Finding the right park for calisthenics beginners

How To Find One Of The 3163 Calisthenics Parks Near You


The body weight workout gods have finally given you the promising sign you were waiting for.

There is a break in the clouds pointing you exactly to the place you’ve been trying to find all this time.

And it’s just around the corner.

Now you can finally start your training.


It doesn’t get any better than this.

There are pull up bars. Dip bars. You even see other people training.

You’ve finally found your calisthenics park, so now all you need to do is train…

After your warming up, you start doing your routine and you feel amazing.

A few hours of hardcore training later, you say goodbye to your new friends and walk back home.

The perfect day.


You can find a workout park where people train in your area, but you need to know how.

Calisthenics beginners all around the world have made a jaw-dropping database of 3000+ workout parks and counting, want to know how to find yours?



The Calisthenics-Parks.Com Database


If you are looking for the easiest way to find calisthenics parks in your area.

The app and website created by will give you a HUGE database of high quality parks with ratings.


The usage is fairly simple.

It’s basically google for outdoor workout parks.

Just fill in the name of your city or area in the search bar and click on search.


Looking for parks near you? Use This to train!


The results will be shown on the map with the exact number of workout parks matching that city.


Parks close to you


You can zoom in to see the individual rating of those parks and pick your favourite one.


training in a park near you with calisthenics


In some cases you might want to workout at night or if it’s rainy perhaps you’ll need a park with a rooftop.

You can refine your search results by clicking on a few of these options.



Once you click on a specific workout park, you can find the exact address.

The rating and you are allowed to rate it yourself.

But more importantly, you can even find a summary of the available equipment.

This way you will always know whether or not a specific workout park suits your needs.



If you somehow discover a workout park in your area that hasn’t been added to the database yet, you can ‘add a spot’.



Major contributors will get a special place on the website.




Calisthenics parks is an easy and FREE platform which will be very useful to you as a beginner.

You might find other people who are using the same workout park.

Having a good and fixed place to go to consistently is one of the major pieces to getting results.



3 Alternative Options To Find Workout Parks


In 9 out of 10 cases will provide you with all you need and more.

If in your case however, you simply cannot find a park in your area there are some alternative options.

Here are a few you can use.


1. Maps.Me Workout Parks


While this app isn’t specifically designed around workout parks, it’s a very useful tool to have.

Especially when you are travelling and don’t have any access to internet.

You can download a map for a specific area when you have a wifi connection.

Once you lose your connection you can still use the tracking from you GPS even when you are offline.

Saves you both money and prevents you from walking around in search of a park for hours.



Once you’ve downloaded the app, you first need to download the map for your specific area.

This can be anywhere in the world.



After downloading that map, use the search term ‘playground’.

The app will provide you with a list of all the available playgrounds in the area including workout parks.



I’ve used this app many times during my travels while backpacking through Asia and Europa and it has never failed me.

I’m sure it won’t fail you either.


2. Building Your Own Workout Park


Building your own park might seem like a far fetch, but the opposite is true.

There is a solution for the people with two left hands.

Recently the guys a pullup&dip released what I personally think is one of the best inventions for calisthenics.

Especially if you don’t have a workout park near you and aren’t sure about building your own.



It is far from cheap.

But it’s pretty awesome if I say so myself.



You can basically transform any tree into a workout station.

The entire construction fits into your backpack so you can carry your workout park with you wherever you go.

Click here to get the pullup&dip station.


If you aren’t too high on cash and beyond beginner level.

You will find two very useful companions in a pair of gymnastic rings.




The only problem is that you might have to climb a tree branch to hang them on.

More, I don’t consider them suitable for complete beginners due to the instability.


Similar to the pull up and dip bar construction, gymnastic rings allow you to turn any tree into a workout station.

Given of course that the branches are strong enough.

Or you might end up face planting yourself into a patch of grass.

But I’m sure that won’t happen to you ;).


Calisthenics Equipment Tip: If you choose rings, make sure you take wooden ones and not any of the crappy plastic versions.

Those SUCK. Big time.

This has to do with overall grip, especially when you transition to higher level skills.

Wood is the best choice.

Click here to find a good pair.


3. Be Adventurous And Go For A Ride Or Walk



When I just stared calisthenics, finding the next best workout park was a full time occupation.

I always used to look around for new parks.

Grabbed my bike, went for an extra round around the block and often I’d find a small park hidden somewhere.


Workout Park Tip: Schools or playing grounds are generally the spots you want to be on the lookout for.

They usually have a bar like construction which you can use with a bit of creativity.


I still go for a walk, run or take my bike somewhere every now and then and still find new parks wherever I go.

This might be even a patch of grass with a tree which I can hang my rings from.

When your body is your training equipment, the world is your gym.



Find A Park And Start Your Journey


Imagine living your life believing that you always need a gym to workout.

That you need weights. Fancy equipment. Big machines.

Especially if there isn’t a high-tech gym anywhere close to your area and you don’t have a buck to spend.

That would suck, right?


Most people will never realise that the next park is just around the corner. That the biggest tool is their body.

They waste their lives dreaming without action, wishing without working and setting goals they never pursue.

Talking about what they should, would or could do.

If only they had a place to do it. Well they have.

It’s a shame they never see beyond their nose.


I believe you do.

You can find or build a workout park just a few meters away. Stop rubbing your eyes. It’s true.

Download the app. Get your routines. Find a workout park.

And do what you know you can.

All you want is just around the corner.


Beast mode ON!


PS. At the time of publishing this post calisthenics parks had the exact number of 3163 parks.


Now I’d like to hear from you:

Did you like this post?

Or maybe you have a question.

Either way, make sure you get your download and leave a quick comment below right now.




8 thoughts on “How To Find One Of The 3163 Calisthenics Parks Near You

  1. Kinda live in a different country. Im doing some research where to find parks near me. But i fear im gonna have to drive a while to get to one. But just finding a bar would help alot.

    1. Hey Joachim,

      Thanks for your comment!

      Try the tips in this guide, I’m sure you’ll find a bar construction somewhere.

      It might require a bit of creativity, but I have yet to find a country without bars ;).

      Goodluck my friend!

      Beast mode ON!

    1. Hey Shivam,

      Thanks for your comment!

      As you read in the guide, there are more ways to Rome ;). Try making one or use your creativity. I’ve travelled all around the world and I’ve never failed at finding a bar.

      Beast mode ON!

  2. I found a park around my town. I use it for parkour and now for working out. Never though I could. Thanks for the tips. I’m by myself so I’m going to check out that app and see if their are some parks near by and maybe find some friends to work out with😁

  3. Iam thinking about creating my own calisthenic park,it would be helpful if I get some ideas from you…
    Thanks for your workout tips,it’s helping me slot…

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