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Calisthenics For Beginners: The Ultimate Guide

You’ve discovered calisthenics.

Exciting, isn’t it?

Training with just your body weight. Actually it’s a combination of several different elements: Skill, strength and flexibility.

And if you’re looking for a healthier, stronger and more muscular body then calisthenics is a MUST.


For a long time in history, people did nothing other than calisthenics. Those days are long gone. 

Make no mistake: Working out with weights definitely works. But in a lot of cases it’s not nearly as effective as training with your own body weight.

Becoming a master at calisthenics requires a serious investment (motivation, time and sweat).



Because high level skills require a lot of time to learn. And going from no activity to doing handstands or chin ups isn’t easy. 

But when you understand how calisthenics works, the rewards are HUGE: the world becomes your gym and your body becomes stronger and more capable than you could have ever imagined. 


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The Most Effective Tool Against Sore Muscles


Painful, isn’t it?

You know that being sore is part of calisthenics training. You know that being too sore can hinder your training. And you know that your recovery just doesn’t quite cut it.

Because you often wake up feeling like you’ve been hit by a car.

Worse… a truck. On some days even a TANK. 

But stubborn as you are, you keep going to battle.


So what can you do?

Do you need to be sore all the time?

If not, how can you speed up your recovery?

Well, chances are that you haven’t used all the accessible tools for recovery yet. 


If you want to make big leaps, you need to optimise your recovery, reduce your muscle soreness and take the battle of relaxation seriously. 

In fact, if you become better at the ‘relaxing’ part in combination with the ‘training’ part, you will win the war on the progress part. 

Here is the tool that according to research is the most effective at reducing muscle soreness.


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The Best Performance Enhancing Substance

This title sounds like I’m trying to sell you shit, doesn’t it?

I’ll be honest, if I wanted to I wouldn’t come up with such a lame title.

So I’m not even trying, really.

This substance actually doesn’t just maintain and possibly improve your performance. It does so almost for FREE.

My guess is that your eyes are wide open.


The good news is that it’s a substance you consume every day.

The bad news is that you suck at consistently using it to your advantage.

How big is that advantage?


You won’t transform from a cute little kitty into a ferocious lion all of a sudden, but you can drastically reduce the negative effects on your performance.

And reap the positive effects.

Here is the free million dollar performance tip that you can apply today.  (more…)

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The Calisthenics Diet To Get Below 10% Body Fat

Want to know the dirty secret?

It’s unfortunately covered in a muddy pile of smelly and shitty misinformation.

This is what the internet has been hiding from you:



Yes, that’s in capital letters, because you need to burn those words on your eye-balls. Even better, tattoo them on your face so you are reminded of them every single time you look in the mirror. You probably didn’t know this and it’s not your fault. 

But…but…but…I thought I wasn’t losing weight because:


I didn’t know that one simple trick yet.

Because I didn’t buy that overly expensive supplement yet.

Because I didn’t get that detox tea that would make me shit the fat right out of my intestin.


You really believed that shit didn’t you?

It’s not your fault.

But it is YOUR responsibility, you need to do something about it and ‘nobody is going’ to do it for you.

Good thing you don’t need to like me to get below 10% body fat. (more…)

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1 Easy Test To Check Your Recovery

So. You want to train hard.

Why wouldn’t you?!?

You just have one body, why not make the best of it?

And let’s be honest…looking good doesn’t feel bad either. 


Jumping into calisthenics training can be a smart decision.

BUT, what if you’ve never done any type of intense training and are afraid to burn out. 

Like, how do you measure how much time you need to recover?

What if you overtrain and end up slowing your progress?


Or how do you develop the ability to know when your body really can’t push any more?

Well the latter part takes time, but we can use a simple test which I stole from Russian elite powerlifters to test how much your body has recovered from a hard workout or a bad night. 

Want to discover how?

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