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4 Reasons To Start With Calisthenic Exercises

The popularity of this sport is growing exponentially each day. For some people
calisthenics (or street work out) has become much more than a sport, it’s a
movement, a lifestyle and we are not slowing down!

But what makes this sport so intriguing?

What’s so special about it?


Reason 1: Calisthenics is freedom

Calisthenics offers us the option to work out where and whenever we want to,
and it’s free!

No longer do we need to be tied to fitness machines or gym
memberships and to waste time to get all the way to your specific gym spot. The
streets are our playground, the world is our gym and everyone is welcome.

The  only limitation in this sport is your creativity.


Calisthenic Exercises

Reason 2: Calisthenics is art

As said before, this sport challenges us to be creative. It helps you to develop
your ability to observe your surroundings and to think of ways to use it to
your advantage.

After a while your mind will be able to look at a pole, fence
or a tree branch and come  up with working out exercises at the spot!

Other people see this and become inspired, that’s art.

You are the artist, your work of art is your body and your skills.


Calisthenics movements and exercises

Reason 3: Calisthenics is a practice that develops real strength

The reason why gyms and fitness equipment are so popular is because of marketing.
They are not meant as a genuine attempt to reach higher levels of fitness.

Most weight exercises isolate certain muscle groups, are unnatural and have very
little practical value in our daily life. When doing bodyweight exercises all
your muscles work together as a unit.

You will develop greater strength, power, muscular and cardiovascular endurance, speed, balance, coordination, and

In other words, you get total control over your body.


Full control by doing calisthenics exercises

Reason 4: Calisthenics is fun

Nowadays we spend so much time inside. It’s bad enough in our schools and jobs. We all
have a primal urge to be outside so why not do this?

Breathe the air, feel the sun, hear the birds sing. Also when doing calisthenics you are constantly
learning to do new things with your body. This keeps your training sessions
fresh and fun. This is unlike the gym and doing the same reps over and over and
over again.

Another fun aspect of calisthenics is the community and people you
come in contact with. When working outside with other street work out enthusiasts
you can feel a rush of energy and passion that inspires you.

After a while these people become like family, a family that gives you constant motivation
and that helps you become stronger.


Bar Brothers GR Exercise calisthenics

So come and join the Bar Brotherhood and
feel the love for calisthenic exerices.

© Written by Emilio Martinez

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4 thoughts on “4 Reasons To Start With Calisthenic Exercises

  1. my 10 year old friend is a personal trainer and he told me about cali workouts he is a bar fanatic he now trains me with the bars 6 months on and 5 stone lighter (30KG) i eat clean and train hard!

    It all started here as this was the first bar bro’s site i came across and i vigorously watched Dusan and Lazar’s vids over and over real inspiration you helped me make a change in my life and a positive one keep doing what your doing even if you only inspire one other person in the next year trust me! you changed their life forever.

    My next goal is to hit beast mode in 6 months!

    One love to all of you bar bro’s wherever you are keep it healthy and clean and fit with the organic movements!

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