Why Lack Of Sleep F**** Up Your Results

It seems so unimportant.

Going to bed a few minutes later, clicking on one extra ‘hilarious’ video or watching another exciting episode.

And before you know it another hour has passed.

Here is something we can both agree on: 


Spending an extra hour on watching a video in itself isn’t a problem, it becomes a problem when that same hour could have been spent on sleeping when you’ve been lacking it.

When you stay awake until midnight with bags under your eyes instead of sleeping in.

When you want to get most out of your training, but feel like you’ve been punched in the face by a garbage truck when waking up.

When you want to lose body fat, but wake up hungry and just can’t fight the appetite for a chocolate pie.

That IS a problem, right?


Now here is the interesting part, high performers are meticulous when it comes to sleep.

They understand how important it is for their body to recover and they make sure to optimise this accessible, free and energy improving factor. 

If the best of the best are doing it, why aren’t you yet?

Do you even wonder how your lack of sleep can increase your body fat while at the same time reduce your muscle mass?

Did you know a lack of sleep has a similar effect on the brain as alcohol consumption?

You are about to find out why lack of sleep F**** up your results. (more…)

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