Bar Brother Superman

Top 3 Superhuman Bar Brother Exercises (How Superman Would Train)

Top 3 superhuman calisthenic bar brother exercises (You don’t want to try these at home)

1. One handed Superman Pushup

The name says it all, in order to do this push up you need superhuman strength. Not only in your core, but also in your shoulder. When you thought the superman pushup was difficult, try the one handed version. Next step…doing pushups without arms, but then again only superman would be able to do those, wouldn’t he?

2. finger push up

Bruce Lee is one of the first to show the two finger pushup and to be honest, even bruce lee did not do this shit! As if a two finger pushup were not enough, see how this guy does the one finger pushup. Want to break your finger? Give it a try!

3. One finger pull up

Well let’s go an equally high level of strength. Most people struggle with a two handed pull up, let a lone a one handed pull up. There is more, a one finger pull up. How about that for strength?

Want to become superman? Start practicing these and if you can show me video’s in which you do all of them, I will personally hand you a red cape.

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