The 15 Month Transformation Of David

There are many ‘transformational’ stories.

Some stories are forgotten.

Some stories stick.

And then there are stories like this one.


Have you ever heard about the ‘43 year old man who used to be a homeless meth user, ended up in jail 18 times, became depressed, ate himself into obesity and weighted 315 pounds at his highest?’

In case you haven’t, his name is one to remember…David.


And if you don’t know David, you need to know his story.

Because David did something few people will ever do.

He faced his Goliath.



This Is The E-mail David Sent To Bar Brothers Groningen


I am a 43-year-old man who was an intravenous meth user for 18 years, in prison three times, jail 18 times, and homeless.

I was saved from my drug use and criminal life, but I had become depressed.

I became reclusive and began to eat myself into obesity…topping the scales at 315 pounds.

I had absolutely no energy and was completely useless to my wife and son.


The example I was setting for my two-year-old son was an unhealthy lifestyle.

Unless I changed my habits, and he continued to live the way I was permitting, his health would suffer.

I was eating fast food, processed food, cereals, boxed foods, canned foods, juices, sodas, etc. which kept me on the couch and had absolutely no desire to do anything except remain in my personal hell.


Out of concern for my well being as well as my family’s I began a transformation journey that Bar Brothers has been a HUGE part and influence on my lifestyle change mentally, diet and physically.

What I read made sense, and I took it on 100%.

I was amazed at not just the weight loss, but at the enormous increase in my energy.

Over time my depression lifted.


Using the Bar Brothers  nutritional informational as well as  my bar & olympic rings  workout routine, I was able to lose 140 pounds and gain lean muscle in 15 months.

My energy level is remarkable.

Bed at 8:30 p.m. and up at 3:30 a.m.


I am a personal trainer for others, and I care for my two sons and my wife, so my days are always jam packed, and I never fatigue.

My 33-year-old wife follows bar bros as well  and has lost 170 pounds.

It is a common belief that the healthy lifestyle takes a gym membership and a diet that’s too costly.


However, we are a family of four and are currently living on the salary my wife makes as a waitress.

To say we are poor is an understatement and my point is that there was and is no gym membership nor outrageous grocery bills needed to obtain whatever goal your trying to accomplish but if your looking for an excuse it’s an oldie but goodie for some reason.

This  is not a diet for us, it is a lifestyle and a mindset change.

Sodas, burgers, chips, candy bars, Starbucks, packaged, canned food, etc…are costly!


Now, what I am not spending on unhealthy food, I designate that same money to healthy  foods, pull up bars and olympic rings.

It works out financially to be cheaper and  so much better for your life!

Bar brothers has been my go to source from the beginning and that will never change.

Bar brothers  has helped transform, inside and out, the man you see before you.

With Bar brothers I began feeling a difference immediately, seeing a difference within two weeks, and hearing from others the difference they were seeing in me within a month of changing my eating and exercising habits.

Here’s a transformation picture of my wife.




Went through a dozen resistance bands at first but she stuck it out and went by your guys’ motto of just keep going and going and going.

It’s literally gotten my whole family involved.

A couple pics of my 5 year old and 20 month old son hanging on the bar.




The little one hangs for 26 seconds.

You guys literally lit the proverbial fire under my ass and it spread to my wife and boys.

I would say good luck, but if you follow Bar brothers, luck has nothing to do with the changes you will experience.


The story of David contains a few very valuable lessons.

Lessons that stand the test of time.

Lessons that are undeniably true.



We All Have Obstacles, Challenges And Excuses


Goliath is the giant obstacle you find on your calisthenics journey or anywhere else in life.

Goliath is your excuse.

Goliath is your reason for not achieving your potential.

And by feeding your Goliath, you will become smaller and your obstacle will only increase in size.


Every time you eat a bad meal, your Goliath grows in strength.

Every time you fail to workout, your Goliath is amassing more muscle.

Every time you decide that you simply cannot do it, your Goliath is smiling with content.

It took David some time, but David faced his Goliath.


Just like David, you might have obstacles.

Just like David, you might have challenges.

Just like David, you might have excuses.

But the question is: “Are you willing to face them…just like David?”



It’s Never Too Late To Realize And Decide That You Need To Change


He realized that the fast foods, boxed foods, juices and sodas were keeping him on the couch when he should be working out.

He realized that the toxins he was putting into his body were draining his energy when he should have been energetic.

He realized that he was setting an example for his friends, his wife and his son. And his example… wasn’t a good one.


Then David discovered, the ‘Bar Brothers’

And David realized that he could change. Mentally and physically.

David took on the Bar Brother lifestyle’ 100%. No excuses.

David pushed, pulled and squatted himself out of his depression.


Recognize parts of yourself in the ‘old David’?

Even if you are in the same negative state.

It’s NEVER too late.



There Is Always Someone Showing You That It’s Possible


And David lost, but not from his Goliath.

David lost 140 pounds and gained more lean muscle than most people can dream of in 15 months.

And David’s wife…she took on the same journey, losing 170 pounds.

Today David is a personal trainer, a friend and a dedicated husband filled with energy.

David realized that beating Goliath has nothing to do with good luck, David taught me an important lesson.


No matter how big the obstacle.

No matter how far the place.

No matter how deep the hole.

No matter how long the race.


When your excuses start building up.

When your fear breaks through the door.

When you face your biggest Goliath yet, and when you feel like you will never make it.


There is a 43-year guy who ate himself into obesity, lost 140 pounds and used to be homeless and depressed, who is showing you that it’s possible.






Beast mode ON!



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39 thoughts on “The 15 Month Transformation Of David

  1. WOW. Very motivating.
    Recently because of exams, and other stuff, ive gotten into a bad cycle. Stay up late, get little sleep, eat more junk than usual to “reward” myself + eating less than usual, and then get even more tired, often too tired to workout.
    I do still workout when i can, but just not as intense.
    But David’s story has sparkled something inside me, the fire is lit again.
    David only has one life, and he wants to be a good example for his family, so he made a change.
    I only have one life aswell, so if i want to gain stronger and bigger, i have to change aswell, but i have changed, i just need to stay consistent with the change – at all times.
    Because of all this downfall, ive kinda lost my motivation, but thanks to this story, i think I’m back on track. Thanks for sharing David’s story Rich!
    Now if you’ll excuse me, i have a Goliath to beat…

    1. Hey Jakob,

      Thanks for leaving a comment!

      When I received David’s email indeed it lit something in me too, I’m happy it did the same for you.

      Sometimes we need a little push from someone.

      Thanks once again and if there is anything I can help you with, you know where to find me.

      Regardless, I’m sure your Goliath doesn’t stand a chance…

      Beast mode ON!

      1. Hello rich
        This is Jorge Saldivar again
        My question I already buy the 12 week bar brothers and the nutrition system, but I see other things like the 7 beast mode challenge and the 6 weeks workout program with one should I use first and we’re should I go after that?
        Thank you

    2. wauw.. same story here! Ahhh I managed to do 3 muscle ups before I got Ill, after that injured my back. I was out of my routine for 5 weeks.. lost so much muscle that I lost also a lot of motivation unfortunately 🙁 Just come home from work and got a Big Mac menu with a dessert.. read this and It reminded me of how far I’m already am and how close I’m to hanging on to my calisthenics goals. I’ll be joining you defeating my Goliath!

      1. Hey Jordi,

        I love the honesty and the music ;).

        True, sometimes we tend to forget how far we have already come compared to where we were.

        Then again, we thankfully have people whe remind us every now and then.

        Beast mode ON!

  2. Hey Rich (and David),

    Thanks for sharing this story. Being 45yrs old and currently 40 pounds overweight, it’s truly inspiring to see someone approximately my age that has done it, and done it well. Congratulations David! Your story is extremely inspiring and eliminates ALL excuses. Thank you!

    I have yet to purchase the Bar Brothers system (not because of lack of money) but because I’m following Rich’s beginners full body workout until I can do the minimum amount of pull-ups and dips.

    I agree completely with David’s belief on not needing a gym membership, but because I have 2 months left on my contract, I’ve been using their pull up assist machine to help me progress and build up the strength during my 6 month beginner program… What’s your thought on this approach?

    Lastly, I’m curious Rich (and David)… Though I’m not yet ready (based on Bar Brother GR Beginners Manual) to start on the Official Bar Brothers program; what sort of information can I benefit from if I decided to buy it now?

    The reason why I’m asking is because… Man, David was 140 lbs. overweight and AMAZINGLY transformed in 15 months. I would LOVE to read a Part 2 to his story. How did he start? Did he go straight into the program? Was he able to do the minimum reps?

    Whew… That’s long but I am truly inspired by this story. Thanks again Rich!

    1. Hey Alex,

      I’m happy this story was able to touch you.

      Great job on working on the basics first, the system will simply be too intense if you don’t have those.

      I’d personally recommend, using eccentric training for pull ups and hanging passively and actively. A pull up machine is pretty unnecessary in 9 out of 10 cases and only serves to give you the idea that you can do a pull up :P.

      Basically you will have a full pdf with a daily program and it will give you some insights into how you can build and develop your own programs in addition to getting full insight into the training done by the official bar brothers.

      But try to clean up your diet first, it will make all the exercises much easier if you are at a lower weight, which will increase your relative strength.

      I might write a follow up.

      Thanks for your positive message, I’ll make sure to share it with David.

      Beast mode ON!

  3. I would like to read/hear more story’s from men 30-35+ as its a much harder struggle at this age than when your in your teens or 20s

    1. Hey Ry,

      Thanks for the comment!

      It’s definitely something worth taking into account as I often get a lot of older men asking whether they can still do calisthenics at their agen.

      I can recommend you to check out Robert Durbin, click on the link

      There are many more examples, I actually train with guys twice my age. Well in their 40s and they would kick any 20 year old guy’s ass.

      Just so you know ;).

      Beast mode ON!

  4. Woh, that is a truly amazing story! It definitely makes me feel like my excuses that eating Paleo is too expensive seem pretty weak…

    Also, as a side note to Alex and RY above, I would say that if you’re trying to lose body fat you’re going to have to put most of your focus on nutrition. Ultimately you can’t workout enough to compensate for a bad diet.

    Just follow Rich’s advice here on food; increase the quantities of healthy fats and protein in your diet and replace as much of the grains with vegetables as you can. If you do that I promise the weight will just melt away and you’ll feel much better as well.

    1. Hey Conor,

      Thanks for the comment, it means a lot to receive such a message from a fellow blogger.

      Great advice, definitely agree with what you are saying there and I think just like David you are an example to many guys who are 20+ years.

      Thanks for sharing your insights!

      Beast mode ON!

    2. When I started I could do 5-8 push-ups , maybe 3 pull ups a set , leg lifts made me puke … LOL !! Now I do many different routines but one consists of 20 muscle ups , 350 push ups , 200 pull ups and 100 dips and 250 leg lifts . It’s a mindset and bar brothers is an excellent way to start , progress an even in advanced stages there still there . With healthy eating ( I don’t mean quantity of food I mean quality ) and the bar brothers it’s actually a BLAST TO KEEP GOING AMD GOING AND GOING !!!!

    3. I agree wholeheartedly. Matter of fact if a person is going to continue with bad eating habits my personal advice would be to NOT workout due to when your done training your body needs fuel , it’s hungry so if your going to end up putting TWICE as much processed and fast food down your throat due to training it’s actually a riptide affect . If you research fast food you’ll see that it kills more people annually than street drugs yet people think it’s funny when someone says ” I’m a chocolate addict hee hee ” but let a person say there addicted to drugs and people want to scorn and dismiss them . I guess the thinking is if the FDA says it’s edible then it must be ok …LOL !!

    4. Hey Conor, David, and Rich, Thanks for the feedback. My wife and I have been following the “Bulletproof Diet” (Coffee with Grass-fed unsalted butter, collagen powder, and stevia and then 2 meals that are similar to paleo) for about 1.5 months. After reading the BP Diet book, along with watching documentaries like “Food, Inc. and Supersize Me”, we are currently purchasing “Organic Vegetables, Grass-Fed Beef, and Pasture Raised Cage Free Products”.

      It is EXPENSIVE, but I can feel the difference in energy, clear mind, and less inflammation. I also notice I dont eat as much, because my body feels satisfied. So far I’ve lost 12 pounds, but I’m open to your feedback or any recomendations as to yours, Rich’s or David’s nutritional habits.

      1. Hey Alex,

        I’m definitely a big proponent of the BF diet.

        The question is: Which costs are expensive? The short term? Or long term costs?

        The price you pay short term, might be painful for the wallet, but hey…you’ll survive. The price you pay long term…no amount of money can ever account for and you will not survive, because you are paying with the most valuable thing you own…, your health and your life.

        Keep up the good work.

        Beast mode ON!

  5. Hi everyone,

    I’m 32 and suffer from chronic lower back pain (still undiagnosed), as well as impingement in both shoulders. I have had rotator cuff surgery on one shoulder. The shoulder problems also cause me to have almost constant neck tension and neck pain. I have suffered from physical problems since I hit puberty and had massive growth spurts. Before that I was EXTREMELY sporty. I played sport every single day.

    I have managed to stay slim throughout my life, but I am definitely on the skinny side. I’ve never taken my top off in public. If I shaved my beard off I could still pass for 20 haha. That’s mostly due to my healthy diet.

    I have been numerous doctors, physios and osteopaths. All have let me down in some way. It goes without saying that I suffer from depression. I have been out of work for 3 years due to the pain I’m in. Sitting or standing for any length of time causing me a lot of pain. Any physical exertion leaves me in a lot of pain the next day.

    On the outside I may look fit and healthy, but my body is a cage. I have little to no flexibility, stamina or strength. My groin is particularly tight and often hurts when I walk. My hamstrings are also very very tight. I have been stretching for years and never seem to improve. My back has no strength at all. My core in general desperately needs strengthening. My back on the left side is particularly weak.

    I am absolutely sick of being this way. I discovered Bar Brothers about a week or so ago and decided I had nothing to lose. I have been doing inclined press ups and squats, and started jogging small distances. I can only manage a bit at a time as I don’t want my shoulders to flare up. When they do, I can’t move my arms.

    If there’s anyone that could give me some guidance I would greatly appreciate it. I want to get my life back. I can’t remember the last time I was happy. My overall goal is to be pain free, strong, fit and happy. This is my last hope.

    If you read through all this, I salute you!

    1. Hey Ben,

      First of all, thanks for sharing your story.

      Impingement and rotator cuff issues…let me ask you a question: ‘How long has it been since you have actually hung from a bar for 60 seconds?’

      Depression isn’t something which is solved easily and I’m no psychiatrist, but I know that just like being happy being depressed is the results of ‘biochemical processes and neurological patterns’, knowing this is part of the solution.

      Awesome job first of all, apparently even with your depression and even with your limitations, there is something within you that refuses to give up. Hold on to that.

      First of all, RC issues and shoulder impingement have a lot to do with the fact that the shoulder is underused in most people. There is very little overhead activity, this specifically narrows the arch within the shoulder which leads to the RC tendons getting squeezed between the bones.

      Read this blog:

      Once again, I’m no physical therapist and I’m no psychologist, but I know that there are solutions out there. From both personal experience and from people around me. The road is long, but let’s be honest…there aren’t shortcuts to a place worth going ;). And if there were…it simply wouldn’t be fun.

      If you have any other questions, you know where to find me.

      Beast mode ON!

  6. Hi rich.

    Mijn zoontje William kwam elke zondag om 15.00 bij de voetbalkooi aan de canadalaan teainen met de boys van bar brother. De laatste tijd zijn er geen bar brothers meer aan het trainen. William vraagt zich af of jullie een nieuwe plek hebben waar jullie nu trainen?

  7. Hey Rich,
    This story is incredibly inspirational, but I can’t see it apply to me. I’ve always wanted to be stronger and less chubby,

  8. Hey Rich,
    This story is incredibly inspirational, but I can’t see it apply to me. I’ve always wanted to be stronger and less chubby, but I can’t get myself through all 12 weeks. I’ve been able to quit sugar for months at a time, but when I have no reason to not eat it, I just gain it back. I want to be stronger, but it’s almost as if I don’t want it enough. I don’t know what to do without someone in person to keep me going. I’ve tried getting people to push me along, but I have no one to workout with me and when I don’t see gains, I just quit. What should I do now?

    1. Hey Michael,

      Thanks for sharing your story.

      Clearly, you do want it, because you wouldn’t have left a comment if you didn’t. David’s story is one that puts things into perspective and while I don’t want to say your story is less important, chances are not as far down the road towards ‘destruction’ as David. This means getting back will be much easier.

      What should you do? Commit yourself, pay someone to keep you going. Get an achievement journal, write down 5 goals and write down 1 achievement every day. Read the free starter guide and diet guide, write down your workout dates in your agenda.

      There is no 1 single secret. It’s a combination of things, but you need to realize that NOBODY is going to do it for you and believe me, it’s not going to get easier. Time waits for no one.

      Beast mode ON!

  9. This story is truly inspiring. This David has defeated his Goliath and it’s incredible!

    I have yet to defeat my own. I’m still far from being strong enough to do a muscle-up or a handstand or the human flag. I’ve finished the 7 Day Beast Mode Challenge and it was a great experience! Made me feel I can do the what I taught was impossible! Right now I’m going through The System and it’s challenging and awesome!

    Problem is school is coming up and I don’t know if I can continue the 6 days per week. Bigger problem is I’m having my wisdom tooth surgically removed next week so I can’t train for a couple days. I don’t want to stop and I don’t know the consequences if I do pause the training or the consequences if I continue it. Please help

    1. Hey Young David 😉

      First of all…you can be proud of yourself.

      Secondly, don’t worry about not training for a few days. Sometimes taking back one small step will allow you to jump forward 10. Focus on your recovery allow it to heal and use the motivation you have to push you forward. Take some time for flexibility and to rest your body, you’ll come back stronger than ever.

      Beast mode ON!

  10. Hey so i started the 12 week system recently and I’m trying to find a way to get the hard copy PDF file of all the workouts, because I’m not able to play all the videos for some reason on my computer at home. Can anyone help me out here?

  11. hey can someone tell me how to get a refund on the 12 week system. i haven’t been abel to commit my time to the workouts and would like my money back…. can anyone help me?

  12. Hey David, are you still around?

    Your change is impressive! You and your wife…Keep it Up!!!!

    Im just asking to have an Insight in your Beginner wo Plan? Is there a Chance? Thank you and regards!!

    1. Hey Jonathan,

      Great question.

      Yes, but you can always use the free stuff here if you don’t have the budget.

      There is a free meal plan + a free 6 month training plan for beginners.

      Let me know if there is anything else.

      Beast mode ON!

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