The Trick To Make Every Bar Brother Exercise Muscle Burning (You Will Hate This Post)

So you want to find out which new trick I discovered?

Looking for some new ways to boost you muscles using your body weight?

If you are a beginner, it might be a good idea to cut yourself some slack.

For more advanced people, prepare to embrace the burn.


This trick has nothing to do with fire, but everything with burning the hell out of your muscles.

All you need to do is add some music.

Sounds like a joke doesn’t it?

It did to me at least, until I tried it for myself and stopped smiling after the first few minutes.

All you need to do is listen to the song and follow along.

So you think you are ready?

Then it’s time to: ‘Bring Sally up, bring Sally down. Lift and squat Gotta tear the ground’.

Ok, I know you did not come here to sing a song, you came here to train ‘Beast Mode’.


Let me explain the basics.

There are different ways to make your routines more difficult:

  • You can add weight (Usually done in the gym)
  • You can increase the number of reps (To increase cardio)
  • You can slow down the movements you make (To increase strength)


What if I tell you, you can do something which will make you feel like you are doing it all at the same time?

Sounds good doesn’t it?

Of course by now you are wondering what this should look like.

Well after this post and actually doing the exercise you will never forget the name: ‘Sally’.


Who is Sally?

While Sally does not need an introduction, she is know as the arch enemy of fat and weakness and the creator of power and pain.

(Warning: While Sally might be kind to you at first, she will bite you, so DO NOT underestimate her fury)

Time to pay your dues to Sally.

Bar Brother Push ups


Bar Brothers Squats



What makes this body weight workout so good?

  • You can do it with a group
  • You have a fixed rhythm to which you can adapt your pace
  • It burns like hell
  • It burns like hell (I already mentioned this one, but just in case you might forget)



Only the strongest will survive a Sally routine.

Give it a try!



You can use and abuse Sally  for all exercises:

  • Squats
  • Leg raises
  • Push ups
  • Pull ups
  • You name it…



 Training Workout Body Weight Bar Brothers


‘If you hate it fold your arms, If you love it clap your hands’

Time to say goodbye to Sally and hello to muscle burn.

Every time you feel like giving up (Especially at the last part of the song, Samuel knows), just imagine someone pointing a gun at your head and telling you, ‘One more damn time until you fall down and smile’.


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Rich Andoh


5 thoughts on “The Trick To Make Every Bar Brother Exercise Muscle Burning (You Will Hate This Post)

  1. Killer challenge!
    A good power up routine for this is the workout I’ve started doing recently.

    1. Skipping – 10min
    2. 1min rest
    3. Sally push-up challenge.
    4. 1min res
    5. Skipping – 10min
    6. 1min rest
    7. Sally squats challenge.
    8. 1min res

    * repeat all this until you forget your name
    * during skipping your heart rate should be between 140-170bpm
    * don’t stand still during the rest periods keep moving, walk.
    * when your ready remove the rest periods

      1. Yeah it’s a killer.

        Definitely seeing results. Can “pump” out the Sally Squats with proper form consistently know days.
        Pushups still kick my arse though lol. Can ‘JUST’ get two Pushup sets down, then it all gets a bit ridiculous.

        Skipping is like my go to gap filler. Best workout enhancer ever!! Sometimes when I can’t decide on a set workout I’ll just murder the rope for 45-60min.

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