The Calisthenics Guide To Train Without Equipment

You know calisthenics can be done everywhere, right?

Ok, unless you live in the Sahara Desert or the North Pole, not because there isn’t enough equipment, but because you would either get overheated or freeze.

Let’s face it. The world is a huge place.

Cities, parks, buildings and roads everywhere.

But there is a big BUT…because there is no expensive gym equipment or gym around every corner.


And you have been made to believe that you can’t workout without.

Because of this believe you’ve probably done a few things:

  • You’ve taken an expensive gym membership or invested in tons of tools which promise huge benefits.
  • You’ve used regular gym equipment and just don’t see yourself doing a full muscle building workout on four square meter of grass or concrete or desert sand ;).
  • You’ve read through the routines, seen a few exercises which either required a pull up bar or dip bar and decided that you simply couldn’t do any of the routine at all and went back to gym workouts or no workouts at all.


There you are…

You don’t have the results you want. Are spending way too much money on high tech stuff you don’t use to get the easy results that don’t exist.

But ‘hey’, it might have cost you a few pennies…

At least now you know what doesn’t work, but what does?


calisthenics exercises no gymEasy workouts don’t work


Why It Doesn’t Matter Where You Are Right Now


Look, I know you really want to work out- and if you start using all the great routines, it’s safe to say that you will get results.

No doubt in my mind.

And when you know that you can work out anywhere regardless of equipment. You start looking at the world in a different way.

EVERYTHING becomes part of the workout.


The stairs. The chairs. The doorposts…and perhaps even your mom’s favourite table, which you end up breaking (Sorry mom if you are reading this).

So what if the world were your gym:

  • You’d see pull up bars everywhere
  • Dip bars in every train, metro and restaurant (Especially McDonald’s)
  • The world would be one big playing ground


Now I’m not actually saying you should workout in trains, metros and restaurants.

But I’m trying to open your mind to the possibilities which are right in front of you.


I want you to drop the d’oh-equipment.

Equipment you use to get quick fixes and ultimately will bring you even further from your goal, because it gives you the idea that less effort = more results.

The opposite is true. There are no easy real results. Real results, require real effort.


It might feel like a punch in the face now.

Bar Brother ExercisesPunching those beliefs out of you


But then again, someone has to tell you the truth.

When you look back 1-2 years from now on all the stuff you got, but didn’t need…D’OHH!


Bullshit Calisthenics Equipment

Examples of multi-million dollar d’oh-equipment (Shakeweight, Europlate Vibration, Body Blade, Abtronic). Make sure you check out the Shakeweight, to have a good laugh.


But enough about what you don’t need, let’s talk about what you do need.

So here is how a conversation about equipment with me would look like:

You: “Rich what kind of equipment do I need?”

Me: “*Looking around at all the equipment you have*…Your body and 4 square feet of ground”

You: “Is it that simple?”

Me: “Yes”


Oh, what a wonderful place would it be, right?

To walk through a huge workout park every single day. FREE of charge.

But the harsh reality of the situation is this:

You don’t have any equipment and the world is not your gym, but only if you choose it to be…


The Reason The World Is Not Your Gym Yet


You haven’t adapted to your environment.

You know as well as I do that you don’t need a pull up bar or a dip bar to work out.

Of course it would make things easier and at a later point of your training you might want to get proper ones (These are the only ones I’d recommend), but do you need it? NO.

Should it keep you from training? HELL NO, especially not when you are starting off.

Here is why?


The Dip Bar And Pull Up Bar Alternatives


Don’t have a dip bar?

Chances are you are sitting on one now ;).

Make sure you read 8 Creative Calisthenics Workouts You Can Do With A Chair.


Calisthenics Exercises



To replace the pull up bar is just as easy.

With a bit of creativity you can do some alternative exercises which will hit the same muscles.




In addition, one of my favorite alternatives to pull ups are wall push ups.

Simply because they will help you build pull up strength and only require a wall (Look around you…walls are everywhere!).

I have been using wall push ups a lot, especially when I’m travelling.

They do require a higher level of control so be careful when applying these and build it up slowly (I ended up with quite a few bumps on my head, because of my impatience. Just to make sure you don’t make the same mistake).


Take NOTE: Make sure you breathe correctly, inhale when you go down and exhale when you push yourself up.

Stop when you feel tired, because I don’t want to be responsible for any broken necks ;), just so you know!

If you feel like you can’t make that final push, drop to the side or kick yourself away from the wall.


Calisthenics Shoulder Workout


Are You Ready To Make The World Your Gym?


If you owned a Maserati, would you take it out for a spin- or leave it collecting dust in the garage?

Then you can’t very well leave all that undiscovered equipment unused can you?

Whatever you plan on achieving, your success will depend on your ability to adapt and make use of what you have.


Think about all the times you thought you couldn’t work out. Think about all the missed opportunities. Think about all the time you spent using do’h-equipment.

Then ask yourself if it was time well spent.


Now you have a few simple solutions in your calisthenics toolbox.

No hocus pocus. No magic promises. Whether you live on a farm or in the city.

Go walk around your home, take a good look at all the awesome equipment that is surrounding you (except your mom’s expensive furniture).


Be creative.

The world is YOUR gym, but only if you choose it to be…


Beast Mode ON!


PS. If you want to build your own equipment check out this website for dimensions 😉

PPS. Leave a comment or ask your questions below 😉



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    1. You should always hit Cardio after your workout because your glycogen stores (0r energy levels) barely deplete in a workout and in cardio they deplete completely! So do your workout then your cardio !!

  1. Dear Bar Brothers,

    Following quoted from your article
    “Make sure you breathe correctly, exhale when you go down and inhale when you push yourself up.”
    I am not sure whether it is typo, my understanding is usually we exhale when push ourself up and inhale when go down for e.g push up , pull up , squat, dip and sit up. Could you explain?

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