8 Advanced Bar Brother Routines (Achieve Calisthenic Mastery)

So you feel that you are ready?

Push it a little harder, grow a little stronger and build your body a little faster.

Some people TRY to become a Bar Brother master.

But you are different, you understand that there is NO such thing.

DO or DO NOT, there is NO TRY


That’s why you started Bar Brothers, to DO this $#!@$#

After the 14 beginner routines & the 16 intermediate routines, I have been dying to share this with you.

And soon you will be dying to catch some breath when you start executing these routines.

Just don’t start doing them before you are able to do both the beginner and the intermediate routines in a controlled way.

But you probably already feel like you do, so don’t tell me I did not warn you!

Anyways here goes nothing…


Calisthenics Bar Brother Routines Advanced


Bar Brother Routines


Bar Brother Workout Routine


Leg Routine Bar Brothers


Maximum Calisthenics Workout Routine


Calisthenics Bar Brother Routines Advanced


Calisthenics Bar Brother Routines


Bar Brother Routines Hard


A good combination of full body, chest, ab and leg routines which will give you the high intensity training you are looking for.

Choose one that fits you best right and take your training to an advanced level.

Remember that there is NO room for trying in DOING. 




10 thoughts on “8 Advanced Bar Brother Routines (Achieve Calisthenic Mastery)

  1. Jullie zeggen wel zo mooi dat jullie alles vertellen enso maar daarvoor moet je natuurlijk wel eerst ff 50 euro betalen weer een site wat dr geld voor wil….

  2. Quick question for these workouts – are the pull ups/Chin ups – is kipping allowed or are these to be done strict?

    1. Hey Alexander,

      Great question.

      Kipping is always allowed, as a matter of a fact, everything is allowed :P. Whether it’s good or not, that’s the question.

      For both pull ups and chin ups, it’s good for the ego to say you can do 20 reps, but not so much for the overall progress if you do them kipping.

      Then again, your choice.

      Beast mode ON!

  3. Hi Rich. Why i doesnt see any muscle ups? And a schedule for this advance workouts. I am just woundering. Because when i want too be a master there is no muscle ups ?

  4. Can we train chest and back alternatively six days a week? Like chest and triceps on (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and back and biceps on (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday) with Sunday as rest day?

  5. What would you recommend doing in terms of a routine when combining 8 advanced bar brother routines with 16 killer intermediate calesthenic workouts, how would go about pairing up routines, almost like the training schedule for 16 killer workouts.

    1. Hey Daniel,

      Great question!

      This is highly specific and completely depends on your overall goals.

      It’s something I cannot answer without having a significant amount of information on these subjects.

      While this is a simplistic answer, I’d say: “Look at what your goals are and use the tools that allow you to move towards those goals”.

      Beast mode ON!

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