4 Ingredients For A Super Smoothie (Boost Your Energy After/Before Training)

You probably heard this a billion times, right?

“What you do before and after your workout is just as important as the workout itself.”

And it makes sense.

Being healthy and energetic is not only about the training itself, it’s about much…much more…


But seriously, you know that by now, don’t you?

I don’t need to tell you that a pre or post workout drink should at least consist of ingredients which you can pronunciate properly.

Like, apple, banana, carrot etc…instead of artificial flavors, suclarose or N-acetyl-L-Tyronise (a pharmaceutical drug) or whatever the hell those ingredients are.

They actually put this shit in the best pre-workout drink of the year 2013 (Check the warnings).


So you get an energy boost, but at what cost?

At the cost of the overall health of the only body you have.

Luckily you can get the same results naturally.

I was actually going to show you a beautiful picture of my pre and post workout drink.

Fate decided differently…


Before I show you a picture of the final result, you probably want to know right now what it is I put into my pre/post workout drink.


The Four Natural Super Ingredients


So this is what I started off with, you might recognize some of these fruits/vegetables.


4 ingredients bar brother smoothie


The first three are quite easy to recognize, but the last one…well, let’s get started!


8 benefits of a banana calisthenics


8 benefits of spinach bar brothers


avocados 8 benefits bar brother diet


8 benefits of ginger bar brothers body weight workout


Bananas, spinach, avocados and ginger in a super smoothie energy boosting combination.

These different ingrediets are a good pre workout drink, because they:

  • Are complementary
  • Increase the absorption of different nutrients and contain different nutrients
  • Boost your energy levels and allow you to gain lean muscle weight
  • Boost your brain function and muscle performance
  • Reduce inflammation throughout the body, which speeds up recovery


That’s  a hell of a pre/post workout drink without any chemical or modified ingredients.

Actually the 8 benefits per ingredient are not exhaustive, because there are even more…but find those out for yourself.


How To Make Your Smoothie: Super Smoothie 101


This is what you need for 1 1/2 cup:

  • 1 banana
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1 hand full of spinach leaves
  • a small slice of ginger (don’t add too much, because it’s going to set fire to your throat and belly if you do)
  • 1/2 glas of water or you can us coconut milk (make sure it’s 100% pure)
  • mix for 5 minutes to make sure you don’t have any big pieces of ginger lef

Note to self: Put your mixer on a stable and horizontal underground.


How To Not Make A Smoothie: Epic Fails 101


So while I was watching how my smoothie was being prepared nicely.

I saw it happening in front of my eyes….BOEMMMM, PATSSS!!


Bar Brother Smoothie


Well at least it gave me the opportunity to show you ‘how to not make your own smoothie’, didn’t it?

Low on energy?

Feel like you need food with more nutritional value?

Try this natural energy booster!


You will be running through brick walls in no time 😉 (Don’t actually try this at home).

Now I’m going to get myself a new mixer…and a smoothie!

The costs?

How about more than worth it?



15 thoughts on “4 Ingredients For A Super Smoothie (Boost Your Energy After/Before Training)

  1. Awesome post Bro.

    This is one of the fundamental things we all need to hear and read about. Simple and natural.
    I am definitely adding this to my diet.


    Brother for life….no excuses..

  2. Thanks for sharing and have started the workout s this weeks and a video journal to share with you guys when I 30 60 90 day updates. Appreciate all the info and preworkout great smoothie idea! Do you guys take any supplements protein powder, or just stick to whole foods?
    bRett Leavitt

    1. Hey Brett,

      That’s really awesome, maybe we can make an awesome blog post out of it if you want to contribute.

      I can’t speak for all the Bar Brothers, but I personally don’t use any protein powders because most contain artificial sweetners or other ingredients with adverse side effects. That does not mean that all protein powders are bad, I just want to make sure the things I put into my body are things I would naturally be able to obtain in a natural way. So indeed preferably whole foods.

      In addition if you manage to lower your blood sugar levels and develop high insuline sensitivity, while at the same time boosting your testosterone and eating healthy…bro your body is going to amaze you (All the advices on the website have been thoroughly tested by me). Read these blogs:




      But again, remain critical and find out for yourself what truly works and what doesn’t. That’s how I slowly discovered what worked for me and I am still in the process of doing so…

      Beast Mode On,


  3. Thanks for this, great advice!
    Asking from Brazil here,
    The same smoothie goes to pre and post workout ?
    A large amount of protein is not needed in the post workout ?
    (sorry for any english mistakes, still learning )

    Thanks again.

    1. Hey Arthur,

      You can indeed use the same smoothie for your pre and post workout, due to the nutrients, which both boost your energy and help you in recovering from a highly intense workout (Of course you can vary with the ingredients for your pre/post workout drink, but this is just to give you an idea of what you would possibly use).

      It depends on what works for you best. I usually don’t add the protein (such as chicken or beef) directly after my workout, the protein in my diet is added in one of the big meals.

      Which I do because I’m doing intermittent fasting, which includes a undereating and overeating phase.

      Read this post for a better explanation:


      Beast Mode ON!

  4. Thanks Bro!

    Those ingredients make an awesome smoothie. Haven’t tried the Ginger though, but will this weekend after hitting the supermarket. Been using three of the four ingredients plus apple, mango and a handful of almonds in mine. Sometimes I add a little Almond Milk to thin it up. Never thought something like that would be good but it’s pretty good.

    Appreciate the motivation, Beast Mode is ON!

  5. Hey rich. I tried this shake today! Very good shake. After 5 minutes i felt the shake working. Feel strong and healty without a heavy feeling so good for pre workout. Thanks man. I am very interesting in making more healty shakes now. Fist bump Lowie

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