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5 Things You Can Do When Sore/Injured After Bar Brother Training

You are passionate about Bar Brothers.

So passionate that you trained a little too hard and sprained your wrist/tore a muscle or have seriously sore muscles.

How can you speed up your recovery?

Well, here’s one way to do so:



But you dislike resting- if you don’t work out, you feel like crap.

That’s why you are completely focused on achieving your goal, you probably have achieved a few of yourself already.

Fortunately being injured does not mean the end of your training- you can still train.

In fact, being injured is not a setback, it’s an opportunity for a comeback.


So what can you do when you are sore or injured?


Sore Muscles After Training With BAr Brothers


5 Things You Can Do To Keep Improving When You Are Sore Or Injured


Train Other Muscles Calisthenics


1. Workout Other Muscle Groups To Progress In Different Areas


Injuring one part of your body does not mean that your entire body needs to stop progressing.

Thankfully you know this.

So what if you injure your legs/knee?

You work on your arms and abs.


So what if you injure your arms/wrists?

You work on your abs and legs.

In most cases there are other muscle groups and routines which you can still train/apply.


Of course it can be a setback to have a broken wrist or a sprain ankle, still there is enough room for the improvement of other parts of your body or diet.

So what if your arms, legs and abs are injured?

You workout another muscle…


healthy bar brother food


2. Workout Your Healthy Eating Muscle To Keep Your Metabolism In Check


Let’s say you are injured to a point at which you are unable to train completely.

This should give you enough time to thing about another important aspect of improving yourself and that’s your diet.

Now that you body isn’t working at least your mind still works, use this to your advantage by reading about food.

Replace your training time with watching videos and reading articles about healthy food.


Don’t immediately accept anything which is said or written down, you will find a lot of contradiction on different subjects regarding healthy food.

Find what works for you and whatever you choose to believe, make sure it’s backed up by scientific research.

And if you are already eating healthy food, keep eating the same way as much as possible and don’t succumb to bad habits.

Keep your metabolism in check, you didn’t make it this far for nothing, did you?


Let’s keep going… 


Calisthenics Cardio Exercises


3. Do Cardio Exercises To Increase The Flow Of Oxygenated Blood


Cardio is not really going to be beneficial when you have broken a bone, but it will be highly beneficial when you have some serious muscle soreness.

Running/swimming/walking or riding a bike are all good cardio exercises which you can use when you are injured.

The main advantage is caused by the increased flow of fresh oxygenetad blood to the damaged areas.

Especially swimming is an exercise which is usually applied by professional atlethes because your movements in water are both slown down and lighter.


At later stages of your recovery -when you have a fracture but really can’t sit still- you can introduce some light cardio.

And there is some other awesome stuff you can start incorporating into your training.


Isometric Exercises Bar Brothers


4.  Start Isometric Exercises To Slowly Increase Strength


This might not sound like something you know, so I will explain it to you shortly.

And isometric exercise is a type of strength training in which your joint angle and muscle do not change during contraction.

An example of an isometric exercise is a plank (Don’t know what a plank is?), because you are training your strength, but you are not moving the joints.

This is especially useful when you have a broken hand or a broken wrist or are recovering from a shoulder or leg injury for example.


By using static movements without a range of motion you can train your injured limb while at the same time preventing it from getting more injured.

I use isometric exercises to slowly increase the strength of my broken wrist and it works wonders.

To speed up your recovery even more, you can use some tiger balm…



barbrothers Massage


5. STOP Trying To Comeback Too Soon By Getting A Massage


If you are injured -you probably don’t want to hear this- but don’t force your body to do what you want it to do.

Give the biological processes the time to repair what is broken and to make it better than it was.

While you are at it, you can get a massage.

Just like cardio exercises, a massage -in the case of sore muscles- increases the flow of blood to the affected area, which in turn speeds up the recovery (Don’t try this with a fracture…).


A really good product which you can use to massage the tissue is tiger balm.

It has been used in Asia for centuries and is still widely used to relieve muscle soreness (Make sure you don’t get this stuff in your eyes).


Note: When you think you have a fracture or a torn up muscle contact a professional before applying these 5 tips, because there is something even worse than being injured and that’s worsening the injury.


And then finally after all is said and done….you can take a rest.

Not because you have to, but because you earned it.

Remember…Beast Mode Never Ends!

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32 thoughts on “5 Things You Can Do When Sore/Injured After Bar Brother Training

  1. Awesome article Bros,

    Its good to read about how to develop or train, but recovery is just as or more important to gain the results that you want.

    Bar Brother for life….No excuses….


  2. good read!

    big fan of the bar brothers communitie!
    but i have a question, How do you fix your elbows from al the pull ups and muscle ups?
    It has been a big downer for me. I have been training with a friend for over a year now and we made some big progress in our bar training, but lately my elbows have been killing me! I cant do pull ups, dips, muscle ups or push ups without feeling a lot of pain in my elbows… any pointers on that?

    thanks for the big inspiration!

    1. Hey Anthony,

      Stop training the way you are right now! It seems you have been developing tendonitis, which is inflammation of the tendons, me and a bro of mind also suffered from this because we did not do a good warming up! He kept the issue for more than 4 months, being unable to train.

      What you should do, first of all do a good warming up. It’s better to do a 30 minute warming up than no, make sure your muscles are activated and the blood is flowing, this could be airboxing, doing some running, jumping or whatever your feel like doing.

      Slowly build up your training intensity and use tiger balm to heat up the muscles and when you are not training use it in the tendon area.

      Really do this bro, because you are going to regret it if you don’t.

      1. oke thanks for the advise , got the tiger balm and the warm up will be much better from now on!

        goals will be achieved one day at a time!

      2. This is kind of embarrassing. I tried finding my max reps for the exercises last night so that I knew where I was starting from so that I could watch my progress, but I think I may have over done it. Today it hurts to straighten my arms. How long will it take for this to go away/ get better?

        1. Hey Micah,

          Haha, welcome to a thing they call ‘progress’.

          It will take around 3 days max, when you are just starting off…as you improve, your body will become better at recovering from training, it just takes some time.

          Usually doing some cardio speeds up the recovery, think about running/cycling etc.

          Hope this helps!

          Beast Mode ON!

  3. hey guys
    I recently did some arm and back workout
    At first thought that it was the pain from the exercise, it´s been 3 days and my back still hurt
    I tried to do some pull us but the pain didn´t let me and I´m afraid its some kind of injury.
    Hope you know if this is normal or if I must see a doctor

    1. Hey Leo,

      Since it’s difficult for me to asses your injury.

      My first advice would be to have a professional take a good look at your back, because back injuries are one of the worst ones to have.

      If you doctor gives you a green light to keep training, get back to me or send me a message via the contact form, so we can develop some kind of adapted training schedule if the pain remains.

      Beast Mode ON!

  4. Hi Rich, I may have pushed excessively when trying out typewriters and maxing out on dips. While they were slightly sore from before, I’m getting recurring sharp pains in my elbows now. Any idea how long I should lay off from arm exercises? It’s only day one of resting and I’m feeling restless.

    Thanks in advance for your response. 🙂

    1. Hey Logen,

      It’s been a while!

      Awesome to read that you have been making progress :D!

      With regard to your question, this is a really common injury! You might be developing tendonitis, which is really something you don’t want to have.

      1) Do an extremely good warming up, check out the warming up blog which I wrote. My friend and I had the same issue, once we started warming up properly the issue disappeared for me. Unfortunately my friend had to recover for four months, because he kept training with his injury and no warming up for too long. Do some rope jumping and static exercises such as a plank or a just hanging on the bar. You don’t want to stop working out completely, just want to give your body time to recover, while you are still working out in an adapted way. Never stop moving ;).

      2) Adapt your training such that you don’t have any pain. Sharp pain = stop immediately.

      This should get you going, bro…push yourself, but be smart about it ;).

      Beast Mode ON!

  5. Hey Rich, I recently started the beginner program and I couldn’t help but ask myself if I was doing the exercises correctly. First off, I’m currently doing my chin-ups at shoulder gap width and my pull-ups slightly wider, is this correct? Also I was wondering if there were any tips on doing the bar leg raises (toe to bar) because I don’t feel the exercise quite demanding, (probably doing it wrong).

    Thanks in advance ! 🙂

    1. Hey John,

      Good questions.

      To really give you a correct answer, I’d need to show you in person. With regard to pull ups indeed shoulder width, only the proper execution has to do with chaining your muscles. Retract your shoulders completely first then activate your arms upper and lower and then contract the bicep completely.

      I’ll be releasing tutorials in the coming months. With regard to the bar leg raises you really want to slightly retract your shoulders while at the same time depressing them so you don’t get that swing. Then you contract your glutes (ass), abs, completely stretch your legs out (maintain them straight throughout the motion) and make a slow and steady upward motion…in addition to making a slow and steady downward motion (eccentric part) this downward motion is extremely important for strength gains and is often replaced for a swing.

      Hope this helps.

      Beast mode ON!

      You are probably just kicking ups

  6. Hi Rich,

    I have started doing calisthenics training with a friend. We do the following workout.

    Monday and Wednesday –

    • 3 x Max Pull ups with 2 min rest in between each set.
    • 2 min Rest
    • 3 x Max Push up Progression (currently doing uneven Push ups) 2 min rest between each set.
    • 2 min rest.
    • 3 x Max hanging leg raises – 2 min rest between each set.

    Tuesday and Friday –

    • Max Chin ups, max dips, max push ups no rest between exercise but a 5 min rest at the end. We then repeat this 3 times.

    Thursday, Saturday and Sunday are rest days.

    Couple of quick questions –

    • He is progressing with every exercise. I am progressing with all except the Pull Ups. I managed – 8,7,7 the first time we did it then the following times are as follows – 8,7,5 – 8,7,6 – 7,6,5. Looking at our workout is there anything that you can see that would be causing this? Our pull up for is a Dead hang to chin above the bar and slow lower down to a dead hang.
    • After doing a recent session I am experiencing a sharp pain in my upper left chest muscle that progresses to the point of my shoulder. This pain is only experienced when doing push ups, dips and the higher end of a pull up. Would this type be general soreness or an injury from your past experience?

    Look forward to your help.

    1. Hey Doug,

      Awesome stuff on working out first of all!

      With regard to your question…If you are experiencing a sharp pain, your body is clearly telling you to stop. Something needs to be corrected first. Soreness is different from sharpness.

      First of all, make sure you do a proper warming up. NO warming up? NO training session. This is essential. Really.

      With regard to your injury, tone it down a bit. Try hanging and doing some isometrics, like planks. And don’t forget to work the legs, having some pain in the upperbody is a perfect chance to work on other parts. Use more isometric types of exercises to rehab your chest. You might be overworking your body right now. Every body reacts differently. If the isometrics don’t work, contact a physician. It’s quite difficult to give you online advice on injuries, because there are a lot of factors in play.

      Take one step backwards and two forwards instead of pushing more and ending on the floor ;).


      Beast mode ON!

  7. Hi Rich,

    Thanks that is what I had thought.

    We are currently doing the following warm up before each session – Shoulder rotations both ways, wrist/bicep, arm/Chest stretch and the full warm up that is part of the Bar Brothers system video.

    Okay that is a good plan – we do legs at a different time but for these workout sessions we are thinking of possibly making the following changes.

    – Dropping one of the arm exercises each day and replacing one with a back exercise and another with a core exercise.
    – Changing the workout schedule so we do Monday Tuesday – rest Wednesday and then do Thursday Friday then rest over the weekend.

    Be glad on your thoughts of these changes?

    Also seem to be experiencing an issue which I have had for a while now where when I do a backward rotation/windmill with my left arm my shoulder seems to almost dropout of socket and then do a big click back in.

    Doesn’t seem to hinder any of the exercises that I know of and is not painful. Is this anything you have heard of previously?

    Cheers Doug

  8. Hey Doug,

    Definitely worth trying, especially as a beginner. Don’t forget that the way you are using your body is most likely completely new. So your body at this point is getting kicked around in all kinds of ways. Rest can even be more beneficial to you at this point than hitting out another workout.

    Allow your body to adapt.

    With regard to the shoulder. Is this the same side you are experiencing your chest pain?

    So what you need to know is the following: ‘The shoulder is a hypermobile joint, which has both it’s benefits and it’s disadvantages. Causing the shoulder to be the number 1 upperbody injury area. Chances are that one of your shoulders has more flexibility than the other, but this comes at a price. Meaning chances of injury rise if you have no control over that range of motion’. If it doesn’t hurt however, you need to stay aware of what is happening. I know guys who can completely dislocate their shoulders without any issues. But eventually you might want to increase your stability over the ability to pop it out of it’s socket.

    I’m wondering off a bit, again experiment. Keep hanging and working on that basic shoulder and tendon strength and see what happens.

    Beast mode ON!

  9. Hey I have an important question. Should I rest until I recover fully? I’m feeling better after few days of rest . I hurt my back 2 weeks ago. But now I able to do pull up confidently but I was wondering whether I need sufficient rest yet? Just a minor of back pain now 🙂

    1. Hey Clarence,

      Great question.

      With regard to the spine, you want to be VERY careful about injuries. Once your spine is injured you are basically screwed.

      If you feel that your injury is improving slowly restart training and definitely try working on your injured area, I don’t have any details about your injury or about what has caused your injury so there is very little to say about this.

      Beast mode ON!

      1. Alright thanks 🙂 . I used to sleep on floor last time, but it’s not going to hurt me anymore. Maybe posture is the reason that hurt my back during sleeping.

  10. Hello,

    I wanted to ask if I have tendonitis (tennis elbow or something like that) on my elbow. I don’t necessarily have pain all the time like a lot of people with tennis elbow talk about. I injured something possibly back at January when I tried the tigerbend push ups (probably because of improper form and overstress on the elbow area), and I didn’t workout for 2-3 weeks hoping it would be fixed. And from there on, I couldn’t start training seriously, I would workout/train for 2-3 weeks and then it would hit me again. Same thing happened this May-June, I started working out seriously, and I got it 1-2 days ago. I did the negative muscle ups and tigerbend push ups and that’s when it basically started hurting, otherwise it doesn’t really hurt except, when I flex my biceps, it hurts around the elbow, but when you flex the biceps (that position 90 degree) you also flex the triceps, so I thought it has something to do with the triceps but I’m also not sure. But other than that, it doesn’t hurt, not during pull ups, it used to hurt during chin ups but it doesn’t now, and so forth..

    1. Hey bro,

      Good question.

      Definitely, those tiger bends without proper preparation are a recipe for tendonitis. Lesson learned ;).

      The thing with the tendons is that they heal VERY slowly and develop VERY slowly. So while you might have the muscular strength, having the connective tissue (tendon) strength is a whole other story.

      Elbow issues are usually the result of weak shoulders or weak lower arms. Basically you are doing stuff beyond your level of strength. Your shoulders and lower arms aren’t strong enough yet.

      If you don’t have any sever pain, this is the time to re-evaluate your routine and take a step back. Go back to doing the basics, add some very light exercises such as push ups on your knees or chin up rows, which will allow you to do tons of repetitions…This will increase the flow of blood to your damaged areas which will improve recovery. In addition to that, start incorporating some hanging in your training. This will improve your grip/lower arm and shoulder strength and stability.

      There are many more things, but these are a few tools which you can use.

      Keep me updated. Drop the ego and take it down a notch, because if you get severe tendonitis you’ll be further down the road.

      Beast mode ON!

      1. Thank you, I went to see a sports doctor and he gave me some anti-inflammatory and a creme for massaging the elbow, and he said I should rest 2 weeks and go to him again. So yeah I guess I haven’t developed the insane tennis elbow that people talk that they can’t bend their arm or fully extend it or stuff like that, in fact I can still workout, but just for safety I won’t work my upper body, only my core and legs, and implement some hangs as you said. I will keep you updated, thanks for caring!

        1. Hey bro,

          Great job on getting professional advice.

          Take into account however, that anti-inflammatory cremes do not solve the underlying issue, they just treat the symptoms.

          While this is great, you definitely need to focus on the main issue too, but it seems like you got the point in my previous message ;).

          Of course I care ;), I know how much tendonitis sucks haha…been there done that :D.

          Beast mode ON!

          1. Well he gave me metafen pills (it’s basically a combination of paracetamol and ibuprofen into one, idk how much of each), and some sort of cream that I should put 4-5 times a day, and as I said after 2 weeks, he will test my arm and see if I need physiotherapy (including exercises).

            Anyways, if I may ask, how long did it take you or how long does it take for it to heal, because I really don’t want to stop working out, working out has become my life but I suppose it is better to rest a few months (not sure) rather than not be able to do it once again in my lifetime.

            However, I tried a few pull ups and I did the L-sit on a pull up bar, as well as hanging, and it didn’t hurt me, so I can say you’re definitely right, possibly my lower arms are weak since when I do handstands and when I try to push with my fingers forward in order to get back to balance spot, I don’t have enough strength to do it ( at least most times ).

          2. Hey, I started working out again recently, I found out I only have pain after the workout (rarely during it), and I put the anti-inflammatory pain creme on it and it eases the pain. Soon I will try to get a terrabend flexbar, because apparently it can ‘strengthen’ the tendons by some exercises. Just wanted to say how I am now 😀

          3. Hey bro,

            Be careful with the anti-inflammatory stuff. There is a reason why your body is showing these signals, suppressing the symptoms can actually be the worst thing to do.

            Terrabend, great that you are willing to actively work on it, but honestly it’s a waste of money. You can do all the exercises with a regular wooden stick ;). Saves you tons of money.

            Beast mode ON!

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