The Practical Guide To Mastery And Why 97% Fails

Listen. Do you hear that?




That’s the sound of rage on the background.




I’m going to be frank here. No beating around the bush. No sugar coating.

Becoming a Bar Brother is damn hard work.

Body weight workout does not give you what you want, it gives you what you earn.


If you are not willing to earn it you are never going to get it…ever

Sorry about that. But I hate to see your dreams getting shattered.

I hate to see you fail.




That sound is the difference between a sheep and a wolf.

Whether you just started training or not, hearing that sound on the background is a sign that you are serious about becoming a Bar Brother.

Like all these guys.


Even they will admit it.

There have been moments of doubt.

There were moments where they felt as if they weren’t getting results.


Most of the people they started training with gave up after those moments.

That’s because whether you want to get killer abs, lose fat or learn a muscle up, the rules are the same: 97% of you will not make it.

I hate to say it. But it’s the truth.


If you want really want to master this stuff. Don’t worry.

I got you.

You just need to know why 3% succeeds and what sets them apart.

Find out which simple practical wisdom will help you become a master at this and change your results…indefinitely.



The Only Secret To Mastery Is That There Is No Secret


Mastery is not reserved for the super talented.

Mastery is not reserved for the fortunate.

Mastery is not some secret method or strategy.

Mastery is available to anyone who is willing to start something and stay on it, regardless of age, gender or other experience.


Most people don’t achieve mastery, because we are bombarded.

Instant gratification. Instant results. Short term success.

Leading us in the wrong direction.


It starts with baby steps. No results. No success.

The teacher shows you how to do a push up and you slowly go down, falling down right before you push yourself up.

This is how it starts and keeps going for days, maybe even weeks.


So you become impatient. You want to do more, be stronger.

The results just don’t seem to work your way.

Then after 6 weeks of frustration it CLICKS.

You push yourself up 10 times, your muscles have the strength, you even manage an 11th time.


As if it happened all of a sudden, overnight.

That’s not the case and you know it.

What happened? Was it a secret method? A secret strategy?

No, you took a glimpse into the mastery process and achieved your little moment of mastery.


Becoming a Bar Brother master will take you along a path that’s difficult, but rewarding.

You will learn as much about yourself as about the results you want.

Often surprising yourself after a period of non-visible results.

So what does mastery really look like?



The Master


Chances are that your idea of getting good at something is completely wrong.

It is sabotaging you right now.

The major issue is that most of us think or used to think (including me) that learning something new is like going through a serie of climaxes.


No long term effort. No plateaus. Just one line of continuous growth.

Making most of us masters at anti-mastery.

What most people think mastery looks like because of marketing quick fixes and commercials:


Bar Brother Mastery 5


What real improvement/mastery looks like:


Bar Brother Mastery 4



Learning body weight training or any other new skill is initially often started with a spurt of progress, followed by a slight decline and a loooooonnggg plateau.

To become a master you have to realize this: ‘you have to be willing to spend most of your time on a plateau’.

Working, working, working…

Even when you don’t seem to get anywhere, until..


You get that CLICK moment.

The click-moment will always come.

Your muscles, your coordination and all the other changes you are making need to align.


So when you want a six pack, want to learn a muscle up or want to pass the requirements, focus on the practice and do your exercises as good as possible.

The result will take care of itself, if you take care of the process.

Does not sound like a secret does it?

Still, some keep believing there is…



The 3 Anti-Mastery Masters That Will Never Get It


You have to learn to love the plateau every now and then.

Realize that at the end of the plateau a spurt of growth will follow and must follow.

If you don’t you will probably recognize yourself in one of the three characters who never achieve mastery:

The ‘overenthusiastic’ Dabbler, the ‘impatient’ Obsessive and the ‘satisfied’ Hacker.



The Dabbler


Bar Brother Mastery 1


If you are the dabbler, you love the idea of diving into the unknown.

You are someone who approaches a new skill with massive enthusiasm.

You love newness.


Your first spurt of progress, exhilarates you.

You want to share it with everyone: family, friends and people around you.

But when you hit the plateau, your motivation quickly leaves you.


You start making excuses, saying: “this is just not for you”.

So you start something else: a new skill, sport or challenge filled with entheusiasm.

You think you finally found something which is uniquely made for you.


You hit another the plateau.

Disappointed you stop and start something else, repeating the same process over and over…



The Obsessive



Bar Brother Mastery 2


If you are an obsessive one, your friends might think you are too competitive.

You will find yourself never settling for second best.

Only the results count.


In fact you want to do EVERYTHING at the first training.

You work out extra hours.

Your first spurt is just what you expected.


Then you hit the inevitable plateau.

You keep pushing, harder than anyone else.

You don’t understand why there is no visible progress.


You feel like there is an insurmountable brick wall you are up against.

You completely reject the skill, vowing to never try it ever again.

You hate the plateau…only to find it again in something else.



The Hacker



Bar Brother Mastery 3


If you are a hacker, you are someone who at a certain point of learning a new skill just says: “that it’s good enough”.

You don’t mind not being the best.

You just do what is asked of you, but never more.


You try to look for routines and exercises that will give you the optimal results with minimal effort.

You might find a few hacks here and there which will give you a high degree of skill.

But you never really obtain mastery, because only using quick fixes will not get you there.


You usually stop improving when things get too difficult and strive for feeling comfortable.

While others keep improving around you, you don’t mind.

You just stay on the eternal plateau of ‘good enough’.


Pushing yourself and breaking through your limits is something you’d rather not do.

The result is that while you might obtain a high level of skill, you never really reach your full potential.


While these categories give a statistic representation of reality.

Most of you reading this have a few characteristics of all of the three.

You might go through phases in your development where one of the three is the dominant one.



So Here Is What You Really Need To Know About Mastery


Realize that the mastery process is not a lineair line by stopping the idea of quick fixes.

Instant results?

There are NONE.


Develop an understanding of where you are and learn to LOVE the plateau.

Embrace it.

But don’t get stuck on it. Suck at it, suck at it, suck at it….then succeed.


Discover why you are failing and which ‘anti-mastery’ behaviour is keeping you from achieving your results.

Focus on changing your process.

And develop the right mindset. It takes time, but fortunately time is on your side. You can keep improving until your last breath.


You will discover this and more.

But most of all you’ll discover that…the path of mastery is always there.

Waiting for you. You just need to listen to it.



Beast Mode ON!



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31 thoughts on “The Practical Guide To Mastery And Why 97% Fails

  1. Awesome motivation as always. I’m getting back from a rotator cuff injury, no dips, no pushups for over a week. I found myself using stretchy bands real quick. I’ve come to far to quit. Re-read 5 things to do while injured, learned better stretching and the value in it. Today I ripped out 80 diamond pushups in 4 sets. They are more comfortable than regular or wide. My shoulder is still a bit tender.
    I’m at a plateau, have been for a while. gotta keep movin. you feel like a sedentary slug when you don’t.
    BEAST MODE (back) ON.

  2. I never believed in hitting a plateau.
    doing pullups , chin ups from a dead hang is tough, but, seeing progress on them gives me the desire to keep going. I want to eventually have enough strength to do a muscle up no matter how sloppy or miserable it looks.
    once I can do a few muscle ups, then I will know that I have really arrived at becoming
    a BAR BROTHER. Thanks for the support.

  3. Thanks for all of your emails. I am in my second month of the 6 month program and I have noticed significant improvement in strength. You guys are great motivators.

  4. Thanks for this…I’m in The Obsessive catergory, and I need to remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Month one, went great. Month two, was up and down. Going into month three, with the right attitude now. Again, thanks.

    Beast On!!

  5. hey man!

    After hitting the gym for two years, I’ve now finally signed up here for Bar Brothers – not because I didn’t hit my goals, but because I want to step outside my comfort zone.
    For so far I’m really surprised man; I hadn’t thought bar brothers was a brother-ship with such a ‘deep’ philosophy and such good motivational and informational articles!
    Can’t wait to read further and train harder!
    Thanks in advance for making this brother-ship possible!

    Beast Mode ON!

    And you will hear more from me!

    1. Hey Julius,

      That’s one of the best reasons to start something new. Living in your comfortzone is never going to get you anywhere than where you have been before.

      Haha, most people coming out of the gym are surprised, thanks bro!

      You are welcome and keep inspiring others!

      Beast Mode ON!

  6. I’m on month 4 of the 6 month program. I can honestly say that the muscle up hunt is the hardest thing I’ve ever done but I still manage to push and push no matter what. I have come too far to back out and I have no intention to. Beast mode ON!

  7. Hey man, great post! ive done calisthenics from may and going strong:D two muscle ups in a row and almost the third but not quite. and only when im warmed up. cant get them when im cold for some reason.

    Anyway i can relate to the click thing for sure, muscle up happened like that and yesterday a new thing. Ive done the one arm hang with chin up hold every now and then at work and everywhere when i see a bar. not in a work out so much. The hang and then take one finger off and that kind of things, always dropped down the second i took off the middle finger. SO! just yesterday when i was out with my dog and saw a pull up bar i thought “what the hell”. Went to it, took the grip and just let go the whole arm at once and what the actual hell!! the i hang with one arm for over 5 seconds. I was amazed for sure. The perfect click! Just couldnt believe it. And more is to come:)

    And for the pleateau thing: i have done the same thing, always 6 month and when hitting the plateau, new sport -> judo->mma->crossfit->gym. and so on. I liked the sports but somehow i always quit after six mont (ive noticed when i thought about it aftewards). Anyway this time i think im in for a long run for sure. Calisthenics gives you so much more than the gym for examble. Always some new exercise to learn no matter how experienced you are and i cant get enough of it. So thank you for your effort on this site, keep on rocking, mate!

    1. Hey Teukka,

      Thanks for the feedback!

      Haha, funny isn’t it ;). It usually doesn’t come when you expect it and then *click*, there it is.

      Calisthenics definitely gives you so much more than the gym does.

      Comments such as yours keep me motivated to keep getting the information out there!

      Thanks a lot bro!

      Beast Mode ON!

  8. Thank s my friends. You have so much right. I see it my own that my progression is not a strait line.I am 46 years and because of this, it is even more true that all you tell . Sorry for my english.

  9. I’ve been working out for the last 2 yrs, recently started with calisthenic, im keeping it simple for now, push ups, pull ups, squats…,any advice?
    Thanks for the post, great info to keep in mind


    1. Hey Dailin,

      Good question!

      Those are definitely the exercises to start with, to get basic movement patterns and fundamental strength going.

      As soon as you feel like you have the basics down, transition to either the 6 month plan, or the 12 week video system.

      From there it will be crystal clear as to what needs to be done ;).

      Beast mode ON!

  10. HEY BRO,

    1. Hey Durai,

      It truly means a lot to me to receive such a ‘flattering’ comment. I’m happy to help and I try my best to provide everyone who follows this blog with the best possible info.

      And I wish the same good things for you.

      Keep it up!

      Beast mode ON!

  11. Great article. It came at the right time as I am plateauing at the moment and was thinking things were going wrong.

    I am doing the first months workout but havent progressed onto the next month despite being 6 weeks in as I am still unable to do all the pull ups and chin ups with good form but I am getting stronger as I wasnt able to do any chin ups when I started.

    1. Hey Kevin,

      Thanks for you comment. I’m happy it shed some light on your process.

      Sometimes a plateau is indeed just a period where your body is laying a more solid foundation for you to leap forward somewhere further down the road.

      Keep up the good work.

      Beast mode ON!

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