3 Life Saving Tips For A Healthy Bar Brother Diet (Caveman Diet 101)

You are not stupid.

You know that certain foods in your diet aren’t healthy.

It’s a never-ending war between pleasure and health.

You see it all around you.


You know that people end up becoming what they eat.

You have been reading articles about food every now and then. 

So you take eating seriously.

You cut the bad foods as much as possible.


But what if you are still doing the wrong thing?

What if there is still more to gain?


The non-common diet tips that are supposed to be common.

If not adhered to, you will slowly erode you health.

You might not notice it directly, but sooner or later you will.

What you are eating right now is sabotaging your body.


If you are serious about your food, you should cut the following 3 things:


Eliminate the shots of added sugars


By eliminating I mean everything: candy, soft drinks, cakes, even tomato soup contains added sugars.

But why should you?

Let’s start with a mini course in biology.

When sugars enter your body, they get transformed into either glucose.

Every living cell works on glucose, it’s the gasoline of our body.


Too large amounts overloads your body and the only way your body can cope with this overload is by storing all the excess energy in fat.

When the overload gets too big over a longer amount of time, you develop something called ‘diabetis’.

Which means that your body is no longer able to lower your sugar level, because the mechanism behind it have been exhausted.

And diabetes results in overweight, not the other way around as most people think.

So first the sugars break down your body and because your body can’t get rid of it, in an emergency drill it just starts storing it in fat to save you.


The problem is that initially your body thinks that it is doing something healthy by eating more sugars, because natural sugars (glucose) stimulate the reward centers in your brain.

The problem is that its sneaky nephews ‘refined sugar’ does the same, but not because it’s healthy.


Your brain however does not know the difference, so your brain  keeps telling you: “More, more…”.

Just like it does when it’s addicted to drugs.

The sugars are fooling your body and hand it to them, they are damn good at it.


So you might wonder: “If food companies know this, why are they still using sugar?”

Well, imagine you have a cookie you want to sell.

What do you put into it when you want people to eat more of it?



What can you do?

Start with cutting soda’s and replacing it for water or natural fruit juice.

Note: A lot of fruit juices have added sugars and are stripped from the fiber.

It’s a small sacrifice that will prevent you from becoming a sugar junkie (Sugar has the same effect as heroin on your brain) if you aren’t yet.


Bar Brothers Food


No grains, no bread. Say what? 


This might sound ridiculous, but grains are really bad for you.

And by really bad I mean, severe inflammation bad. (Eczema, acne, diabetes, artritis, too much to name).

“How is this possible?”

Because modern wheat contains something which is called gluten.


It’s perfect to make bread because of it’s elastic properties, but horrible for your digestive system.

The immune system looks at gluten proteins as foreign invaders, just as it would bacteria.

So all your immune armies start attacking the gluten as soon as they enter your digestive system, but in the aftemath they also start attacking the digestive system itself.

Some tolerate gluten more than others, but if you recognize any of these: anemia, tiredness, stool inconsistency or bloating, you might have a gluten sensitivity.


To make things worse, grains lead to enormous spikes in your blood sugar level.

Studies have shown that having breakfast with whole grain wheat is equal to eating snickers for breakfast.

The processing mechanisms in your body kick in and your bloodsugar drops again.

And you get tired as a result.

Ever asked yourself what the after dinner dip comes from?

Now you know.


So what should you do?

Skip the grains and throw away the in bread disguised candy bars (wheat, rye, barley, brown rice, oats etc.)


sugars Bar Brothers


I got no milk for you.


Your body does not need dairy at all, it’s actually harming you more than healing you and that’s an understatement.

“What? But everyone I knows says dairy is healthy.”

Well, research says otherwise.

You can keep believing your mom and grandmother, I’d rather stick to professors who do actual research.


Let’s break that ‘Milk-is-healthy-bubble-of-yours’.

Contrary to popular believe, milk increases fractures.

Countries with lower dairy consumption have significant lower levels of osteoporosis.


Additionally, almost 75% of people is unable to digest dairy in a proper way.

It’s called lactose intolerance, some people experience it more than others.

It results in a bloated stomach and inflammation througout the body.


More, dairy is even shown to increase the chances of cancer.

And let’s be honest: ‘would it be normal to feed a cow human milk?’

Think about what would happen.

Cows aren’t made for human milk, they need to grow hundreds of kilo’s in 1 year.

Humans need 18-20 years to reach their full weight.

So if it is not normal to let a cow drink human milk, why is it normal for humans to do it the other way around?


There is much more to discover.

But I think we milked that cow enough for now.


What should you do?

Cut all the dairy products: milk, cheese, yoghurt, whip cream etc.

More importantly, don’t stop here!

Read more, experiment and find out for yourself.

I know what the results are.


Bar Brothers Dairy



I was when I found out about a few of these points, probably all…

Now, you might be thinking: “What am I supposed to eat now?”

Don’t stress.


You just have some new insights right now.

Start with one of the above mentioned points.

Either cut the sugar, dairy or/and wheat for 21 days (You need 21 days to make something a habit, that’s why).

And find out what the results are.


Whatever it is, find what works for you and make it work for you.

Because as I said you aren’t stupid, you know what needs to be done.

Your body is killing itself right now to keep you alive.


Most of the foods you have been eating are not on your side, but all the Bar Brothers around the world are.

And that’s more than enough.

Go do it!


Beast mode ON!



37 thoughts on “3 Life Saving Tips For A Healthy Bar Brother Diet (Caveman Diet 101)

  1. Hey
    This looks like a very challenging diet. But I will try out. Just one thing i would like to ask you. I can only work out in the evening around 9 pm. If my last meal was at 8 pm does it matter not to eat after my workout?

      1. Hey
        This looks like a very challenging diet. But I will try out. Just one thing i would like to ask you. I can only work out in the evening around 9 pm. If my last meal was at 8 pm does it matter not to eat after my workout?

  2. My weight is around 220. I got good muscle But now I want to be shredded. Also my weight doesn’t allow me to many calisthenics movements. These are actualy my goals. Get ripped and performing a few muscle ups. I am also a littel worried about losing muscle with your diet
    Thanks for helping

  3. Hi!

    Very informative!

    I do have one question about something I’m confused about… The paleo diet recommends eating fruits and raw honey – which is great because those are both very healthy things. Well, both fruit and honey have fructose, so I’m a little confused now. I’ve been avoiding lactose and refined sugars for a while and have been ingesting a large part of my daily sugars from fruits and honey and I feel amazing – certainly much better.

    I’m sure I’m just misunderstanding something about the article, so could you please elaborate on this for me?

    Thank you 🙂

    PS: I’ve been quietly following your blog for a couple of months now and have been working out as per your suggestions and the results have been incredible! I feel a lot more energy, my figure has considerably improved in such a short span of time and I’ve been getting a lot more looks from the guys 😉 Thank you for your awesome work!

    1. Hey Ilaria,

      First of all thanks you very much for the comment! I really appreciate it :D!

      With regard to your question, don’t confuse ‘sugar with sugar’. I know doesn’t make a lot of sense does it :P? Basically it’s this, the sugars coming from refined products aka refined sugars are have gone through a chemical process which cause them to cause havoc on your hormonal systems. Fructose in this case is completely stripped from it’s fibers, which basically makes it pure sugar (High fructose corn syrup for example). Sugars coming from fruits and non-refined honey which still contain the fibers have a completely different effect on your body. So you really cannot compare both, I could have been more precise in this article 😀 and make a more nuanced distinction. Sorry for the confusion.

      So definitely stick to the fruits, veggies and honey. Much better and it seems like they are definitely working for you. Once again, don’t be afraid of fruits, if you are looking for a normal and healthy physique, definitely great to eat fruits, especially post workout, but in moderation and depending on your goals. Then again it’s really important to stick to what works best for you and if you feel amazing right now, stick to this for a while and see how it goes. If you are looking to get into really low bf percentages, different rules apply however.

      Keep it up and stay sexy ;).

      PS. Thanks for telling me, I’m happy to have guided you in your journey to better health and handsome guys :P. This blog really exists and keeps existing due to comments such as yours so thank you.

  4. Hey, ive had started the 12 weeks system last week and I love the soreness that I feel after doing the upper body (the parts that I had always neglected before)! I can’t wait to see the results! My question is: Is it good to eat quinoa and couscous if I only want to loose like 5lbs and then maintain my weight?

    1. Hey Stephanie,

      Great question and good job on starting the system!

      Both can be used in moderation, focus on having protein and veggies at every meal. Either have carbs right after your workout or at the end of the day. It will help with your satiety throughout the day and keep you insulin sensitive.

      Experiment and of course don’t forget to count your calories too ;). You can find a free and complete guide on the website.

      Beast mode ON!

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