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Bar Brother Magic (How To Float In Mid Air Like Jordan)

Ever tried to lay down in the air? If it’s your dying wish, read this post (If it’s not still read it). SPOILER ALERT! I am not going to reveal some kind of mid air floating magic technique.

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This is about Calisthenics and the real deal of air floating implies something more than just a trick. One of the most magical calisthenic exercises is the front lever. Especially because it almost seems as if you are floating in mid air. It can be performed as a static hold or used to perform reps from a hanging starting point. So let’s start the magic.

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Considering all the calisthenic bar brother exercises, performing a front lever is a pretty advanced exercise. This how to guide will probably not work for you if you haven’t mastered the basics.



1. Start with building strength

In order to perform a front lever you need serious strength and body control in your core.

Start with performing leg raises, dragon flags and dead hang pull-ups.

2. Cheat a little

Before you start doing the front lever, start of with the easier version in which you tuck in your legs towards your chest while moving them upwards until your legs are parallel to the ground.

Hold it as long as you can.

When this becomes a walk in the park start stretching one leg while keeping the other leg tucked in.

3. Build it up

When you have mastered the one leg tucked in version, you can start by keeping your legs wide.

By doing so you are shortening the length of the lever, which makes it easier, but still more difficult than the one legged lever.

4. Dynamic repetition

In order to build your front lever strength, doing reps by pulling up your body to a point at which you hold the lever position and then lowering your legs down again.

Keep your body as straight as possible.

You probably won’t be able to hold it yet, but you will memorize the motion and get your body accustomed to the required strength.

When you are unable to maintain your form, transition into leg raises in order to keep the burn going.

5. Practice

The average person needs 10.000 hours to become a master at something, so when you are not yet able to do all the Bar Brother exercises ask yourself:

‘How many hours have I already spent on these exercises?’

Probably not 10.000 hours yet.

Train your front lever periodically, shift between exercises and don’t beat yourself up over the progress, because in the end patience pays off and soon you will find yourself floating in mid air.


l_wings..barbrothers groningen

Or as one of the masters who was famous for his mid air floating skills and who understood the power of practice said: ‘No bird soar too high if it soars by its own wings’.


To lazy to read the text? Watch this video!

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