The Basic Plan To Become A Calisthenics Superman

You are ready for something new.

You’ve been doing great, you passed the beginner requirements and the official requirements are within your reach, even muscle ups are starting to become a bit too easy for you.

You have even started practicing your handstands every now and then.

But you still aren’t where you want to be.

You aren’t one of those youtube supermen yet.


And your dream of doing the human flag, the front lever or the back lever still seem to be as far away as the day you did your first beginner routine.

So what’s next?

The problem is that even though you have been getting some serious results, you don’t really know what to do next.


By now you expected you would know what to do, but you don’t.

Unless you start taking it to the next level.

You need to start focusing long term.

You need to start developing your superhuman strength.

Here is how.


Most of you reading this have either finished or are still working on the 6 month plan.

Which will give you a good and easy to follow plan to start your calisthenics workout.

Some of you have taken it a step further and have started the 12-week video system.


And then there are others who are somewhere in between, who could need a bit more help.

If you are one of those people, keep reading.

And if you aren’t, keep reading.

It will be of use to you in a later stage of your training.





Set A Clear Long Term Calisthenics Goal And Go For It


Push ups? Check

Dips? Check

Pull ups? Check

Squats? Check

Muscle up? Check


Most of these exercises except from the muscle up are quite easy to learn for most of you.

Because these exercises require little technique, basic strength and basic commonly used ranges of motion.

If we start going to the next level however, things start changing.


Back lever? “Holy !@#, I’m not superman!”

Front lever? “Hmm, how am I not going to break my arms?”

Human flag? “!$@#, that’s not possible!”


Well, while you might have been thinking these thoughts when you learned about these moves for the first time, they actually aren’t that ‘superhuman, arm-breaking and impossible’.

You just need to go through the motions of slowly and progressively building the coordination, technique, strength and more.

I’m going to share how I have slowly strengthened myself to learn the back lever, front lever and human flag.


The only issue is that some of these moves might take you months even years to really learn.

That’s why you need to have a clear goal for yourself.

It took me almost 2 years to learn the handstand for example and it still isn’t perfect.

How long are you willing to hammer at it?


Read the succes formula and why 97% fails on the path to mastery.

And prepare to start doing stuff.

You never imagined you could do.





Learning The 3 Superhuman Calisthenics Moves


If you are reading this and haven’t read the succes formula and the path to mastery I suggest you do.

Those two blogs contain the information you need to develop the mindset to actually get these moves.

Without the right mindset, forget it.

Thinking that you are superman won’t give you superhuman strength, you need to understand what it takes.


It takes a really strong core first of all.

As you might have noticed these 3 moves are all highly dependent on overall core strength.

Without a strong core, you will not even come close.


Here is what you need to do:

Choose your routine first (front lever, back lever or human flag).

This is what you will be focusing on for at least 2-3 months or more depending on your need for variety and your overall progress.


After any of these routines you can optionally add 3 more cycles of the following exercises or you can add a routine of your own:

1) plank max out

2) bridge max out


The 2 pictures below depict exercises which I can highly recommend for developing a strong and balanced core.

Try stretching your arms while doing the bridge as much as possible, at the same time keep your feet flat on the ground.

As you can see I’m still working on it.

It requires a lot of flexibility and is definitely a good exercise for the lower back if you are doing tons of ab routines.


So let’s go!


2 Core Exercises


Use these simple calisthenics exercises for a stronger core


Front Lever Routine


The madbarz routine to get the front lever


Back Lever Routine


The routine to get the back lever from madbarz


Human Flag Routine


the madbars routine to get the human flag



A Practical Training Plan For A Super Strong Core


Do this routine at least 3 times a week and add other routines on other days, preferably leg routines.

What a normal training day would look like:

1) Warming up

2) Routine you choose + core max out

3) A leg routine or if you train more often than 3 times a week you can also spread them out.

4) At the end of your week of training, try the move itself a few times to see how much you have progressed.


Take note that learning one of these moves -assuming you have been able to pass the official requirements- will take you at least 2-6 months.

In some cases it might be faster and you’ll be able to get a solid 5 second hold within 3 months.

There are however always exceptions, but make sure you set a long term goal.

This is where the quick results really stop and where it comes down to how bad you want it.





Do You Really Want To Take Your Calisthenics Result To The Next Level?


If you keep chasing quick results, you’ll be disappointed.

In reality those quick results will keep being time consuming distractions – at least until you start understanding how the masters got their results.

They didn’t become an overnight superman.

What stands between you and a ‘calisthenics master’ is not some kind of natural genetic advantage, but ‘showing up, consistently over a longer period of time’.


Vow to adhere to those simple principles and neglect none of them.

Do so and you’ll start seeing huge increases in your strength and ability – even if it takes you a while.

And six months from now when a beginner sees you doing the back lever and tells you: “Holy shit, I’d break my arm if I’d do that”.

You’ll answer: “Well, only if you think you’re an overnight superman”.


Beast mode ON!




15 thoughts on “The Basic Plan To Become A Calisthenics Superman

    1. I definitely recommend the system! Started last week and it is great! And by the way bar brothers what are the beginner and official requirements and could I become the official bar brother of my area?

  1. Hi BarBrothers. I last commented on the 7 motivational songs you’ve posted. Helped me A LOT. For I said last time , I’m only 16 years old and pushing myself, currently busy with The System. If you want to check me out, go on Instagram and search for “barbrothers_rsa”.
    All the way from South-Africa.
    Bar Brother Salute !!

  2. Hi Barbrothers. Im 55 years old and bussy doing my own workouts. I would really like to try your 12 week program. Can I still built a good looking body for my age? Are the 140 videos downloadable or must I use the internet to copy the exercises. Does this program include the right diet, the right exercises, the days when to practice and when to rest? Are there a lot of older people doing this program? Last question. May I ask you a favour to get this 12 week program early in January because im going on holiday and I don’t want anything to be in my way and I hope that the prise will stay the same. Thanks. Beast mode on.

    1. Hey Jannie,

      Welcome to the movement and good to read that you have been working out!

      You definitely can, age is just a number as they say, just make sure you give your body the right amount of time if this guy >>> can do it so can you ;).

      You need to have an internet connection, because you will get a login.

      The program primarily focuses on exercise, but there is definitely a diet program incorporated.

      The price will most likely stay the same, so no need to worry about that, in the meantime you can use the routines on the website.

      Beast mode ON!

  3. Hey man, loving the movement! I started 8 months ago with the 6 month starter plan, currently able to do multiple sets of 5-8 muscle ups each and feeling better than ever! I have one question though! You mention crunches in the workout for human flag but I have heard and read from various sources that they they are an ineffective generally bad exercise? Could you clarify this for me?

    1. Hey Ewout,

      Thanks for the positive feedback!

      Great man, I’m happy to read that the workouts have been giving you results :D.

      I’m aware of this, in my own experience I can state that I haven’t had any issues with crunches, but there are definitely better ab exercises.

      In this routine, however they are a great finishing exercise to really get those abs burning. Just remember to keep your neck straight and your eyes towards the sky instead of completely bending your neck, which more or less limits the benefits and that’s where the major issues come from in my opinion and experience.

      I’ve done this routine and the results in terms of progress were amazing. If you don’t feel comfortable with doing crunches, replace them by sit-ups 15-20.

      Hope this answers your question!

      Beast mode ON!

  4. Hi Rich.

    Quick question. In the Back lever hunt routine you end the cycle with 30sec skin the cat. Am I supposed to do the whole movement for 30sec or, just as the picture show hang for 30sec?

    Beast mode on!

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