The Best Gloves For Calisthenics Beginners

Confess it!

You’ve done the unthinkable. You’ve tried calisthenics without gloves and your hands hurt.

You’re bugged that even the most simple exercises feel like lava running down your soft and delicate skin.


After those first chin ups you felt the guilt of letting yourself down and even worse, now your hands are missing a patch of skin.

But before you throw in the towel of defeat, know this – it’s never an easy road to a place worth going.

If it were, you probably wouldn’t want to be there.


So don’t hold up the white flag.

You can build a layer of indestructible skin on your hands that will make any glove obsolete.

Want to know how? (more…)

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The Foolproof Progression For The One Arm Push Up

Have you seen headlines like:

“Get 10 one arm push ups by sitting on the couch for 10 days”.

“Do nothing and get everything you want”.

“Quit training and look ripped.”


My guess is that you haven’t.

And when you just read those headlines you probably felt a bit skeptical.

When you test your own push up strength you can’t imagine doing 1, let alone 10 one arm push ups.


But I have good news for you.

It actually is possible. And you don’t need to be Bruce Lee to do it.  

In this post you’ll get 3 foolproof progressions that you can use ANYWHERE to go from regular push ups to doing crazy 1 arm push ups.

Let’s do this! (more…)

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Improve your calisthenics workouts with these books

2 Essential Books To Improve Your Calisthenics Workouts

When you want to develop a new skill, what do you do?

Do you just try, or do you look for people who have done it before?

Do you ask for advice?

Or do you just despair at the gap between what you want to do an what you actually can do?


Most of us are unhappy with what we look like and with what we can do.

We feel demotivated. Incomplete. Not good enough.

That is if we just keep looking at those on the other side. Like the young kid ‘leaning against the window’ with the dream to become a pilot as he watches big airplanes disappear in the clouds.


Instead of looking, start reading.

Instead of being demotivated, start asking.

Instead of thinking you aren’t genetically gifted, start realising that as long as you have a beating hart, there is something to learn.

How? Start by reading these books.  (more…)

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The Biological Hack For Optimal Training Time

Training is a battle.

A war against your own physical and mental limitations.

Your biggest enemy? The amount of excuses you can come up with.

This battle isn’t one for the weak. The naïve. The impatient.


You’ll need to embrace the pain of being a beginner again. New challenges. New routines. New soreness.

But none of those things matter if you don’t train at all.

So before you go further down the rabbit hole of calisthenics training, you better make sure you know what the best time is to do so.


The key?

Knowing how your body responds to the time at which you train, is something you must learn.

The battlefield is right in front of you and you have the opportunity to write the heroes’ story.

So when you enter the calisthenics arena, arm yourself with this knowledge.

And keep fighting the good fight.

Everybody is counting on you. (more…)

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The 6 Angry Six Pack Secrets Guide

What does it take to get a six pack?

Everyone seems to have one nowadays.

Except from the people you actually know.

In reality, most of them don’t go beyond the one-pack-mark, including you.


Despite that fact, everyone somehow seems to know how to get a six pack.

It’s easy.

It’s fast.

It doesn’t take you any more than 2 weeks, 7 days or 8 minutes.

And it’s bullshit.


The six pack is the mark of a serious bar brother, and you are dying to join the six pack club.

So you tried all those easy and convenient six-pack plans.

You have been sitting in front of the tv with your abtronic on for hours and hours.

But something just doesn’t seem to work and you don’t know why.


You just know that all those quick fixes have left you with everything except a 6 pack.

It’s because you’ve been blinded by unrealistic short term results.

That’s why these 6 angry six pack secrets are going to hurt your feelings. (more…)

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