How To Easily Track Your Caloric State To Lose Or Gain Weight

Let’s start with a simple question…

How exactly are you planning to lose weight or build muscle?

Because that’s the end goal, right?


You don’t just want to feel better. You also want to look better.

You aren’t making sweat angels on a daily basis, huffing and puffing, because you don’t want to lose those extra layers of fat.

You aren’t consistently following the beginner routines, because you need something to waste your time on.


Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but somewhere in the future, all that hard work had better pay off.

Except what if you will still just be floating around helplessly in the sea of the unknown?

I mean what if your entire understanding of losing weight is wrong?

What if you don’t need more cardio? More HIIT? More rope jumping?


It would be a tragedy if you’d keep wasting your time, never possessing even the slightest chance of losing fat or gaining a single gram of muscle.

And yet I believe that’s precisely what’s happening. Not just to you, but to most people who call themselves hardgainers or naturally big boned.

Allow me to explain what you need to know. (more…)


The 15 Month Transformation Of David

There are many ‘transformational’ stories.

Some stories are forgotten.

Some stories stick.

And then there are stories like this one.


Have you ever heard about the ‘43 year old man who used to be a homeless meth user, ended up in jail 18 times, became depressed, ate himself into obesity and weighted 315 pounds at his highest?’

In case you haven’t, his name is one to remember…David.


And if you don’t know David, you need to know his story.

Because David did something few people will ever do.

He faced his Goliath. (more…)


Flexibility Workout Routine With 4 Crucial Exercises

You know that feeling you get right after you killed your workout?

Your ego says you’ve done a good job, you’ve done something most people can’t nor ever will be able to do.

Meanwhile, you see some kids playing around, not even attempting to do anything.


Hanging, jumping, running.

Doing side splits, bridges and deep squats. Effortlesly. Almost making it seem like it shouldn’t be an issue for you.

So you try it.


After trying it for a while -with the I’m-taking-a-shit-look on your face- you realize you can’t do any of that ‘kid-stuff’.

‘Ouch’ that hurts. Not only your body, but also your ego.

You can’t even touch your toes with straight legs, let alone grab a coin. Every time you try it, you feel like you just turned 50 years older as you come up in a slow and agoninzing way with a pain ridden face.


How is it possible that those kids without any training or visible strength are able to do more stuff than you?

They have something you’ve lost. Flexibility.

Here is how you can start getting it back. (more…)


The Book That Will Hardwire You For Results

It hurts me to say this -I know you are working your ass off- but you are failing miserably at on thing.

A few months ago, you could nearly lift the phone you are reading this on and now you are doing push ups, pull ups, dips, squats and perhaps even muscle ups.

Making all kinds of gains, mentally and physically.


Still, you feel like you are a weakling compared to all those athletes on youtube, instagram and facebook.

You almost feel like you’re wasting your time and that’s why you think about quitting, giving it all up.

Your motivation is leaking away, like water in a bucket filled with holes and the thought of that happening disappoints me, it really does.


After all, you’re leaps closer to where you where when you started working out. You know more about working out and healthy nutrition than all of your peers.

And you work just as hard as those ‘people you look up to’, sometimes even harder because you know you have some huge patches of ground to cover.

Believe it or not, but they look up to you too.


At least I do, not because I’m trying to kiss your ass. No, the real reason why I look up to you is because you are willing to go out there.

No excuses, all heart, all effort.

You just need to find a way to fill up those holes that are eating away at your motivation and discover how much you have really grown.