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1 Simple Rule To Optimize Your Diet

Don’t even try to deny it.

You are probably still not using an optimal diet.

Not because you don’t know what you need to do, but simply because…

Well…it’s easier not to.


On the other hand you would love to look ripped, have a six pack and feel more energetic.

But what can you change right now that will give you almost instant results?

The proof is in the pudding.

Eat the way your body was meant to.


It’s just that simple.



Although nowadays it is being marketed as the paleo diet.

Essentially what it boils down to is a your-body-was-meant-to-eat-this-evolutionary-based-upon-thousands-of-years-of-food-adaptation-diet…or something like that.

This comes down to one simple rule: If a caveman/woman couldn’t eat it, neither should you.

Here is why.



Paleo Diet



Time To Get Back To Caveman Times


It doesn’t really sound like hocus pocus to you does it?

It has probably give you a ‘ooh-duh-of-course’ feeling.

While there are tons of nuances, this nutrition is by far the easiest to find and apply in your overal dieting scheme.

Use the simple question: ‘Would I eat this if I were a caveman?’, as s simple rule of thumb.


Mind that while this discusses the food intake, it does not mention the feeding period, which is often forgotten in mainstream paleolithic diets.

That’s why I recommend using the nutrients from a paleolithical perspective in combination with intermittent fasting.

Which is also based upon a paleolithical perspective, but which focuses on when to eat.


For a more thorough explanation you can get yourself the Paleo Diet Ebook.

While you don’t really look like a caveman or woman anymore on the outside, your body and the way it works hasn’t really changed a lot.

It doesn’t mean you have to go hunting for deer or walk with some animal fur on your back.

It just means being more thoughtful about what you fuel your body with.

Use it or lose it.


Beast Mode ON!




25 thoughts on “1 Simple Rule To Optimize Your Diet

  1. Great website. However, I do not like this Paleo diet explanation essentially because there are many lies and mistakes in it.
    – First Homosapiens were never taller than what we are nowadays
    – Farmers did not and do not necessarily have to be short and fat… at all
    – Whole wheat and grains can be an excellent source or carbohydrates and its perfectly fine on anybody’s diet if used properly

    1. Hey Patxi,

      First of all thanks for your critical comment! I’m always happy to read those.

      When it comes to the paleolithical diet, there are a lot of misconceptions on what it actually is what criteria serve it best and how an individual’s genetic make-up actually influences the requirements.

      With regard to this I can mention studies XYZ, but I believe it’s best to see where we can agree and in that regard I think we all agree that in the end it all boils down to ‘dosages’. Clearly we are currently overdosing on certain staple foods at this age in time and underdosing on other types of food.

      How this relates to your individual case is clearly something you can ‘discover best’. I do believe however that an ancestral perspective will serve most people more than a modern perspective which is based upon foods that we have been eating less than 3 percent of our documented time in history.

      Thanks once again and I always love to get some reliable resources on your point of view :D.

      Beast mode ON!

      1. Hi Bros.Wish to sincerely express my inner thanks for allowing me to freely down load your book. I have been into the bar for over twenty-five years. I have recently turned 71 years of age. Just purchased a new BODYWEIGHT master pull up bar after many years. Your book works wonder! I have reviewed a great multitude of books and found yours to COVER MOST OF WHAT TRANSPIRES IN ACTUALITIES. i especially enjoyed reading about the various negative ways WE BEGIN TO PICK UP AND CONCEIVE…WHENEVER WE
        FALL BEHIND IN OUR WORK OUTS. iT TAKES discipline of our individual minds to PUSH OURSELVES FORWARD. i AM 71 YEARS OLD AND PROUD OF EVERY SINGLE LIVING DAY. Where would I be today had I GIVEN UP? keep up your GOOD WORK BAR BROTHERS.

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