wednesday and friday, this diet isn’t going to reduce my funcionality in running? Is there something to change if i run?

        1. Hey Damian,

          Great question.

          Of course there is, there are plenty of nuts which you can use to replace almonds.

          It depends on your schedule on the intensity and on your goals. If you are an endurance athlete specialist your energy requirements are completely different than 99% of people, so that’s definitely something to keep in mind. On the other hand, if you are keto-adapted, it’s a different story. I’d recommend you to do some research into ketosis if you are a high level endurance athlete.

          Beast mode ON!

  105. Hi Rich,
    Thanks for the post. I have a question. I have been eating heavy breakfast since childhood. I am 37 now and it seems little difficult to completely skip the breakfast. I have started to take fruits and vegetable smoothie in breakfast and I take my first meal at around 2 in the afternoon. Is it ok to take a smoothie in the morning or I will have to skip that as well? If yes, any suggestions on how can I start skipping breakfast slowly so that it becomes easier? Thanks!

    1. Hey Sharan,

      Great question.

      If it seems to difficult, do what you can within your possibilies. I always recommend people to ‘take my advice with a pinch of salt’ meaning, it’s not the ghospel truth. But it’s something your can use and adapt to your own personal needs.

      So definitely try a light smoothie if that works best for you. My advice would be to start doing IF 1-2 days initially and to see what happens instead of jumping into it 7 days a week straight. Drinking sparkling water is also a useful option according to a few experts.

      Beast mode ON!

  106. Prety dissapointed when i saw intermittent fasting come up as the bar brother diet. Even tho IF can be a good thing (especially for losing weight) at the same it’s an incredible annoying thing to do when you are a dude with a faster metabolism that needs to eat for example 3500kcal to gain weight. IF is good for people with picture perfect metabolisms that even gain muscle at a miserable 2500kcal, but for guys with higher metabolism trying to stuff down 3500+kcal in 3 meals with clean foods is absolutely ridiculous. Not the mention the poor guys needing even more then 3500kcal! LOL :’)

    Sorry if i sound a bit cranky, because i’m a guy that loses weight at 2600kcal so when i saw IF appearing for building muscle i was like “Oh no, not IF, FUCK that shit!” Bin weightlifting on and off for some years. Created imbalances because of bad form etc. Messed around a bit with some random calisthenics and i instantly felt this would do me more good then weight lifting in a gym athletic- and balance wise.

    Tho as calisthenics is a whole different ball game training wise, nutrition wise it is no exception to just regular fitness/bodybuilding. Calisthenic people follow exactly the same rules and principles as any other bodybuilder on the planet.

    1. Hey Dennis,

      Thanks for your great addition. Although I don’t completely agree with you on all points, IF actually restores metabolic issues, such as insulin insensitivity. It’s well documented in research, still while generalisations are useful. There are of course always exceptions and people who need a different approach. So if it doesn’t work for you, definitely do something else. Haha, don’t worry about it, I love critical thinking.

      Grateful for the comment and I’m happy you found calisthenics, it’s definitely a great addition to anyone’s life in general.

      Beast mode ON!

      1. Like i said, IF has some good points and shines in losing bodyfat. Allthough people also use it to gain muscle but that brings me to my point i mentioned earlier. If you need a bigger amount of calories to gain weight, then IF is nothing more then stuffing yourself like a pig 3-4 times a day. It’s simply not enjoyable if you have to eat 3500cal in 3 meals. It will be a mountain of food every single time and you are just stuffing yourself far beyond the feeling of being full because the meals have to be so gigantic to get your daily caloric value. Atleast thats my experience. I’ll stick to the regular 6 meals a day with calisthenics πŸ™‚

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