10 Rules To Make Intermittent Fasting Work For You

Well, you finally did it.

You took the first step towards becoming the best version of yourself.

You read about intermittent fasting or found the full meal plan and most of you got the Renegade Diet as a result.

That means you’re now transforming your unhealthy body into something far more functional and stronger – a healthy body.

Feels pretty damn good, doesn’t it?


It should. You’re consciously changing your body by making sure it gets the right nutrition at the right time.

Your health is not a matter of your circumstances any more, but of your decisions.

And if you’re smart, you’ll do everything you can to keep this new body of yours going.


But while you are taking all these great steps, there are always a few dangerous pitfalls.

You can become so obsessed with getting results, that you never really get results.

Big mistake.


Because, those initial steps without any results are crucial. It’s where the build up towards those results commences.

These steps set the tone for the rest of your new you.

To make sure you set those first steps on the intermittent fasting plan successfully, follow these 10 simple rules.



The 10 Rules Of Intermittent Fasting


Most of these rules are pretty evident, but as with most habits…the idea of sticking to it is usually easier than actually sticking to it.

With that knowledge in the back of your mind, I’m sure you’ll find a way to make it stick.

And if you don’t find a way, you’ll make one.





1. Start With Fasting 2-3 Days A Week


Just as any new behaviour, intermittent fasting is a habit.

Habits take time to integrate into your life.

That’s why you need to build things up slowly, because your body will need time to adapt to your new style of nutrition.

Really developing a habit takes at least around 2 months before it becomes automatic. Depending on a range of factors. In addition, if you fail evey now and then, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to develop the habit, it will just take you a bit more time to develop it (study).





2. Train In A Fastened State


The best time to train is when you are in a fastened state (preferably at the ending), because your blood sugar levels are at are their lowest and that’s where you will get major fat burning results.

Working out in a fastened is beneficial to your bodies ability to deal with glucose (study).





3. Find A Fasting Friend


Having someone to help you while you are fasting and to hold you accountable, will definitely give you an extra reason to stick to the challenge.

Make an agreement to call each other at the end of your fast or to eat together.





4. Prepare Your Meals Beforehand


It’s really recommendable to have your first meal ready when you are ending your fast.

Just to make sure it’s ready to be devoured.





5. Stay Busy While Fasting


Make sure you have stuff to do when you are in a fastened state.

The more you occupy yourself, the faster time will fly by and the faster you can fly into that meal of yours.





6. Don’t Be Afraid To Think About Food


Feel free to think about food you are going to eat when your fast is over.

Don’t suppress your urges, you are going to think about food anyways.

Consider al those lovely meals you are going to have later something to look forward to.





7. Stay Hydrated During Your Fast


Make sure you stay hydrated during your fastened state.

Drinking water with lemon/lime or tea and occasionally coffee are recommendable.

Just make sure no sugar is included in any of those, because that will be detrimental to all the benefits of fasting.





8. Don’t Count On Weight Loss On Any Given Day


Stop focusing on direct results on any single day.

It’s a long term process of resetting your body and bringing back the insulin sensitivity.

Count every fasting day as a victory, since every day brings you one step closer to you goal.





9. Be Sensible, Be Smart And There Is Always Tomorrow


It’s vital that you pay good attention to your body.

Getting accustomed to intermittent fasting might take some time.

Rome wasn’t built in 1 day and so isn’t your body.

Did have your first 12 hour fast ever? Great, stick to it 1 hour longer the next day.

Be smart about it and know your limits, but don’t make it too easy on yourself or you’ll end up where you started.





10. Congratulate Yourself


Make sure every fast ends in a feast.

Fasting is not about eating less, but about training your body to become more efficient with what you eat.

Reward yourself with something you would want to do, have or eat of course. But never fast for the reward, the results itself (muscle growth and a rock solid six pack) will be the reward.

Give yourself a pat on the back or a big meal outside your fast every now and then, just because you feel like it.

This will lay neurological path ways both intrinsically (you do something, because of the challenge or pleasure it gives you internally)  and extrinsicslly (you do something, because of an external benefit like money or a cheat meal), causing a positive association that will make it more likely to become a habit.



Let’s Make Your Intermittent Fasting Lasting


Starting intermittent fasting and adding it to your overall toolbox is like flicking on a turbo switch – everything accelerates.

Fat loss. Fast metabolism. Lean gains.

But however good you start, if you don’t stick to it, all your effort has been for nothing.

Sticking to these simple rules and having the right meal plan will definitely make things easier for you. Simple rules to live by.


So if you really exited about levelling up your results (which you should be) make use of these effective rules.

You don’t even need to do all of them, just 2-3 will yield huge differences.

Just remember.

It’s your decision from here on forward…


Feast Mode ON!




46 thoughts on “10 Rules To Make Intermittent Fasting Work For You

  1. hello rich ! you said that in the morning before my traning i give some energy to my body but low in carbs . is nuts and peanauts low in carbs i have doubt should i eat them ? if yes in how much quantity ? thank youu 🙂

    1. Hey,

      You want to stick to that 8 hour window and for better results workout in a fastened state.

      That’s all. Whatever you eat outside of that 8 hour window will break your fast and will most likely be counterproductive. If you eat those nuts within your 8 hour window it’s definitely possible. How much really depends on your goals. Gaining or losing weight and on your caloric intake. Make sure you read the diet guide.

      Beast mode ON!

  2. hi bro i would to thank you about all your help that you givin to us 🙂 i have a question if a eat chwingum before my workout .is that will pertube my fast to eliminate fat ? thankx

    1. Hey Pablo,

      Good question.

      Most chewing gums contain a lot of processed sugars (fructose, aspartame and other crap), which definitely have an effect on your insulin response among other things and as a result on your overall benefits from fasting.

      But do what works best for you, chewing gum basically won’t benefit you in any way.

      Beast mode ON!

  3. Hi,

    I have practiced IM from Renegade Diet, and currently I have suffered from heavy hair loss. Please help me.


    1. Hey Phat,

      I’m no expert with regard to hair loss and haven’t heard any similar story before, but what does your current daily diet look like?

      There might be some sources contributing to your hair loss.

      Let me know ASAP!

      Beast mode ON!

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