The Guide To Learn The Pistol Squat

Can you learn how to do remarkable things?

Can you learn the skills that will make people say: “Wauw, that’s impossible for me!”?

You might think some people are born to be remarkable.

You either have a genetic advantage or you don’t.


Lazar. Dusan. Hannibal for King have the right genes. People like Frank Medrano, Ido Portal, Al Kavadlo. Brandon Meyers has them too, and Adam Raw, and Hit Richards.

The list of extraordinary people goes on and on.

But ordinary people like you and me?


Not too long ago, I used to think I was just too much of an average Joe to even scratch the surface of what those people were doing.

Too weak. Too old. Too little. Too much of anything I could think of.

Thinking about doing remarkable stuff would make me chuckle too.

I could never do that impossible stuff!


If the same belief keeps crossing your mind. Let me tell you that your thinking is flawed. 

It’s not impossible. If it were, why are so many people doing it?

They are the living proof that you can learn what they are doing. Even you can do the ‘extraordinary’.

Let me tell you how.  (more…)


How To Grease The Groove For More Repetitions

Have you ever wondered why your pull ups don’t seem to improve?

You religiously follow the routines. And you are doing the exercises almost daily.



You look at your rep count and scratch your head.

It’s okey, but you’d like to do better.

Should you do more pull ups or chin ups?


So you tinker around a bit more, change up your training plan.

And before you know it you reach the 100 rep mark.

It’s the dream, and everywhere you turn online, someone will tell you it happened.

It makes you wonder though, why are you struggling so much?


And if it’s that easy why isn’t everyone that strong?

It’s not easy, it never is.

But with this method you can use your biggest engine -the nervous system- to your advantage.

Learn the calisthenics planche with these moves

Progression To The Full Bent Arm Planche

Know what’s tougher than doing advanced things?

It’s perfecting your basics.

But that’s exactly what’s needed if you are serious about reaching higher levels of strength.

And almost every succesful calisthenic beginner reaches a point where they realize they need better basics.


After all, how many BEASTS do you know that completely stopped doing the basics?

Progressing means working on boring stuff sometimes. Repeating the same move over and over.

So how can you effectively improve your basics and slowly progress to badass moves?

It’s by the concept of ‘chunking’, which means breaking down a pattern of moves into simple steps.

This is actually what you are doing right now without knowing it ;).


A chin up is a chunk of a muscle up.

A push up is a chunk of a handstand push up.

And the list goes on and on.


Honestly, until I realized this my results were pretty average. Once I had that aha-moment, things started improving. FAST.

So how does this relate to learning a bent arm planche?

It starts with a simple ‘chunk’.



How You Become Stronger With Extra Rest

What happened to those huge leaps you made when you just started with working out?

And what about those chin ups, pull ups or push ups?

It seems like you are only getting more tired.


Not as an excuse, but simply because you have never worked out this hard before.

You have given it your all. Leaning beyond your edge. Balancing above the canyon of ‘exhaustion’.

2 days straight and those 2 days ended up being 5 days and those 5 days ended up being 7 days.


Your mindset. Your diet and your workout plan. All on point, flawless.

But actually working out another day?

Not a chance, you feel sore and sorry. As if you have failed already.


The truth is you have.

Not because you weren’t working hard enough and not because you weren’t strong enough, but because you were.

And that’s why you need to know this. (more…)


How To Learn And Clean Up Your Chin Up

Have you ever taken a critical look at how you are doing things?

Broken down every single exercise?

When you think about calisthenics, chin ups are usually one of the first exercises that come to mind.


Still, it’s not quite clear to a lot of people how to actually progress to their first chin up.

You might be one of those people.

And for the people who already have a chin up in their body weight workout backpack, they are usually missing some check points.

You might have skipped some steps to speed up the process.


Let me ask you this:

Do you know what a good chin up is?

You might think you already know.


What if I told you, chances are you don’t.

What if I told you that the chin ups you are doing right now will end up becoming weak spots down the road.

Want to know why?