How To Get A Six Pack Guide (Why Tell Sell Does Not Work)

“How can I get a six pack by sitting behind a tv screen? I don’t want to work for it too much” can I honestly give an answer to this question?

Let’s start with some examples before we go down the ‘truth about six packs lane’.

The how can you get a six pack by using a shortcut explanation…


Probably the most searched for fitness related subject for men: ‘the six pack’.

Admit it… you probably googled ‘six pack’ or ‘how to get a six pack’ once or more than once.

At least that’s if you are part of the 97% of people around the world who use google.

When looking at the search results, there seem to be hundreds of secret success formulas that seem to make having a six pack a walk in the park.

But then why is a six pack an uncommon thing?


First let’s start with a few questions…

  • Do you want a six pack?
  • Do you want to get it without any effort?
  • And as quickly as possible?


Keep reading, because you will get all the answers.

There have been and are a lot of ‘quick fix’ six pack products.

Some products however emphasize that you actually have to do exercises, pay attention to your nutrition and make sure you do the right routines.


Guess what these are… ‘WRONG’. Getting a clear cut six pack is way easier.


Imagine yourself sitting in front of the tv with a bag of chips, no sweat, no dirty clothing, just you and your favorite program.

But wait…while you are watching, you can get your own six rock-hard pack.

Want to know how?


ab tronic six pack bar brothers

A six pack shortcut.

You don’t have to break a sweat, the ab tronic does is all for you!

To make matters even better, you don’t need an abtronic at all.

You got this!


ab hancer bar brothers


So say goodbye to your one pack and excess fat and say ‘hello’ to a live long free, sixpack pass.

Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Just incase you did not really notice:

I lied bar brothers

There are two types of six packs:

– The Tell Sell six pack

– The I-am-going-to-work-my-ass-off-with-blood-sweat-and-tears-until-I-have-a-six-pack six pack (Bar Brother style).

While most of the world prefers the first one, the question remains.

Do you actually think that you will get what you want by believing a Tell Sell commercial?


If tell sell worked…



Everyone would have a chinsled body, a perfectly clean car and would be smiling rediculously on a daily basis and everything would be colourful, only people without Tell Sell products would be black and white.

Most magazines sell Tell Sell six packs, because people don’t want to work for their bodies.

While the guy standing on the cover actually works his ass off to sell you the ‘you-don’t-have-to-work-hard-to-get-this-dream’.

He is actually saying: “Just buy product X and make me rich selling you bullshit” (it might sound kind of harsh, which it is meant to be).

Thus getting a six pack by using these products will actually take you even longer to get one, because using them is not getting you anywhere near a six pack.

So what will actually get you a six pack?


What it really takes to get a Bar Brother six pack…


 1) Exercise (Check out this Bar Brother routine)



2) Nutrition


In order to have a highly defined six pack, nutrition is just as important as exercise.

You can do all the exercises you want to, but if your body fat percentage remains high, it will be impossible to have the chinsled six pack you see from athletes.


bar brothers six pack fat percentage
As you notice you will need to go below 12% bodyfat to have a well defined six pack.

In order to reach this level of body fat, you need to cut the carbs and try to change your eating schedule (Perhaps try some intermittent fasting).


3)  Some work-your-ass-off


Nothing comes for free and a six pack is definitely something that does not come for free.

It can’t be repeated enough, especially for beginners it’s a major pitfall.

They want to see quick results in a short period of time and that’s simply not going to happen.

Sorry to break the news.

Then again when you actually get what you want you will realize that it is more than worth it.


bar brothers ab exercise



So to finally anwer the question at the end of the lane…


‘No six pack will ever be earned by watching tv or without breaking a sweat, you can give it a try, but it will just be a waste of time and cash.’

Rich Andoh


10 thoughts on “How To Get A Six Pack Guide (Why Tell Sell Does Not Work)

  1. Been looking into bar brother routines and being able to do all that cool shit. My problem is that I’m also trying to put on weight. Using BSN products such as Muscle juice and N.O. explode. All that shit will get me the muscle if I work for it but will kill my mid section. How do I gain muscle and keep my body percentage low?

  2. I’m 15, 5 foot 8 and weigh around 75kg, i went on a machine for my body fat percentage which was around 15% however I’m so unhappy with my body as i have no abs and need to build them, I’ve started to train for my abs recently and have seen barely any improvements when will i see improvements?

    1. Hey Randy,

      First of all welcome to the movement!

      With regard to your question, you will see results sooner or later depening on what you are willing to do for a six pack.

      Make sure you don’t only focus on your training, but also on your diet, which is just as important, start off by cutting as much sugars as possible. No sodas for example.

      For a more extensive and overal body workout, I can recommend you to check out the 6 month plan or get the system.

      Beast Mode ON!

  3. Thanks fr the motivation…..I had gained by abs….but the doubt I have is …..I should workout fr abs regularly? To make it fit and strong….or I can leave gap and workout fr it?? Cause once in a week im going for 3 days for abs it right way?

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