The requirements to become an official bar brother and beginner requirements

The Bar Brother Requirements + Videos

So let me guess!

You have been training for quite a while.

And you feel stronger.

The urge to reach unknown heights is motivating you more and more.


You seem to be improving on a weekly basis.

And you are looking for something more challenging.

You really want to start building that body of yours.

Do things you have never done before.


You want to be a Bar Brother.

An official Bar Brother.

And you know that in order to become a Bar Brother, you will have to meet some requirements.



There are two requirement levels.

The beginner challenge (Bar Brothers Groningen Requirements).

And the advanced challenge (Official Bar Brothers DC Requirements).


Why two challenges?

Because the Chinese wall wasn’t built in one day.

You need to do it brick by brick.





Passing The Bar Brother Requirements


The beginner requirements are a not too difficult.

And give you an easy goal to start off with.

But don’t underestimate the challenge.

Especially when you are new to Bar Brothers.

It might seem easier than it actually is.


Enough talk, let’s start with the first brick, the beginner challenge.



The Bar Brother Beginner Challenge



Containing the following exercises:

  • 4 muscle ups
  • 15 dips
  • 20 pushups
  • 10 jumping squats
  • 10 leg raises
  • 4 muscle ups


So you passed the beginner requirements? *Applause*

Well done!

Let’s make things a little more difficult.

Let’s lay down the next brick.


The ‘OLD’ Bar Brother Official Challenge


 Consisting of the following exercises:

  • 7 muscle ups
  • 25 dips
  • 10 pull ups
  • 25 push ups
  • 10 leg raises
  • 7 muscle ups
  • 5 minutes


This old version of the requirements, is definitely still a big challenge and one to be proud of when passed.

Things have changed recently however.


The ‘NEW Official Bar Brother Requirements’.

As of 2016 the old requirements no longer hold and have been updated with the major difference being an addition of ‘pistol squats’.



The ‘NEW’ Bar Brother Official Challenge


Consisting of the following exercises:

  • 7 muscle ups
  • 25 dips
  • 10 wide grip pull ups
  • 20 pistol squats (10 each leg)
  • 25 push ups
  • 10 full leg raises
  • 7 muscle ups
  • 5 minutes


This is where it all comes together.

The time.

The effort.

And the reward.



How Should You Build Yourself Up To The Bar Brother Requirements?


While your ultimate goal is to pass the official requirements, being a beginner going from ‘not being able to do 1 pull up to having to do 14 muscle ups is a huge leap’.

That’s why it’s good to slowly progress and to view each challenge as a stepping stone for the following one.

Follow the free 6 month plan, start with the system, update your diet.

Take your time, don’t rush things.


Write a date down in your agenda when you want to pass any of the 3 requirements, take massive action and write down your achievements no matter how small to stay motivated.

Frustration will not get you there. Excuses will not get you there.

Consistency will. Sweat will.



What Does It Take To Pass These Requirements?


It’s no rocket science, but you probably don’t want to hear it.

That’s why most people will never pass these requirements.

What makes you different?


You know how to build a wall and you have the 12 week system to help you cement the process.

Which means you also know how to build your body.

It works the same way.


Brick by brick by brick.

By rep by rep by rep.

And when you look into the mirror today or tomorrow with the image of what you want to look like, who you want to be like or what you want to feel like in your mind.

You will know that knowing this doesn’t mean that you ‘will’.

But it does mean that you ‘can’.


Beast mode ON!



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191 thoughts on “The Bar Brother Requirements + Videos

  1. in my country its hard to find a park to work out in … i am from Palestine i wish you can help ??!
    but i believe i can do it ….. i am collecting my money to build my bar LOVE YOU … bar brothers for ever

      1. Hi, that is a great challenge I will soon do the 2 challenge but I have a question to be clear what is the 5 minutes mean on the advance challenge? thanks!

        hope to be a Bar Brother someday. more power guys!

          1. hey,
            can i upload the requirements on youtube?(any copyright issues)
            and when i fulfill the requirements how would i get to know tham i am officailly a part of bar brothers?

          2. Hey bro,

            You can upload them without a doubt, there are tons online already. It’s the perfect way to spread the movement!

            Well it’s more of a personal challenge to prove to yourself that you have achieved an official bar brother level.

            Ever since you started working out you became a bar brother, but once you pass the requirements you have the results to back it up.

            Beast Mode ON!

          3. So once if we complete the requirements, do we post the results on YouTube and send it to you via YouTube messages to become an official member? I’m ready to try it!! 😀

          4. Hey Marlon,

            Yes that’s it :D! Essentially you are a brother once you start to do calisthenics, but to make it official for yourself and the people around you the requirements were set up.

            It’s a personal achievement which you can be pround of and which shows that you have achieved bar brother worthy strength levels!

            Beast Mode ON!

      2. Hey there ,
        I’m from India and I wanna become a barbrother member as in the CEO of barbrother_India . just wanna know if barbrother_India already exists or not . please reply and where do I post these videos of the completed requirements ??

      3. Hi, i have been doing calisthenics for nearly a year and then i found out Bar Brothers Groningem requirements. I`ve tried it and i succeed. What do i need to do now? I`m really stuck. Should i film it on video and send somewhere? Please help me and you will get one more Bar Brother).

        1. Hey Rafil,

          Awesome stuff, congratulations.

          Now you go for the official requirements, or try the system or you can progress with your own routines.

          You can film it and post it on youtube, but it’s basically something you do for yourself and to show others that you are able to pass the beginner requirements.

          Congratulations again and beast mode ON!

      4. In order to do pass the bar-brother official challenge should I be able to use my legs while doing the pull-ups, muscle-ups, and chin-ups. Or should I be able to do muscle-ups, chin-ups, and pull-ups without using my legs?

        1. Hey David,

          Great question!

          Basically you want to use the legs as little as possible. Especially with pull ups and chin ups. If you are using legs with those, you most likely haven’t developed the required strength and you are compensating. Take note that the requirements have been changed recently. I suggest you check out the official bar brother website for more information.

          Beast mode ON!

    1. hey bros

      Nice challenge . i only have one questio…after we do the Beginner or Advanced challenge we are an official bar brother????? THX

    1. Hey bro,

      Awesome to hear that you are so motivated!

      If you keep pushing your limits, you will come to realize that there are no limits someone once told me.

      There is enough information for you to get a head start here.

      If you have any questions let me know.

      Beast Mode On!

      1. In my town there isn’t a park with bars and cool stuff. So I trained at a kindergarden’s jungle gym. While I was training some people walked by and I could hear them mocking me and making fun of what I do where I’m doing it.
        then I remembered a quote ‘ Today I will do what you won’t so tomorrow I will do what you can’t’
        All day every day. Beast mode on!

        1. Hey bro,

          I know how that feels.

          But just as you say, if you keep training you will turn their laughter into amazement.

          As with all new things, people always try to put it down, but as soon as they see that it works they change instantly.

          Show them not in words, but through hard work.

          And when they laugh at you, just smile back and work even harder.

        2. i train to a kindergarden too…. but i do it when there are no children… late at night or early in the morning!

      2. do we get those Bar Brothers apparel i see everybody wearing for free when we complete the advanced challenge, or do i have to pay for that myself? also, do we get a certificate upon completion of the advanced challenge? thanks 🙂

        BEAST MODE ON!!!

        1. Hey Connor,

          Haha, good question!

          The merchandise has to be purchased by yourself indeed. It would be a bit of an expensive issue if I’d have to buy everyone gear ;), even though I wish I could…I’m still maintaining this website voluntarily.

          With regard to the certification, I can clearly state that there is no certification program right now. The requirements are primarily meant as a personal goal to strive for and to achieve.

          Essentially you are doing it for yourself and you can optionally upload a video to prove to everyone that you passed the official requirements.

          Hope this clarifies things.

          Beast Mode ON!

  2. BarBrothers = superhuman. This movement is awesome and inspiring. I am sponsoring equipment for a park outside my house for people in the area to start exercising and I would like to do it under the name “BarBrothers SA”. I have started training to complete the two challenges and it is going well. I decided to start this style of exercise because it takes me back to when I was a kid where we exercised for fun without even knowing it. This is so much fun! Thanks for the awesome tips and all the motivation.

    1. Hey Aaron,

      That’s really awesome to hear, I feel exactly the same about Bar Brothers.

      Going back to training the way it was supposed to be!

      Great, with consistent training you should be able to complete the first challenge within a few months.

      Keep me updated on how things are going and feel free to ask questions!

      BEAST mode ON!

  3. Hey .
    I’m in the eighth grade and I recently build a pull up bar and dip bars in my backyard and I started doing your workout routines(can already see the results) and wanted to know how many times a week I should train because I don’t want to overwork my muscles , and what I can do if I have sore muscles . Also I would like to know where I can get a bar brother t-shirt because I am going to do the bar brother challenge next year and I live in south africa. Thanx

    1. Hey Louis,

      That’s good to hear, results lead to more results.

      Read this blog on how often you can train and what you can do to increase your strength quickly:

      If you have sore muscles you can do this:

      Make sure you do a good warming up before every training and slowly build up the intensity over a longer period of time. There is no need to rush things.

      Awesome, I look forward to seeing your vid!

      Check out the shirts in the shop.

      Beast Mode ON!

      1. Thanx for your response and advice I appreciate it .
        Do you automatically become a bar brother if you complete the challenge or do you have to send the video somewhere. And can you get a bar brother shirt in South Africa or must I ship it in.

  4. Hello bar brothers, I saw your videos on facebook, and I was so inspired and motivated. I used to go to the gym but after i saw your videos and read some articles about you guys, I realized that the world is a gym indeed. So I began my training and hopefully and looking forward to be a member of bar brothers, I am from Philippines.

  5. Hi I just started to see ur videos on facebook. I an really motivated by them an I’m trying to be a new member to bar brothers.

  6. Hi
    I was wondering if I should send a video of me when I complete the bar brother challenge somewhere to become a bar brother, and I would like to know if I can buy a bar brother t shirt somewhere in South Africa.

    1. Hey Louis,

      You can definitely make a video, no need to send it.

      Just post it online, so we can spread the movement worldwide and people know what Bar Brothers is about.

      You can get the t-shirt via the shop in the menu.

      Goodluck bro!

      Beast Mode ON!

  7. Saludos Bar Brothers, he visto sus videos son de lo mejor!
    La forma como entrenan me hace ver que nuestro cuerpo no tiene limites, que todo con esfuerzo se logra, me he puesto una meta para este 2015, entrenar entrenar y superarme a mi mismo, y que mas quisiera ser guiado por ustedes, por sus rutinas de ejercicios y su alimentacion a diario.
    Podrian dar o explicar una rutina semanal de ejercicios, entrenando constantemente todos los dias, me serviria de mucho, ya que quiero convertirme en un BAR BROTHER.! y cumplir con los requisitos para ser parte de ustedes.

  8. Saludos Bar Brothers, he visto sus videos son de lo mejor!
    La forma como entrenan me hace ver que nuestro cuerpo no tiene limites, que todo con esfuerzo se logra, me he puesto una meta para este 2015, entrenar entrenar y superarme a mi mismo, y que mas quisiera ser guiado por ustedes, por sus rutinas de ejercicios y su alimentacion a diario.
    Podrian dar o explicar una rutina semanal de ejercicios, entrenando constantemente todos los dias, me serviria de mucho, ya que quiero convertirme en un BAR BROTHER.! y cumplir con los requisitos para ser parte de ustedes.
    como podria contactarme con ustedes?
    Greetings Brothers Bar’ve seen your videos are the best
    The way train makes me see that our body has no limits everything is achieved with effort I have set a goal for this 2015 train train and beat myself and more would be guided by you for your workouts and feeding daily.
    Could give or explain a weekly exercise routine constantly training every day he would serve me well as I want to become a BAR BROTHER and meet the requirements to be part of you.
    how could I reach you?

    1. Hey Carlos,

      Let’s make 2015 an epic year!

      First off all with regard to routines, start with these:

      This blog will help you speed up things:

      These two blogs will provide you with the information you need to start preparing for the requirements.

      Let me know if this clarifies things for you.

      Beast Mode ON!

      1. This is great!!!! I started workout almost 2 months. Until i realize that i did it all wrong. Now, i know all the steps thanks to Bar Brothers!!!!

  9. Hi, that is a great challenge I will soon do the 2 challenge but I have a question to be clear what is the 5 minutes mean on the advance challenge? thanks!

    hope to be a Bar Brother someday. more power guys!

  10. I live on an island faaaaarrrr away from Netherlands , Barbados to be precise (hopefully you know of it).
    Very interested in becoming a Bar-brother and there isn’t exactly a movement in my country.
    Do i need to post a video of me doing the beginner challenge (failed at the advanced lol) inorder to become an official bar brother?

    1. Hey Lamar,

      The goal of this website is to spread the movement world wide!

      So when you pass the exam you can post the video on youtube with the title Bar Brothers Barbados and you have yourself an official chapter.

      You can also post the beginner challenge to show your progress, but the advanced challenge is the most important!

      Haha, you know what, the most successful people have failed more times than anybody so keep failing, failing is important to succeed!

      Goodluck bro!

  11. Hello fellow Bar Brothers. I just opened my email and saw this Bar Brother challenged. I accept the challenged, just for making myself a healthy person. Don’t smoke, eat healthy food, drink a lot of water and be good to other people. Salute for all you Bar Brothers from Malaysia. 🙂

  12. I’m looking forward meeting at least the beginner’s challenge this year – Go Bar Brothers!! I know you mentioned working on a new website/platform and was wondering if you will have a place where different chapters can register. It would be more convenient for interested people to connect with others in there area and help build momentum for the movement. Facebook did have some groups but they were still a little disorganized and it would be nice to see then listed on the official website. Thoughts?

    1. Hey Victoria,

      Awesome to hear!

      Yes that’s supposed to be the case and you will probably find that back on the barbrothersdc website!

      Until then you will have to look the groups up yourself on facebook!

      Thanks for the remark!

  13. Many people told me “you never will get an awesome body as we have”… So i decided to turn on the BEAST MODE and show them what i can. I also follow Bar Brothers on youtube for a long time now and want to get one too!

    Best regards from Austria/Vienna

  14. So if you do both challenges do u just post them online the your a offical bar brother ?? Then do u just wear merchandise and can make tutorials and spread bar brothers

    1. Hey Bradley,

      Those exams are milestones for beginning Bar Brothers to have something to focus on and to show a certain degree of skill to other people who also want to join the Bar Brothers.

      You can post them online to spread the word and make the movement bigger!

      But you don’t necessarily need to pass the exams to be a Bar Brother, you are once you decide you want to be one! So welcome bro…

      Beast Mode ON!

  15. Hey I’m going to start bar training, but I wanted to know how often I should do it. Every day? Every other day? Any recommendations?

  16. Hi. I live in Transilvania (Romania). I am 16 years old. I do sports around 7 years. For months ago i started calisthenics. I want to be a legend. One day if i can do this challenge i can be a Bar Brother? I hope to answer.

  17. Hey. I have a question about the two challenges. If one completes the 1st challenge will that make them a bar brother? or does one have to complete both the 1st and 2nd challenge to become a bar brother? Please reply. Thanks

    1. Hey Alex,

      To be an official Bar Brother you need to pass the 2nd challenge.

      The first challenge was made to give you something to focus on as a beginner and to have a halfway goal, so it is a stepping stone for the official challenge, which is the ultimate goal.

      Beast Mode ON!

  18. so once we pass the advanced challenge requirement, what then? How would we know that we are officially a bar brother?

  19. Me agradaría bastante, formar parte de este equipo de calistenia, subiré mi vídeo de el primer reto. Solo quisiera saber, que mas tengo que hacer, si al subir mi vídeo seria mi entrada a el grupo? o necesito mas???,,, De ante mano, les digo que estoy construyendo ladrillo a ladrillo, como lo dice su frase y continuare con ello, gracias Bar Brothers.
    Recuerden BEAST MODE ON!!

  20. Hey guys ! I saw some videos how people do the requirments and they motivated me to do it too. Now I am training hard to become a bar brother. I threw a sight about the programs you suggest and I think they will help me a lot.
    I am very thankful to you! By the way I am from Bulgaria.

  21. So if I complete the advanced requirements am I an official barbrother? How do I actually join the team and prove what I can do?

    1. Hey Josh,

      That’s the case indeed! Actually the requirements are meant to give aspiring Bar Brothers a goal to work towards.

      And if you achieve that goal you can call yourself an official Bar Brother after uploading the video of you doing all the exercises to youtube.

      Beast Mode ON!

  22. Can you do all the requirements in any order, just as long as you complete everything in under 5 mins, or does it have to be done in a specific order?

      1. Thanks for the info! I was able to pass the advanced test in the set order, I just wanted to improve my time and form on the last 7 muscle ups, so I was just curious.

        I am going to try to beat my time of 4:38 today. Wish me luck.


  23. hy! I’m 15 years old and have been working out for a while, and I want to do the first challenge.. so i want to know where do I have to send my video?

  24. i’m only 11 and i am a very active kid that loves sports and basketball and i was able to do the beginner challenge easily and now i striving for even more and i’m trying the intermediate bar brothers Thank you for making Bar brothers.

  25. so i’ve completed the advanced requirements. but where do i post it for you to check it? How do i officially become a bar brother?

      1. I uploaded my video a while ago and mailed it to the site that you put in your comment, but i never got an answer.. :/ could you do me a favor please and check it? 🙂 here’s my (old) video (, thanks in advance! salute.

  26. Hey Bar Brothers do you have to do both the beginner and advanced to join the bar brother or just the beginner? And I’m from Canada, I was wondering if there is a BarBrothers__Canada? If not I would like to eventually be the CEO of BarBrothers__Canada

    1. Hey bro,

      Welcome to the movement! Actually the requirements are more meant to prove to yourself that you are a a bar brother level of strength!

      But the official requirements are world wide. The beginner requirements are more of a stepping stone to the official ones.

      I believe there are a few bb groups in canada already! Look them up on fb, perhaps you guys can join up and inspire each other!

      Beast mode ON!

    1. Hey bro,

      Awesome! You can just upload it to youtube showing the requirements!

      That’s to prove that you have passed the requirements to yourself and the rest of the world. From there on it’s on to developing yourself and fulfilling your potential.

      Beast mode ON!

  27. Hey bar brothers you are very inspiring to me and I was wondering how do I get a bar brother shirts. Do I have to be a bar brother??

    1. if not, can you let me know how to get things started? nobody does calisthenics where I’m from…I would love to spread the movement and watch the family grow!

  28. alright, so i want to do this but i want to start after i finish my summer classes. if i pay for it now, do i have to start right away or can i wait until after my class?

    1. Hey bro,

      Welcome to the movement!

      I assume you are talking about the system? You can start whenever you want! You’ll receive login details, there is however a limited money back guarantee period of 30 days. So if you are not serious about starting now don’t start now.

      In addition, what is keeping you from starting now? Ask yourself the question, whether it is an excuse or a reason. There is never a perfect moment to start 😉

      I’m not trying to sound harsh, i just want to make sure you get the point! Good to have you on the movement and have fun!

      Beast mode ON!

      1. Thanks for the info and the insight and you’re not being harsh, all valid questions. In a sense I am making exuses, but it’s not to workout, cuz I go to the now a out 3-4 times a week but im nerves to start a new program and have who know what get in the way of a day’s work. Im in the military and getting ready to change duty stations so I know it will interfere so by the time my class ends I’ll be moved and thats when I want to start.
        Thanks again and I look forward to decimating this program!

  29. I’ve Been Training Calisthenics For Almost 5 Months, I Live In The USA, To Become An Official Member Do I Have To Record My Exam? You Have Inspired Me To Better Myself In Every Way Possible, Becoming A Bar Brother Has Been A Dream Of Mine For A Very Long Time. (: Also Is There A Forum For USA So I Can Get In Touch With Some Bar Brothers? (:

    1. Hey Devin,

      Welcome to the movement and awesome that you have been working out!

      Passing the official requirements is more of a credibility check for yourself and the people around you. You can definitely film it and post it on the forum.

      And from that point on you can call yourself an official bar brother who has passed the requirements! You can find a free forum here there are bar brothers from all around the globe.

      Beast Mode ON!

  30. Hi I was wondering how I am supposed to post a requirement video since I almost meet all of the advanced reps? The only thing I can’t get is the muscle ups I’m stuck at 6. But it shouldn’t be too long. And what happens once you join?

    1. Hey Brandon,

      Awesome stuff!

      It means you have earned the credibility to call yourself a bar brother! It’s more a personal achievement which you will be able to share with other Bar Brothers.

      From that point on, it’s on you to help other people achieve the same level of calisthenics.

      Beast Mode ON!

  31. Hey…I’ve been workin’ out for about a year now, half of which was at the gym and since then I’ve been doing only calisthenics. I’ve been progressing fast, got my first muscle-up on 12.07 and on the 30th of july I did 10! :O
    But since then, I’ve never done so many muscle-ups, I partly think I did it because my 2 best friends were watching and kind of cheering me, gave me that adrenaline rush to go BEAST MODE.

    I still go BEAST MODE every training almost every day, but recently I’ve started to feel stuck,
    like I’m strong and all that, have good workouts, but I just don’t see that progression no more.
    It’s very frustrating for me and I’m not sure what to do, tried changing up my routine: Reps, Sets, Exercises;
    didn’t really change much.

    I am still growing stronger, but the progress has slowed down alot and is damn near invisible.
    Any advice is highly appreciated.


    1. Hey Raz,

      Awesome stuff first of all!

      Congratulations on your 10 muscle ups, that’s pretty amazing!

      Well…you are on a path that is referred to mastery and what I’m reading right now is that your beliefs of how mastery works are not in line with reality (I know exactly what you are experiencing now).

      That’s why I wrote a blog about this…it will completely explain what you need to know:

      Beast Mode ON!

  32. Hey I’m 19 years old I’m doing the 6 month beginners routine this is Day 3 on it bar brothers is my key to motivation I’m already fit but I wasn’t getting the results I wanted till I found this routine of just calisthenics thank you all for showing what it really means to make dreams into reality from hard work. I’ll comment again when I’m near the end of the routine

    Stay strong BarBrothers

        1. Hey XC,

          That’s definitely an option.

          It depends on your goals!

          If you are looking for a challenge, I suggest you start the 7 day beast mode challenge first to really kickstart your progress.

          From there you can check out the 6 month plan and if you are done with that, you can start looking at specific routines based upon what kind of move you want to learn (human flag, handstand etc.)

          Let me know if you want to join the challenge.

          Beast mode ON!

  33. Hi, really keen to join the bar brothers. I’m training twice a week and have almost got the muscle up and lever down. I want to be as involved in the community as much as possible. What do i need to do??? Aprreciate any advice. Thx

  34. How i want to know that I am already part of bar brother and how do you know that I part of bar brother when I completed a challenge bar brothers official? Sorry my bad languages

    1. Hey Burnz,

      The challenge is primarily a personal test for you to determine if you are able to pass the requirements.

      That being said, as soon as you decide to do calisthenics you can call yourself a bar brother, you just don’t meet the criteria yet.

      Hope this clarifies things.

      Beast mode ON!

  35. Hello bar brothers!

    I have started my training and will be attempting the challenge soon. I just had to congratulate you guys on what you have made here.. A world wide community that motivates and feeds off one another. Just from reading the comments you can see how many life’s you have changed, mine included, I thank you for that!

    Bar brothers for life!

    1. Hey Amr,

      Of course you can!

      There only isn’t a certification program whatsoever, if you meet the criteria within the required time you can show people that you meet the standards to call yourself a bar brother.

      Just upload it to youtube, that’s it.

      Hope this clarifies things.

      Beast mode ON!

  36. Hey, I read on this and I’m planning on starting the six month plan/workouts you have in the guide. This Christmas I am getting a pull up bar/rack. (Cap strength power rack) and after that I am going to start the six month workout. I’m so pumped for next month, I’ve been weight training and weight lifting for a little over a year now with some minimal gains and really I had no idea where to start. I have really been reading into this calisthenics street workout and body-weight workouts and it really interests me because I think I would like that a lot more than what I am doing now. I am really stoked to take my first steps to become better. (Or as the guide would put it , a beast)

    1. Hey Anthony,

      Awesome stuff first of all!

      Haha, great man! Haha, that’s it ;), time to destroy your limits.

      With regard to making gains, really focus on your diet as well. You want to be consuming more than you burn, while at the same time consuming ‘healthy’ foods for your body.

      That’s basically the most dumb down rule for gaining.

      If you have any other questions! Let me know!

      Beast mode ON!

  37. hey bro, I finished the advanced workouts and I was wondering if there would be anymore coming out soon? If not where else should I look? Or should I make my own?

  38. Hey bro, I’m in the military and I’m about to go overseas for six months and I’m going to use your routine to stay in shape and gain some new skills. Thanks for this my man!

    1. Hey Jeremy,

      Welcome to the movement!

      Haha, awesome stuff man, it’s definitely useful for people who are keen on building functional strength.

      You are more than welcome and if you have any questions, let me know!

      Beast mode ON!

  39. Hey I visited and I came across official bar brothers requirements of 2016. They seemed to have added 20 pistol squats to the requirements(10 each leg). Just wanted to let you know.

  40. Hi! How can i buy BarBrothers clothes? 🙂 Or I need to be official BarBrother?

    Thank you for answer 🙂
    Salute from Transylvania!

        1. I might be wrong but every time I go to a Bar Brothers T-shirt web site, it leads me to a Design-Your-Own-Shirt website. So you might have to design it yourself?

  41. Hey, I can make the second challenge already , but I didn’t do the first one. I have to do it first? And were I can send the video. Thanks

    1. Hey Andres,

      First of all, awesome job on meeting the requirements! BEAST!

      You can upload your video to youtube! The requirements have been changed recently however, I can recommend you to go to the official barbrother site for more info.

      Beast mode ON!

  42. heey,
    what about if I pass the second challenge?? because im close to pass it.
    this is the way to become a official barbrother??

  43. I have recently completed the Bar Brothers requirements. I have posted my video of the accomplishment on Youtube. I haven’t heard anything back and its been roughly over a week. I was wondering if it just takes a while to hear something back as far as some kind of “official member status” or what not. I am representing Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States. But before I start making more videos putting up motivation videos with music I was just wanting to make for sure that I am allowed to wear the Bar Brothers attire and represent. Thanks.


    1. Hey Jason,

      Congratulations first of all!

      There have been a few changes with the update of the website however.

      The new requirements have been intensified, for further details go to the official website.

      Beast mode ON!

  44. Hey bro. Nice challeng, after i complete the beginner or advanced challenge i can have the proud to say that im an official bar brother ????

  45. Hey I want to know it’s 4 minutes or less or 5 and it must be clean form or not because I was ready for it but it’s changed

  46. Hi guys I have a question
    I was ready for the old requirements but it’s changed so what I should do can I do the old one

  47. I refuse to buy a bar brother hoody or t-shirt until I complete this challenge. When I complete it…then I will know I have earned a shirt and I can then call my self a BAR BROTHER!! Im on week one-day 4 right now. Wish me luck. You guys should do something special for the people that actually complete the challenge. Like, offer them an exclusive bar brother shirt/necklace/wristband. This would the ones who made it something more to be proud of and push the ones that are working towards it!!

  48. Hi Rich.
    I have two small kids, wife, two dogs and a full time job, so I haven’t found the time to go to the gym the resent year. I started with bodyweight-training at home, handstand push ups, one legged squats, pull ups etc, but I felt that I stagnated in my training.
    Then I stumbled on to your website and have seen great results the last months using your program, and have got a new spark to my motivation. On my evening walk with the dogs I always have time and I stop by a park, with beast mode ON!

    Just wanted to show my appreciation for your time and effort invested in motivating others to a stronger and healthier life.

    Best regards from Stockholm, Sweden!

    1. Hey Niklas,

      First of all I want to honestly thank you for taking the time to send me such a wonderful message.

      It truly means a lot to me. Thanks! And I’m sure the dogs don’t mind 😛

      If there is anything I can help you with in your journey, feel free to ask!

      Beast mode ON!

      Keep up the good work

  49. Hey guys, i love what youre doing here and am looking forward to incorporating it into my life style.

    Just wondering if you have any great albums / songs / playlists that you listen to whilst working out? Or whilst relaxing like you mention in the 7 day BM challenge

    I go through music kinda fast so new picks are always welcome 🙂

    Little recommendation to get started, Kruang Bin- late night tales album is good for the relaxation 🙂

    thanks for all!

    1. Hey Andy,

      Thanks for your message :D.

      Right now I mostly listen to podcasts while training, just to make sure I keep updating my info. But I also listen quite a lot to motivational music (Eric Thomas, Gary Vaynerchuk).

      Check out this blog for a few of the songs:

      And for relaxation I usually just type in some ‘natural’ music or some kind of meditative stuff.

      Thanks for the tip, definitely going to check that one out! Doing it right now btw…sounds pretty sweet :D, thanks.

      Beast mode ON!

  50. Found your blog. Its important to get quality tips and information to make a fit and muscular body. So thanks for sharing all that important information.

  51. Hey there. So i started 3 months ago, and my oh my, have i changed. Everything changed in my life. I am a professional tennis coach, and for most of my life calisthenics was part of my workout and my clients, but without me realizing how important it is. Bar Brothers initiative made me realize what I’ve been missing out on, for to long!! Iam in, and the transformation is unbelievable. the biomec (B-balance, I-inertia, O-opposite force, M-momentum, E-elastic energy, C-Coordination) of all the exercises and programes are exceptional and works. The drive to accomplish the impossible, is where you need to dig deep, and thats where my bar brothers came into play. I thank each and everyone of them..for this is not possible without them!!

    1. Hey Ruhan,

      Thanks for your amazing comment!

      It’s great to read that you’ve found something that resonates with you on a deeper level.

      Thanks for being such a positive force and for sharing the knowledge.

      Beast mode ON!

  52. Hello Bar Brothers,

    I wanted to know, do we need to complete the Bar Brothers Accelerator Program to become a bar brother or is it just a tool to help us become a bar brother?? And if it is a tool to help us, what’s the difference between the “Accelerator” and “The System”?? If we have “The System” is it worth buying the “Accelerator”?? or is the “Accelerator” just “The System” but with added weight to it. Hopefully you can help me understand and help me with answering these questions. Thank You.

    1. Hi,
      I don’t know if you say my last message, but i had some questions about becoming a bar brother and if “The System” and “The Accelerator” program are worth buying. Also i don’t see much reviews on the “Accelerator” so i wanted to ask if that is worth buying because it seems like the part 2 of “The System”

      Shaquil Njovens

      1. Hey Shaquil,

        Great question.

        You can always first start with the system. I wouldn’t do both programs, simply because it’s too intense. First work on the system and if you are confident about your progress, you can always upgrade to the accelerator which will address weighted calisthenics. But adding 20kg to a dip if you can’t even do a regular dip goes beyond the point of course.

        So, my advice..get the system first, try it and if you like it and need an extra plan upgrade to the accelerator. If you don’t, then just stick to the basics and work on those first.

        Beast mode ON!

        1. Hello Bar Brother Rich,

          Thank you for the reply. i have one more question. Is it worth buying “The Accelerator” if all it does is tell you to add weights to your workouts?? Can’t you just do “The System” and add weights to those workouts given there?? What makes “The Accelerator” something i should get if i do need an upgrade from “The System”?? Sorry i like to plan ahead with my workouts.

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