5 Bar Sister Routines To Workout In 60 Minutes (+ Push Up Progression Routine)

Let me take a wild guess.

You asked yourself whether this is a guys-only-movement.

Or at least the the name Bar Brothers has given you the idea.

If you could only make this body weight workout thing work for you too.


Because to be honest, your days aren’t exactly filled with excess time.

You work. Have priorities. Spend time on other social activities.

And working out just does not seem to fit in there somewhere.

Well, how about doing something that actually works?


As a wannabe health freak you have camped out in diet and gym land for months, weeks and perhaps years.

Looking in the mirror, you realize that things could have been different.

Because you know that what those guys are doing…

You can do too.




5 Bar Sister Routines For High Intensity Exercises That You Can Do Within 60 Minutes


You don’t need a gym.

You don’t need any extra equipment.

All you need is…60 minutes 3 days a week with one of these four routines.


Bar Sister Routines Body Weight Training for women

Bar Sister Routine Female Body Weight Workout

Female Body Weight Workout Bar Brothers

Bar Brothers Sisters Workout Routine For Women Body Weight


If you like these routines, check out the leg routine.


4 Steps To Develop Your Push Up Strength: Push Up Progression 101


So you haven’t developed the strength to push yourself up?

What if I told you that you can do more push ups than you think you can?

Would you believe me?


Here is how…

There are different types of push ups, which by changing your point of gravity can become increasingly difficult.

By applying small variations to your push ups you can make them easier and from that point on slowly increase your strength.

These are the 4 easy steps you can take.


Step 1: Wall push up


Wall push up Bar Sister Routine


You can increase the difficulty by putting your feet further away from the wall.

By doing so you change your center of gravity, which will put more weight on your arms and less on your legs.

Which will make your push up more difficult.


Step 2: Incline push up


Chair Push Up Bar Sister Routine


Again the more you shift your center of gravity towards your arms the higher the level of difficulty.

Make sure you have a chair that is capable of supporting your weight.


Step 3: Knee push up


Knee Push Up Bar Sister Routine

You can make this exercise heavier or lighter by moving your knee from or towards your chest more in your starting postition.

The closer your knees are to your chest the lighter.


Step 4: Plank


Plank Bar Sister Routine


With step 4 you go from a bended arm plank to a regular plank by pushing yourself up and holding each plank for 5-10 seconds.

Hold the bended arm plank five seconds first and then progress to the regular plank or do it the other way around.

It depends on what you prefer and what your current strength level is.


Push Up Progression Routine


By using these four beginner exercises you can start improving your push ups, whether you are a man or woman.

Depending on you strength you can use these to make a routine and slowly progress to a regular push up.

For example:


  • Wall push up 10 repetitions
  • Incline push up 10 repetitions
  • Knee push up 10 repetitions
  • From plank to plank 10 repetitions


Note: Do this at least 3-4 sets at a minimum of 3 times a week, until you can do a full beginner push up routine.


Are You Serious About Making This Thing Work For You?


You always have tasks that you know you should do – working out is one of those.

Having highly intense routines which you can use without going to a gym should be on top of your to-do-list.

Even though time is slipping through your fingers, working out will actually give you more time.



Because working out and being healthy gives you more energy, which in turn allows you to use your time better.

You don’t have to be ready to start.

You have to start to be ready.

Go on. Get started today and show everyone that you can do it too…better and better.




35 thoughts on “5 Bar Sister Routines To Workout In 60 Minutes (+ Push Up Progression Routine)

  1. Hi I wanna give this to my gf but i have one question , You say “All you need is…60 minutes 3 days a week with one of these four routines.” so the question is : she must pick a routine and follow it for 2 or 3 weeks and then switch to another or each routine per week ? How this thing goes bro ?

    PS: Your site and the routines you got fro men it’s a very good job , I realy liek it guys ! It realy inspired me to start calisthenics workout !!

    1. Hey Panos,

      Great question. This of course is a ‘minimalistic approach’, but very useful nonetheless ;).

      That’s definitely something which you can do or you can alternate different routines for variety, it depends on her goals. If your girl starts developing basic strength, the 6 month plan will give more info and will allow her to work towards some more specific goals.

      BTW thanks for your positivity and I’m happy you got motivated to get started too.

      Beast mode ON!

      1. Good day:
        I love that there is something for the Sisters! Just a question and a point of clarification.

        You state one does not need equipment for these routines but with the exception of the push up routine they all seem to show an exercise or two with equipment – I.e. Australian pull-up, hanging oblique raises. Is this correct? Can you suggest another exercise?

        Also, are these considered “beginner” exercises or is there a routine with a lower intensity for someone just truly starting out that you can refer me to?

        Thank you for taking the time to create these programs.

        1. Hey Melanese,

          Good day there!

          I had to be more precise with that statement, no other equipment other than a bar which is considered standard.

          Unfortunately there is no replacement for overhead activity, the reason why is that any type of push drill cannot simulate the same muscular activation as a pulling drill.

          However if it’s really not possible you can do both the oblique exercises and the leg raises while laying on your back. Just keep in mind that the hanging part is just as important in the greater scheme of things.

          The two top cycles are considered ‘beginner’.

          The lower two are considered intermediate.

          Hope this gives you some insights.

          Beast mode ON!

  2. hi,the routine images you posted above saying its for girls…as long as iam a boy can i do that or there is any other routine

    1. Hey Iqbal,

      Great question!

      You can definitely use the routine. The progressions are part of this post, but can definitely also be used by boys and guys.

      Keep up the good work.

      Beast mode ON!

  3. I really want my wife to start doing this. All she does is run as of now and I’ve tried to get her to do full body workouts for years. I’ve done the 6 month program and just finished the 12 week program and had tremendous results. She is always complimenting my body now. Anyway, I need some help in trying to get her to start a full body routine and do more than just running. Any suggestions or help would be awesome…thanks

    1. Hey Joe,

      Great question.

      Happy to hear you ‘reaped the benefits’. My honest opinion is to never try to convince the people close to you through words. Just lead by example. They will get inspired.

      As long as you keep doing the work and show the results, people will start following. Let them come to you and when they are ready you are there to help.

      Beast mode ON!

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