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Bar Brothers Beast Mode Inspiration Series – J Kalibro

“Spend over 1/4 a year lying down on my bed, injured. I trained for hours, practicing techniques my Brothers thought me and when I got my first muscle up, I felt like flying!” – J Kalibro


In the coming weeks multiple Bar Brothers will be interviewed in the Bar Brother Beast Mode Inspiration Series. The first interviewee is Jeroen Kappen an awesome and inspiring Bar Brother with a remarkable story!




Who are you?


JK. World traveler, hard worker, dive into the unknown, adventure, focus, showing up, love cooking and eating healthy, enjoying live, honest, new age entrepreneur, Frank Medrano-Wannabe .

I don’t take the easy way, I take the way which makes me stronger! I don’t give a shit what others say, I do my own thing.


“If there is a solution to a problem, i don’t worry! If there isn’t a solution to the problem, there isn’t no reason to worry!” – J Kalibro


What is your favorite motivational quote?


“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!” – Wayne Gretzky


Why did you join the Bar Brothers?


To be honest, basically two main reasons:

Reason 1: I spent about 5 to 6 years in gyms, but it became kind of boring. And when I heard Rich talking about Bar Brothers I just had to check it out. I watched some YouTube-videos and was just amazed what guys like Frank Medrano can do.

I thought I need to learn this shit. It’s not just building muscle strength and endurance. It’s also ART!

Reason 2: I got a hernia in my lower back, last summer 2013. Spend over 1/4 a year lying down on my bed, feeling miserable. After 3 months doing nothing I really wanted to flex those muscles again, but going to a gym wouldn’t be the best idea.

As you quickly use to heavy weights and don’t do the exercises properly, as must guys who go to the gym. And calisthenics is a damn good alternative if you have this kind of injury.

I started working out with the Bar Brothers since December 2013, and I haven’t had any regret. Such motivated guys and girls. It’s like a family to me. And the freedom of training in the fresh air. it’s just a delight.


“And it’s free as well. And come on, how awesome is it when you do muscle up after muscle up, or a human flag. Such a thrill.” – J Kalibro


What is your most inspiring Bar Brother Experience?


Doing that first muscle up! I trained so long for it, not understanding the technique. But every day going straight out of my work to our workout-spot (Canadalaan) I trained for hours, practicing techniques my Brothers thought me.

And yes I succeded doing 3 in a row after 2 weeks of practicing these technique’s. I felt like…



What do you say to yourself at the last rep?


“I need some water and a massage!” – J Kalibro


What would you say to aspiring Bar Brothers?


“Practice hard! Practice smart! … and, just show up!” – J Kalibro


Special thanks to J Kalibro for sharing his thoughts on Bar Brothers Groningen!


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