The 5 Best Bar Brother Workout Youtube Videos (Watch This)

I bet you have seen them.

Those 1.000.000 viewer youtube workout videos, and thought:

“One day, that will be me”.


Or more likely, “I wish I were that person.”

You might think that they were born this way, they were not.

You might think that they have some magic method, they don’t.

Or maybe even after trying a few times and giving up, you concluded that this wasn’t meant for you.


Whatever the case is, here is how I look at things:

“Whether you think you can or can’t, in both cases you are right.”

Whenever you see someone doing stuff, realize that that someone used to be and actually still is a beginner too.

A beginner who never gave up…

The 5 Best Bar Brother Youtube Videos


So I looked up 5 of the best Bar Brother youtube videos of beginners…who never gave up.

Before you watch them, put on some training clothing.


Because after these videos, you are going to be motivated as hell!


1. Bar Brothers DC Youtube Transformation


2. Bar Brothers DC Youtube Higher Power Workout


3. Bar Brothers DC Youtube Never Say I Can’t


4. Bar Brothers DK Youtube Transformation


5. Bar Brothers DC Youtube Female Workout


So when you look at these videos and say: “I want to be that person some day.”

My question is: “Why not today?”


To all the neverquitters…

To all the beginnerswhonevergiveuppers…

And to all the beastsmodeoners…

Go make that wish of yours come true!


PS. That picture at the beginning of this post…that’s me, still a beginner who never gave up.


4 thoughts on “The 5 Best Bar Brother Workout Youtube Videos (Watch This)

  1. Bar Brothers,

    I have watched the video “16 year old incredible body tranformation (calisthenics)” and I started the beginners training program in October. I was exactly like that boy, 14 years old and very weak, around 100 pounds. I am now 102.6 pounds and 15 years old. I have been doing exactly everything the program says to do, yet during some months I actually lose weight instead of gain weight. I am very confused and I want to look my best like that boy in the video. I still am not giving up and I keep doing the exercises yet I feel like I am doing something wrong because I am not seeing the results. Thank You for everything and helping me get started with the program.


    1. Hey John,

      That’s wonderful to hear that you have taken action to become your best self.

      With regard to your question, it’s quite difficult to answer, because…getting those results does not only have to do with training the exact same way. It also has to do with having the right diet, executing the exercises and doing every single thing the exact same. I’m not sure what his program was, but I always advise people to do what other successful people have done, but to realize at the same time that they have to fine tune it to their own body.

      If you do 10 push ups and I do 10 push ups, we will do the same amount of repetitions and the same training, but those push ups will not have the exact same effect on my body as they will on yours. This does not mean we cannot achieve the same level of strength though, some people just have to work a little harder for the same results. But you know what? In the end those people will appreciate it more.

      To summarize, use what he has done and his training methods, but if it does not work for you, let’s say you lose weight, look exactly at what you are doing and eating and fine tune it for yourself. Make adaptations, there is no 1 magic method or 1 size fits all thing.

      Beast Mode ON!

  2. I’m sorry to bust your bubble guys but doing everything the same as what Christian did in his video will not get you the same results. Thinking so is just plain ignorance. Sure you can try his workouts do everything he does in your own way but getting his body is ignorant. Hey. I’m literally you 100 lbs, 14 yrs old, and 5’6” but I’m not crying about my weight. I have lean muscle mass but 100 lbs in my book is not underweght if you have muscle but less fat. Also don’t rely on your weight/BMI to dictate how well you’re doing in calisthenics. Heck, you could be like this kid (200lbs and 6’1”) and you could be listed as overweight when you have a lot of muscle. Also eat more and look up ‘How to Count Macro’s to gain muscle or lose weight by Micheal Kory’. It’ll help you figure out how much of each macro nutrient you need to consume to achieve the body you want because I was once really skinny but now I have some muscle and achieved a lot. I still have a long way to go though but to achieve greatness you need to accept who you are and what you look like. Not two people in this world are exactly the same. So just appreciate what god gave you and with work hard, keep the determination, and consistency and you’ll get the body you want not the one other people got but the one you want. Good luck on your journey. Salute to Bar Brothers DC and all other Bar Brothers around the world. PEACE

    1. Hey bro,

      I love this comment! It shows exactly what this site is about. There is no one-size-fits-all, it’s all highly individualistic.

      And of course it’s about the fundamentals in terms of dedication and consistency. As you will agree, just as much as everything can work, a everything can’t work, without the right leverage and motivation in place!

      Keep it up bro, thanks for the comment!

      Beast mode ON!

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