Which one is better calisthenics or gym?

Brain Gains: Calisthenics Versus Gym Training

The question of calisthenics versus the traditional gym training has always seemed weird to me.

Aren’t those two completely different beasts?

It’s like comparing oranges to apples.

Calisthenics aims to primarily build a body through a skill based approach, traditional gym training adopts a very lineair approach by building a ‘visually attractive body through the increase of weights’.


But I have to admit, there is some overlap.

If you are reading this you probably want to build some muscle.

Get a bit stronger.

And preferably look a bit more aesthetically pleasing for people you are attracted to. 


Building muscle follows the same basic principles, whether that’s through weights or by using your body weight and gravity as a way to increase the loads.

To say one is better than the other would be a very simple black-and-white representation.

Building muscle is just one thing. Looking better is another.


And then there are about a gazillion other end results related to the type of training you pursue. 

But when it comes to ‘training your brain’ you might find it easier to make a choice.

If you really want to know whether calisthenics is better than weights for your brain, you need to read THIS shit! (more…)

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The 3 Fundamental Rules For Muscle Growth

You want to build muscle with calisthenics, right?

You’ve told everyone around you that you are going to get bigger and stronger than ever. 

You’ve been hammering at it hard. Maybe you’ve even seen some visible results in the mirror already (Good for you!).


But then all of a sudden you come to a halt.

More work. More hours. No progress. 

So you ask yourself: “What made me progress in the first place?”


You actually don’t really know.

Maybe you just did everything right by accident. And if you did, now is the time to know why.

You don’t want to be the next idiot who just keeps doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.

Let me share the 3 fundamental rules for muscle growth.

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Calisthenics Against Depression: 9 Science-Based Facts

Dark days.

We all have those.

But what happens when those days turn into dark weeks? Dark months? Or even dark years?


Lack of motivation. No energy. And perhaps you even feel like your life has no meaning. 

You’ll never measure up. You’ll never get strong enough. And any day now, everyone will see that you have been falling apart.

That’s how you feel anyway. I know what it’s like. I’ve been there too.

And I have discovered the way out. 


Here is a secret:

“Many of the people you look up to and admire have been in a dark place at some point in their lives.”

The turning point?

At their darkest hours and at the deepest point of not-giving-a-fuck, they somehow found a way to switch on the lights.

Discover why exercise can help you cure your depression.   (more…)

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3 Key Progressions For The Handstand Push Up

Achieving another calisthenics skill like a handstand push up can require an insane amount of errors.

Like shaving your beard the first time.

It looks like you have no idea what you are doing and takes much longer than you think it does.

You use excessive amounts of pressure, skip a few patches left and right and it rarely looks as effortless as those Gillet shaving commercials.


So you ask someone who knows. Hone your skills. Explore your options.

Invest some time in learning the skills of the art and spend less time on covering your face with plasters from bloody cuts. 

Calisthenics is no different. You need to learn the skill by making the errors. BUT you need to learn from those errors. 

These 3 key progressions will shave off hours of trial-and-error. (more…)

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Your Road To The Straddle Planche

When you look back at your life what do you want to able to look back at?

Would you pay attention to what you’ve earned?

Would you recall your political stand points? Would you think about the cool clothes you used to wear?

Or would you think about what you learned and discovered?

The people you changed and inspired?

What you developed into?


The future still looks bright for you.

Plenty of potential. Your body is still adapting. You can take control of your diet and health.

And your deepest desired? Well, a little bit of work can bring you a whole lot closer.

Because you see, it’s not only about what you achieve, but it’s also about the person you need to become to achieve those things.

To achieve this move, you need to become non-quitting, hard-working and dedicated.

But most of all, you need to become ‘inspired’. 


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