3 Important Lessons For Bar Brother Beginners (Better Late Than Never)

“How can I get to your level? Doing Muscle ups and other advanced exercises?”


In order to reach mastery every beginner must understand a few basic fundamentals.

These will not only make the entire process more understandable, but which will also function as a guiding rod when things just don’t seem to work out.

These are the tree lessons most Bar Brothers know:


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1. The difference between doing and thinking

As the movie the matrix accurately addresses:


“There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path”. – Morpheus


If you have already read the New Here? page. You have probably noticed that just a small percentage of people actually follow through.

Eveyone knows what they should do in order to live a healthy life. We all know what we need to do to have a fit and well sculpted body. We all know it…but knowing how you can achieve it and actually achieving it is a whole other ball game.

Sitting in front of a tv while you are playing a cool video game and looking outside while the rain is pouring down and still putting on your clothes to go train.

Can only be done through action, not thinking…action.

A true Bar Brother does not look out the window while others are training, a true bar brother goes outside knowing that in order to win the game he has to keep shooting shots. 

2. Train with your heart


There are a lot of things you can measure:

  • your fatpercentage;
  • your food intake;
  • the number of reps;
  • and your weight.

But what you cannot measure, is the amount of effort or heart you put into every Bar Brother routine (Test your heart).

What do you do when you feel like you cannot do any more reps?

Will you give up? Will you give in?

Or do you shift gears into ‘heart’.

When your entire body starts burning and nobody is around to push you forward, that snap decision determines how bad you want to make that last set. Because you can always do one more rep before you are completely empty…


“When you die, die on E (empty)” – Eric Thomas


bar brothers later never


3. Later becomes never


We all have that I-will-do-it-later friend. Guess what, it will never be done. A lot of people tell themselves that they will work out…here comes the magic word…after…

I will do this after…

I will go there after…

I promise after…

After what? After you are ready for it? The only way to become ready for something is by doing it. Set goals, pursue your goals and kill your goals.


“People never say, I am never going to do this. They just say, I am going to do it tomorrow…” – Bar Brothers Groningen


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