The Pre-Workout Booster For Healthy And Happy Gains

If you have visited any of the 10 gazillion websites on fitness, you have seen them.

The eye-catching ‘ridiculously named’ pre-workout boosters that promise to increase your muscle growth by at least 100% and make you look like the Hulk.

You see the non-pronounceable ingredients and scroll through the jaw dropping testimonials of fat people seemingly turning into professional models over night.

And inevitably, you find yourself ordering every single one.


But soon after, you realize that most of those boosters haven’t brought you 1 step closer to being ‘a testimonial’ to success yourself.

In other words, you’ve been …. up your rectum.

Worse still, the placebo effect has made you dependent of them. Your new ‘need for a magic boost’ means you are still taking pre-workout drinks despite all the opposing evidence.

But you must need a good pre workout drink, right?


So the question remains:

Which pre-workout drink can you really use?

And wouldn’t it be great if it had been underneath your nose all along, without any fancy name, more effective and at least 80% cheaper?





The Muscle Boosting Fat Burning Mental Performance Increasing And Mood Improving Pre-Workout Drink Called ‘Coffee’


After reading that headline, you probably didn’t expect it to end with ‘coffee’, did you?

Few drinks on this planet are as beneficial to your body as coffee is.

Without a doubt the undisputed morning drink.


With a wide range of benefits which you probably don’t know about yet.

And which mean you can throw all those expensive pre-workout drinks out of the window…for good.

While abusing this highly potent drink can have adverse effects, consuming it in moderation can have some serious advantages.

Here are the 4 biggest benefits to consuming coffee as a pre-workout drink.



Coffee Means GAINS


Coffee will actually help you during your workouts.

It’s more than just a morning slap in the face.

It will both slap you in the face by reversing morning weakness, it increases anaerobic performance and it will improve your strength and muscle endurance (study, study, study).


You didn’t expect that from your average ‘Joe’ coffee did you?

Want to go all beast mode during your workout?

Have some average Joe black coffee.



Your Six Pack Loves Coffee


There is a loving relationship going on between your six pack and your coffee.

And you might not be aware of it.

The caffeine compound helps in increasing your metabolic rate for a period of time, which is beneficial to your fat loss (study, study).

And even specifically increases the turnover of fat (study).


In conclusion, keep the romance going.

Your six pack will love you for it.



Einstein Would Recommend It


There is a simple method to increase your intelligence.

And it does not include cheating on your IQ test.

The method? Drink a cup of coffee.


Not only does that cup of black coffee increase your focus, it also increases: memory, reaction, psychomotor learning speed and reaction time (study, study, study).

After a cup of coffee the Einstein among your peers has nothing on you.

That is, if he doesn’t have a cup of coffee too.



Coffee Makes You Want To Hug Your Bars


There might be days when you feel like setting those bars on fire.

Just burning them to the ground, because…you don’t have the results you want.

Well, there is a solution to that.


Sit down, look at your goals, put on some motivational music.

And…drink a cup of fresh, steamy, black, coffee.

That cup will enhance your mood and you are less likely to become depressed (study, study)


And if you still feel bad after that cup of coffee.

Well, go workout anyways.

Those results won’t come by themselves.



 Calisthenics supplement for gains


The Dark Side Of Coffee And How To Use Coffee As A Pre-Workout Drink 101s


While coffee has a wide range of benefits, there is also a ‘dark’ side to this dark drink.

It can reduce your sleep, cause headache, tremors and more if taken at the wrong time and large amounts (study, study) which in itself has negative effects on your muscle gains, mood and appetite.

Consider coffee as a useful and highly potent tool in your toolbox for healthy gains that should be used with consideration.


To make sure your coffee doesn’t lose it’s usefulness or causes negative side effects, you want to prevent your body from building a high tolerance treshold to it.

You can achieve this by simply limiting your intake every now and then.

And you want to make sure you have the right quality of coffee.


These are the rules you need to live by if you want to get the highest benefits out of your coffee:

1. Before training supplement with 1 cup of coffee.

2. Keep your daily intake to 1-2 cups max (I won’t give exact grams of coffee, because it differs per person. If you insist, I stick to around 2 full teaspoons per cup).

3. Do one or two no-caffeine days per week.

4. Don’t feel the coffee kicking in any more? Stop drinking it for a longer period (1-2 weeks) and start introducing it again in moderation.


Stick to these 4 simple rules and experiment what works best for you.

Some people develop a tolerance faster than others.

So experiment with the amount of days and the cups of coffee you consume.

But within reasonable boundaries, because we don’t want you to experience the ‘dark side’ of coffee.



The pre workout drink for calisthenics


Discover The Benefits By Finding A Balance


Coffee is probably the greatest natural pre-workout booster – and the advantages are well worth the investment.

But too much consumption can also have negative effects.

Drink too much coffee and you run the risk of building up a tolerance, losing the benefits and being introduced to the dark side.

On the other hand, if consumed in moderation the wide range of benefits could seriously accelerate your fat loss, muscle gains and will even help you feel happier.

Finding the perfect balance however, is the key to making this pre-workout drink work for you.


So use your caffeine boost when you really feel like you need some more energy and resist drinking it every single day.

Take a few days off every few days.

Then you can finally stop looking at those gazillion expensive pre-workout boosters and focus on what works best – a simple cup of coffee in the morning.


Beast mode ON!




10 thoughts on “The Pre-Workout Booster For Healthy And Happy Gains

  1. Withing all this hype for star wars i couldnt help noticing these little messages between the lines.:DD “dark side” and “balance (to the force)”. If I didnt knew I would say youre trying to jedi-mindtrick us to watch the movie xDD haha just kidding.. going to see it anyway:D

  2. Well I only drink 1 coup of coffee in the morning after run, breakfast and shower and I can say is a kick for the rest of the day…but I think if I should use before workout which I do it on midday/evening or as a booster after the morning routine?

    1. Hey Loan,

      I can personally recommend it prior to your workout if you want to get the most benefits from it during your workout.

      However, if you have other tasks as well which require additional attention or alertness and if those tasks are more important than your workout, you could also use it prior to those.

      It all depends on what you want to use it for and what specific part of your day has the highest priority.

      Enjoy your coffee ;).

      Beast mode ON!

    1. Hey Patryk,

      Haha, indeed this is a difficult question to answer. Preferably the less processed the better.

      Stick to biological coffee if it’s affordable for you. Bulletproof coffee is a highly respected brand which I can recommend. But I’m pretty sure there are coffee brands in your local convenience store which are probably just as good.

      Beast mode ON!

  3. Heeeeeeeeeeey Rich, long time no see!
    It’s Istabrak back for a somewhat update I suppose, I have been practicing my handstand and frogstand, went from 1 sec frogstand to 22 second frogstand which is really exciting, means I got the technique and balance down, now I just gotta keep doing it. Also been doing wall handstands, went from 20 sec max to 49 second max. Going to attempt 60 seconds next time, after that I am going to prioritize the advanced frogstand for further balance work and also strength.

    Also, today after roughly 1 and a half months of calisthenics, I tried the back lever again, I feel much stronger than the first time I even attempted it, now I can hold a back lever on a angle closer to the top but I am a bit lowered, I can hold it for 5 seconds. Definetly going to keep practicing the back lever and trying to go further down progressively, and finally being able to hold an actual back lever.

    I have also been strengthening my L sit, I used to be able to hold a “L sit” with slightly raised legs from ground not straight at all or parallel to the ground. Now I can hold a proper straight legs parallel l sit for approximetly 25 seconds, still going to perfect the form to a 100% before moving onto a V sit which should be extremely challenging, yet exciting.

    Also on a quick side note, I am following the advanced armstrong pull up program but not for my pull ups but for my dips and push ups. It’s basically adding weight and doing dips and push ups only 3 times a week. My pull ups are lacking as shit and as I mentioned earlier, I plateued and then went back in progress to 6 pull ups, last time I checked now, I can do 8 for 1 set, I will try to reach 8 pull ups for 5 sets before moving on to adding weight to the pull ups. I believe this can get my numbers up.

    I have great great goals for my calisthenics journey, I want to compete in King of The Bars when I am older, since I am only 15 now I got a lot of time to progress. I want to become a professional calisthenics athlete, and with hard work and determination I will get there, I know so.

    Thanks for reading, all of my best regards, Istabrak 15, Sweden.
    Beast mode ON!

    1. Hey bro,

      Haha, your messages always make me happy!

      Seems like you are really going for it BEAST MODE!

      If you keep going like this, I’m sure you will not only compete in King of the Bars, but become a serious contender.

      Keep it up and make sure you have a deloaded week after every 6-8 weeks. Meaning you train less and lighter to allow your body to fully recovery from all the accumulated fatigue.

      Keep it up and I’m proud of you bro!

      Beast mode ON!

  4. Hi my name’s gun sham I have been recently reading a lot about calisthenics and came to know about bar brothers and it’s really impressive n better than gym which I used to do but I had fallen sick n lost around 15 KGS of weight due to some health issues .
    But I m excited about starting calisthenics hope I learn a lot and increase my strength.

    1. Hey Gun Sham,

      Welcome to the movement!

      I’m happy you are getting back to good health again and hope you’ll be keeping it that way now ;). Let’s do this.

      I’m sure you’ll become stronger than EVER!

      Beast mode ON!

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