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        1. Hih barbroyhers please helpe I’m from Algeria and I don’t have access to buy from the internet any other solutions please!!

        1. i guess this goes out to anyone who knows,

          I work out with calisthenics about 4-5 times a week. im still not sure if I should be training certain body parts more than once a week. anyone have any idea how often you should train each body part?

          1. Hey Pat,

            Good question!

            First of all good job on working out regularly. The answer to your question completely depends on your goals.

            This is a question which requires a highly individualized answer, which I cannot give since I cannot account for all your variables such as: skill, goals, current strength etc. My rule of thumb is choose a goal which you want to achieve first.

            And then work on that goal as much as possible. There is no limit to how much you can train a certain body part and with compound movements, you will activate most of your full body regardless of the move you do. Just make sure you don’t forget leg routines, I personally do a full body routine every day (to keep a balanced overall strength) in combination with a routine that is aimed at achieving a specific goal such as a muscle up for example. You will find a more detailed plan on what to do in the 6 month guide.

            Other than that it’s a matter of experimenting what works for you.

            Beast Mode ON!

        1. I’m just wondering I want to start straight away but I don’t know were to begin could u give me a few tips I’m not really able to do pull ups and chin ups and a lot of them because I wouldn’t be the strongest any tips ?

          1. Hey Joe,

            Make sure you check out the pull up progression blog.

            And if you want to have a full 7 day course sign up for the 7 day beast mode challenge. Be aware though ;), it won’t be easy.

            Beast mode ON!

        1. .
          hey i have been doing bar for 3months
          with my crew ..until one day they gave up. On that day i never give in
          ..beast !! My first muscle up was awesome.
          beast!! Thanks now i practice human flag!!
          Thanks bar.!!
          this is from Fiji

  1. man im a 14 year old and it probably may seem too early to start with this kind of workout but im feeling really motivated and i know what this takes so im in 😀

    1. Hey Mpampis,

      If you are reading this page it means you have subscribed and have been sent an Ebook and received a few links to some awesome training plans.

      Make sure you check out the 6 month training plan, you will have all you need. If you want to build some basic strength first you can start with the full body routine in the Ebook!

      If you have any other questions, let me know!

      Beast Mode ON!

  2. I’ve decided to change who I am, and I feel like this is the way to do it. There’s a park that’s only a 5min run away, and I’ll use it for these exercises.

  3. No more excuses time to get the Beast On. Can’t wait to get started and join the movement of Bar Brothers.

  4. Brofist back at you! \m/
    Hopefully this can help me maintain my weight… Though I can’t do pull ups yet…
    Great site by the way! 🙂

  5. I’m ready for hardwork . because “no hardwork no results” . and therefore no more excuses. Because if you want to succeed as bad as you wanna breath then you can get success only by incorporating a lot of hardwork and lot of efforts. So just go beast mode

  6. Been doing Street Workout and Bar routines for almost a year now. I have went from barely being able to do 10 pull ups to doing muscle up pop offs. Still working on those as the muscle up pop offs are my immediate goal for now. I want to get better at popping off the bar so I can start doing more muscle up variations. I follow the Madbarz website and the Bar Brothers.

  7. Thanks for the nice beginner workouts, I am so psyched about them 🙂

    As of now can’t do a proper pull up, can do 2-3 like half pullups, but I won’t stop till I get them. Thanks bro!

  8. I’m 16 and have been procrastinating for a long time now, doing very little exercise and hoping for big results, but it doesn’t work like that, I want to be the very best ME possible. So I start tomorrow 07/21/2015 and will work hard to change the way I look and feel ! Beast mode ON

  9. hey, I’ve bought TheSystem. I only buy the 47$, how can I get the other program, such as accelerator, and get the membership for FB group? whenever I click the “Go To Membership Area”, it just getting me back to the home page. thank you before

    1. Hey Cakra,

      With regard to system questions, I can refer you to Lazar and Dusan. You can contact them via FB.

      Unfortunately I can’t help you with back office issues.

      Hope this will get you the answer you are looking for.

      Beast Mode ON!

    1. Hey,

      As much as you want to! I personally believe that true training is not just a part of the day, but the entire day. When you can choose between an escalator or stairs will you choose stairs? When you can choose between a cookie or a salad, will you choose the salad? That’s also part of training, making the right decisions, over and over and…over.

      But to be more practical, it all depends on the result you want. If you want to become a master at calisthenics, you will need to put in more time…train as much as you can whenever you can, where you can. For reasonable results you will need to train at least 3 times a week for + 45 minutes which is usually 1 routine.

      Hope this helps!

      Beast Mode ON!

  10. I have a question, so I’ll just ask here and keep my eye on it since I don’t know who to email haha.

    Once we pass the “Advanced Challenge,” are we allowed to make out own videos for YouTube/Instagram featuring Bar Brothers? Always wanted to join and if you want a video of me passing it then sure thing. I just love making videos like this and doing these workouts. Looking forward to your response.


    1. Hey bro,

      Welcome to the movement and I love the initiative!

      You definitely are, the challenge videos are meant to show other bar brothers around the world that anyone can become a bar brother. Feel free to spread the word and the movement!

      Beast mode ON!

  11. My parents won’t give me money to buy the system. they think it’s just another fake fraud like many others around the web.

    1. Hey bro,

      Well I can’t blame them, there is tons of fake stuff out there! There is enough evidence to support the effectiveness of the system and calisthenics in general, but then again that’s something they need to find out for themselves.

      Anyways, then just use the free routines on the website, those won’t cost you a cent…promised ;).

      Beast mode ON!

  12. I have been doing calisthenics for some time now and i am gonna start this plan right now i am 137 pounds and 15 years old I am gonna come back in a while and give this page updates on how the program has been working, looking forward to it . BEAST MODE: ON

  13. Hey I’m 18 and I am want to make a change I’m 5’10” and weigh about 285 I workout hard and often but I’m looking for a change I wanna be about to move myself, and have more energy. So please give me some tips to do this and help me stay on track and to get myself down to my goal of 190

    1. Hey bro,

      Welcome to the movement!

      That goal of yours is definitely obtainable, only if you are willing to work for it…

      You should have received an email by now with all the info! In case you have some questions, feel free to ask them!

      Beast mode ON!

  14. Hey I am 13 years old and have been bullied most of my life because I was skinny Ian ready to take the next step in this I have tried to do the basic workouts like pushups ups etc but.wasn’t working for me I saw your videos and it inspired me to be inspired I can’t wait to get started but I might have a small problem I have a swing set out side my house and it la not flat will.this be a problem? I am beginning to switch sides to make sure my chest is evened out

    1. Hey bro,

      There will always be people putting you down, but then there will be you proving them wrong ;).

      People who bully are usually insecure themselves so they lift themselves up by putting others down! Here everyone is just as awesome so let’s get the training started!

      You can use the swing, however swing bars are usually quite thick which give you a more difficult grip!

      If you can make it work a swing will definitely suffice, I’ve done tons of workouts using swings ;), sometimes calisthenics calls for a bit of a creative mind.

      Goodluck bro!

      Beast mode On!

  15. Hi,

    The confirmation email has been pending for several hours now. I have checked the spam folder also. Could you resend it? Thanks in advance and kudos for great site.

      1. I subscribed one more time and now the email arrived instantly so thanks for the advice. Can’t wait to actually change the course of my life and what better way to do that than grinding out the best of you. Thanks again for the effort you guys had been done already. The inspiration is ever so present in all the things I’ve seen so far and it is definitely something that I’m looking forward to add also in my life.

        So keep on rocking and take care.

  16. Wonder if you can help me out, drop me an email or something I’m 16 years old and wish to gain bulk and tone however I am a semi professional athlete I compete at national level 400m so don’t want to jeopardise my running in any way possible thanks!

    1. Hey Ethan,

      Welcome to the movement!

      By simply subscribing you’ll receive multiple e-mails which you should have by now with al the info you need!

      Feel free to ask your questions via the e-mailadres in those emails.

      Beast Mode ON!

  17. I really wish you guys had a team of people who do this where I live. Everyone who does this where I live also went to prison.

  18. Na vele uren in de gym begon ik motivatie te verliezen omdat ik helemaal geen uitdagingen meer had. ik kon gewoon meer gewicht heffen dan de week daarvoor. Hopelijk heb ik hier mijn nieuwe uitdagingen en thuis gevonden!

  19. First thing first, with honor and my deep respect hats off to you guys. well done bar brothers. I am also honored to say that you guys have inspired me. i am ready to put in the work not to look like anything but like you guys. Again hats off to you and your movement sir,

  20. Ive been training calisthenics for about 3 months and i have managed to do the bar brothers groningen requirements. Next goal is the bar brothers dc requirements

  21. Hi, great information provided. Took an interest in calesthenics after seeing some guys on Instagram. I just wanna be able to handstand and do a muscle up haha. Recently started on your month 1 cycle. How many days a week should I perform this? I used to train 4-5 times a week with weights. Recently finished about 8 weeks of strong lifts 5×5 programme. Just unsure how long to train for and how often. Atm I do about 45 workout on the rig. Taking 45 seconds between sets and 3 minutes between excercises. Then I’m doing 30-45 minutes workout of compound moves with heavy weight.

    1. Hey Nick,

      Welcome to the movement and thanks for your comment!

      Haha, that’s what we all want ….handstand, muscle up, human flag…etc ;).

      If you have a strong fitness background, I can recommend you to kickstart yourself and start with month 3 or 4. You should be able to do it. If you are used to training 4-5 times a week, you should definitely do the same if you shift to calisthenics. 3 days a week is a minimum.

      Month 3 and 4 will take you around 45 minutes to finish unless you are hitting it hard. It might be faster then, just try them out and see what effect it has.

      If you have any other questions, just leave a comment at the blog post!

      Beast Mode ON!

      1. Thanks for the reply. I’m doing month 2 but 10 reps on everything and 5 on the straight bar dips (there hard!!). I never used to add weights to pull-ups of dips but at the end of upper body session like these I’ve been adding 10kg to pull-ups for 5 reps and up to 25kg for dips for 8-10 reps. I feel so good, my shoulders, arms and chest are the best they’ve ever been and the only weights I’ve lifted is during leg exercises.

        I’ve been practicing static holds on rings and rig bars. We haven’t got any parallettes or parallel bars so I might have to invest in some myself. I wanna practice some hand stands but it’s hard on my own.

        Do you ever come to the UK?

        1. Hey Nick,

          I’ve been in London a few times, but not really. Haha, would be fun to workout some time.

          With regard to handstand issue, check out the blog I wrote about handstands. It’s pretty useful even if I say so myself. And you can do all of the exercises without any help 😉 + I’ll teach you an easy way to overcome your fear of falling. It’s by learning how to fall.

          Beast Mode ON!

  22. Hey Rich,

    Thanks so much for putting all of this info together and especially for making it available for free.

    I used to gym but grew continually tired of the whole gym culture and wanted to take the natural bodyweight route and develop core strength and a well-proportioned physique. So thanks to you and the rest of the community for helping me get started far faster than I would have otherwise been able to by myself.

    I’ve done 3 workouts so far using the desolate unloved set of monkey bars hidden away in a far corner of my university campus in Shanghai. The way I see it is it’s my own personal gym 😀 Even after 3 workouts my muscles feel more pumped than they ever did even after a heavy gym workout and muscles I struggled to develop at the gym are already appearing (especially obliques and smaller muscles around the torso). It’s also great to be working out outside – rain or shine – like I used to when I played sports regularly.

    Wanting to really get the hang of this stuff and eventually start the Shanghai chapter of Bar Brothers!

    Thanks again!

    1. Hey Ryan,

      Haha, comments such as yours give me true motivation and inspiration. You will be without a doubt one hell of a Bar Brother BEAST!

      Well, that’s an awesome goal and by all means go FOR IT! Make your own chapter and inspire others!

      Beast Mode ON!

  23. Empecé la semana pasada a entrenar con el workout de los seis meses, me siento bien, lo estoy dando todo. i’ll want to do the human flag… thanks.

  24. Hello I want to ask you, in month 3 what must I do? I do 3 sets of let’s go and three sets of full body or let’s go and full body one another one and this one time..(sorry for bad English) This program it’s so good and I want to thank you too. Please answer to my question

    1. Hey Vasilis,

      Thanks for you positive comment!

      In month 3 you combine the routines, so you do both let’s go 3 times and the full body routine 3 times.

      The sequence doesn’t really matter, just get in those 6 cycles.

      Hope this clarifies things!

      Beast mode ON!

  25. Hey, um mind helping me with a few routines to get started.. I’m interested in this program but I don’t know where to start 🙁

    1. Hey Jonathan,

      Welcome to the movement!

      Of course bro, if all went well you have received the full e-book by now.

      The e-book contains a routine for complete beginners and will provide you with all the information you need.

      Just read the e-book and you will get your answers!

      Beast mode ON!

  26. Guys first thnx for changing my life i’ve always been long and skinny now i want to change i’ve watched a lot of your yt vids like the 1 year transformation and im motivaded as hell im going for it thank you so much for changing my life☺ and btw if i have cramp should i train thru it or???

    1. Hey Abdennour,

      Welcome to the movement!

      Great to have you :D. With regard to your question. If you have cramps, you might want to consider consuming more water prior to your workouts.
      In addition to that, make sure you do a proper warming up and of course it has to do with the adaptation of your body. Give yourself time, don’t push yourself to hard, but push yourself in a smart way ;).

      Beast mode ON!

  27. I got the email, what do I do next? I saw the video and I have been motivated for a while now and you have gotten me to finally take the step forward but I honestly dont know how to start bcuz I’m not sure if I should get a training program or what?

  28. I’ve been working out using Olympic rings for a while now but really want to start on the bars and didn’t know how. I’ve also always really struggled with diet- I either seem to eat too little and waste away or eat too much/the wrong things and get too heavy so my strength:weight ratio is totally off and I’m worse at training. The fact that you’ve put all of this information together for free is awesome! I can’t wait to read the beginner guide and get started. I’d love to get muscular and shredded like some of the regular calisthenics guys I’ve seen. I hope that at 34 I haven’t left it too late but who knows, maybe one day I can be a Bar Brother 🙂

    Anyway thanks for taking the time and effort to help people out like this.

    1. Hey Leon,

      Awesome! I personally love rings!

      If you are struggling with your diet, I can really recommend the free guide. It contains tons of good stuff which I have gained from reading hundreds of books.

      It’s all about counting calories and making calories count. What, when and how much.

      Anyways I hope you enjoyed the e-book, I’ll be updating it pretty soon.

      If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

      Beast mode ON!

      1. Hey, thanks for the reply 🙂

        Does the ebook get emailed to me or do I need to download it from somewhere? I’ve received a couple of emails (and of course I decided to take the red pill!) and have had a look around the barbrothersgroningen site but can’t see it anywhere.

  29. Look forward to getting this started. I’ve been serious about my training for a little over a year going to the gym 6-7 days a week, eating right and the results are there. After getting injured in the military I let myself go and got up to almost 400lbs. So far, I’m down 140 lbs right now. It all started by watching a bar brothers video on youtube and that’s when I decided I wanted to do that too. I’ve done everything on my own from figuring out my diet to establishing a workout routine but I’m trying to up my game and start a calisthenics based routine as well. I can’t wait to get this going!!!

  30. I’m about to start with the program. I’m so looking forward to do this. I’m ready to change my life thanks to you guys! Thanks for the motivation!

  31. Hallo,

    I finally got the confidence to start but I just don’t know how! I gave my email but haven’t anything yet.
    Alvast bedankt!

    1. Hey Ayoub,

      Welcome to the movement!

      By now you should have received an additional e-mail with a link to the free e-book!

      If you haven’t yet!

      Reply to one of the messages you’ve got in your inbox!

      Beast mode ON!

  32. Hey,
    I still have t got the subscription email.
    Also I’m doing the Essential 6 Month Calisthenics Workout Plan For Bar Brother Beginners. I’m on the first month and it’s saying I could add a leg workout. I want to do the leg routine but can’t find it. Could you send me it please.

  33. Hey guys,

    I´ve been following similar calisthenics programmes for several months and I´m starting to get a bit top heavy – most programmes seem focused upper body strength. Any tips, other than doing my leg work, on how to balance out my lower body?


    1. Hey Grant,

      Good question!

      The only way to do it is basically by progressively overloading the legs and the only way to do so is by…doing leg work. There is no way around it ;).

      What are you looking for exactly? What are your goals with regard to your legs?

      Beast mode ON!

  34. Can calisthenics improve my strength as a martial artist
    The workouts are all in the 15 + reps range so looks like calisthenics can’t be taken to a better level when it comes to strength
    Give me an example and I bet I can go for at least 10 at ease

  35. hey, so I’ve been looking at bar brothers for about three or four days now. i’m thirteen years old, and i’ve been doing crossfit 3-4 times a week for about 6 months now. it’s still pretty hard for me to even get two pull-ups, but i can do lots of chin-ups and push ups. i just feel like ill never be able to do it….all my friends are able to, and i can’t. i feel pretty week, and i was looking into this, and the only problem is that i don’t have a pull up bar, and i can’t get one for a little while, and the closest one is 20 minutes away, at the crossfit. i was just wondering if you have any suggestions, and ways that i can work out, and stuff like that. i feel like ill never get a handstand, and i am struggling but not giving up. I’m saving up to join the system, and i was wondering if you think it’ll work for me. thanks.

    1. Hey Tristan,

      Welcome to the movement!

      Great that you are working on increasing your strength! For a 13 year old doing chin ups, is pretty darn impressive, so don’t beat yourself up. You are stronger than 99% of 13 year olds out there ;).

      What do you want to learn? Handstands? Pull ups? There is a lot of info in the free starter guide and on this website, but you need to set a clear goal for yourself.

      The system will work for most people, but only if they make it work ;). No pull up bar is going to pull you up, you have to pull yourself up.

      If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

      Beast mode ON!

  36. Hey Guy,
    I am a 45 year old single father coming out of a horrible divorce. I have two boys 7 & 9. They are both great athletes but the 7 year old has always struggled with confidence. Now after the divorce its been really bad. I used to be in great shape before the hell I went through the last 2 years almost killed me. I lost 50 pounds and went all the way down to 160 pounds and I am 6’3″!! I also started a horrible smoking habit about the same time. All that coupled with drinking alcohol everyday lets just say I got extremely unhealthy. Well in the past 6 months I am back up to 215 pounds but extremely out of shape. My kids have pretty much watched me deteriorate. I know that this is a chance to show them how to get back up when you get knocked down. So I am determined to do that.
    At the same time I went completely broke. So, because I can’t join a gym right now, I decided to build us a pull up bar after watching some crazy street workouts online. After completing the pullup bar I started looking for a program to follow. That’s when I stumbled upon you guys. I can’t believe a few young guys have inspired me so much. But I can swallow my pride and give credit where credit is due. HELL OF A JOB!!!! I am in with you guys. I believe in what your message is.

    Now. Currently I can only do 10 pullups. My 9 year old 2 and my 7 year old 1(sometimes lol). I am wondering if the 12 week system is something we can all do together or will it be too advanced. What would you guys recommend? We are going to document our transformations over the next few months. Appreciate any advice we can get.

    1. Hey Matthew,

      First of all thanks for sharing such a personal and inspiring story.

      I’m happy to read that you are moving forward and keen on becoming your best self in addition to inspiring your kids.

      Thanks for the credits and just as much credits must go to you for taking on this knowledge. The 12-week system is definitely a tough cookie to swallow, especially for younger kids. I’d say it would be too demanding at this point for them. For you however, it will definitely be a great tool to use in your overall development and the exercises you learn can be taught to your kids of course. In that case they too will benefit from it. If you feel like you need a bit more preparation however, I would suggest starting with the free 6 month plan or the exercises in the free ebook first, see how it works for you and if you feel ready, go for the system.

      Keep me updated, I’m looking forward to hearing more positive news!

      Beast mode ON!

  37. Yo yo yo, martin here!
    I’m about to reach the fourth month with the “muscle up hunt” routine… This far everything have been doing great but i dont think there is a chance i Will complete the workout… After lets GO routine i’m litterly Done(almost that i cant do more normal pull ups) and now i’ll be supposed to do 10 chest High pull ups AND another 8 pull ups with clap? I’m also Feeling totally Done in My shoulderna after 3 lets go routine cycles(with 4 dips on straight bar) and now i’m supposed to do each set with 12? I’m not sure i Will make it! But giving up is not an option! Some help could be needed.

    1. Yoooo, wazaaaaaap! 😉

      Great job on getting to month 4.

      Haha, I didn’t say it was going to be easy. By now you’ve spend 3 months on basically the same patterns, month 4 means new patterns, which means new challenges. No worries. Do the amount of reps you can and then resume with an easier progression. So let’s say you can do 1 clap pull up, do 1 and do 7 regular pull ups after that. The next week you can do 2, so you do 6 normal pull ups after that etc…

      Take your time on month 4. The amount of strength you will gain however, will make doing a muscle up much, much easier.

      If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

      Beast mode ON!

  38. Yo I really don’t know what I should eat!! Help me man! And the calisthenics should I purchase the system(3 month program) or the 6 month program the free one??

    1. Hey Ayoub,

      Great question!

      You can get a free diet guide here:

      It really depends, the system will give you a more complete and detailed plan, you can find how it works exactly here: The 6 month plan is completely free, but does not contain full video explanations, if you can afford it, the system is the way to go. If you cannot, the 6 month plan is great too.

      Beast mode ON!

  39. Wassup Bar Brothers😂,
    My name is Angel and I have been dying to get an amazing workout program! Well, first of all im 16 and im 5’11, the bad thing is I am incredibly skinny. I saw a Bar Brothers work out video, where a tall and skinny teen used The System and gained an Incredible physique. Every since then, I have been devoted to changing my life! Its so amazing how inspirational you guys are and I mnow that after this journey, I can inspire others to join the movement. Of course all credit will go to you, Bar Brothers.
    p.s. i would love to get some Bar Brothers T-shirts or sweaters

  40. Good evening,

    I tried to subscribe for the starter plan a couple of times but didn’t recieve an email. I would appreciate if you could send it to my email . Id love to try calisthenics but i cant do a single pull up so I hope the starter plan will help me out….

    Martin from Darmstadt, Germany

  41. Hi,

    I break my fast and start my 8 hour eating window at 1pm but I cannot train 6pm ( as I am at work ) so which foods should I break my fast with and when should I be eating them ?

    Many Thanks


    1. Hey Simon,

      Great question.

      It depends on a lot of factors.

      But the biggest portion of carbs preferably post workout.

      So prior to that primarily healthy fats and protein. You can find a free diet guide on the website ;).

      Beast mode ON!

  42. Hi,
    How could I be a client of bar brothers and give all books videos etc….
    This work cannot be all free😉
    Best Regards,

  43. Heyy, as a start im one of your big fans from Jordan Middle East,
    And I have couple questions!
    I have been working out/weight lifting/body building for the past 3 years but never was able to get the muscle definition I always wanted, so im moving to this and thinking about dropping body building, is this a good idea?
    If not can I do weight lifting 3 days per week and the other days do your 6 months training program?
    Or I can only do one?
    And do I have to start with begginer training prog.? Since I can do most of the workout easily or I should jump into month 3 directly!
    Thank you in advanceee

    1. Hey Mohammad,

      Great question and welcome to the movement!

      It all depends on your goals. There is no right or wrong without knowing why you are doing stuff.

      Yes, if that’s what works for you. It all depends on your goals ;).

      If you feel like the first months are too easy, make sure you have proper technique and move on to a month which meets your level of strength.

      Have fun!

      Beast mode ON!

  44. Hey Rich, started with the beginner full body routine this week and i am feeling great !! Thanks for your programe !! Beast mode on !!
    I am from Belgium but I study in Vlissingen Holland. Problem is that we don`t have calisthenics places in this town . We only have gyms. I did gym for 6 months but it feels boring so i decide to start with calisthenics. But i have to do that in the gym.. Maybe you should know a place near to Vlissingen where i can do calisthenics with people who are interested in this as well ? Cause it feels a lot better when you have people who can motivate you. In the gym, this is not the case.
    Thanks for reply !

  45. I never said “cant wait to workout”. The minute I figured out about Bar brothers I went outside to start doing pull-ups.

    BEAST MODE ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. I got really sick with thyroid and adrenal problems after our second son was born and had some pretty bad muscle wasting. We just had our third boy and I’m tired of not being able to keep up and always feeling weak (I have been on the swim team, rowing, and wrestling), so I’m hoping old fashioned exercise will help me get fit again so I can play and run with my boys and eventually grandkids.

    1. Hey Stephenny,

      Welcome to the movement and thanks for sharing your story.

      That’s a great goal to have and I’m sure you’ll be stronger and outplaying and running those boys in no time.

      If you have any questions, feel free to ask them.

      Beast mode ON!

    1. Hey Ben,

      Good question.

      As far as I know, there are some street workout groups located in Iran, but I’m not in touch with them.

      I suggest you look them up on google and send a message!

      Beast mode ON!

  47. Hello everyone,

    I found calisthenics for me and I’ll start training this day! 3Months ago i couldnt even do 3 push ups now i can do almost 20. I’ll become a Bar Brother no matter how long it will take and how hard it’ll be! I hope a Bar Brother will read this and will see my video when i will achieve this goal and see the tears of happiness in my eyes cause this will be THE best moment in my life. See ya soon!

  48. this year I made a great decision about changing my body shape at first, but ultimately I’ve found that it not only changed my body but my mind, Now when I set a goal I want to achieve it. It was at the beginning with my weight, I weighted 192 Pounds and I’ve lost 20 pounds and became fitter, stronger and more durable in real life situations. With your training I expect to get even stronger and more resistant. Thanks for such a nice job, it’s priceless.

    1. Hey Tony,

      First of all, welcome to the movement!

      Thanks for sharing your inspiring story and that’s truly it. Once you have the right mindset, things will change.

      Keep up the good work.

      And if there is anything I can help you with, let me know!

      Beast mode ON!

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