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Bar Brother Food Tips (The Only 3 Supplements You Need)

“Are there any supplements that I can take?”


This is an often heard question and it is quite hard to find a good answer, because everyone seems to have the best supplements (At least if you have to believe all the endorsed advertisements).

Of course the answer to this question depends on whether what you want to achieve. Are you more leaning towards a Ronnie Coleman physique or a Bar Brother physique (These are two ends of a spectrum).


Since calisthenics primarily focuses on a natural way of becoming healthy, the right supplements should be evaluated from that view point.


In one of the first post on this website a well known guy called ‘Mark Hyman’  elaborates on which supplements you should and should not take.



“You don’t want to put bad fuel in your car, why put bad fuel in your body” – Mark Hyman



His approach towards supplements is based upon which deficiencies occur the most and how supplements can aid in resolving these.


He explicitely mentiones that supplements are in no form a subsitute for real food, but can aid you in your overal health.


His advices are not based upon huge commercial contracts, but on real life examples and real life results, which not to say the least make his recommendations more legitimate.


Would you endorse these products despite knowledge of negative side effects if you would get a ton of money for it?


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Because of the jungle of advertisements a lot of people are lost and confused about supplements. Doctors, health experts and atlethes form no exceptions.


If even they don’t know what’s right, how are you?


Well…by reading this blog first of all.


The confusion primarily stems from the conflicting information on supplements in general.



What is the truth?


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We live in a world of deficiencies


Due to our exessive consumption of ‘fast food and high sugar products’ our diet lacks the plant food and greens our bodies need to function.


More, our habits such as the high consumption of coffee and alcohol in combination with high stress levels deplete the magnesium in our bodies.


In addition, around 98% of the population are categorized as omega 3 fat deficient.


Last but not least, simply because we work, sleep inside, we lack vitamine D.



There are superfoods which contain high degrees of magnesium and omega 3 fatty acids.

My advice to everyone who ever tries something new is to ‘do your own research and make your own conclusions’.


Rich Andoh

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