8 Calisthenic Workouts With A Chair

That’s the cool thing about calisthenics.

You don’t need a lot to do it.

Actually you only need two hands, a pair of legs and…a chair.

And If you don’t have a chair you use a wall or a table.


After all, it’s not called body weight workout for nothing.

Knowing what creative tools you can use, will save you on expensive equipment.

That’s why you don’t need a gym.


You make your own gym.

And if you don’t know how, go get a chair first.

Come back when you have one.

And prepare to never look at the chair as just a thing to sit on…ever again!



The Most Advanced And Versitile Exercise Machine Ever Designed


So you think you need to pay mountains of money on expensive gym equipment?

If you do…well, quite frankly, I have to break the news but you have been screwed big time ;).

At least someone is telling you the truth right now.

Think I’m making a joke?


Chair for calisthenics workouts (2)


While it might not necessarily seem like it, a chair will allow you to get the exact same workout as the machines shown above.

The difference?

Some creative thinking.

Let me show you which cool exercises you can do with a chair.


1. Chair Dips


Chair Dip Calisthenic Workout At Home



2. Decline Push Up


Decline Push Up For Calisthenics Chair



3. Incline Push Up


Incline Calisthenics Training Push Up



4. Assisted Pistol Squat


Assisted pistol squat Calisthenics



5. L-Sit


Calisthenics L-sit With Chair



6. Chair Crunches


Ab Exercise For Calisthenics With A Chair



7. Plank Hold


Plank Hold



8. Tricep Extension


Triceps Extension Calisthenics


Note: Make sure you have a steady and strong chair to do these exercises with, I don’t want you to injure yourself ;). With the tricep extension, make sure your chair does not slide away, if your chair does slide, put it against a wall.



Calisthenics Chair Routine 101: Full Body No Gym Workout



I was, actually I tried all of those fancy fitness machines.

And I was laughing my ass of when I realized the same could be done with a chair.

Now that you know what’s possible with a state of the art chair, let’s make a good full body chair routine for beginners.


The routine:

5-10 minute warming up

10 chair dips

10 decline push ups

10 incline push ups

10 assistend pistol squats both legs 5 repetitions.When changing legs you need to move to the other side of the chair. (Left leg bends, right arm supports. Right leg bends, left arm supports, as shown in the picture.)

10 second L-Sit (If you can’t do a L-sit, tuck your legs in at 90 degrees and hold that position.)

25 chair crunches

30 seconds plank hold straight (With all plank exercises, make sure you keep your back straight.)

30 seconds plank hold left side

30 seconds plank hold right side

10 tricep extensions


Do this for 3-4 sets and you have yourself a nice full body workout to do at home.



Want To Buy Expensive Equipment? Try Your Chair First!


Huge workout machines grab attention and combined with a muscular model seem quite convincing and necessary.

But like most things in the world of fitness, I won’t call them by name *ahum *ahum…supplements/weight gainers/pre-workout drinks…these machines are more the result of good marketing than they are a result of functionality.

Occasionally there are machines however which are quite useful.

A chair for example…


Beast Mode ON!




17 thoughts on “8 Calisthenic Workouts With A Chair

  1. Good stuff here, and so true. I went from a hard core lifter to body weight only and am getting better results and I feel a whole lot better now. Keep up the great work.

  2. Yeah this is great! I never paid for a gym. I started calisthenics and its great I’m an mma fighter And I’ve gain weight! With a post workout drink 8oz of milk or water 2 spoons of peanut butter and a banana and a good diet (no junk food). And its been great I feel badass doing muscle ups freestyle push ups back levers etc. Last equipment I bought was the TRX and its good but I don’t use it anymore lol. It was a waste of money! Oh and i used to bench press 145 pounds before I started this now I bench press 180 and more ripped. Yeah I’m done talking but calisthenics are great!

    1. Hey Scar300,

      Haha, I know it is ;).

      For MMA fighting it’s a great way to become stronger, especially because of the movement complexity and compound aspects of calisthenics.

      I good friend of mine also does MMA in combination with calisthenics and over a 2 year period he has become at least 10x stronger than he was and that’s probably even an understatement.

      Haha, I love the passion, keep it going bro!

      Beast Mode ON!

      1. hey guys i am from egypt and i am really fascinated about calesthenics so i would really like beginner routines

  3. Pretty new to Calisthenics and working out in general, but I started my journey to fitness 2 months ago thanks to Bar Brothers and I gotta say, I feel a lot better. I’ve dropped a lot of bad habits (smoking, excessive drinking, etc) and replaced them with a Bar Brother’s lifestyle and I feel like I should’ve done this years ago. I’m still fiddling around with my diet a bit. I’m a 25 year old, 6’3, 155 lbs Ectomorph and trying to eat 500-600 calories every 3 hours and making sure it’s healthy while avoiding my arch nemesis, Seafood (allergies) is difficult and a little costly as I’m still sorting it all out, but I’m sure I’ll find the right balance soon enough. Glad I found this website. It’s slowly changing my life and my wife and kids surely appreciate this newfound energy I’ve been rolling with. Cheers from Detroit and thanks for the extra chair workouts! The best part about Calisthenics is that everything you see can be “equipment” lol.

    1. Hey bro,

      Haha, comments like these make me happy!

      The world is your gym and indeed taking care of yourself also means taking care of your family.

      Slowly but surely you will find what works for you. Sure, eating healthy is not always the cheapest option on the short term, but then again what is the benefit of a better quality of life and how about the future medical costs you prevent by not eating crap right now. The investment you make right now, will pay itself back in something worth more than money…life.

      Beast Mode ON!

  4. Quitted the gym one months ago…taking up the 6months begginer program..but the reps recommended in 1st month is low, I m thinking to increase the reps and follow the suggested routine??am I right brother?? ur view please?..u guys are doing great work..respect and love Bro

    1. Hey bro,

      First of all welcome to the movement! Thanks for the comment!

      The 6 month plan was designed with absolute beginners in mind. Since you already have basic strength, you can start in month 3 to have a bit more of a challenge. If month 3 is too easy progress to the next month or increase the number of reps to your max.

      Beast Mode ON!

  5. I’m 33 yrs old, a skinny guy with 171cm tall and only 55kg in weight. Planning to gain some weight since last month by taking some protein supplement. Seems it doesn’t turn out very well. Reading about the diet plan make me think its pretty costly, maybe because of the difference in the eating culture in my country. We do take rice a lot in our meal, especially during lunch and dinner. I ate a lot and luckily my high metabolisme are helping me from getting fat, lol. I have follow some of the beginner workout and I can feel a little difference in my strength. Hope to get a simple diet plan with a low cost that can help me achieve my goal. Thanks brother!!!

    1. Hey bro,

      Welcome to the movement first of all!

      With regard to your diet question! White rice is something I recommend especially when you are skinny, because it contains little inflammatory elements and is a rich source of carbs, with little nutritional value however. But it is readily available in most developing countries. So stick to white rice if you have no other options.

      In addition, becoming both healthy and unhealthy is based upon a compound effect. A healthier diet may be more expensive, but you know what’s more expensive? Your medical bill when all unhealthy foods compound in the body over time. What you want to spend your money on over time is your choice…just don’t forget the compound effect.


      – If you don’t have a large budget stick to white rice for carbs.
      – Eliminate the sugars
      – Cut the dairy
      – Take it one step at a time

      Beast mode ON!

  6. This is just what I needed… currently in ‘transit accommodation’ having just emigrated and do not yet have dip bars nor any idea where any parks with bars might be, so this has given me the kick I needed to say no excuses! Cheers. ๐Ÿ™‚

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