How To Grease The Groove For More Repetitions

Have you ever wondered why your pull ups don’t seem to improve?

You religiously follow the routines. And you are doing the exercises almost daily.



You look at your rep count and scratch your head.

It’s okey, but you’d like to do better.

Should you do more pull ups or chin ups?


So you tinker around a bit more, change up your training plan.

And before you know it you reach the 100 rep mark.

It’s the dream, and everywhere you turn online, someone will tell you it happened.

It makes you wonder though, why are you struggling so much?


And if it’s that easy why isn’t everyone that strong?

It’s not easy, it never is.

But with this method you can use your biggest engine -the nervous system- to your advantage.


How You Become Stronger With Extra Rest

What happened to those huge leaps you made when you just started with working out?

And what about those chin ups, pull ups or push ups?

It seems like you are only getting more tired.


Not as an excuse, but simply because you have never worked out this hard before.

You have given it your all. Leaning beyond your edge. Balancing above the canyon of ‘exhaustion’.

2 days straight and those 2 days ended up being 5 days and those 5 days ended up being 7 days.


Your mindset. Your diet and your workout plan. All on point, flawless.

But actually working out another day?

Not a chance, you feel sore and sorry. As if you have failed already.


The truth is you have.

Not because you weren’t working hard enough and not because you weren’t strong enough, but because you were.

And that’s why you need to know this. (more…)

the bar workout to progress to a full dip for beginners

The Ring Dip Progression For Beginners

You know most people used to think we were the fools right?

To most of the fitness world, calisthenics used to be a joke.

It won’t build muscle. It can only be done by younger people or if you are too old to lift.

It’s a hobby, a diversion, a fad that will come an go. Sure you can do some push ups and pull ups, but don’t count on those really making you strong. That’s just silly.


Try telling your gym buddies that you are going full ‘no extra weight, all body weight’. They’ll smile politely and will ask: ”But does anybody really get ripped and strong through only body weight?”.

Yes, they want you to have results. Yes, they would love to see you improve.

But they also think that there is no way in hell that ‘calisthenics or any type of bar workout plan‘ will do that for you.

Well I didn’t want to say this, but…

Those who express this the most confident, fail the basics without exception. (more…)


The Back Lever Progression For Beginners

You’ve heard it countless times.

Know your limits and push beyond them. 

That’s one of the main components of making consistent progress.


But if you’re just getting started there is a problem with that advice:

How can you know your limits if you don’t know how strong you are?

Maybe you’re at the beginning of you calisthenics journey, with little results (Or all your results are not as impressive as you want them to be).

Or maybe you haven’t even started yet. 


What do you do then?

You know I’m big on finding the right progressions.

Whether it comes to core work or any other type or progress in general.

Just jumping into something like a back lever is like throwing darts blindfolded and hoping you hit the bull’s eye.


If it works it takes you much more time and let’s face the fact, chances are you’ll hit a brick wall more often than the bull’s eye.

The back lever after the muscle up is the first upper body target you want to hit.

With these progressions, you can’t miss, unless you want to ;). (more…)


The Short Guide To Start Your Handstand Training

Isn’t that what you want at the end of the day?

You go to the play ground and after training a few times, you effortlesly progress into a handstand.

Hopping from one arm to the other – turning up your music at the same time.

While others are still struggling and doing it one step at a time.


You make it seem second nature.

Although it takes some people years, you aren’t even breaking a of sweat.

And what’s the secret to this level of handstand mastery?


Thinking you will get it overnight!

Taking a leap instead of doing it one step at a time.

I mean let’s be honest, the best things in life come easy, don’t they?

Well, prepare yourself for a shock… (more…)