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The Evolutionary Advantages Of Calisthenics (Why Your Ancestors Had To Bar Brother Daily)

As civilization has begun turning us from hunters and gatherers into:

“boxed machine like beings”,

obesity and emotional distortions have been proliferating throughout society.

We have reached a point of no return or perhaps we haven’t (You decide).

Working out gives us the opportunity to get in touch with our body again, to feel the intensity and challenge our bodies are made for.

Nowadays we don’t really chase and hunt on deers or get chased by saber tooth tigers (thank god), so we have to find another way to access our natural state.

While most people have forgotten what that feels like (getting into your natural state), this article serves will help to kickstart your memory.

How? By describing ‘Why Your Ancestors Had To Bar Brother Daily’.

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Connects you to others

Cavemen would hunt together and by doing so form bonds with each other, some would die others would persist.

Whether you are going to do some calisthenics, decide to play some football or have a running contest.

Working out connects people, because all of you have the same goal.

Evolutionary, cavemen who were able to hunt in groups and fight in groups had a higher chance of surviving.

The ability to connect with others was a matter of life or death.

Being unable to connect implies something else today.

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On an instinctive level it’s survival, but on a more cognitive level (since we have been infused with marketing and social conditions) it’s connecting to the internet.


Increases happiness

Imagine yourself being a depressed cavemen, watching how your food just walks by, thinking about all the stones you wish you had.

As you can imagine, you would not survive for long.

Evolutionary our brains therefore weeded out those cavemen and rewarded the cavemen who got exited from running after all kinds of creatures and going on an epic adventure.

The thrill, the zone, whatever you call it.

Your brain will reward you for working out by overloading you with ‘feelgood hormones’ (serotonine and dopamine) which gives you that ‘I-AM-A-FUCKING-BOSS-tittelating’ feeling after a workout.

A good workout in the ‘ZONE’ beats any anti-depressant.

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Detoxifies and improves your immune system

There are poisoning factors all around us, thankfully our body has found a few ways to get rid of those hazardous substances.

That’s why you puke when you are sick (or drunk) and sweat when you have fever.

Your body works to expel all the excess bacteria/poison/whatever you want to call it.

We can also do this before we have reached the sickness threshhold.

How? You probably already know the answer: ‘Going caveman style’.

Exercise activates the lymphatic system, which allows your body to detoxify in addition to the toxins which get expelled through sweat.

In addition to that you are improving your immune system by exposing your body to functional stressors.

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Relaxes, fuels your energy and improves your sleep

We all know the ‘zone’, getting into the moment, forgetting about everything you have to do or have already done and just focussing on what you are doing right now.

Working out is a perfect way to release tension and to clear the mind.

Because working out requires your body to express itself energetically, all your excess energy gets released which allows your body to get in to a relaxed state more easily.

Especially when you are trying to sleep, which is pretty important from a cavemen perspective.

When you consider that you need to hunt every day, energy equals life.

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Improves your looks, reproductive value and body functionality

Naturally you are more inclined to feel attracted to someone who has a high reproductive value.

People with a healthy body are more likely to reproduce and are therefore more attractive.

Remember that a functional body is usually a good looking body, but a good looking body is not necessarily a functional body in terms of reproductive value and a not good looking not functional body speaks for itself.

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Fuels Masculinity, libido and neurogenesis

Working out is like a shot of drugs for your body, just like caffeine is, but then in a positive way and instead of caffeine it’s testosteron.

It wakes and shakes your body to a point at which it becomes truly aware.

You can feel this moment when you do your first muscle up or your last push up, right before you collapse and yell at all your might.

At that point you access your true manhood, you become the big ball guy in the room or gym for a second.

Your brain recognizes this and at the same time rewards you by increasing your evolutionary advantage over others through neurogenesis or brain construction.

When your body is in a prima state it does what it is naturally inclined to do, namely: survive and reproduce as long and as much as possible.

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Well cavemen of today, we no longer have to sleep in caves, hunt on a daily basis or fear for our lives if we don’t.

We however still have the same processes in our body, which made our ancestors the most succesful species on this planet.

Whether you become succesful today is not based on those processes (they have been developed already), it’s based on whether you decide to act upon them that will make you Sabertooth Tiger Food or A King oF Your Cave.


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