The 3 Easy Principles To Always Get Results With Calisthenics

You know them.

All of them.

The ‘masters’.


The no-excuse makers. The Frank Medranos. The Hannibal for Kings. The Bar Brothers…

(Most of them are guilty of it, so am I).

“Calisthenics is hard work”, they say. “But all you have to do is follow these routines”.


Meanwhile, you are standing there in a park, yelling “#!@!$ pull up bar”, looking at the routine on your phone or piece of paper.

Now you know al these amazing exercises, but you just don’t seem to have the strength.

It just takes working hard?

Well…that’s what you have been doing or so you think.


You worry that you will never get any results. That your body just isn’t cut from the right genetic cloth.

Sometimes you even wonder if you should give up on this whole Bar Brother thing altogether.

But you shouldn’t (I’ll personally come kick your ass, if you do!). And here is why…

You can become a calisthenics master, you just need to know these three fundamental principles which everyone can do, especially YOU!


1. Show Up Or Shut Up


It’s easy to do and it’s easy not to do.

You know you can wake up an hour earlier on monday morning to slip in a workout, but it’s also easy to hit the snooze button and stay in bed for one more hour.

You know you can shut down the tv and skip your favorite program to go to the training ground, but it’s also easy to get a bit too comfortable in that soft couch of yours and stay at home.

You know you could call your motivated friends to workout today, but it’s also easy to call that other friend who wants to relax today.


Half of the battle is won by showing up. Which is easy to do.

It doesn’t take rocket science to understand that if you don’t show up, getting results won’t be so easy.


Questions such as:

“Will I get results doing calisthenics?”

“Does this method of training work?”

“Can someone as skinny as me get results?”


Here is my million dollar advice:

ONLY if you start with the easiest thing to do…SHOW UP.


2. Consistency Is Key


So you wake up 1 hour earlier, shut down the tv, skip your favorite serie and call your workout buddy to go to the training ground.

So there you are…standing in front of the pull up bar.

Your arms aren’t going to pull themselves up, you will need to work out.

No one else can do it for you.


Once you start doing this consistently, that’s when the magic happens.

Easy? Yes. Easy not to do? Yes.


Head baseball coach Russell Stocktoo of Houston is a firm believer in the power of consistency.

Telling all of his hitters when practice is over to hit just 100 balls more, taking approximately 20 minutes to do.

Most leave and go home. Easy….


Although 100 swings might not seem too much.

If you take those same 100 swings 5 times a week.

It probably still won’t make a difference, but you are getting there.


Do it four weeks a month and we are talking about 2,000 extra swings.

Do this for a year and you are talking about 24,000 extra swings.

That’s a league winning amount of swings.


The same coach won the conference that year, because 8 of his hitters bought into that idea.

Now imagine applying the same principle to calisthenics.


Although the 100 swings or the 100 push ups you are doing on a daily basis might not seem like a big thing.

Doing it CONSISTENTLY for a year means you are doing 24,000 push ups.

Do you think doing such a huge amount of repetitions won’t get you results?

Tell that to the team that won the league that year.


 3. Commit And Don’t Quit


So is showing up for training and hitting 100 extra balls every day going to improve your chances of winning? Yes.

But will you win the league every year? No.

Does this mean you need to stop showing up consistently and become a butt hurt quitter? Or should it give you an ever bigger drive to hit 200 extra balls instead of 100? Do 200 extra push ups instead of 100?


Right now you are having results already. Either good or bad.

You reading this shows that you are probably still looking for better results.

So why hasn’t it happened for you yet?


Imagine being a farmer with a huge patch of land and the dream to have the biggest harvest ever.

For the past few years however, you haven’t planted a single seed.

You haven’t taken care of the soil.


As a matter of a fact, you haven’t done any amount of work.

Now imagine walking to your patch of land every single day and expecting to see the biggest harvest ever.

You’d probably be quite disappointed to see all kinds of useless weeds covering your land.


At a certain day you get the realization that planting seeds would be a good idea. So you plant your first seeds.

The next day, you go back expecting an amazing harvest.

You end up being disappointed, because there is nothing there and you already start thinking about quitting.

But then again, what could you expect?


Now compare this patch of land to your own body.

You want to harvest your big arms.

You want to harvest ripped abs.

You want to harvest strong legs.


But you haven’t even put in the work, still you expect results.

If you want to harvest your dreams you have to plant the seeds first (Show up consistently).

But planting the seeds alone won’t give you the harvest you want.


You will need to come back to your land, day in day out and work…and work…UNTIL you get results.

Not just one day or even one week…but months or years.

Be committed and don’t quit it, because every day is bringing you 1 step closer to your goals.


The Essential Formula For Results


Forget magic pills or supplements.

Forget short term methods.

This is what works…if you stick to it, ALWAYS.

Show up + Consistency + Long term commitment = Results


So here are the questions I want you to ask yourself:

1) Have I been going to the training ground every time I was supposed to?

2) Have I been doing the exercises consistently?

3) Have I been doing this type of training for a minimum of a year?


Answered any of these questions with a “No”?

Well, you know what you need to do.

Either you need to show up more. Be more consistent or give yourself some more time.

Easy to do and easy not to do ;).


Set Yourself Up For Results


Excuse makers will never be rewarded.

If your are going for it half heartedly, your results will fizzle out as you will step out the no-motivation back door.

You know this and that’s why you are committed to do what it takes- even if that means working out every single day for the rest of your life.


Don’t worry, you’re not starting at 0.

You have a body firstly and foremost.

And you have read this blog and know what you need to do. Want to know how I know that?

Because this post gave you more than 1 Aha-moment.

It made sense to you.


You already grasped the ground rules of becoming your best self and getting the best results- you just need to start thinking about them consciously.

You know how to train, you have routines and you are willing to make the time.

Go out there and apply this knowledge and the effects will ripple through the rest of your life.


You will become more powerful and your results will become,

even if I say so myself,



Beast Mode ON!


Questions or remarks? Leave a comment below! I won’t bite, promised…;).




26 thoughts on “The 3 Easy Principles To Always Get Results With Calisthenics

  1. I’m on week 4 and I feel better and people are telling me that I’m getting more cut. The system works if you put in the work! Use to hate leg day but now cardio is my worst enemy. I never quit though and do whats on the schedule every day. Love the movement and never quit! Beast mode on brothers!

          1. Hey Andy,

            Great question.

            Then you workout alone until more people know about it. And inspire your friends to join along.

            It just takes one. That’s how the entire movement started. With just one. Lazar.

            Beast mode ON!

  2. Great post!

    Did I say great? Uhm…, I mean EPIC!

    Thanks for being an inspiration to all of us (I’m talking for everyone who did forget to say thanks after reading this post ;p)

    Keep it up. Beast Mode On

    P.S. Awesome picture!

  3. off topic, just a quick question: When working out let’s say round 3 of 5 and you have pull ups next and 10 reps. you are already struggling on rep 5 and i mean really struggling and you still have two more rounds. In these kinds of situations what would you recommend, do you easen up the move a little bit OR do you prefer to do the right move but 1 rep at a time if needed. Struggling the one rep or two, as much as you can, and then a little breathing and shaking and then again till the reps are done. Or do you recommend the first options i showed?

    1. Hey bro,

      Awesome question!

      This one is quite difficult to answer however, because it completely depends on you. Essentially in this regard your body will tell you what’s best. Can you still put in a few extra reps, although a bit shaky and not completely controlled? If yes, go for it!

      If no, make sure you put in the reps. Let’s say with a pull up after 5 you can’t do any more or even pull yourself up, go for an active of passive hang. Either pull yourself up to the highest point and hold it for 5 seconds or just hang on the bar for 10-30 seconds (this depends on how tired you are).

      So do as much as you can until you can’t and if you can’t slightly adapt the move to still target the muscles as much a possible and get the given amount of reps. Still, don’t force your body into injury, this is something which you will become more aware off over time as you will develop a better understanding of your body ;)!

      This should get you going!

      Beast mode ON!

  4. Hey I just started doing bar brothers and I love it it’s really cool but my only problem is I can’t really eat that heathy cause I’m always on the move because of my Job, any tips??

    1. Hey bro,

      First of all, good question!

      Secondly, I have a question for you: “Are you really unable to eat healthy? Or are you unwilling to go that extra mile for healthy food?”. I’m also on the move and have been for the past months, which doesn’t always make eating healthy easy. But definitely not impossible.

      Here is what you can do (assuming you have a normal job on earth and aren’t working for NASA as and astronout):

      Make sure you always have some nuts/seeds with you (these stay good for a long time so it shouldn’t be an issue buying bulk in advance).

      More, always be aware of what’s inside the stuff you drink. A lot of dietary issues can be solved by simply drinking water. Which is available everywhere, even in 3rd world countries.

      And last but not least, set your priorities. If eating healthy is a priority to you, I promise you’ll always find a way. If it isn’t you will find an excuse.

      Beast mode ON!

  5. I have alot of excess fat(15% body fat percentage) can you suggest a bodyweight workout(sets, reps,exercises ) which will burn that fat and work my core at the same time(keeping in mind im a beginner willing to push his boundaries “rationally”)
    Thanx bros

  6. Hello, can i ask how much street workout per week?
    am now folowing this programm
    monday> back-triceps 20min cardio
    tuesday> shoulders-abs 20 min cardio
    wednesday> legs
    thursday> chest-biceps
    friday>rest day
    saturday>back-triceps 20 min cardio
    sunday>shoulders-abs 20 min cardio

    1. Hey Vasileios,

      Great question!

      ‘How much?’ is a very difficult question, it has a lot to do with your current level of strength, mentally and physically and I haven’t even mentioned your goals. If you are a complete beginner, start with 3 days, or you will just run yourself into injury especially if you don’t have a good trainer or someone to guide you. Don’t forget your warming up. ESSENTIAL. If you are not a beginner, stick to 5-6 days max, definitely good to have 1-2 rest days.

      Seems like a reasonable program, but it will give you issues down the road since you are focusing on muscle groups and not on complementary exercises. You always want to combine pushing with pulling for the upper body, that’s the most important thing to keep in mind.

      So if you do push ups, do pull ups. If you do dips, do chin ups if you do abs do lower back etc. While this is what you might be doing, I don’t see the exercises just the muscle groups ;).

      Anyways, keep it up!

      Beast mode ON!

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