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6 Tips To Double Your Testosterone (The Best Supplement Ever Made)

You are impatient and you want to gain muscle.

So you try all kinds of supplements and tips.

You eagerly order new magic pills each time, hoping that these will finally give your body that small but valuable upgrade.

In reality however, that hasn’t really happened yet.


You are not quite sure if you are doing your body any good with these weight gainers or extra boosters for muscle growth.

One week you try to use product X, the next few weeks you focus on product Y and Z.

You have been changing your strategies so often that right now it starts feeling as a waste of time.

Surely there has to be a solution?


There has to be something that has to work 100% of the time.

I know this sounds ridiculous, but there is one thing that works all the time…






The Thing Called Testosterone


A few years ago pharmaceutical companies found BIG business.

A large majority of men were experiencing low levels of testosterone.

Which was causing severe health issues and among them.

Whenever somebody has a problem there is money to be earned.


So what happened? It became a market.

Most men like you have tried some kind of supplement (I’m guilty of it too), which was supposed to help you in becoming more muscular or physically fitter.

Good for you, although most do help you gain weight they do so at a cost (both in your pocket and your health).

What happens when you stop using those supplements?


Will your body somehow naturally adapt itself in order for you to keep your testosterone levels high?

I hate to break the news, but probably not.

All these supplements are just a quick fix, what you need to do is get to the root of the problem, you need to learn and understand why you can’t gain muscle and take action accordingly.


I mean if your car has a leaking fuel pipe, would you just keep throwing gasoline into it or would you repair your fuel pipe?

What are you doing when you keep supplementing your body?

Are you fixing the fuel pipe or are you just throwing in some more gasoline?

You can have high testosterone levels naturally if you know how to keep it that way and understand how your body works.

Unnatural supplements are not your only option.



What is testosterone exactly?


It’s the male sex hormone that causes the development of male characteristics, such as:

  • a lower voice;
  • beard growth;
  • muscle development;
  • and our primary reproductive organs etc.

You might define it as the amount of horse power under your hood.


Both males and females have testosterone, but the amount of testosterone in males is 7-10 times higher.

That’s the reason why males have a biological advantage in terms of strength and muscular abilities (And crowing abilities if you also consider randomn angry roosters as shown on the picture).





The importance of testosterone in building muscle


Testosterone IS RESPONSIBLE for muscle growth and strength in addition to bone maturation and density.

You need to get that testosterone flowing through your body if you want to increase the horsepower under your hood.

No testosterone = No muscle gains. 


Your body and brain are constantly signalling to each other to keep your testosterone levels in check, when certain toxins or stressors intervene this process, the feedback loop gets put on a hold and your T levels start to get affected.

This causes low testosterone and with low testosterone comes the inability to gain muscle efficiently.

As you have read here and here, testosterone and insuline sensitivity are two really important things in gaining muscle and losing fat.


The more insulin sensitive you are the less body fat you will have and the more testosterone your body will effectively release (upward spiral).

So insulin sensitivity is good for your testosterone levels.

Again it is important to realize that the damage to your body has been done over years so don’t expect your testosterone levels and insulin sensitivity to just sky rocket over a few weeks, I guess you will just have to start being patient.


Summarized, why you can’t gain muscle right now:

  • You are insulin resistant, meaning you gain fat really quickly (Which destroys your testosterone).
  • You have low testosterone levels, meaning there are no building block for the muscle building process


Note: There are more biochemical processes at play here, but in order to keep things simple these two are the most important.


Bar Brothers Testosterone Supplements


6 Tips For More Testosterone


You might be one of those people who can eat anything, but just don’t seem to gain weight.

First of all, good for you.

At least partially, because your body is insulin sensitive, which means that your nutrients get absorbed by the body quickly.


However, the nutrients you are putting into your body are apparently not leading to testosterone increases by themselves.

There are a few ways to do this.

So how can you increase your testosterone naturally?


1. Get off your ASS


This one is quite evident.

You need to work out and do some strength training.

It should be no surprise to you that by putting your body in a situation where it is forced to become stronger, will actually make it stronger.


Regardless of age, working out results in a big increase of testosterone. One study among teen boys even indicated that boys that work out in contrast to obese boys have up to more than 50% more testosterone.

In line with this reasoning, compound exercises or movements in which you use a large amount of muscles fuel your testosterone levels (e.g. push ups, pull ups etc.).

So get to those bars and start working your ass off Bar Brother style.


2. Stop sugar coating yourself


Finding something without sugar is more difficult than finding something with sugar.

Unfortunately your fat and sugar are killing your testosterone levels.

Fat actually convert testosteron to estrogen, which is the female counterpart of testosterone and causes things such as man boobs.

As mentioned before higher levels of fat lead to lower levels of testosterone.


The problem with a lot of weight gainers and muscle products is that they contain significant amounts of refined or toxic sugars (Look at the labels of your supplements right now for fructose or aspartame).

That’s why I don’t recommend weight gainers to people, they actually cause the opposite of what you want to achieve by using them.

So eliminate all the sugars and estrogen generating fats until there is only testosterone left.


3. Go nuts on nuts and fish


Natural and essential oils are the building blocks of your cholesterol, which is the building block of your testosterone.

The consumption of nuts and fish will stimulate the production of healthy hormones such as testosterone which allow it to be more freely available for muscle growth.


4. Ice Your Balls


As you can also read in here, having a cold water shower increases your levels of testosterone.

This technique of stressing the body shortly has been used for over years and in addition to boosting testosterone also helps in the recovery of muscle soreness.


5. Cavemen Style Your Diet


Adopt a natural way of eating by changing both your nutrition and feeding pattern to match that of your successful ancestors.

The testosterone boosting and insulin sensitivity increasing pattern of eating in which you incorporate both healthy nutrition and improved metabolism.

The renegade diet focuses primarily on intermittent fasting to increase your testosterone levels.

Where the paleo diet focuses on eating as naturally as possible to prevent toxic nutrients to influence your body and put a hold to the testosterone support system.


6. Sleep Like A Baby


While you might find this remarkable, sleeping actually allows your body to increase testosterone.

Simply because it reduces the stress hormone, cortisol.

This hormone is known to block testosterone production and actually causes muscle deterioration if you are under constant stress.


Bar Brothers Testosterone Diet



Note that these are not some quick fixes, these tips require you to change your lifestyle.

You should know that taking one supplement after the other is not going to change anything if you don’t focus on the basics first.

What does this mean?

It means you should first focus on what your body is capable of naturally.


You might not know this, but the human body you are using right now to read this, is one of the most sophisticated biochemical machines  there is on this planet (capable of transforming itself), but only if you use it the way it is supposed to be used.

You can find a good documentary about this here.


What can you do right now?


So if you are still wondering what supplement you should take, do the following:


1. Get your ass off the chair you are sitting on right now 

2. Throw away your candy bars and sugar supplements (All of them)

3. Work out

4. Take an ice cold shower

5. Devour nuts and fish cavemen style

6. Sleep like a baby afterwards.


That’s the best supplement ever made…

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19 thoughts on “6 Tips To Double Your Testosterone (The Best Supplement Ever Made)

  1. Thank you very much. You help me very much too. I am 45 years old and i have started to train with calicthenics about a year ago and i am satisfied.I watch your videos at you tube and i have improve my self because of this.Thank you again

    1. looking forward to freezing my balls off 🙂 YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. I’m 14 but i’m the most determined man you will ever meet. If this is what it takes then i will do it. On a side note will doing these make your penis larger when not in a erection or in a erection or both. Let me reword that. Will these exercise do the following: make my penis larger when i have a boner, make my penis larger when i don’t have a boner, or will it do both. THx for reading and pleez email me back.

      1. Hey Brandon,

        Haha, that’s some serious motivation you have going on over there, good to hear!

        As far as I know, doing this will not necessarily make your penis larger, just like it will not make you any taller. But it has some effects on your erection and your sex drive, you will maintain an erection longer and will have a higher libido.

        Perhaps that’s some knowledge you could make use of in the future considering you are still a young guy.


        Beast Mode ON!

  2. Firstly, I have joined recently and found the training both challenging and exciting! So, thank you!
    I have read the renegade diet. I recall that it said to treat nuts like condiments and eat sparingly. So, I am a little confused when you say to “devour” nuts?

    1. Hey Jonas,

      Awesome to hear that you have been able to step up and found the motivation to take your life to the next level.

      Great question! As you can also read in the Renegade Diet, on page 11 “How To Fix Low Testosterone Levels” Jason Ferruggia also advises nuts (preferably almonds).

      On the other hand, nuts are really high in calories, but also high in other benefits, so it’s a trade-off between calories and benefits. With regard to T-levels upping your nut intake is a good thing, perhaps saying you should go nuts might have given you the idea of eating bowls of nuts the entire day, which should not be done.

      A few hands full of nuts will do the job. What I was trying to emphasize with going nuts on nuts is that you should start incorporating them into your diet as an important aspect of your overall health .

      This should give you a more nuanced explanation!

  3. Hey Man thank you so much for this article its a gift Dropped down from GOD through YOU

    Anyways, I have read the renegade book and i will start it and I am excited about it but it recommends alot of supplements and I dont want to use supplements and neither does this article suggest, and I train in the early morning and in the book you have to take some BCAA’s to keep your muscles refueled and I am not letting that into my body, is there any other option for the post-workout NATURAL Ingredient or something (in the early morning)?

    Thanks for Reading, I will be waiting for your response


    1. Hey Abdullah,

      You are welcome bro! I am happy that this has given you some more insight. While the book recommends a lot of supplements, I personally focus on healthy foods first. Supplements such as fish oil and zinc etc. are an addition to your natural diet. I personally believe that if your natural diet is well-balanced that supplements are unnecessary and that’s why they are supplements (They add too). Still, if you feel like they are helping you, you might consider them, just don’t use weight gainers or other toxic ones, only use natural supplements (If you are going to do it anyways).

      How about a good and fresh banana/an orange or some other sweet fruit, which instantly boosts your sugar levels and will refuel your energy quickly? I usually either eat some fruits or I make a nice smoothie, with banana, spinach some apple and ginger. Within 5-10 minutes I feel re-energized.

      I hope this helps you, stay as natural as possible until you have no other choice health wise. Other than that, as long as you give your body what it needs, it will give you what you want.

      Beast Mode ON!

  4. One More Question

    during the undereating phase or before you are not allowed to have carbs, so in the book for the early training modifications it recommends brown spotted bananas for post workout which i can agree with but it also recommends whey protein powder which i cant go with, is there any other natural source?

    1. Hey Abdullah,

      Good question, I personally make a smoothie in which I combine, bananas, apples, ginger and spinach (or something else).

      This gives me a serious energy boost in addition to providing my body with healthy nutrients and proteins.

      So there are enough natural resources you can use that will give you healthier results than a protein powder!

      Beast Mode On!

  5. 4. Ice Your Balls

    Hi this technique;does it relate to not fapping, or viewing any sort of porn?
    As well as jerking off to any digital media?
    We know that real sex, and real love is healthy. So that is fine.

    From Singapore

    1. Hey Teo Jia Cheng,

      No it does not relate to this, it relates to taking cold showers ;).

      Still, what you are saying is true and a good testosterone booster. Real sex is healthy and good for your T-levels.

      I could have included it as one of the points!

      Beast Mode ON!

  6. Hi Rich,
    I’m so glad i found your site…very informative!!
    I was actually looking for some info on how to properly combine IF and calisthenics, as I’ve been into both for a long time, but lately I’ve been having some problems, maybe you could help me.
    I’m 32, I’ve always liked working out -been doing dips and push ups since high school, went to the gym for some time, etc- but got really passionate around 2012, when I discovered the calisthenics movement. After a while, around that time I found out about IF and started implementing it the wrong way; I was really ignorant. I also started getting into this circuit training style, so what I was doing was training almost everyday of the week and under feeding at the same time. At first i didn’t notice anything wrong as I was getting really good results, but around 2014 I started having problems with my sleep which I correlated to overtraining (as my doctor would only give me some medication to sleep without really tring to solve my problem, I had to do most of the research by myself). Since then, I learned a lot more on how to implement IF properly and how to respect my body’s rest, etc. I also stopped working out for at least 3 months and ate normally. Now, when i restarted working out i tried to get right into cutting because of the little weight I gained during the pause, but ever since I haven’t managed to keep making progress because after a while I start having these sleep problems again. I go to bed and just after a couple hours I’m up again and can’t go back to sleep. I’ve been trying and had to stop at least twice so far during 2015, either trying to cut or trying to bulk.
    Do you have experience with any of this?
    Do you also do cutting/bulking cycles? I haven’t found anything about it here.
    What would you recommend?
    Sorry for the long read man, hope you can help me.

    1. Hey Isaia,

      Welcome to the movement first of all!

      Don’t worry about the read. With regard to your sleep, if I’d look at it from a hormonal perspective I’d say your cortisol, adrenaline and norepinephrine levels probably go through the roof somehow. Which definitely influences sleep, that’s why rest is really important.

      I’m not sure if you are into this, but have you tried meditation? 15-20 seconds a day, basically just sitting down and not doing anything.

      With regard to IF, it might be that your body is overreacting to it. You might have an overactive amygdala. Generalizations are always flawed and while IF works for 90% of people there is always that percentage of people for whom it doesn’t work.

      Experimenting with working out without an IF schedule, but with a caloric deficit. See what happens.

      Then experiment with adding 15-20 minutes of mediation every other day. See what happens.

      Then experiment with eating your portion of monosaccharide carbs (simple carbs, like honey) 1 hour before you sleep, why, because you experience an energy dip which will help you fall asleep more easily.

      More, experiment with working out 3 days a week first. Because if I read your story you seem like a 0-100 person, so you workout 5 days a week, stop completely and then start working out 5 days all of a sudden again. Imagine what this does to your body in terms of stress responses? It’s not really weird that you get an overreaction, your body probably thinks you are in some life or death situation.

      And lastly, do bio-energetics after every workout. This will be even more weird to you but since I’ve been diving into this pretty far already, let’s take it a bit further. So basically when you workout you are stressing the muscles, some of the contraction during your workouts remains in your muscles in the form of stress. If you do not release these contractions properly, your body remains in a stressfull state. The body signals stress to your brain, which in turn releases more stress hormones and as you workout the stress accumulates etc. And you have yourself a negative stress feedbackloop going on. So here is what you can do about it: Shake. And by shake I mean, shake the fuck out of those muscles (I’m not explaning the science behind it, but check out this video from elliot hulse) . While this stuff goes beyond the scope of this website, it’s definitely something I use when I feel a stress accumulation in my muscles or body. Just make sure you don’t do this stuff somewhere outside ;).

      These are a few practical tips, honestly, your problem asks for a highly individualistic solution. Which I quite frankly cannot give you. Still, these things are definitely worth experimenting with.

      With regard to cutting and bulking cycles, YES I do. I combine IF with cutting and bulking. Basically it boils down to the following. I cut until I am around 6-8% bf and then I bulk again until I’m around 10%. Usually cutting takes around 2-3 weeks and bulking takes around 4-6. I use my six pack as an indication for when to cut or bulk again. Saves you expensive bf measurements ;).

      You can find 2 useful vlogs here

      More questions? ASK!

      Beast mode ON!

  7. Hi rich love reading all your article’s man!

    Fully inspired! So im currently experimenting with IF and i eat 2 large meals everyday 1 at 10.30am and my last at 6.30pm I was just wondering when’s the best time to workout after or before eating my first meal and because I’m IF should I have a pre or post workout meal um a beginner 🙂

    1. Hey Ivan,

      Thanks for your positive message.

      It really depends on you, but from experience it’s usually better to workout in the morning, this has to do with the benefits you’ll carry throughout the day in terms of hormones etc. Now this isn’t possible for a lot of people, so later on the day can also be an option. Timing your meal right to maintain energy during your workout is pretty important. If you have a big meal shortly before your workout your body will allocate energy to your digestive system, making you more fatigued. This also depends on what you eat of course.

      So there are many factors at play here. It really depends on your schedule. Because the workout you had is still usually better than the one you didn’t have, regardless of the time.

      Hope this makes sense.

      Beast mode ON!

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