6 Steps To Set & Crush Your Body Weight Training Goals

Some Bar Brothers seem to have it all going for them.

They progress quickly, doing their first muscle up after one of two weeks.

And you are hammering at it, but you just don’t seem to match their progress.

And it sucks, right?


Because they are training hard, but not as hard as they could.

Certainly not harder than you do.

So what are they doing differently?

Why do they progress so much quicker than you do?


The difference is in one simple thing.

They set clear goals.

Let me guess, you feel like you have goals.

Have you written them down?

What are you actually training for?


If you had to think about these two questions more than 2 seconds, you don’t have any clear goals.

You need clear goals.

Do not underestimate the power of clear goals.

If you really want to start doing calisthenics, you need a clear vision or you are setting yourself up for failure.


But I am not going to let that happen.

I am going to help you set yourself up for success.


You just have to ask yourself 4 questions:

  • What am I going to focus on? (push ups, pull ups, dips, routines etc.)
  • What does achieving this mean to me? (Imagine yourself achieving this)
  • What is the result I want (Write the results you want 1 year from now on a piece of paper and put it in a place where you can find it)
  • Why do I want this result? (Find your deeper reason. Do you want to feel happier? More attractive? Stronger?…etc.)


When you have the answers written down clearly in your mind (or on a piece of paper).

You have a skeleton of the building you want to construct.

When you are done with that, you can pour in the cement.

It is time to achieve your goals.


The process of setting and achieving your goals consists of six simple steps.


Bar Brother Requirement process


So build your skeleton first and then cement your goals through the entire six step process.

While not every Bar Brother is aware of this process those who are training on a consistent basis and are getting the results they want, subconsciously follow this process and ask the right questions.


As a result they have a crystal clear goal…

And progress much faster than anyone.

And you know what?

You can do exactly the same.


When you have a clear goals and a reason why you want to achieve these goals.

You are fueling yourself with pure motivation.


It’s like running on a treadmill with a carrot right infront of you.

No matter how tired you are.

When you are hungry for your goals.

And you have that juicy carrot of results right in front of you.


I bet you can push a little harder.

Run a little longer.

Sleep a little shorter.

And eat a little healthier.


So let’s determine what kind of juicy carrot you want to have hanging right in front of your nose.

So close that you can almost taste it…



Let me explain how…


Find your focus…


Your brain works like Google.

‘Ask and you shall receive’ (No, this is no The Secret bullshit).

For example ask yourself the question right now: ‘How many things in this room have the colour red?

Now ask yourself the question: ‘How many things in this room have the colour blue?’ and close your eyes.

Funny isn’t it?


That which you focus on determines what you see.

Another example, we have all bought a new product and once we have it, we all of a sudden see it everywhere.

No, it’s not because more people have it, it’s because you are focusing on it.

You can use the same focus on calisthenics.


Ask yourself: What do I want to focus on? (For example the 3 minute challenge, or the muscle up, the 6 month training plan, etc.)

You will find the information and the training you need.

Reading this blog post actually shows you have been asking yourself the right question,

your focus has brought you here…


STrive bar brothers


Get emotionally committed and imagine…


The human brain cannot make a distinction between what we imagine and what we actually do.

Your imagination triggers the same emotional brain response as when it actually happens.

We all know someone who hates spiders or heights.

Simply telling them to imagine their fear, creates a physiological response.


They start to breathe heavily, start sweating etc.

This exact same process can be used for obtaining your goals.

Just imagine yourself doing that final pull up perfectly right before you do it or imagine yourself achieving that goal and actually acting as if you did it.

Your neural pathways, your physiology and your committment will change, due to the emotional response of your brain (There is a lot more to this, but you would at least need an entire book to explain).


You just need to remember one thing…


Imagination Bar Brothers


Write down 5 results/goals


The fun part is writing down your results after you have imagined what it would be like to achieve them.

Important in writing down your results is that you write them down is as much detail as possible.

Write down when you are going to achieve them, how you are going to achieve them.


You can use the SMART-method…

  • Specific: Define it in detail
  • Measurable: Make it measurable
  • Attainable: Make sure it is something within your possibilities
  • Realistic: Make sure you can achieve it in the given time
  • Time-bound: State the exacte moment at which you will achieve your goal.
  • Example: ‘By june 25 I want to be able to do at least 20 muscle ups without any rest in between’.


Don’t stop until you succeed




So you read this blog…

We are not done yet.

Now grab a piece of paper and a pen.

Draw a carrot…no just joking.

Write down your goals using the smart method.


And starting from tomorrow apply the complete six step process.

Trust me.

Build that juicy carrot just the way you like!

And you might end up like this guy…


Calisthenics Goals Training Beginners



Rich Andoh


19 thoughts on “6 Steps To Set & Crush Your Body Weight Training Goals

  1. Good stuff here. This 45 yr. old man is going to do it, I firmly believe I can be in the best shape I could ever imagine. I have short and long range goals and plans. Thanks for the support!

  2. Hey brothers

    I’m a 15 yr old guy and I have officially commited myself to doing the six month training plan 4 times a week and I am already noticing a difference I have now got a four pack and my back muscles have increased in a huge way I can now do 10 full pull-ups with ease and 7 wide arm pull-ups as well my main goals are to get a full six pack and big pectoral muscles and this training plan is definitely helping
    Regards Ethan

    Ps. Iv always wanted to say this but GO BEAST MODE!!

    1. Hey Ethan,

      Hahah, try screaming it out loud, feels even better ;).

      Awesome bro, that’s what happens when you commit yourself to this type of training, you will get results…fast.

      It would be interesting for you to start a topic on the forum, to inspire others…seems like you are really going for it…http://barbrothersforum.com

      And before I forget…Beast Mode ON!

  3. Just started the 6 month beginner routines. Copied the work outs but cant seem to find the muscle up progression one? Into the full body routine about 2 weeks and getting good push up results. Struggling with the pull ups but started jogging about 45 min every other day to lose weight. 210 lbs 44 years old.

    1. Hey Scott,

      Welcome to the movement!

      With regard to the muscle up progression, that’s explained in the video!

      For losing weight take note that without proper dietary changes, losing weight will be much more difficult.

      To really start kicking in the fat burning process, you need to have a high insuline sensitivity, more regular cardio is one of the most ineffective ways to lose weight ;).

      Check out this blog, I can highly recommend the book:


      Really, read the blog it’s going to significantly improve your results.

      Beast Mode ON!

  4. Hey man thanks a lot for this post, but do you think applying this to The System would really help my progress? I just started the system a couple days ago. Thanks

  5. my goal is not to focus on an exercise but it is to develop strength for martial arts.would you please help me with that.Also i want to develop my grip strength and forearms.thank you for everything.

  6. Hi Rich. What up maaaan?
    Before everything I just want to thank you for everything you are doing. :))

    My question was if I have muscle soreness not big should I train that muscle because I am on 7 days challenge and it says that I should work out 7 days?

    1. Hey Emir,

      Haha, I’m fine 😀 bro!

      Well, thank you for your positive feedback.

      I’ve already answered your question in a personal e-mail. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

      Beast mode ON!

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