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Calisthenic Freestyle Art (+ 3 Bar Brother Videos)

One might argue, but to a lot of bar brothers, calisthenics is probably more of an art form than it is just working out.

Getting to know your body and finding your limits,

while at the same time inspiring others and creating unique moves is what an artist would do.

Ever found yourself laying in bed and imagining what kind of moves you could combine during your next training?

Maybe you have or maybe you haven’t,

but this blog sure is going to give you enough stuff to train.

Just check out the videos and let this art form speak for itself.

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Bar Brother Video 1



Bar Brother Video 2



Bar Brother Video 3


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The War Of Art

Just as in any art from there is a secret that true bar brothers know and wannabe bar brothers don’t,

and the secret is this:

It’s not the training part that’s hard.

What’s hard is deciding to go training even when you don’t feel like it.

That’s the true war in being both the marble and the sculptor.

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