The 3 Useful Apps To Improve Your Results Instantly

Cool isn’t it?

That phone you are probably reading this article on.

And you haven’t even been using it as much as you could.

Which might sound as a surprise.


Even if you are looking at it the entire day, you probably haven’t used these before.

No it’s not facebook, instagram or whatsapp.

Every now and then there are some apps that can actually help you increase your testosterone, lose fat and help you find a workout park anywhere in the world at the same time.

Huh? Yes, I know…


You might wonder where the catch is.

There is a catch, you actually have to download them ;).

Want to know which 3 apps have helped get more ripped while travelling for 6 months through 6 different countries and more than 100 cities?





Maps.Me To Discover Workout Parks All Around The World Or Your City


If you are like me, the first thing you do when you get to a new place is look for a park.

It sucks however, if you are in another country or have no idea where you are.

You want to work out, but it seems like there aren’t any parks around.


Guess again, in all the hundreds of cities and villages I’ve been to, there has always been a patch of grass or a parking lot somewhere.

And usually even large playing grounds which make up for great calisthenics workouts.


The cool thing about this app is that you don’t need an internet connection, you just download the map of a country or city before you go somewhere and you can navigate wherever you want.

All the parks, if there are any are in this app.

You’ll discover the world -even if you are surrounded by skyscrapers- always has a spot for you to work out.

And every now and then, your find a workout park that makes you want to be a kid again.


Click to download (Price $free)





MyFitnessPal To Discover What You Are Eating And When


You might have noticed that a lot of people go by the idea (including me) that you have to make your calories count.

That’s true.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t count them every now and then, to discover how you have been eating compared to other days.

Combine the best of both worlds, count them and make them count.


You will find this app very useful in discovering which foods really cop away on your daily intake and which don’t.

Make a clear distinction however between calories.

Although the app views a calorie of sugar from an ice cream the same as a calorie of sugar from a mandarin, both clearly aren’t the same.

So even if you stick to a certain caloric intake, make sure those calories count in terms of nutritional value.


In addition to that, it’s just fun to play around with the fats, carbs and proteins.

Adding a can of tuna or some fruits instead of veggies ends up feeling like you are playing a puzzle.

Looking for the right pieces in the right place.

And if you go over your caloric intake, a nice red number appears, which makes you want to get into the green again.

Besides being good for your results, it’s fun to do.


That being said, if you combine this with the diet plans I’ve been spamming you guys with (Because I believe in them 100%).

Mind = Blown or in other words, an app you can count on!


Click to download (Price $free)





SleepCycle To Discover When You Sleep Like A Baby Or Not


Don’t you hate it?

That stupid alarm clock.

Want to have a fun tip? Hate the song your roommate or partner loves?

Set that exact song as their alarm they’ll end up hating it within a week.


Well let’s start with why you should sleep well in the first place.

If you have been reading through the blogs, you’ve probably noticed that most information on building muscle and losing fat is about exercising and dieting.

Sleeping well however, is just as important.


Because when you sleep -especially when you are intermittent fasting– those balls of yours don’t.

Your testosteron production starts going into overdrive.

Research shows that when two groups of men are compared, one group sleeping 4 and the other 8, that the group sleeping 8 hours had testosterone levels which were close to 300% higher (study).

If that’s not beneficial to being a beast I don’t know what is ;).


More, lack of sleep has shown to decrease the speed at which your body breaks glucose down by 40% in addition to lowering your reaction to insulin by 30% (study). Basically this means that when you eat something on low sleep, you will develop fat much faster -at the same speed as your pre-diabetic grandfather- than when you do so on an average amount of sleep.

So sleep is both good for burning fat and building muscle, that doesn’t mean that sleeping alone will get you results.

Just like eating too much of something good can be bad, too much sleep has a point at which it doesn’t give you extra results.


Let’s get away from the science of active balls and pre-diabetic grandfathers and go back to the app, because the list of benefits goes on and on.

What makes this app so good?

You just put your phone underneath your pillow, it measures your movements and based upon that information determines the quality of your night.

That way you can track if your sleep has been in check or not and you can even add factors (such as drinking coffee or working out) which the app then over time calculates the impact off on your sleep in percentages.

Allowing you to add or remove habits that have been good or bad for your sleep.


But the best part is that it wakes you up when you are in a light stage of your sleep and are ready to wake up.

No more morning grogginess.

No more waking up with the feeling you have just been hit by a truck.


Click to download (Price $0,99)



Use These Tools And Get Better Results


You know which results you want to have…

Your goal. Your dream. Your vision.

You need tools that serve you, that motivate you, that energize and support you in your quest.


Well, these apps are just waiting to be used. And you are using that phone of your anyways, so better make good use of it.

Because you know what? It’s often about the things you don’t think about at first.

Small things, habits, apps, books or sometimes a randomn blog you stumble upon, that ends up snowballing into something big.

It just takes one daring ‘click’.


Beast Mode ON!




9 thoughts on “The 3 Useful Apps To Improve Your Results Instantly

  1. Good info. With the calorie app i have wristband that measures my activity, calorie consumption etc. So i know how much i can eat and from the wristband i know how much i have to move:D Very interesting, although i kind of got the information i needed so theyre kind of useless now:D

    1. Hey,

      Those are definitely useful, a friend of mine has one of those too. Only thing is that if you want a good one it will cost you a few bucks, but definitely worth the investment I’d say ;).

      Keep it up!

      Beast mode ON!

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