2 Practical Tips To Stick To Your Diet


Blah. Blah. Blah.



Blah. Blah. Blah.


Blah. Blah.

(An honest short summary of all diet shortcuts EVER on the face of the earth and the known universe for that matter)

Trust me. You don’t want to be one of the million people stuck in the bullshit fairy tale of blah-blah land  – consuming Youtube videos on diet shortcuts.

You want less ‘blah’ and icky shortcuts, you want solutions that work, you want to hit the sweet spot right in the groin.


But every time you shut down the ‘blah’ and open your fridge you have no bloody idea how for fuck sake you are going to keep that chocolate pie from ending up in your stomach.

So you just start blah-ing the same cringeworthy crap that got you here in the first place:

“This is what I am and nothing can change that. Just one bite, I’ll start tomorrow. Let’s watch some diet shortcuts on Youtube while eating this pie.”


Let’s skip the cuddly and soft don’t-worry-it-will-happen-some-day words.

Because that too sounds like a shitload of worthless ‘blah’ to me.

So I decided to search the omnipotent internet for a few practical and science-based tactics that will incinerate that ‘blah’ in your head like a fire-breathing dragon.



Get Free Shit Alert: Why?

For one, because I believe in the reward of giving.

But mostly, because I know you’ll put it to good use.

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Tip 1. Don’t Resist The Chocolate Pie, Avoid It


You know that when that puppy-eyed piece of pie is placed in front of you, it’s a lost cause.

And that’s not your fault. Most of us would lose. Especially if you like chocolate.

But what do we know if we look at research?


“People who are actually better at sticking to their diet aren’t so much because they are more disciplined, they actually experience less temptation, meaning they don’t have to say ‘no’ in the first place (1).”

It’s barbaric to expect yourself to stop eating a mouthwatering piece of pie after the first bite.

It’s much easier however to resist a pie that isn’t there than it is to resist one that is right in front of you in the first place.

Let alone one that is already in your mouth.


Key Takeaway: Instead of resisting temptation, avoid it in the first place.

Make it easier to stick to healthy behaviours.

Right now, investigate your kitchen and ask yourself: “Are these foods contributing to my goals?”

Start by keeping your kitchen clean from ultra processed stuff.

Or make sure you have to put in a significant amount of effort to get to those ‘cheat meals’.




Tip 2. Find Friends That Don’t Have Chocolate Pie 


There are 3 types of friends:

Friends that eat chocolate pie.

Friends that don’t eat chocolate pie.

And…(Keep reading to find out)


What does research say about how your friends and environment influence your ability to stick to your diet?

One study showed that living further away or closer to a fastfood outlet shows a strong correlation with your overall body mass index (BMI).

Participants living within a 5-minute walk of a fastfood outlet had a higher BMI than participants living within a 5-minute walk from a grocery store (2).


Another study concluded that when participants are told that other people eat a lot of fruit, they actually started eating significantly more fruit without even having the intention to do so (3).

They just conformed to what apparently in their eyes was the new norm.

Why? Just because everyone else was doing it TOO!

Eating lots of fruits, in this case.


More, people dieting with at least one friend lose more weight and stick to a program for a longer period of time.

Social connection to a community of people on the same boat showed to be the biggest predictor of long term weight loss (4).

What does this teach you about the right friends?


That last group of friends…

Those are the friends that don’t eat chocolate pie and slap the pie you secretly were attempting to eat in your face.

If you have a sense of humor, choose those friends.

If not, choose the friends that just don’t eat pie.


Key Takeaway: Strategically choose an environment or place that is closer to healthy foods than fast foods.

This can for example be as simple as sitting further away from a ‘snack machine’ at work.

Surround yourself with people that stimulate ‘healthy behaviours’, you will naturally conform yourself to the new norms even if you aren’t actively aiming to do so.

And don’t try to do it alone. Involve friends, family or join a community of people who are aiming to achieve the same results.




Less Blah, More Sustainable Body-Fat-Incinerating Habits



Blah. Blah.

I was actually planning to write this entire conclusion in blah-form.

To see if it would pass your bullshit detector.

Because let’s be straightforward here, if you don’t use this advice every following word will just be another piece of ‘blah’ on your plate.


No matter what any specialist or Youtube-schmuck scientists says, the only diet that works is the one you can stick to.

So, what do you need to remember?

It’s you, your environment, your friends and the amount of temptation that determine how easy it will be to stick to your dietary pattern.


When you realize that all of the blah out there only works in the right context and dosages you will finally start getting rid of that chocolate-pie gut.

Use these practical fire-breathing-dragon-body-fat-incinerating strategies to your advantage.

Don’t let it turn into just another piece of good-for-nothing blah.


Stick to YOUR diet.

The one that works for YOU.

And scorch those extra pounds to ashes.


Beast mode ON!


Now I’d like to hear from you:

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7 thoughts on “2 Practical Tips To Stick To Your Diet

  1. Good post. In my opinion people should know how to distance themself from other people.Some so called friends don’t feel comfortable when you want to make changes in your life. Sometimes its a battle of will. I was tempted by some friends when i quit smoking,i am tempted by certain people to drink soda’s and to consume alcohol ,while other think it’s better to be a fat couch potato and laugh at the idea of training and eating healthy.It’s important to learn to say no because the first changes are the most difficult and the most rewarding.On the other hand supportive people make things easier .

  2. Great stuff, Rich!

    I’m going to pay my kids $10 each to throw away their Halloween candy. It has been slow he stealing my soul for the last 2.5 weeks!

  3. All of it is so tree, but sometimes, and I mean sometimes, I really got a urge for some extra sugar and some chocolate is then a welcome treat.
    Greetz, Martin Bol

    1. Hey Martin,

      Haha, completely agree. The chocolate here just serves as a metaphor for ‘the inability to adhere to your nutrition plan’.

      I eat chocolate regularly ;). It’s all about the dosages. But the idea that you can just do it on will power is pretty limited, because environment plays a HUGE role.

      Keep up the good work.

      Beast mode ON!

  4. I know Rich. I did get the picture.
    I just wanted you to laugh. And others too.
    By the way. I did reach a milestone.
    3 times 8 straight push-ups. Doctors can ‘t believe whats happening.
    Beast mode is defenitely on!

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