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The Guide To Ultimate Health (The Renegade Diet & Paleo + Calisthenics)

Ever tried to repair something finding out that there was a piece left and thought it  did not have any use?

Well, that piece had a function.

I found out in quite a hard way not long ago.

In my case that little piece prevented my fender from coming into my wheel.


Unfortunately I found out about that when I was being launched into the air.

A little ‘too late’.

No superman push up, human flag or front lever was going to help me in this situation.

“Oooh !#$!$!”, at least that’s what I was thinking while I landed and smashed both of my wrists on the concrete road  (fracturing one and bruising the other).


What if you are on the same road right now?

When you started reading the posts on this website you probably found out about a lot of new stuff.

And realized there were a lot of pieces missing (Some people never realize this, but you did).

You were on your way to crash at some point in your life if you never found out about the truth.


renegade diet review


But piece by piece you are starting to learn how to build and fuel you body.

And now you are putting the pieces together, ‘CLICK’.

My aim is to prevent you from missing pieces while you are working on it.

This is one of the missing pieces I found out about more recently.


When this piece ‘clicked for me’, let’s say I was quite confident that the puzzle was as complete as it had ever been.

Before it’s too late and before you click away this page because you think I am stalling too much, allow me to introduce the Renegade Diet by Jason Ferrugia.

“By who?”

Let me explain, why this ebook written by a fitness guru  has gotten my attention and definitely needs yours.


As you probably know there are tons of diets that focus on the quick fix.

You have might have tried some, without any permanent results:

  • some diets work a little;
  • some work quite well, but are difficult to maintain;
  • and some just suck (Like drinking non-nutritional diet shakes for a week and ending up even bigger two weeks later.)


The renegade diet works a little differently, because it focuses on what the body was supposed to do by nature.

So what makes the Renegade Diet stand out?


Renegade Diet Review pdf


3 Reasons Why The Renegade Diet Works


  • There is a thorough explanation of which hormones you need to build muscle and burn fat and how to boost these hormones (Testosteron + Insuline).
  • There are clear eating schedules which you can apply for either a muscle building, fat burning or both (Without necessarily eating less).
  • The main thing that makes this diet stand out from others is that it incorporates intermittent fasting and optimizes this by making a distinction between an undereating and overeating phase (This is the key part of this diet).


As you have probably already read in Cavemen 101,  the secret to having great health is looking at what you body was designed to do and eat after thousands and thousands of years of development or evolution.

And why new foods that have been considered healthy, are everything but because of that exact same reason.

So what happens when you combine both the food and the time at which you should eat your food into your natural way of eating?



Combining Paleo Hulk and Renegade Superman

This is like taking the green power of The Hulk (Nutrition) and adding some Superman genetics (Metabolism) in the process.

Sounds like a recipe for success, doesn’t it?

Why does this work?

Essentially you combine, a high protein, low sugar diet, with a high testosteron, low insuline diet.


So you are both building muscle and destroying fat on two levels on an intake (your food) and output level (your metabolism process).

This implies that both the fuel you put in your body and the process through which the fuel is burned is optimized.

You might spontaneously start screaming ‘HULK SMASH’.

So how does this missing piece fit into the puzzle of a healthy body?


Renegade diet review book


The 3 Pillars Your Body Needs To Optimize Your Health


Essentially this entire post boils down to three pieces or pillars: Nutrition, Metabolism and Training.

Let me explain how this works.


1. The Paleo Diet: Nutrition


Eating food with high nutritional value is the base of any healthy body.

The paleo diet does specifically this by focusing on foods which the body was designed to take in and by limiting or completely discarding foods it was not supposed to take in.

You don’t throw garbage into the fuel tank your car expecting it to drive you from point A to B, why put garbage into your body and expecting something differently?

Just like your car needs the right fuel, your body needs the right nutrition.


2. The Renegade Diet: Metabolism


In addition to having the right fuel, the body needs the right fuel at the right time.

Indeed it’s a good thing to eat healthy, but the human body was not designed to eat during the entire day.

There used to be a time -not long ago- where there weren’t any meat factories or refrigirators to generate and store the amount of food we have available now.

By eating at certain points in time, during a certain time period, you optimize the process through which food is transformed into energy and muscle, that’s what the renegade diet focuses on.


When the gas tank of your car is full, do you throw more gas into it? No, because you might drown the engine.

The same goes for the body, fill it up when it needs to be filled up and don’t when it doesn’t need it.


3. Calisthenics/Bar Brothers: Training


When your metabolism and nutrition are in check, adding training will boost your body with positive emotions, increase your testosteron and make use of your improved metabolism.

So you start building muscle and burning fat on yet another level.

How do you start with training?

There are enough calisthenics/Bar Brother routines for both beginners and intermediates, you can make it a difficult as you want.


So now that you have fueled your car with the right fuel at the right time it’s a matter of putting the pedal to the medal to blast yourself to BEAST MODE territory at full speed!




So what can you do right now?



All this information might be a little too much to handle at once.

Take it one step at a time, just make sure you don’t forget to add all the pieces.

Always be critical (Don’t just accept everything which is written here, test it for yourself) and apply what works for you.

Or you might find yourself flying through the air in a non-superman way, smashing your wrists on the ground just like The Hulk (wondering what went wrong).


Beast Mode ON!

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14 thoughts on “The Guide To Ultimate Health (The Renegade Diet & Paleo + Calisthenics)

  1. Guys, I just became one of your newest members and cant wait to get my first training. I’ve been working on P90X for the past 5 months and found incredible results…but…when I saw your workout, I saw The Next Level. 2015 is the Year Of The Marty where I will become the best ME I’ve ever been. Cant wait to get started and to meet my newest brothers…..

  2. Hey Guys,I have joined barbrothers in the middle of this year and I tell you,WOW!!These training gave me Amaaaaaaazing results.Thanks guys.

  3. i have read the renegade diet book and I am more than happy to start it, the only few questions I have is: the book recommends protein shakes for post workouts but I don’t want that I want to keep it 100% natural so what can I do. And I have school and it starts at 7 and ends at 2:45 and we only have 2 breaks at school, I train after school so I’m kinda confused of when to time the overeating phase and understating phase and what to have for post workout shake, kinda need help on those questions!

  4. Hey Abdullah,

    Sorry for the late reply.

    Awesome, to keep 100% natural you can make your own shakes:

    What you can do if you have school during the day is that you eat your salads and nuts during schooltime and add a smoothie, which you can use to get some energy during the day.

    Then after school you can train and after training you go into the overeating phase.

    The most important thing is to watch your eating window, the undereating and overeating phase will improve your results, but can vary depending on your daily schedule.

    So let’s say you start at 7.

    – First break you take a salad and smoothie
    – Second break you take some nuts, smoothie, salad or something else which your body can easily digest
    – After school you go train
    – After training have your big meals (Here you can add potatoes/rice and meat) until you hit the 8 hour window, then stop eating and only drink water or tea.

    This should be helpful.

    Beast Mode ON!

  5. Hi,

    I have read the entire Renegade Diet.
    What would you suggest for an office guy?
    I work 9am to 6pm.

    I could only start workout about 6:30pm or 7pm.

    And I would like to start my overeating phase after I do my workout that starts at 7pm to (lets say) 8-9pm.
    So I have 4 hours over eating phase starting at 8 or 9. In my opinion, the overeating phase in this regard is already too late and will not give me 2-3 hours between bedtime. (Which according to the book, should sleep around 10:30pm).

    1. Hey Nino,

      Great to hear, I hope it gave you some good insights.

      With regard to your question, I have the same problem sometimes.

      It’s quite difficult since you have to plan really meticulously. Your undereating phase will consist of a longer time frame. So you will undereat until your training, let’s say from 12pm till 6pm. Then you workout and after that you have your big meal, so you have a 2 hour overeating phase, depending on your training time.

      What is key in the renegade diet is to make sure you stick to the 8 hour eating window regardless. If you feel like you need to eat more just do a part of the overeating a few hours before training, but always try to do your biggest meal after training and stick to the 8 hour window as much as possible to get the best results.

      Hope this helps!

      Beast Mode ON!

  6. Hi guys. Im 16 years old. Im 56 kilos and 5 feet 6 inches in height . I want to increase my height as well as my mass. i also go to school from 7am to 1pm . Is the renegade diet still a good plan for me? i am an ectomorph.

    1. Hey Devim,

      The renegade diet if beneficial regardless of length or age. But take it one step at a time, why don’t you follow the six month training plan first ( and then change your diet, what you want to focus on is high protein, low carb foods.

      Avoid the sugars…this will get you a long way going and help you build your testosterone levels which are probably quite low.

      Beast Mode ON!

  7. I’m confused as to why you recommend the Renegade Diet and the Paleo Diet when it says on the website for the renegade diet that the paleo diet is bad and negatively effects hormones? Am I overlooking something?

    1. Hey Corey,

      I’m happy to read that you have been doing some good research!

      You aren’t overlooking anything, jason feruggia indeed mentioned that, however if you actually read his ebook and the main premise of his diet system, you’ll notice that it’s just marketing to distinguish himself from the paleo movement.

      Here is what he recommends:

      Fasting – which is based upon out paleolithical lifestyle

      No grains (except from
      White rice), sugars, dairy – which again is based upon our paleolithical lifestyle

      And more…

      So while it might be stated, it definitely is not the case. The reason why I recommend both is because whereas jason really goes into intermittent fasting in depth, he fails to elaborate on the actual foods which are good and why and that’s where paleo fills the gap.

      Still, as far as recommendations for lean healthy gains, the renegade diet is by far the most influential book I’ve read.

      Hope this clarifies it for you.

      Beast mode ON!

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