The 6 Angry Six Pack Secrets Guide

What does it take to get a six pack?

Everyone seems to have one nowadays.

Except from the people you actually know.

In reality, most of them don’t go beyond the one-pack-mark, including you.


Despite that fact, everyone somehow seems to know how to get a six pack.

It’s easy.

It’s fast.

It doesn’t take you any more than 2 weeks, 7 days or 8 minutes.

And it’s bullshit.


The six pack is the mark of a serious bar brother, and you are dying to join the six pack club.

So you tried all those easy and convenient six-pack plans.

You have been sitting in front of the tv with your abtronic on for hours and hours.

But something just doesn’t seem to work and you don’t know why.


You just know that all those quick fixes have left you with everything except a 6 pack.

It’s because you’ve been blinded by unrealistic short term results.

That’s why these 6 angry six pack secrets are going to hurt your feelings.



Work on your abs with these routines


The 6 Angry Sixpack Secrets That Will Hurt Your Feelings


You know that sometimes you need a kick in the ass.

Someone to push you.

Someone to hurt your delicate little feelings.


You might not like the harsh words at that moment.

But when you look back, you will know.

It was EXACTLY what you needed.



Secret 1. Stop Believing In Magic Pills


You probably got enticed by the word secret.

It has this magical marketing feel about it.

Just google six pack secret for once and you’ll see that it shows more than 6.000.000 results.


That’s a whole lot of secrets out there.

Somebody must be good at keeping them.

And somebody has to be the ‘sucker’ who keeps believing that there is that one magical answer out there.


Most six pack secrets aren’t secrets at all, it’s just a way to get you into a program.

Into a course or into some other weird thing they cooked up in their marketing scheme.

If it ends in a ‘secret or supplement’, you know they are bullshitting you 9 out of 10 times.

The only secret they don’t tell you, is that they don’t include the ‘you-really-need-to-work-your-ass-off’ part.



Practical Six Pack Tip 1: You need to work on your six pack every single day, 24-hours a day.

This doesn’t mean working out 24 hours a day, but it means: ”Making the right decisions in terms of food, exericise and rest”.

Having a six pack is just like brushing your teeth, you don’t stop once they are white.



2. Get Into A Caloric Deficit And Stop Playing The Blame Game


Body fat and six packs don’t go together.

They are enemies.

To really start seeing those abs you need to drop down to around 10% body fat.


And has less to do with genetics than you want to make yourself believe. 

You aren’t big boned.

You aren’t the ‘exceptional person’ who magically doesn’t burn fat even in a caloric restricted diet.

The truth?

You are just eating too much, but you don’t know it.


The fitness models or body builders you see in the fancy magazines are usually at 5% or even lower.

Which is not really healthy.

And has a wide range of side effects such as lower testosterone, weakened immune system, bad temper, higher stress levels, longer recovery time and more…(study).


Most of the guys you see in those magazines or in fitness contests are completely dehydrated.

Tired and on the edge of breaking down.

You really don’t want to take it that far, unless you are preparing for some kind of competition.


What do you need to do?

Start managing your caloric intake. How much do you really eat?

Do you even know?

You need to start cutting away that fat and get into a calorie deficit if you want to start seeing that six pack.

Cut your calories within reasonable boundaries.


Practical tip 2: Read How to easily track your calories and start managing your caloric state.

It takes some practice, but after a while you’ll be able to do it without using the app.

And can always use it as a point of reference.





3. Hamburgers Are Not Going To Help


You need to start cutting those crappy meals, drinks and other stuff you have been putting into your body.

You know what they are, I don’t need to tell you.

The cool thing?

Stop cheating yourself into thinking that you deserve a six pack if you can’t even control your fork.

A hamburger isn’t going to get you anywhere closer to your goals.

Not only do processed foods hijack your brain, they send signals that actually make you eat more instead of less.


And you’ll end up having more cheat meals than you would like to.

Your entire day becomes a cheat meal to be completely honest.

But what should you eat?

Stick to 1 simple diet rule:

If your great-great-great grandfather wouldn’t be able to collect, kill or gather, you shouldn’t put it into your body.

Remember that it’s impossible to out train a bad diet for a longer period of time without health consequences.

Nobody has ever succeeded and neither will you.


Practical Six Pack Tip 3: Improve your nutrients.

Eat natural, non-processed foods, just like your old pops did.



4. Be Consistent With Your Cardio, But Don’t Make It Your Main Exercise


You probably hate it.

Running endlessly. Whether it’s in the morning or the evening.

Guess what?

It’s not going to get you a six pack as long as your diet isn’t it check.

But it can give you some extra room to play with your calories.


Don’t make cardio your main exercise for a six pack.

It’s inefficient and more muscle tissue is a MUCH bigger user of energy.

Don’t replace your strength workouts with cardio workouts, but you might want to add them every now and then.

So run, climb, crawl, cycle or jump till you drop every once in a while.


Practical Six Pack Tip 4: Focus on strength work instead of just cardio, but add cardio as a tool when needed.

If you do so, make sure it’s short and intense.



5. Kill Your Abs And Get Rid Of Flabs


You know no result will come by itself.

Getting a six pack is 100% dieting, 100% consistency and 100% working out.

They are both made on the kitchen and on the training ground.

That’s why having and getting a six pack will be your new 24 hour job.


A job that is usually underpaid.

And the workout part?


No excuses…no pain, no gain.


Pick one of the 6 pack ab routines depending on your level of skill and feel free to add your own variety or to experiment with different exercises.

Here are the 3 routines for beginners, intermediates and advanced.



Intermediate Home - Abs

ab routine for bar brothers and calisthenics beginners


And make sure that whenever you have done an ab routine, you also do lower back max out exercises such as the bridge or a plank.

If you don’t you will get some serious back pain, which will be a pain in the ass.

So this is only if you don’t want to be average.


Practical Six Pack Tip 5: Workout your abs and back, either every single day or every other day for at least 4 days a week.



6. Fast Your Fat Into Submission


You know I’m a strong proponent of fasting.

Especially when you combine it with some intense strength training.

Firstly your insulin is low and your testosterone levels are high when you wake up.


Now add a strong workout to that already beneficial state for your six pack and you have yourself a recipe for some ripped abs.

Studies have shown that working out in a fastened state has a wide range of fat burning and muscle building benefits.

And it’s going to get you the 1 thing most people will never have.

A rock hard six pack.

Cycle to work, run to school, just make sure you get in those 20-30 essential minutes of fastened training.


It improves your insulin sensitivity which in return makes your body more effective at breaking down the glucose in your blood.

And which additionally improves appetite signaling.

Meaning you don’t build fat as fast, because you’ll be inclined to eat less.

By submitting your hormones you’ll stop being the fat-storing-non-ab-building system and transform in an ab-building-fat-burning system.

That’s exactly what you want.


Practical Six Pack Tip 6: Experiment with doing your strength or cardio in a fastened state.



A Quick And Dirty Six Pack Infographic To Keep You In Check






Are You Ready To Transform And Join The Six Pack Club?


The 6 angry secrets might have left you with some hurt feelings and perhaps you have started to like me at least 10% less, but somebody has got to do it.

And it means it hit a nerve, which is what it was meant for.

Transforming your body isn’t just walking through an open door.


But now your lack of knowledge and need for quick fixed doesn’t have to hold you back anymore.

Instead, you can feel confident when you say that ‘this time’ you will really get that six pack.


You know exactly what to do and how to do it.

You can be ‘that guy’ with the six pack, whiping the dirt off your shoulders as you look back at your before and after pictures.

There is no reason to wait any longer.


The door to the six pack you have been dreaming of isn’t open, nor will it ever be opened for you.

It’s still closed shut and you are standing right in front of it.

But this time you don’t ‘knock’, you SMASH it open!


Beast Mode ON!


Now I’d like to hear from you:

Did you like this post?

Or maybe you have a question.

Either way, leave a quick comment below right now.




38 thoughts on “The 6 Angry Six Pack Secrets Guide

  1. I have a question about cutting while doing calisthenics, how do you do it? I am really confused, because how long should I cut and how long should I bulk. And should I include cardio? (Really hate it). Also, do you really even bulk like you do when you lift weights? Go into a caloric surplus and work out intensivly? I am just really curious about bulking/cutting/staying lean when doing calisthenics. Please do enlight me.

    Regarding pull ups and muscle ups, as mentioned above I hit my 2 first “muscle ups”. I did them today again, and did some more. But it came to my realization that it is mostly just me using momentum and kipping to get over the bar and then dipping up. How should I progress into an actual muscle up with least momentum? As my pull up count is low (10) I can’t really do chest high pull ups. I want to be able to, but my pull ups are really lacking, feels like I cant get by 10. Any tips? When should I stop doing the Barstarzz pull up routine and come back to the 6 month routine?

    Also another question, if I would like to represent my area by creating a Bar Brothers Sweden youtube channel, would I have to have permission from anyone to use logo, name, etc. And if so, how do I get into a collaboration with Bar Brothers DC?

    Hope you can answer my questions above, there were quite a lot of them. Sorry if I am asking to much but I am kinda new to calisthenics and there are so so many question marks around it.

    Until next time, Istabrak.
    Beast mode ON!

    1. Hey Ista,

      Good question, I just wrote a blog about this.

      Here is a simple set up:

      Cut until you have a well defined six pack.

      Bulk until you start losing that definition (4-6 weeks).

      Then cut again (2-3 weeks).

      This way you stay lean, while at the same time gaining muscle and if you combine this with intermittent fasting you become even more insulin sensitive and stay more insulin sensitive even while bulking.

      Which will help you in gaining muscle more effectively.

      Read this post:

      I’ll write a blog post about ‘micro bulking and cutting’ this month (I’m currently experimenting with this and the results are promising).

      That’s the way it’s going to be with the muscle up. You can’t expect yourself to do a perfect one at the first few tries. Give yourself time bro ;).

      You have to slowly decrease momentum and get your strength purely from your shoulders (I’ll make a tutorial about this when the weather gets better) and you’ll get more strength by…doing more muscle ups ;).

      That’s up to you, it’s your training bro. I’d say you are ready to start the 6 month plan again.

      Basically there is no real ‘certifiation’ for it. You just set it up and notify the official bar brothers, they are usually really positive about it, because it’s in their benefit to have more people on the movement!

      Beast mode ON!

  2. Hi Rich,

    After finishing reading of Regeneration diet i am considering what is the best time for training. i saw in some your tutorial that the best time for training is Morning but book recomends to train before overeating part of the day. therefore what is your consideration to have training in morning during fasting period.

    Based on your diet tutorial I am guessing that you keep undereating and overeating period. or not?

    second question is regarding atlethic Green – is it same like macha tea? reasons for using is detox? do you use it? or how do you supplemnet it?


  3. Question on cardio everyday as suggested in your six pack blog post- would this be simply walking? Or would this be running/jump rope/ etc done in an interval or HIT style for 20-30 mins? Would that be overkill on a daily basis and maybe hurt recovery? Or is it more of a steady state thing like a jog? I’ve seen some who promote workout days being intense with recovery days just being really minimal like walking. Any thoughts on that? Thanks

    1. Hey Brad,

      Great question!

      Walking is definitely a great option to increase your energy expenditure. It can be anything basically ;), part of it is what resonates best with you. Because in the end it’s about what works for you, the goal is to increase energy expenditure above all. Even if it’s a little, over time a little can be a lot.

      Again, this is a very good question, but one that is not so easy to answer without a ‘context’. There are many factors at play here such as physiological and psychological. Not to mention goals, nutrition etc. I see people doing HITT often -as if it’s the holy grail- until they can make sweat angels, they don’t lose weight and after 3 weeks they never return. They burn out on trying too hard without proper intelligence. As with everything it works, but if you do it the right way.

      So there is something to say for all those things. The major takeaway from this post is that having a six pack is like having white teeth. Once you have them, you don’t stop brushing expecting them to stay white ;). You keep brushing them because you want them to stay white once they are and especially if they aren’t.

      Hope this makes sense.

      Beast mode ON!

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