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Should You Wear Gloves During Bar Brother Training?

“If you want a place in the sun, you have to expect a few blisters.” – Young


That’s exactly what Bar Brother blog is about: ‘pushing yourself to reach new heights while at the same time being aware of what your body requires in order to make the process as efficient as possible.’


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Regardless of your choice, when you decide to start Bar Brothers, getting calluses and blisters is part of the game.


‘Another day another blister’ – Bar Brother


Get yourself some Hulk hands…


Calisthenics gives you a more powerful grip, which you will need to execute more difficult routines (muscle up, human flag etc. ).

This happens at the cause of the skin in your hands. Specifically the area where your palm and finger touch each other, the gripping area.

If you have done calisthenics more often than just once without gloves you probably noticed that your skin starts developing and extra layer or that there is a blister underneath.

This is because of the large amount of weight and the sliding of the skin of your hands on the bars. There are both proponents and opponents of wearing gloves during calisthenics.


‘You see blisters, I see effort, nobody can judge effort’ – Ray Lewis


Why should you wear gloves during calisthenics?


1. Decreases the slipperiness

During a workout your hands might become sweaty and nothing is more irritating than not being able to do your routine, because it seems as if someone just put some vaseline on the wrong bar.

Gloves absorb the transpiration and are ‘kings at kicking some slippery bar ass’.

You can keep sweating and at the same time hold your grip.


Bar brothers Exercise Gloves


2. Blisters and Caluses

When you continu calisthenics over a longer period of time without gloves the skin on your hands will at a certain point either start developing into a creature like crusty surface or lovely hulk hands (Call it as you wish).

Which essentially only aids in the ability of the skin of your hands to withstand future stress.

Multiple blisters might even prevent you from training for a while, in order to prevent that gloves which protect the parts that ar succeptable to blisters are more than welcome.


3. Supports your wrists

Not all gloves, but good gloves also support your wrists, which are quite prone to injury especially when you start calisthenics.

Wristband gloves form a welcome support when you start practicing new moves in which you stress your wrists in ways you haven’t done before.


On the other hand…


When you become dependent on gloves there is one major disadvantage and that’s that you might develop a false sense of grip, in terms of strength without gloves.

When lifting objects with a heavy weight without your gloves, do not expect the same kind of grip as you have with gloves.

So to a certain degree gloves make you dependent and essentially calisthenics is all about being independent of material resources, only needing the body to achieve what you truly want.



With or without gloves


Indeed the best advice is to find a balance between what works for you and what does not. When it is winter for example or raining, gloves might be more beneficial to you, because they prevent you from slipping away.

In addition, when you have weak wrists and need some support, gloves might give you that little extra protection you need to prevent injuries.

More, concerning callus and blisters. As pointed out, at a certain point your hands will need time to recover from the damage.

Of course you want to keep training, which will make matters worse, unless you use gloves until the skin on your hands has recovered.

So regardless gloves are a useful attribute.



But which gloves should you choose for calisthenics?


Although these look cool, they lack functionality unfortunately. You should pay attention to the following criteria:


1. Leather

Make sure your gloves are made of leather, they last up to four times longer and give a better grip than nylon gloves.


2. Wrist support

This cannot be emphasized enough, make sure you have wrist supporting gloves. Your writst are one of your most important joints, especially for calisthenics.


3. Tight fit

Wide gloves will only make blisters worse, because your hands will slide within the glove. Make sure you have gloves which fit tightly around your hands, without cutting of the blood circulation.


Which pair would be recommended?


 1. Fitness-mad

These leather gloves are perfect when you consider the criteria.


Bar brother Gloves


2. Valeo

Valeo Competition Wrist Wrap Lifting Gloves (Large). Also have wrist protection and are made from leather.


Bar brother Gloves 2



” The cat with gloves catches no mice.”  – Sidhu



The final advice is to remember that you should be aware of both the strength and limitations of your body, it does not hurt to make use of attributes, just make sure you don’t become dependent of them.


Which gloves would you recommend? Or haven’t you been using gloves at all? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!


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