Pull up progression Bar Brother Beginners

4 Pull Up Progression Exercises For Calisthenics Progression

Essential.  Foundational. Fundamental.

A few words on why you need to be able to do a pull up.

After setting up the 6 month training plan, I received a lot of emails on ‘How to do your first pull up”.


You might have tried to get your first pull up without any prior training and realized that it was not as easy as it looked.

Most Bar Brothers make it look easy.

They trained for it. Busted their asses off.

How can you make it look just as easy?


I know.


By starting to develop the basic strength.


By doing the 4 exercises which I am going to share with you.

The fun thing? You don’t need any prior training to be able to do them.


 The 4 Exercises For Pull Up Progression


1. The Passive Hang Pull Up


Pull Up Progression Calisthenics


Main muscles: Forearms, Shoulders

Secondary muscles: Chest (Abs optional)


  1. Grab the bar with either an overhand of underhand grip at shoulder width.
  2. Hang from the bar while keeping your legs straight (You can make it more difficult and train your abs in the process by raising your legs to a 90 degree angle, see picture).
  3. Hold this position.


Exercise: 30 seconds of hanging


Note: If you want to make it more difficult and also hit the abs, you can do it as shown in the picture (either with stretched forward legs or with your legs tucked in). If you have a higher bar, you can just let your legs hang.


2. Active Hang Pull Up


Active Hang Calisthenic Workout


Main muscles: Forearms, Shoulders, Biceps

Secondary muscles: Chest (Abs optional)


  1. Grab the bar with either an overhand of underhand grip at shoulder width.
  2. Pull yourself up as far as you can and hold it. Aim for at least a 90 degree angle.
  3. Hang from the bar while keeping your legs straight (You can make it more difficult and train your abs in the process by raising your legs to a 90 degree angle, see picture).
  4. Hold this position.


Exercise: 15 seconds of hanging


3. Reverse Pull Up


Bar Brothers Reverse Pull Up Calisthenis Workout


Main muscle group: Biceps, Shoulders, Lower Traps

Secondary: Middle & Lower Back


  1. Set the bar to waiste height or higher.
  2. Move your body underneath the bar, while holding it.
  3. Make sure you have a firm underhand or overhand grip with both hands.
  4. Keep your body as straight as possible (tense your abs and glutes/ass) and pull yourself towards the bar (Try touching the bar with your chest).
  5. Hold it for 2 seconds at the top and count till 5 while going down.
  6. Make sure you keep a your body completely straight.
  7. You can change the difficulty. The more you move the bar towards your shoulders in the starting position, the more difficult it gets.


Number of repetitions: 15


4. Jump into negative


Negative Pull Up Calistenics Workout


Main muscle group: Biceps, Shoulders, Triceps

Secondary: Back & Abs


  1. Grab the bar with an overhand grip at shoulder width.
  2. Jump up while at the same time pulling yourself above the bar or as high as you can.
  3. Hold yourself at the highest point (Now comes the part where you are really going the increase your strength).
  4. Slowly let yourself down by bending your arms and making a downward motion, the slower the better. This is called the negative part of a pull up, whereas pulling yourself up is the positive end.
  5. When going down make sure your feet don’t touch the ground.
  6. Repeat.


Number of repetitions: 10


Note: You can do this with a high or low bar, I personally prefer the low bar because you will have a bigger range of motion (By doing so you stimulating even more muscle groups).


Pull Up Progression Beginner Routine


1. 20-30 seconds passive hang

2. 10-15 reverse pull ups

3. 10-15 seconds active hang

4. 5-10 negative pull ups


Repeat this cycle 3-4 times at least 3 days a week to develop some serious pull up power.

If the negative pull ups get too difficult and you can’t hold it, do them anyways or replace them with reverse pull ups.


But what if doing a pull up is something you do with ease?

Try increasing your hanging time to 60 seconds both passive and active, this will also give you some serious strength gains.

Secondly, the negative pull ups are a good way to start developing muscle up strength, you can incorporate them into your training schedule.

Or just check out the essential 6 month beginner guide.


While it might seem easy in the picture, I guarantee you it wasn’t.

I was freezing my ass off and my hands were hurting from the cold.

Things are not always as easy as they seem.

But if it were easy everybody would do it, wouldn’t they?


Beast Mode ON!

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55 thoughts on “4 Pull Up Progression Exercises For Calisthenics Progression

  1. Hi brother ! Just started the 6month essential, reading this article make me wonder, first for the firts month full body, im currently doing the pull up already with difficulties from second and third cycle, wondering at which point you stop the motion, 90degree arm or when your neck is reaching the bar ? Second, would it be a good idea to add those 4 move the reach better pull up motion, lets says faster or its already good with the full body routine ? Im currently on a 4days full routine, will probably do it 5day a week would it be a good idea to include it or i keep the 1mth full routine as it is ? Thanks mate !

    1. Hey Francis,

      Awesome to hear you started the 6 month training plan. The best place to hold it, is when your neck is reaching the bar, because this means you have done a full pull up.

      You can definitely add some of these moves to improve your pull up, you can for example vary with your routines and do this routine every other day. The full body routine will help you, but if you can’t do complete pull ups yet, I would advise you to replace the pull up exercises in the full body routine with these four or to do this routine by itself.

      So essentially it depends on how far you are with your pull ups right now, can you do a full pull up? Yes, keep doing the full body routine and add this whenever you want. If no, replace your pull up exercises in the full body routine with these exercises.

      Beast Mode ON!

      1. Already doing full pull up, neck raise for the first and second cycle, tirth cycle, harder to complete the first, but the second is another story. Would say that i only reach my nose lvl on that one.

        So on the 2-3 days left you would suggest doing the 4 exercice for improve the pull up ? Sounds great 🙂

        1. Hey Francis,

          That’s something you can definitely do to add some variety!

          However it is highly indivualistic, I personally love to train on a daily basis.

          Haha, indeed it gets tough eventually ;). Goodluck bro!

          Beast Mode ON!

          1. Yeah i think it would be easier on a daily basis, but thats already tought. Leading to my other question, im a bit overweighted, and i was thinking if it was a reason why i feel my arms will not currently support an all day full routine, or its about the same for everyone ? Did the overweight makes it harder or maybe its only the “rest” day that makes my third day harder ? Would it be possible/benefic on a daily basis ?

          2. Hey Francis,

            Carrying extra weight is not going to make things easier, it just means you will have to work a little harder for it. But everyone who starts has difficulties. You have to build strength and a healthy body first, which is not a short term but a long term goal.

            You can definitely benefit on a daily basis, as long as you eat healthy and train smart.

            Keep moving and fuel your body with good nutrition, don’t expect to improve by 10% every day, not even by 1%, be happy with 0,1% every day.

            As long as you are making progress you are becoming a better you.

            Beast Mode ON!

          3. Yeah definitly not an easy journey, but im sticking on it ! 1 week and i already seen resultats, ive better energy and im more positive, workout go fine, no pain no gain ! Its only the beginning ! Looking forward, no “big” results but just enought to see it, on my body and in the training. Starting the 8hours eating today too, a lil worried about this one because my last 2 training was about high protein diet, seems like i was untolerent to glucid…

          4. Would you suggest to add those 4 before the current full body set-up ? or put it mixed during the full body training, like adding between exercices ?

            Thanks in advance !

      2. Hey Francis,

        You can use them as you wish. That’s the great thing, they are a tool to get some extra pull up strength.

        You can do them in a full routine or in between exercises. It depends on what you prefer. I would personally advise you to use them whenever you can’t do any pull ups, but still need some to finish your routine.

        When you reach that point add these exercises, to completely drain your muscles and stimulate muscle growth and strength, deep into the muscle fibers.

        Beast Mode ON!

  2. Would you be willing to do a newsletter on balancing? Tips on doing handstands and anything requiring lots of balance. I know with more muscle comes better control but it’s still difficult to know the right movements, proper form, etc. A lot of the videos i watch make it seem so easy. Any routines on hand stands, balancing, etc? Thanks man!!

    1. Hey Travis,

      Great question!

      More muscle does not necessarily mean better control. Control and coordination are a whole other thing, I’m going the work on a hand stand/balancing routine in the coming weeks. I’ll try to break it down as much as possible.

      Beast Mode ON!

      1. Awesome. Yes I’ve been trying to do the hand stand. I feel I have to muscle to support my weight for a good 10-30 seconds. Just no coordination to stay on my hands. A tutoral from the pros would be so helpful. Where it’s broken down. Thanks, cant wait to see it when your done!

    1. Hey Joseph,

      In between cycles you can rest around 1-3 minutes, but if you want to make things more difficult rest <1 minute.

      In between exercises there is no rest, if it's too difficult, take 1-3 minutes of rest.

      The more rest you have the easier it gets, to get maximum results you need good execution + minimum rest.

      Beast Mode ON!

  3. Hello,
    I’m french, so sorry for my english.. 🙂
    I would like to know if we can workout everyday to have better results ?.
    And i tried the muscle up hunt routine and sometime i don’t succeed to do for example 10 typewritter pulls up… so it’s possible to do each excercices until i can’t do anymore(good execution) or the number of repetition is important ?
    For example if a do just 4 typewritter pulls up instead of 10 but at 4 rep i reach the break down point.

    1. Hey Pierre,

      My french sucks so I’m not even going to try it ;).

      Well, how can I answer your question…first of all, it depends on what your goals are. I personally workout 5-6 times a week and if I can every day. To me it’s like eating, sleeping or breathing.

      Will you get better results? It depends on whether or not you are working out intelligently. Are you doing the proper form? Are you focusing on your food and diet? Are you maxing out? Different factors determine your results. It’s not only about the quantity of your workouts, but also about the quality of your workout and the quality of what you do next to your workout, so when you are not working out. This might sound strange, but what you do when you are not working out can actually be more important for your results, than what you do when working out (one to think about). Well without getting any more philosophical-Bruce-Lee on your ass, it boils down to the following: “Workout as much as you can as intelligently as you can”.

      With regard to your other question of not hitting the number of reps. Yes, max out in proper form and then do an easier version for the remaining reps. So let’s say you can do 8 typewriters max, then add 2 more wide grip pull ups, which are quite similar but a slightly easier version, this also goes for the other exercises.

      This should clarify things a bit more!

      Beast Mode ON!

      1. Hello,
        Thank’s you very much for your answers!!
        I eat like the renegade diet, and i workout out 5 times per week, i’m very motivated!!.
        I have another questions… 🙂
        My goal is to become muscular without to much fat, actually i want to become like a Bar Brother ^^.
        I know that it’s pretty hard bu i’m very motivated.
        So, now i workout on monday: muscle up hunt routine, chest addict routine
        on tuesday killer abs routine
        On wednesday: Shoulder routine and arms routine
        On thursday: killer abs routine
        On friday: Legs routine
        Saturday: muscle up hunt routine, chest addict routine
        Every workout is about 45 minutes or 1 hour.
        I would like to know if it’s a good workout for my goal?
        At each routine i do 4 cycles 🙂
        Thank’s you very much for your answer!!

        1. Hey Pierre,

          This is great for your goal!

          Keep doing this and you will definitely get some great results! No need for adaptations. Just one minor point of importance. Make sure you train your lower back. If you are doing an ab routine, balance it with a back routine. To develop a stable core, to much ab exercises without back exercises will cause overall imbalances and back pain.

          Beast Mode ON!

    2. Hey Pierre,

      Good question! You can workout every day, just be aware of your injury possibilities. As long as you don’t drop dead, your body apparently has the adaptive abilities to match your training ;). Of course this is an extreme example, but I hope you get the point. As long as you are not injured, you can train. And this will definitely speed up your results.

      With regard to your question on the typewriters, I have written an extensive post on the forum, find it here:


      Beast Mode ON!

  4. Or can you purpose me a workout plan to reach my goal… knowing that i’ve already do 1 years of musculation in a weight room.
    Thank’s a lot! 🙂

  5. Oh thank’s you a lot for this answers so i will purshase my workout plan 😉
    I will tell you in few month if it’s work 😉
    You do a very great job and you give me the power to succeed my goal thx for that.


  6. i am a big bruce lee fan.i know that he uses weight training for strength,so can i develop his strength with only bodyweight exercises.I know you got it,but can i ?

  7. Hey, at the moment I do my pull ups with one of those rubber band things to help me so I can do the 6 month beginner program but I’m advancing really slowly since I’m not doing the pull ups unassisted. I’m doing this progression routine with good results so far but….. I also suck at dips haha is there a ‘progression’ for dips? at the moment I’m using a chair and have my feet up on a chair to try and make it a bit harder.
    Thanks 🙂

  8. I am interested in how often do a routine per day ? For instance : Pierre says, he does shoulder and arms routine on Wednesday. Should I do these routines once, twice or three times a day ? What do you recommend ?

    1. Hey Peter,

      Good question!

      As a beginner, I’d recommend you to do these routines a minimum of 3 times a week to get significant results.

      As you progress in your strength, you might want to build it up or go for the 6 month plan.

      Take your time, your body will take care of the rest ;).

      Beast Mode ON!

      1. hi 4 months on 8×3 pull ups 8×3 chin ups tricep dips on bar 7×3 tricep dip on bars 8×3 good or bad its getting hard to increase ?? at 56 bye

        1. Hey Peter,

          That’s definitely really good.

          You are really within the strength range of reps, so you should be seeing some major strength increases within 6 week intervals. That’s how much time to body needs to really develop new levels of strength on a cellular level.

          I’d recommed sticking to 5 sets of an X amount of reps. Make you goal to have 5 sets of 5 reps. That’s when you know you are within the best strength range for that exercise.

          Try experimenting with that, other than that great job on getting those pull ups, chin ups and dips. Most people will never reach that level of strength ;).

          Beast mode ON!

  9. Hey, I’ve just started 6 months begginer routine and I’m doing everything. But I’m not sure that I’m doing my regular pull ups correctly. When I’m doing chin ups I’m not moving my legs but when I do the regular pull ups I can’t do full pull up without helping myself a little with my legs. And how I can understand that I’m training right? Should I learn how to do 5 full pull ups without moving my legs or I can continue the beginner 6 months workout. Last question : When I have to add more moves to my workout. For example I’m doing with ease 15 full push ups. Should do 15 push ups in my routine or I have to do 8?
    P. S: I’m 14 years old. I have dumbbells. Would they be useful for me in this begginer workout and if yes, can you recommend me any moves with them?
    Sorry for my English, I hope you understand me.

    1. Hey Antoan,

      First of all, great job bro!

      You are hitting it hard, just the way it’s supposed to be done.

      Concerning your questions, it’s part of building the strength. You might not be able to do it without cheating a little, but that’s part of the process. Just keep doing those pull ups, always aim for good form however. Try to keep your legs in a hanging position while doing the pull up. It’s a matter of time, you just need to build more strength. If it’s too dificult switch to negatives or statics (holds).

      And your second question, you can definitely use them, but you don’t need them. So no, just leave them where they are ;).

      Hope that answers your question!

      Beast mode ON!

  10. Hello,
    I am currently in my month 2 of your workout plan and i train 6 days a week. Mon/Wed/Fri = Let’s Go & Tue/Thur/Sat = Full Body. I recently(2 weeks ago) just started to eat clean but i am wondering if the food intake is too much or too little. I have used a calories calculator which state i need roughly 2000 calories per day but according to my own calculations i don’t think i manage to hit that amount.

    This is my daily diet plan:
    10am : 500ml water / 1 cup coffee.
    12pm : 4 egg / 500ml waters.
    2pm : 1 fruit / 500ml water.
    3pm : 120g tuna / 1cup veggies.
    4pm : 1 fruit / 500ml water.
    5pm : Train.
    6pm : 500ml water.
    630pm : meat 150g-200g / half a plate of veggies / 1 fruit.
    8pm : 500ml water.

    Do u think this diet plan is workable? Thanks.

    1. Hey Hawk,

      First of all! Great job on reaching month 2!

      Haha, the next step indeed is eating clean.

      Looking at your daily food intake, I’d say you definitely need to add some more calories. I’d recommend you to add some nuts, they are pretty dense in calories in addition to being good for your overall muscle growth!

      Try adding 1 or 2 hands.

      This diet plan is definitely workable! It looks pretty damn good even if I say so myself ;).

      Make sure that last meal is massive, if you really want to gain some weight add some carbs in there. Sweet potato is a great source.

      Other than that, it’s all about fine-tuning, trial-and-error and finding what works for you, but this is definitely a great start!

      Beast Mode ON!

  11. Hi
    I’m currently in month 2 of the beginner workout. I’m struggling with my pull ups. So whenever I can’t finish the pull ups/chin ups in Let’s Go Routine, I replace them with negatives. How long would it take until I can fully perform the pull ups in the routine with good form and controlled? Also whenever I’m doing the pull ups & chin ups I seem to rock back and forth even though I’m not trying to move that way. When I see others, they seem to go just up and down easily but because of this swinging movement I feel as if it’s making me unstable and harder to perform. How do I make myself stop swinging and just go up and down?

    1. Hey Ben,

      Good question!

      This is a highly individualistic answer, which I cannot answer by making a generalization, which means you might be an exception to the rule.

      First of all, it depends on your how often you work out, how much you deplete the muscles and how good your diet and sleep are. While I’d like to answer your question exactly, those are a lot of factors which I have no insight into.

      Hypothetically if you workout for at least 3 days a week, do negatives and insert the progression routine in there, in combination with a good diet. You should be able to do those pull ups within 1-2 months.

      Secondly, to prevent swinging from happening, you need to engage your core more, so contract your abs and glutes (ass) while you make an upward motion. at the same time when you go down try to keep a little bit of tension on your arms at the lowest point. So don’t completely relax (keep a little bit of tension), because that’s when the swinging happens. As you progress over time you will develop a better coordination and these things will go fully automatic.

      Try it and let me know if it worked!

      Beast mode ON!

      1. Thanks for the reply!

        I just tried out contracting my abs and glutes while doing 6 sets of Full Body Workout and it was AWESOME!! I didn’t swing anymore and the best thing was that it felt sooo much easier. I even managed to do some more pull ups after I finished! Feeling so great right now and thanks again for your reply. Now I’m pumped to try the Let’s Go Routine tomorrow. Keep up the good work!

  12. Hey , i’ve just started my six month program , i’ve having trouble doing full pull ups or chin ups so would you recommend for me to start these instead ?

  13. hi, I’m a sister and just starting out. I usually train in the evenings, mostly kickboxing and some weights and I just started adult gymnastic once a week (totally rubbish at it at the moment) which is where my interest in calisthenics has suddenly come from. I now want to leave the gym/weights behind once I have the skills and strength. Anyway….I won’t have time to add in the pull-up progressions in my current evening sessions so I have decided as I go home for lunch each day I have about 30mins to do these on my door pull-up bar I have purchased. Can you suggest a good and quick warm I can do beforehand?
    Currently I can do one full chin up only with a great struggle from a dead hang. I recently started working on improving my deadlift and am up to 60kg for 6 reps x 3 sets, I’ve heard being able to do heavy deadlifts can help with pull-up progression aswell. I’m 163cm and 53kg and 40 this year, so would be good to end up 40 and mastering 5 full pull-up!!

    1. Hey RL,

      Welcome to the movement!

      Haha, I know the feeling :D.

      Prior to doing your pull ups there are a few essential things which you will need to do to prevent rotator cuff isssues down the road or some form of tendonitis.

      Basically the best and easiest way to warm up is just hanging for 60 seconds completely passively.

      Actually, since you have a bar at home, I can definitely recommend you to dive into the concept of ‘greasing the groove’.

      In those 30 minutes I’d do the following around 2-3 times a week:

      1) 5×60 second hang, with 30-60 seconds of rest between sets. This will improve shoulder stabilization, strength, flexibility and health.

      2) 5×20 second eccentrics (the negative) with 30-60 seconds of rest between sets. This is the biggest bang for your buck, because eccentrically you can control much more strength up to 170% of your 1 rep max.

      Don’t even focus on the full pull up yet, you aren’t there yet and that’s okey. Build a strong foundation first. Do this for 6 weeks (the time your body needs to adapt), take a day off and test your concentric strength, let me know how it went.

      Throughout the day if you are at home, ‘grease the groove’ by hanging for 30-60 seconds every time you pass the bar or every time you go to the kitchen.

      Here is a video explaining it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k72ZK8cGmrI

      Let’s go for those 5 pull ups :D! It will be a HUGE achievement.

      Beast mode ON!

  14. Hi, i’m from Vietnamese. First I want to sorry for my bad English 😀 i have some question for you guys, can’t I ? I have been training from December, 2015 with my own routine. I do it everyday of the week except sunday. But in Febr,2016 I was so lazy that I did nothing in almost 2 month 🙁 but since then, I have seen some videos for movitation, it was so great so that i decided to started again. I started with the 6 months plan. As you see, I have trained before so it was not difficult for me to complete first month with no rest between excercises and just 2 mins before sets, I also do more reps than the plan. I did The first month Routine in Monday, Wednesday and Friday. In the other days, i did more push up ( to improve my chest, now I add some Pike push up for the shoulder) and some abs excercise ( now i also do tabata workout too). When i got to the Second Month, I realize I can do more pull ups or more chin ups 🙁 in first set, I can do 6 chin ups but just 4 or 5 pull ups ( somtimes I can do 6 pull ups ). In the second and third set, i can only do 5 chin ups and 3 pull ups ( i have to rest about 30s to do the next 3 pull ups). I don’t know what happens 🙁 should I stop the 6 months plan and start again to train my pull up ??? pls help me. If you can, pls reply me to my email. Tks you guys alot.

    1. Hey Kai,

      Don’t worry, welcome to the movement!

      Good job on hitting it hard. With regard to your question.

      Regress…meaning go for an easier variation of the same exercise, so instead of doing the full pull ups or chin ups, only do the eccentric part (Jump into the highest point and slowly lower yourself over a 6-10 second count).

      So let’s say you can only do 5 out of 6 pull ups, then do 5 full pull ups and 1 eccentric. If you can only do 4, do 4 and 2 eccentrics etc.

      So do the full version of the exercise for the give amount of reps and for the reps you cannot complete, regress to an easier variation.

      Let me know how it goes!

      Beast mode ON!

  15. Hey Rich.
    Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my plea. Please pardon my English, as I’m an Afrikaans speaking individual. I will try my best to make this intelligible. First off, allow me to thank you for all your hard work and the excellent motivation you put forward to all of us whom you don’t even know. It must be exhausting to keep up!! I notice your passion and it motivates me so much. So from me as well as countless others, I’m sure…….Thank you for being so awesome!!!
    As for my question, I need advice on where I should start. With a background of being a housewife that underwent 2 cesarean sections and an abdominal hysterectomy, life was tough on my body. Couple that with a tenosynovectomy (wrist operation) and you’ve got the recipe for disaster that is me……. I do not have the funds to go to a gym and for this reason I have chosen calisthenics as my program of choice. (I used to be great at gymnastics, seems like ages ago now.) No more feeling sorry for myself. Time to get up and do this….. But how? I have an Iron Gym hang bar, but cannot manage even one pull up. Not surprising as I was 88 pounds overweight. I’ve gone vegan since then and after nailing that, I am down to being only 66 pounds overweight after a period of one and a half months!! A new body really starts in the kitchen. I am overcoming my Metabolic Syndrome as I have now learned to eat more. Isn’t that ridiculous? Please don’t judge my past as I only mention it to serve as a background into my situation.
    I am truly motivated with a new found zeal for life. I just need some help and support. (There is now support structure in my situation, only judgment by people very close to me. Especially after going vegan ;-D) I’m Greasing the Groove with negative pull ups and push-ups at the moment. I can only perform five push-ups on the iron bar on the floor at the moment seeing that I struggle to place my palm flat on the floor to perform a push-up. How can I increase the strength in my wrist to be able to do more than two normal push-ups? I need to get this done before I can even aspire start the Ultimate 12 Week Training System. Please excuse my long winded question. Thank you for all you awesomeness.
    You are much appreciated.
    Kind Regards,

    1. Hey Jo,

      First of all, thanks for sharing your story! People such as you give me energy, so I’m far from being exhausted ;).

      I’m very grateful for your message and I’m happy to have been able to touch you in some shape or form through my writing.

      Losing 66 pounds is one hell of an achievement, so there is no doubt in my mind that all the obstacles you may face will end up ‘regretting’ they got placed on your route to being your best self. Haha, vegans…no just kidding, I know lots of people who have gone vegan and I have nothing, but respect for people who pay ‘more attention’ to what they eat, whether that’s from a moral or health perspective. It clearly speaks volumes about someone, in a positive way usually.

      So with regard to wrist strength (I personally broke mine and it’s stronger than it was prior to my injury).
      1) Read the warm up guide: http://www.barbrothersgroningen.com/bar-brother-calisthenics-warm-up/
      2) Start using some of the dynamic wrist push ups, start on your knees: http://www.barbrothersgroningen.com/wrist-routine-exercises/
      3) Awesome job on greasing the groove! Keep doing it but be cautious with your tendons it might be useful to regress to hanging first and to make sure you can do 5 sets of 60 seconds (Also to build wrist strength). Just to make sure your tendons are ready and have a strength surplus. Additionally, I’d recommend starting with chin ups: http://www.barbrothersgroningen.com/calisthenics-chin-up/ , simply because chin ups are easier and will carry over to pull ups.
      4) Integrate this into your 6 month plan.

      I’m happy to answer Jo, especially when I ‘feel the motivation is mutual’. The system will come, work on those basics. No need to hurry, but I’m sure you know that patience is one of the things that sets the winners apart from those who don’t.

      Hope this gets you going, if you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

      Beast mode ON!

  16. P.S I’m sorry, I meant the The Essential 6 Month Training Plan For Beginners. I messed up. Will you fix that for me when you’re done moderating my post?
    Kind regards,

  17. Hi

    i keep swinging with my legs when im on the bar
    i know i need to control it for better results but i just can’t stop it
    how do i get rid of this swinging ?

    Regards, Winston

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