2 Potent Roots To Supercharge Your Recovery

Weird feeling, isn’t it?

Realising what you can actually do with just your body weight can be both exciting and terrifying at the same time.

The responsibility is all on you.


Not on a gym 50 miles from where you live.

Not on the highly time consuming courses you’ve been following.

Not on being a father or mother with a full time job and 2 kids.

You know how important it is to stay strong and healthy, not only for yourself, but also for the people that mean a lot to you.


On the other hand, it still isn’t easy.

I mean, becoming stronger never was and never will be easier than it is right now.

But with the right tools you can make it less hard, most of these tools -just like training with your own body- are so cheap and effective that you simply wouldn’t believe it.


It’s a shame, because they work. The difference? Marketing companies cannot patent these ‘natural and powerful’ boosters. So you never hear about them.

If you could save yourself a lot of pain and discomfort, would you?

I use these two simple roots to recover faster, get healthier and become stronger.

I suggest you do the same. 



Using All The Tools To Build The Body You Want


While I’m a big fan of these two roots, I by no means want you to think that they can compensate for a bad diet or bad habits.

They are tools.

Imagine building your own workout park.


You’d need a toolbox filled with tools.

A hammer, a screwdriver, a shovel and not to forget, a pair of hands. Perhaps even someone to cheer you on or a pat on the back from a friend.

While all of those individual tools are useful and highly beneficial, it’s not a single tool that will allow you to build your ‘dream workout’ park.

Some tools will help you do most of the work. Others will be for the finishing touch.

But when your park is fully constructed it’s not just the work of 1 single tool.

It’s a combination of ALL those tools.


The same goes for your body.

It just requires a lot of different tools, more than you can imagine.

Building a workout park -compared to building a human body- is similar to building a sand castle with a bucket versus building a state of the art space ship with over 1 million parts.

But the principles are the same.


You need to use A LOT of different tools and find out which tools work best.

In my search for these tools to build the best human body, I’ve found two very useful ones.

Ginger and turmeric.





Benefits Of Ginger And Turmeric


As a calisthenics beginner you will often be confronted with an ouch-did-I-really-have-muscles-over-there moment the morning after your workout.

Walking around like a penguin after a leg routines is funny, but it isn’t fun.

So some of you decide to take some aspirin or ibuprofen as a painkiller.


I’ve seen it happen a lot and it’s not necessary. Why?

Just google the side effects, you’ll get an instant ‘heart attack’.

So I think it would be better to not google it actually.

Just take my word for it.


So if you shouldn’t take any painkillers, what should you take?

Try some ginger.

Ginger has been used for thousands of years in traditional medicine.

Researchers therefore decided to give it a try and put it head to head with a strong and well known painkiller.

They compared one-eight of a teaspoon of powdered ginger to 400 mg of ibuprofen.

The ginger to their surprise worked just as effectively and even resulted in positive effects in premenstrual mood and physical symptoms associated with it (1, 2).


The second potent root is turmeric.

Ranging from preventing cancer cell growth (3).

To reducing DNA damage in smokers up to 38% by giving them a teaspoon a day (4).

And generally proven to fight inflammation (5, 6).

Showing to be more effective then 9 well know pharmaceutical drugs and just as potent as 3 others (7).

In order to increase the bioavailability of the beneficial turmeric compounds with up to 2000%, it is recommended to add black pepper to any turmeric ‘dish or drink’ (8)


Both ginger and turmeric have the anti-inflammatory effects which are either more or just as potent as expensive drugs, but with almost no side effects.

What are the practical implications for you?

You recover faster, have less muscle ache, heal tendonitis and build a protective layer against tons of chronic diseases.

Scientists get and spend years to develop a drug that will make them a million bucks.

But nature still beats them to the table for free.





How To Use Ginger And Turmeric In Your Food?


Both roots can be powdered, squeezed or eaten raw.

I generally put about half a teaspoon of turmeric and ginger in my tea.

Using a garlic press to get as much of the juices out and then throw the rest of the pulp in the water.

You can use it throughout the day, post workout or pre workout.

Here is the full recipe:



In addition, you can simply make tons of curry dishes which generally require plenty of turmeric or you can finish your smoothies with a nice slice of ginger to get a spicy taste.

Plenty of options to choose from.

Be creative.



Use ALL The Tools In Your Toolbox


“If you only have a hammer, every problem will be a nail.”

Generally we believe that the answers to our health lie in taking more pills, more powders, more potions.

It’s not because marketing companies are bad, but it’s because they get paid to make you believe that stuff.


All they give you is a hammer, so any health issue you have.

You resolve with a pill.

If you take the time to look at your toolbox you’ll realise that you are still very limited with just a hammer.


You are trying to build a workout park with just a hammer, no hands, no nails, no equipment…

Guess what? It’s going to be a long and perhaps impossible journey.

But if you gather more tools and use those tools to your advantage, you’ll be able to build a park, even if you have two left hands.


Great feeling, isn’t it?

This time you have ALL tools to do what you want to do.

The responsibility is on you.


Beast mode ON!


Now I’d like to hear from you:

Did you like this post?

Or maybe you have a question.

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14 thoughts on “2 Potent Roots To Supercharge Your Recovery

  1. Thnx rich! I was allready using ginger 3 times a week. I put it in my post workout shake. Now i must find out what turmeric is :). I am gonna use that too. I love healthy foid and special seeds and stuff! Please share!! 🙂 greetings Lowie

    1. Hey Lowie,

      Haha, good to see you are still lurking around ;). You can find turmeric in plenty of places, just ask around. Make sure you get the root.

      Keep up the good work and I’ll make sure to include some more stuff on potent foods for recovery and health.

      Beast mode ON!

  2. Great! just great…I am actually a fan of turmeric and ginger since then…haha! to my surprise, that is really of something…thank you so much Rich! I would recommend this to my buddies in calisthenics…two, three, four and even more thumbs up!!!
    *fist bump*

    Beast mode on!

    1. Hey DJ,

      Thanks for the comment! I’m happy you already humped on the bandwagon ;).

      It definitely is, plenty of research to support how potent these two substances are.

      Keep up the good work. Haha, well you’ll need some extra hands with that amount of thumbs :D.

      Thanks once again.

      Beast mode ON!

  3. Hi Rich,

    I started using it and I was surprised to see how good it actually works !
    Do you use 1/2 a teaspoon where 1/4 of it is Ginger root and 1/4 Turmeric root?
    I was wondering if i could maybe consume a bit more to recover a bit faster…

    Thanks !!

    1. Hey Ron,

      Great to read that is has been working for you, I guess I know what I’m talking about ;).

      It’s all about the dosages, even too much water can become toxic beyond a certain point. So more doesn’t necessarily equal better. This is something you’ll need to experiment with, there aren’t really any serious adverse side effects other than an upset stomach for ginger or people with gallstones can experience increased pain, because of the squeezing effect turmeric can have on the gallbladder. But studies also indicate that turmeric can aid in preventing these in the first place, so that’s still up for debate.

      So if you ask me, experiment and see how your body responds. Keep in mind that no supplement or root can replace rest ;).

      Beast mode ON!

    1. Hey Mehmetcan,

      Great question.

      Yes, definitely. And to increase the bio-availability of the curcumin you can also add some black pepper. It has shown to increase the ‘active compound of curcumin’ by up to 2000%.

      Keep up the good work!

      Beast mode ON!

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