1 Simple Hack To Pass The Sally Push Up Challenge

You like a challenge.

And you have at least tried this one once.

Still…it seems too difficult.


Give yourself some credit.

Sometimes it doesn’t just take strength

Sometimes it’s more about technique.


I’m going to share 1 small hack you can use to pass the Sally challenge…and find out how you can use the Challenge to increase your push ups.¬†


The Simple Hack That Will Get Beginners Past The 3:30 Mark


Last month I shared the first challenge with you.

‘The Sally Push Up Challenge’, where the goal is to do push ups for 3:30 seconds straight.

It’s fun to do with your friends and fellow Brothers.


Most beginners fail the first few times however, because they are making it more difficult for themselves.

Here is how…


Sally Push Up Challenge


To pass the 3:30 minute challenge you will need to find the correct technique.

As show in the picture, the devil is in the details.

If you want to pass the Sally challenge -especially as a beginner- make sure you keep your elbows close to your body.

From this position you will rely more on your triceps, instead of your chest and shoulders.


Adopting this position will make it easier for 99% of people.

Try doing a more wide push up vs a close push up, notice the difference?

You can try the more difficult version when you are stronger.

Let’s give this hack a try first!


Here is the video of some of the Bar Brothers Groningen attempting to pass the Sally Challenge.

Click on play and challenge yourself ;).



Want to download the ‘Sally Song for your own workout?’

1) Copy the url https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZ2c3qNK8sE

2) Go to http://www.youtube-mp3.org/nl

3) Paste the youtube url in the search bar

4) Click on convert and download the song in mp3 version


Increase Your Push Ups 101: Push Up And Kick Some Sally !@#!


When someone asks you: “How do I increase my push ups?”

Introduce them to Sally.

The easiest push up increasing tool to add to your calisthenics toolbox.


After every training put on the Sally Song and do the challenge to completely drain your arms and upper body from all the juice that’s left.

It just takes 3 minutes and 30 seconds to completely go all out in that final round.

And when you hit the 3:30 mark give yourself a pat on the back…


And what happens after that?

Do the wide grip version, or the squat version, or the pull up version…

Remember…there is always another challenge waiting around the corner ;).


Beast Mode ON!


6 thoughts on “1 Simple Hack To Pass The Sally Push Up Challenge

  1. Highly interested and highly motivated in bars and calisthenics training in hopes to gain a family in the fitness world!

  2. having so much fun robbing (challenging with money involved) my friends who are 10X my size thank you rich PS. they are dollar bets not any thing higher than a au dollar

  3. You mode it look so simple man! One question tho, do you keep the tension When youre on the ground?

    Youre hands are far far more behind the shoulders the the other People There.

    Tnx bro! Keep on the good stuff

    1. Hey Peace,

      Haha, even with the right technique, you still need some strength.

      Yes, you actually don’t touch the ground which means you are under constant tension, which is exactly the difficult part.

      Keep up the good work and try a ‘Sally challenge’ every once in a while.

      Beast mode ON!

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