3 Healthy Foods For Hardgainers

Every day, you spend hours eating and stuffing yourself with whatever you can get your hands on.

After all, eating more is the secret to gaining muscle, right?

But you are starting to wonder if all those meals really justify your time and effort.

You don’t see any results on the scale and the few grams you actually thought you had gained, well…you didn’t gain at all.

Hell, it’s frustrating.


As a calisthenics beginner, one of your biggest priorities is usually getting bigger, stronger and better.

But so far you’ve failed to find the right foods that really deliver.

You’ve tried, protein shakes, BCAAs, supplements and every muscle boosting magic pill under the sun which you could get your hands on.

Unfortunately, you are a HARDGAINER, at least so you think.


You feel that being at such a genetic disadvantage has made it even thougher for you to find what truly works.

While you are trying to figure it out, the muscular guys you see around you seem to put on kilos of muscle every time you blink your eyes.

Reality check.

You aren’t a hardgainer, you just don’t know how to gain weight.

So what’s the answer?



Get Into A Caloric Surplus With The Right Foods


The first rule of thermodynamics, states that ‘energy cannot be created or destroyed it can merely take another shape or form’.

This basically means that if you want to build muscle, you need food or energy to build that muscle.

Secondly you cannot eat less than you need for the construction of muscle and expect your body to ‘create’ energy.

Thirdly from this we can infer that for the construction of muscle you need to transform some kind of energy, so energy needs to be available and the required processes need to work correctly for your body to convert it properly.


So how does this transfer to actually getting more mass or gaining weight?

You cannot gain weight if you don’t eat enough, your body simply cannot make more ‘you’ if there isn’t enough to build with.

This essentially means that if you want to gain weight, you WILL need to eat more than you BURN as I explain in my FREE Muscle Gain Meal Plan.

In which I also make clear that it’s not only about the calories, but also the type of calories.

The question you might ask yourself is: “Which ‘right’ foods/calories will help me in getting to this ‘surplus’?

Well, because you asked, I’ll share my 3 favorite ‘right foods’.



3 Simple And Healthy Foods That Will Increase Your Caloric Intake, Boost Your Metabolism And Increase Muscle Growth


These readily available foods are not only a great source of calories, but also have a wide array of benefits, ranging from brain function to testosterone increases.

Definitely worth trying as a ‘hardgainer’.

Or any type of ‘gainer’.







Definitely one of my favorite nuts.

Great in taste with around 20 grams of protein per 100 grams and tons of good fats, which are both beneficial to increased levels of testosterone (study, study), which in turn is beneficial to gaining muscle. 


Caloric numbers:

100 grams is around 600 calories


Serving tip: Almond Banana Weigh Gainer

50 grams of almonds

1 banana

Half a glass of water

Throw it in the blender (only if it’s strong enough).







A great source of monousaturated fat.

Which improves cholesterol levels, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, increase testosterone levels and improves brain function (study, study, study).

In case you thought that all fats are bad. Think again ;).


Caloric numbers:

100 gram of avocado is around 160 calories.


Serving tip: Guacamole

1 avocado

1 tomato (cooked)


A bit of pepper

Throw it in the blender and use it as a dip sauce or throw it over your sweet potatoes.





Coconut Oil


My favorite cooking oil and I put it into my morning coffee sometimes.

In addition to stimulating brain function, metabolic process and overall health (study, study) it’s also superior for cooking compared to other oils due to it’s higher smoking point.


Caloric numbers:

1 tablespoon is around 200 calories


Serving tip: Coffee, cooking and smoothies

Put 1 tablespoon of coconut oil into your black coffee

Add coconut oil to your smoothies to increase the caloric content

Cook with coconut oil


These foods aren’t only very beneficial when you are attempting to gain weight, but also when you are aiming to lose weight, due to their wide range of metabolic benefits and overall health improvements.

When you are gaining weight however, you want to make sure you also add sources of carbs such as sweet potatoes or white rice.


The right diet is never about 1 thing, it’s alway a combination of things.

1) Drink a cup of coffee with coconut oil in the morning

2) Have a banana shake weight gainer after your workout or later on the day

3) Cook your big meal with coconut oil while either adding some guacamole to your potatoes or simply slice up some avocados

And let the gains begin.



Gaining Weight With The Right Foods


If you are sick of standing on a scale and not seeing any gains, take a good look at your formula.

It’s not as complex as the relativity problem.

And believe me, you will gain weight, you will gain muscle. I’ve done it.


If you stick to the formula, you will be well on your way.

Almost in the blink of an eye.

Begin with the right foods, the right timing and the right amounts.


I’ll be honest with you.

You aren’t a hardgainer and even if such a thing exists, how would thinking that you ‘cannot’ gain muscle or weight help you in getting a single step ahead?

Why not run to the grocery store right now to start getting those healthy GAINS?

Stop being a hardgainer and start making gains.

So the next time you need to blink a few times, it’s on the scale.



Beast mode ON!




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