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A Motivational Bar Brother Story About You

You know this.

You know what it takes to become a Bar Brother.

You know it’s in you.

But sometimes it feels like motivation is something reserved for a chose few.


Only a few people on this planet have the ‘X-factor’ that allows them to be motivated 24 hours a day.

Only a few people wake up with the idea that they want to work out.

Only a few people are actually reading this.


Guess what? You are one of those few.

There is something you need to know to understand why you are one of the few people who can actually become Bar Brother strong.

Let me tell you something about you.



Bar Brothers


Make Your Motivational Story And Become A Bar Brother


Once you are motivated it’s not a choice any more.

You’ll do what you want to do.

You’ll achieve what you want to achieve.


The problem?

Getting started is the hard thing.

Once you are going, you will keep going and going until you reach a destination.

It might not be the destination you had in mind when you started in the first place, but you will have learned valuable lessons in the process.


You need to realize that no matter where you are right now.

The people who you look up to have faced similar challenges at some point.

And continued despite those.

It means you can too. How? You’ll find a way.

It’s now or never.

Do or you die.


Beast mode ON!




33 thoughts on “A Motivational Bar Brother Story About You

  1. I’m in Mechanicville, New York. Been looking for an alternative to weights and your routines are the best I’ve used so far. I love working out my upper body and I’m getting great results using only your beginners routines. My biggest problem is making sure I workout my legs just as much as my upper body. Any advice or certain routines I should be doing?

    1. Hey Edd,

      Alternate between routines. So combine a leg routine with an upper body routine.

      Do two routines every training, with regard to leg exercises check the beginner routines.

      I usually combine upper body movements with leg movements to hit both areas, legs are really important for your mobility and overall strength. Unfortunately a lot of people focus on the aesthetics of the upper body.

      My advice: Alternate between routines and do 2 routines every training, if you haven’t reached that level yet do one of both every other day.

      Beast Mode ON!

  2. Ive joined the Bar Brothers community and I think the program is awesome but i don’t have a bar to do half the exercise shown and I’m really struggling to put on weight, I eat so much but nothing happens and I workout when ever I have the chance but again nothing happens. Any advice? Thanks

    1. Hey Jacob,

      That’s great to hear!

      Remember, training and eating are both important, if you do one or the other suboptimal, you will get suboptimal results.

      1) Don’t expect great results if you are not doing everything you should do. This is how it works in reality:

      If you are good, you get average results.
      If you are great, you get good results.
      If you want to get great results, you need to be excellent (which means, doing everything, every single day)

      2) Work around the routines you cannot do, instead of pull ups, do handstand holds against the wall to develop shoulder strength and eventually do handstand push ups.

      3) Start doing the workouts completely, follow the 6 month plan:

      Beast Mode ON!

  3. Hi Rich,

    This is Tushar from India. One of my friend show me some photos of bar brothers and now I madly crazy about workout. I have your video of workout wherein you mentioned all body part workouts but I found that it is little heavy and as I am beginner, I am not able to do more than 2 times. So could you please give me any specific routine so that I can follow it and improve my muscles and strength.

    Thanks in advance and you a GREAT Bro.!!!!

  4. Wow. Bar brothers is amazing. Before I got a workout program, I started by doing simple workouts (pull ups, chin ups, push ups, etc) to get the core muscles stronger. I’m up to 3x1oz pull ups, 3×10 chin ups, and 3×40 push ups (1 wide, 1 reg, and 1 close hand). My question is this. I work pretty hard, and am reaching my temporary plateau, how long would you say before I should attempt a muscle up. This is my primary goal I’ve set myself to reach. I haven’t tried one yet cause I think I’m still a little weak and don’t want to fail. The weakness of course is the transition from the pull up to the dip on the bar. That middle point on a muscle up that I’m just not sure I can handle ad of yet. You have any time frame on when the “average” can successfully do a muscle up, and do you have any direct advice on the middle point transition of the muscle up?

    1. Hey Travis,

      You are doing really awesome already!

      It is quite difficult for me to say when you can attempt a muscle up (since I cannot see your training in person), what you can do is check out the 6 month schedule, it will give you the core strength which you will need for a muscle up. For the middle point you need strong triceps to push you up, you can get them stronger by doing dips. I needed around 2-3 months of training before I did my first muscle up, some people need a week. But on average it takes about 2-3 months.

      More, get used to failure, because if you want to succeed you will need to get used to failing. I actually fail almost every training, because I’m trying new things and pushing my limits. This might suck, but it will make you stronger. Of course you shouldn’t do this recklessly, but don’t make safe choices, because they aren’t going to push you forward as much as you want.

      Beast Mode ON!

  5. i want to ask you about something.i heard that bruce lee could perform 50 reps of one handed chin ups for the biceps.can you do so?because i see you are more strong and more muscular than him.

    1. Hey Monyeh,

      Haha, good question!

      I think few people on this planet will ever reach a Bruce Lee level of strength (If any). Because you see, strength is not jus muscle, strength is much more than just muscle volume/size. As time progresses you will discover for yourself that the biggest guy is far from the strongest. But to get back to your question I can’t do 50 by a long shot, but I can’t speak for other Bar Brothers.

      Perhaps a good goal to write down for yourself ;).

      Beast Mode ON!

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