7 Motivational Songs For Bar Brother Training (+ FREE Motivational Mixtape Download)

Pure motivation.

That’s exactly what you need right?

You came here because you want to build your body and mind.

But did you know that constantly striving to become a better you is quite exhausting?


You need something which will help you become more than your are right now.

You have already felt it burning in your heart.

It’s that small moment in time when you feel invincible.

When no obstacle seems to big and no challenge seems to difficult.


You need pure, raw, uncut, motivational fuel.

There will come a time when you will be able to generate it yourself.

But for now why not use other people to fuel your motivation?



You probably have been doing it already.

It is listening to music when you are working out.

There is almost no workout where I don’t listen to some kind of music.

Well…music, motivational GRIND-UNTIL-I-AM-EXHAUSTED music is a better way of explaining it.


Boosting. Pumping. BEAST MODE music!

Let’s put our mp3 player on play and get started with the first song!

My favorite off all time!



1.  How bad do you want it?


Bar Brothers Motivation



2. Life is a game of inches


Bar Brothers Groningen



3. I am a champion!


Calisthenics Workout



4. I will show you how great I am!


Bar Brother Routine



5. Put in your heart and soul


Bar Brother Requirements



6. Sacrifice


Bar Brother Beginners



7.  Hard work beats talent


Body weight workout Bar Brothers



My 7 most intense motivational songs!

What I want you to do:


  • DOWNLOAD all 7 songs HERE.
  • Put them on your mp3-player.
  • Select repeat
  • And GO FULL BEAST MODE as if this is the most important training you will ever have!


Do this every single day you train until you realize, that the truth is THAT THERE ARE NO LIMITS!


Rich Andoh



15 thoughts on “7 Motivational Songs For Bar Brother Training (+ FREE Motivational Mixtape Download)

  1. Thank you for releasing this motivational mixtape. Nothing happens by chance. This is exactly what I need to help reach my goals. You will definitely hear from me again as I surpass my goals and overcome obstacles.

  2. Hey bro. Thanx for the tapes, I’m turning 16 and giving my all, trying harder each and every time, I may fail, the might laugh, but there’s no stopping me, your tapes just motivate me more.

  3. Hey Rich, thanks for the amazing motivation with these songs… I have been playing them off the internet app on my phone and just keep choosing a different one each time
    BUT, I am having trouble getting the download link “HERE” to work. I am trying to get the playlist on my itunes but it wont seem to work… any advice or another place I could download these AMAZING songs??

    Beast Mode ON, as always

    1. Hey Brian,

      More than welcome!

      What you can do is right click on the link and click on ‘Save as’, you’ll download a zip-file which you just need to unpackage.

      Once that’s done, you can place the songs on your iphone.

      Hope this helps!

      Beast Mode ON!

  4. Dude, there’s a song from YouTube video uploaded by DennisBarBrother which he showed his 1 year transformation. Could you identify the song for me? It would be great help though

  5. I am 16 year old,tall and skinny boy and i want to become a real muscular man.I start the training and im getting results in 1 month.Brother thank u for this songs it really helps me.

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